The Song of Stars: A Poem by Me

Good evening, Cyberspace!

Today I’m going to be doing something that I’ve talked about doing quite a while now, but haven’t gotten around to actually executing.

I am going to share a poem that I wrote with you.

Now, I know I mentioned opening up a Poet’s Corner a while ago (because, seriously, how cool does that name sound???), but after being honest with myself, I really haven’t written enough poems in my life to consider myself that big of a poet. In fact, the total number of poem’s under my belt is a grand tally of four.

Four poems. And one of them is about a cold virus.

So yeah. As much as I love writing poetry, and I hope that my folder of completed poems continues to grow, I’m not going to be starting the Poet’s Corner at this precise moment. Maybe someday, but not today.

Today, I’d just like to share one of the poems that I wrote with you guys. I wrote this particular poem a few months ago for school, and it actually was inspired by one of my favorite celestial objects: the stars. There’s just something so magical and mysterious about the night sky, and it remains one of my greatest inspirations when it comes to poetry, or just writing in general.

So, without further ado, I give to you The Song of Stars

I stand beneath a midnight sky

With darkness as my friend,

And stare at silver pools of light

That dance upon the wind.

Like flashing scales in a stormy sea

Lost in the foaming waves,

The stars sing me hushed melodies

That softly drift away.

Their voices light and splintered

Like the sound of crackled glass,

In the dark they whisper

To me fables of the past.

Guardian angels in the sky

Hear wishes of the lost

And guide them home by pale starlight

Back to what they love the most.

I stay all night watching the stars

Till morning finally comes,

And hear their voices drift afar,

Shattered lines of crystal songs.

I stand beneath a midnight sky

As night draws to an end

And to the stars whisper goodbye,

For they are now my friends.

So, what do you guys think? Did you like it? Hate it? Loved it so much you shed a placid tear? Would you like to read more of my poetry? Do you like to write poetry? What is one of your greatest writing inspirations? Let’s talk about all the poetry things down in the comments below!

Oh! And as thanks for putting up with my rather sporadic posting schedule as of late, I shall present to you some cookies and milk as a peace offering. Enjoy!!! *throws cookies in the air and disappears*


12 thoughts on “The Song of Stars: A Poem by Me

  1. I
    IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Keep writing poetry, my friend, I’d love to hear more.
    I actually enjoy writing poetry, but I never get around to it, so my poetry collection is around like six or something…. not very impressive.
    Oooooooh *catches cookies and munches appreciatively*
    Thanks for posting! <3 <3 <3 <3

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    • Oh my word, thank you SO much!!! That means so much to me!!

      I know, right? Poetry is just so…weird. It’s a little bit more twisty than normal fiction, and it centers around a single subject, rather than a multitude of plotlines. It definitely makes for a nice break after writing dialogue and description and action all the time, haha! And six is better than four!!!

      Wait a second… Aren’t Tris and Tobias from Divergent Six and Four?????




    All I can say is if all four poems are THIS GOOD you will be the next Emily Dickinson instead of me even though I have written about two million. Seriously. Mine are complete rubbish compared with this. Most of them don’t even rhyme… HOW DID YOU MANAGE THAT, BY THE WAY????

    IT WAS GORGEOUS, DEAR. Keep up the good work! :)💙

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    • Awwwww! You just completely made my day!!! You are way too sweet, haha!

      And I highly doubt that your poems are rubbish!!!!! I bet you are absolutely amazing, and trust me, this is, like, the best one I wrote. I also wrote one about Pluto that I think I’m gonna post next week, and that one doesn’t rhyme!

      I’m not exactly sure how I wrote it… It just kind of…happened? I think I wrote down a bunch of words and word-pictures that described the stars for me, and then I just sort of worked from that, haha!

      Thank you so SO much!!!


  3. *eats cookies* I seriously love your final line. (And the rest of the poem!!) The imagery is lovely!

    Also, can I just say how impressed I am that you were able to make it rhyme so beautifully? Rhyming poetry is sooo difficult for me to write.

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    • Oh wow, thank you SO much!!! You are way too kind! :D

      Aww, thank you! Rhyming poetry really is hard. It’s weird, sometimes it just happens so naturally for me, and other times it doesn’t work out AT ALL. Poetry itself is a weird form of writing, but I enjoy experimenting with it!

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