Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2017 (In Which I Have A Complete Turnaround)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

Now, unwittingly as it might have been, Sunday’s post was–for lack of a better word–a rant. An angry rant at that, and it is something that I sort of not really regret writing.

However, today I come to you, not as an angry, raging cookie, but as a peaceful Spring fairy who is at perfect peace with the world and everything in it, whose spirit is free and full of gentle serenity.

Oh, who are we kidding, here. That is just not who I am, peeps. (you can choose whether you are a bunny or a duck. It matters not to me.)


But anyway! As you all probably know (and if you don’t, you must be new around here, because NaNoWriMo is practically all I talk about, to be honest [and if that is the case, HI!]) this month is Camp NaNoWriMo! And if you don’t know what Camp NaNoWriMo is, let me explain it to you.

In haiku.

Writing is so fun.

Until you have time limit.

Brain implodes and death.

The end.

I know. I know. I should be a poet.

I’m obviously running out of ways to describe all the NaNo’s.

Anyway! Last year, during November’s Session of NaNoWriMo, I did a whole conglomeration of posts throughout the month, which I remember being sort of inspirational when they were probably just me ranting on and on about NaNoWriMo being super fun and how my brain was fried like an over-easy egg.

I debated doing that again this time around through Camp NaNoWriMo–inspirational posts each week, weekly inspiration boosters for all you slackers out there, and maybe the occasional Tip or Trick.

And, after three seconds some serious debate, I decided on answering this puzzle with the one word that has changed my life–


I am, however, still going to do the occasional post about Camp NaNo, because let’s be honest.


And that, dear bean, is what I’d like to talk to you about today!

Because in the last two days, there have been quite a few extraordinary changes that have occurred for me, and I would like to share those with you–


Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2017 (In Which I Have A Complete Turnaround)

Turnaround One– The Hour Tracker

I know. I know. You’re probably hiding behind a giant cookie crumble right now thinking I’m about to explode into another angry rant about how much I despise the hour tracking method that I, myself, have forced upon my life.

But you, Mr. Cyborg, are wrong.

See, I’ve finally discovered how to track my hours, and it’s by using the wonderful Word Sprint tool on the NaNoWriMo page! After setting the sprint timer anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, I click on over to my Scrivener tab and work on my story until I hear the rather creepy yet hilarious, “MEOW! Time’s up!” (which usually scares the life out of me).

The timer is little tricky to use, because even though there is a ‘pause’ button, it doesn’t actually pause.


But other than that rather bizarre glitch, it’s really useful, and I can track my minutes and hours more accurately without having to keep my phone in one hand, a notebook in the other, and somehow try to tap out a decent story plot with my bulbous toes.

Also, another thing I realized about tracking hours is that it totally burns away all opportunity for procrastination. When you have a solid block of time that you HAVE to write for, it makes it so much easier to focus and actually progress through the story.

Sort of.

Occasionally, I begin to daydream about Pinterest or Netflix or Jane Austin novels, and that pretty much eliminates all productivity for about thirty hours.

“So Kenzie,” you ask. “Does this mean you’re going to track your progress by hours sometime in the future, then?”



Turnaround Two– My Goal

Now, before you throw your rotten tomatoes at me and call me a mutated fungus, LET ME EXPLAIN!

My initial goal was 90 hours, which equates to three hours per day, every day, for the entire month of April.

I do not know why I thought this was a good idea.

I figured, “Hey! That’s not too bad. I write TONS more than that during the day!”

No, Kenzie. No, you do not.

So, after slugging through my life for the first three days of April, and writing for five hours (*coughfourhoursandthirty-fiveminutes*) on Day Three, I appealed to my fantastic cabin buddies and decided that 90 hours was just…


So I dropped it down to 60.

Because that’s so much better.

I don’t feel like I cheated by dropping my goal, however, because let’s be honest for a second: I would rather go through this beautiful Spring month of April while having fun, than slog through three solid hours of writing each day and feel like a drunken potato for the entire month.

Camp NaNo–or even regular NaNoWriMo, for that matter–while existing to help us push through our procrastination and achieve our goals, is not only about winning; it is about having fun.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Turnaround Three– THE REVEAL

There is one thing I feel I must tell you. Something that, once revealed, will force me to become a hermit and flee to the mountains while shaving my head bald and grazing in the wild patches of grass that sprout across the rocky cliffs like a mountain goat.

