9 Things I Didn’t Know About Writing A Second Draft

Good morning, Cyberspace! As you all probably know, about a month-ish ago I finished the first draft of my current WIP, everlost. It was exciting. It was exhilarating. It was one of the most epic feelings I’ve ever experienced.

And in the Smudge I wrote a few weeks back telling you all about it, I ended the post with the words–

The first draft is done. The second draft is here.

And I am ready.

And to that, there is only one thing I can say–


I don’t think that was an actual Gollum quote…

I, Cyberspace, am not ready.

At all.

In fact, if I were a Christmas turkey, my little plastic popper wouldn’t have even popped yet. I’d still be raw. I