However, due to my extreme sense of loyalty to all of my readers, it is something I must tell you.


…do not like tea.

There. I said it. And I have reasons.

This morning I, being the humble idiot that I am, decided to try some more tea. It was supposedly a lemony sage-y flavor, and for the first few minutes, it was delicious. It was like Spring bottled into a mug. It tasted like the great outdoors. Like sunshine and yellow flowers and rain on pavement and dewy grass.

It was a masterpiece in my mouth.

And then, before I even knew what sort of chemical reaction was culminating in the back of my throat, the once-delightful flavors of Spring had burst into a full nuclear explosion of lemon flavored death in my esophagus.

I choked. I gagged. I believe my tongue tried to curdle back into my throat and slip down into my stomach like the coward it is.

It was awful.

And so, after surviving a near-death experience by a cup of lemon tea, I have come to the conclusion that tea is just not my writerly drink of choice. I think I’ll stick to hot chocolate.

Or lemonade.

Or strawberry milkshakes.

Or, you know, just keep trying tea because it’s fun to gag over disgusting flavored water.

But go ahead. Grab your pitchforks and torches. I shall begin my flight to the mountains now.

Alrighty, then! That’s it for this Smudge! Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? If so, how is your progress? Are you making sure to put having fun before DOING ALL THE THINGS? Have you ever had a near-death experience by lemon tea? Let us talk about all of the NaNo, writerly, and evil tea related things down in the comments WAAAY down there in that little envelope thingy-ma-bobbin below! (I only just realized the other day that that thing was the comment box. [#observant])


40 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2017 (In Which I Have A Complete Turnaround)

  1. This was HILARIOUS!!! I actually laughed out loud. Gladly, none of my family members were around to wonder what the heck I was laughing at. :P And I like some tea, but lemon has always been just… weird. I suggest a berry flavor. Although anything with chocolate is always better. :)

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  2. I’m glad you figured out a way to track your hours easily!!! And I kinda cracked up when I saw the BAHAHAHAHAH. No. Because I get that.

    Oh my gosh that tea experience sounds horrible. I agree, stick to hot chocolate, or any kind of chocolate, it doesn’t have to be a drink. Just saying😂

    I’m glad that your experience has turned around for you!!! I myself am having a lot of fun, and I’ll probably be doing a blog post on Nano soon. Idk what it’ll exactly be about, but you know, I’m sure it will be fine. *dives into a cave and hides because BAHAHAH no* – Abi

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    • Eeek I accidentally just made a new comment instead of replying! I SHALL FIX THIS–

      Oh yes, DEFINITELY me too! It’s a lot less of a hassle now, so that’s always a plus! And yay!!! I’m so glad you understand the pain!!!
      Ooh!! Yessss!!! Just plain chocolate shall do! I shall eat all of the chocolate, and write all of the stories! And leave all of the tea abandoned because ew.
      Aw, thank you! Me too! And YAY!!! I’m so glad you’re having fun, as well! That’s always the main goal, anyway! Ooh! A NaNo blog post! You can be sure I shall read it, whatever it’s about!!!


  3. Good for you, sticking to the hour tracker. I’m doing word count for Camp Nanowrimo. I feel like if I was going to do hours, I would be checking it every so often, wondering when the hour timer will beep. I actually just broke 10,000 words and am heading toward breaking my all time record (11,000 + something). Aah!

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    • Why, thank you! :D Aw, I wish I could be doing word count!!! Enjoy it for the both of us, haha! :P Yeah. I do check it quite frequently when I’m daydreaming about doing something else, but when I’m lost in the story, sometimes it freaks me out when it goes off!

      Oh my word, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is an epic achievement!!! You deserve ALL the cookies!!!!! *high-fives* *gives cookies* *throws cookies in the air* KEEP GOING!! You’ve got this!!!!


  4. Love the haiku. ;)
    Yes, I am participating in Camp NaNo. Officially, I have almost 16k words done. (Yay!) Technically, I already had 12k done when I started. (Cheater.) (Don’t tell my cabin mates.)
    YES. I HATE tea. All tea. Very, very much. I don’t even like the smell. And my mom and little bro practically live on ice tea, so it’s interesting around here. My gag reflex got tired and took a much needed vacation. I cannot tell you how glad I am to meet another tea hater. We’re kind of rare, I think.

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    • Aww, thank you! I worked so hard on it, bahahahaha!!! XD

      Oh my goodness!!!!! Congratulations!!!! *gives cookies* You’re doing fantastic! (And your secret is definitely safe with me. And my cockatiel, cause I tell him everything.)

      YESSS! I am not alone! I think the Spring Tornado might have tasted better had I taken the soppy tea bag out before it could culminate into death, but I’m not sure. Oh dear!!!! No one around here drinks tea, so for me it was sort of a solo venture. Until the Spring Tornado. Now I’m not sure if I’ll try other flavors, haha! XD

      Oh yes! I believe we’re sort of a rare species!


  5. Oh my gosh!! This is me right now! Technically, officially, I only have like 700 words done, but that’s because I decided to rewrite my entire plot (including two new main characters because I hated the old ones and also a different POV and 10k more words than I thought UGHHHHH). Yeah. I’ve five days in, and this is what I decide to do. So, unofficially, I have about 5k words of draft done. Now I must sort through it and get my *official* word count up. I wish I had Scrivener or something. I’m writing with about four different Word documents open at the same time.

    But I shall persist. You post made me laugh – thanks! Also I’m going ice skating today, which always improves my mood.

    Thank goodness you turned out to not like tea. I don’t like it either. I’m a coffee person – and not “proper coffee”, I like Starbucks. Although, I just bought this salted caramel tea from Stash Teas and it tastes INCREDIBLE if you really like caramel. So, there’s the easy way out. Drink caramel tea XD

    Time to put my uncooperative hair into writerly pigtails (I will never let that go now) and just work on getting those stats up!

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    • Oh my word, that sounds extremely complicated!!!! Don’t you just love it when your literary muse decides to switch EVERY SINGLE THING YOU HAD PLANNED right out from underneath your feet??? I just LOVE that! *glares at muse and snatches away his cookies*

      And I am wishing you all the luck to get your word count up! Don’t worry! There is plenty of time! Ooh! Scrivener really is my favorite word program, but it’s not necessary for writing an astounding book, so don’t let not having it keep you from writing! You are doing fabulously just as you are, and I have all the faith in you! Although I’m sorry you have to keep switching between four documents… :( That has to be slightly annoying… :(

      Aww!! I’m glad I could make you laugh!!! That is, after all, something I love to do!! Making people laugh is the best!

      Ooh! Caramel tea sounds oddly delicious! And I DO love caramel… I’m not really a coffee person, but I do love the iced kind with chocolate and whipped cream. I think it’s called a defroster, but I don’t know…

      Bahahaha!!! YESSSS!!! The writerly pigtails are a THING!!!!! :D


  6. LOL!!!! This post just brightened my day!! :D :D
    Have you ever tried chai tea? You can get it at Starbucks (or we get it at Costco)! It is the bestest of the best! I doesn’t taste like regular tea at all! I also enjoy peach teas, too! Lemon tea, I would agree is not the best, though.

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    • Awww!!! Yay!!! I’m so glad!!!!

      I have not, actually… I really should! I’ve heard great things about it! And I’ve never been to Starbucks??? *hides* I prefer Bigby, haha!!! But the next time I’m somewhere with tea, I’m gonna look into getting Chai! Ooh! Peach sounds good too, though!!!

      Oh yeah. Lemon tea… #neveragain


      • Never been to Starbucks!? Where I live, Starbucks and Dutch Bros coffee shops are the life. :P Awesome!! Just don’t get the tea bag kind. Get the kind from a coffee shop or in a liquid form. Yes, peach is my comfort flavor ;)

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        • Haha! Welll, there are a couple Starbucks around, but my friends and I normally go to a little coffee shop instead, haha! And my family and I go to Bigby for hot chocolates, because they have AMAZING hot chocolate!

          Ooh! Okay! I’ll have to remember that!


  7. I’m so glad you changed your goal and are firmly decided that HAVING FUN IS MORE IMPORTANT because same. Same, same, same. I mean, I COULD feel pretty lame over the fact that my goal is so small. But I didn’t want another November – panic and sore fingers. Not that November NaNo wasn’t FUN and AWESOME and PRODUCTIVE. IT WAS. It totally was. But… that doesn’t mean EVERY NaNo has to be that way. NOT ALL NANO’S WERE CREATED EQUAL, is what I’m trying to say. I wanted to be motivated to write a bit more than I tend to do BUT MOSTLY I JUSDT WANTED AN EXCUSE TO JOIN A CABIN AND HANG OUT WITH YOU GUYS. And I’m having so. much. fun. So in the end I’m GLAD my goal is so small because I can just chill and have a blast. :)

    Also tea. Personally I like tea, BUT LEMON IS AWFUL. STAY AWAY FROM THE LEMON TEA!!!!!! Seriously. It taste like hot lemonade???? EWWWWWW. Probably you could find something you liked if you looked hard and enough and kept trying – BUT. If you’ve decided you don’t like tea, THAT’S OKAY, TOO. NOT EVERYBODY HAS TO LOVE TEA!!!!! HOT CHOCOLATE IS DELICIOUS – STICK WITH THAT!!!

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    • I know, right??? It’s so much better to focus on having fun during Camp than stress about hitting that big bad goal! That’s part of the reason I love Camp NaNo so much! It gives a nice, firm nudge, but doesn’t push you clean off the cliff.

      Bahahaha! Yessss! I’m so glad you joined the cabin! This is honestly the most fun cabin I’ve EVER been in! What with giant singing cookies and the cabin message board getting blown way out of proportion if you turn your back for .2 seconds! I’m seriously loving this cabin so much!!! :D It’s like my favorite part of Camp NaNo this time around, haha! Yesss!!! Small goals are the best! Mine’s still sort of hefty, but I think I should be able to reach it, since I’m having so much fun working on everlost!

      Bahahahahaha! Strangely, this flavor didn’t taste like hot lemonade! It literally tasted like rain. And it was delicious… But then, of course, it morphed into the deadly SEVEN SINS OF LEMON and nearly killed me, so… I am most definitely going to stick with hot chocolate! It is the best! #hotchocolate4evah


      • YES, YES, YES!!

        I don’t understand. How could it go from tasting GOOD to tasting so bad?? Was it the aftertaste that was so awful???

        Also wanted to say congratulations on all these comments!! Everybody loved this post!!!

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        • Well, I believe I accidentally sort of left the tea bag in the hot water too long… So it sort of just completely exploded with lemony death.

          I have learned from my mistake.

          Did you know tea bags actually have a steep time on the back of the packet??? #themoreyouknow

          Awww! Thank you so much! I’m honestly confused why I got so many comments, BUT YAY! I guess I did something right????


          • I’m still not entirely sure that I understand how steeping it for too long would cause it to taste GOOD at first and the AWFUL. Very odd. I would stay away from lemon. And sage – that sounds gross. ;)

            Yeah, there are typically instructions on the back… :D


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            • Oh no, it tasted good BEFORE I steeped it for too long! Then I just left it in and it tasted awful…. Yeah… I think I’ll take that advice! XD

              But…but…but… I have no genius??? THIS IS JUST ME RAMBLING, EVERYBODY!!!!! ???


              • Oh, okay!!! It all makes sense now!!!

                Sometimes I think the most famous bloggers are the ones who just go absolutely crazy and somehow it turns into hilarious geniusness???? WHO CAN EVEN KNOW, DUDE.


                • AHHH! That makes sense! When you just go crazy, people relate, because deep, deep, DEEEEEEEPPP down inside, we are all utterly insane. *readjusts monocle* *nods professionally* Wise words, young one. You have cracked the fundamental questions of the blogosphere.


    I need that on a poster and a mug and a t-shirt and basically all over my life!! :D
    I’m glad you’re sticking to it!! It’s really hard to stick to things but you make me want to do it more!! Really though.

    Hahahaha! Just kidding. Hey! At least you tried! As I believe I said last time, I am a very lucky tea drinker, so… Yep! To each his own!
    (But seriously, I can’t find my pitchfork! XD)
    Aww that evil tea!! Trying to kill you?? That’s MY job! ;P
    Oh I’m really hilarious today aren’t I?
    Aaanyway! I’m really glad to have another post from you!!
    Without a fail, they always make me smile!!

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    • Yessssssss! I should start an Etsy shop and sell mugs with my haiku, hahaha!!!

      It is extremely hard for me to stick to things. Ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you, “Oh yeah. Kenzie’s soooooooo lame. Her plans are constantly changing.” But alas! Thus is the life I lead! 😂😂😂

      Ack!!! The pitchfork!!! But wait! I STOLE YOUR PITCHFORK, MWAHAHAHAHAHA! No death for me!!!!! And yes… Tea tried to kill me, therefore we’re taking a break. Perhaps we shall reunite in the future, but who knows. We just…weren’t meant to be. *sobs*

      Awwww!!! Thank you so much!!!! I’m so glad I can make you smile! That is what my ultimate goal is, after all! I love making people smile! :D



        I am SURE no one says you are lame! If they do, well then they must have changed the definition of lame to “hilarious, smart, and awesome”!
        Well, at least that saves me the trouble of climbing the mountain and interrogating the mountain goats. They are so grouchy!!
        Aww! There there, dear. *pats shoulder* You did the right thing in breaking up. Tea just needs to go and cool off for a while. (BAHAHA I’M HILARIOUS!!!)
        Yes indeed! And smiling is not something I tend to do very often, so thanks. :)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh dear!!! I probably should not, just so your poor dear sister can keep her left kidney, bahahahahaha!!! :P

          Awww!!!! Thank you! You are the sweetest bean!


          *sniff sniff* but I thought we were MEANT TO BE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! (oh my word, I’m cracking up right now!!)

          Oh no! Then I shall put it on my To-Do list to make you smile every Tuesday with a blog post, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D

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  9. “I know. I know. I should be a poet.”
    You are a poet, that haiku was excellent. xD

    And I am TOTALLY doing Camp Nano…by procrastinating on it every single day. You know, maybe my trouble is the same as you, setting my goals too high and not letting it be fun. I managed 50k back in November, but that was hardly a…it was madness and not a novel and I need to try making a novel. Perhaps I shall reduce it down to 30,000 words as I had ORIGINALLY planned, and it will be motivating!!!
    Yes, yes I shall do that.
    Using the word sprint timer to track your time is pretty neat, although getting stopped by a scary meow sounds…not helpful to writerly creation…

    Oh, no! Such sad tea misadventures! I think, rather than chase you out with pitchforks and torches, I shall merely dab my teary eye with a handkerchief and join you in admiration of hot chocolate. And the wish for milkshakes. Once it’s slightly summer-ish and isn’t freezing cold with occasional wind and plenty of rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, why thank you! *bows* I do pride myself in my poetry. It’s quite touching, isn’t it?

      OOH! PROCRASTINATION! YAY!!! Oh yes, I would highly recommend lowering your goal if you feel way too overwhelmed! Sometimes we just overestimate what we’re capable of doing in a certain period of time (as I obviously did with 90 hours this month :P ) and we should just take a step back and have fun with it, rather than WRITING ALL THE WORDS AAAARRRRGH!!!

      Oh yes. The cat really I quite terrifying. It also shocks some of my family members when it APPEARS as though I’m quietly writing in a corner, and then all of a sudden “MEOOOOW! TIME’S UP!”

      Yesssss!!!! Milkshakes!!!! That is one reason I cannot wait for Summer! ‘Here comes the– ICE CREAM, DOO DOO, DOO DOO!’


  10. Oh I’ve started tracking how many hours I write too!! I just go by the clock though, haha, because I don’t like little computer things tracking me in the background. TOO MUCH PRESSURE. #NOPE 😂 I binge write though, so I basically do 8+ hours per day when I write. Definitely do not recommend if you want to have a life as well.😂😂 BUT ALSO I DON’T DRINK TEA!! Unless it’s a latte and then I love those! Why are people so obsessed with tea?!?? It’s a great mystery of life.😂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Whaaaaaaat??? Another person who tracks by hours??? I AM NOT ALONE!!!! *throws cookies in the air* Ah yes, I have switched over to my phone’s stopwatch, because, to be honest, the meowing cat was starting to get on my nerves….

      Oh my word! As fun as that sounds, I honestly don’t think I could ever write for that long at a time… My brain would be SO fried… I also have trouble concentrating on one thing for more than thirty minutes, so…. Yeah. #fail But maybe someday I can try it!

      Wait… What is this thing you call a life??? :P

      YESSSS!!! LET US SIT AND TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH WE DESPISE TEA!! We shall form a club. I know, right? EVERYONE drinks tea. And EVERYONE drinks coffee??? And I really don’t get the hype… I mean, coffee is sorta good… When it’s iced and chocolatey and topped with whipped cream…



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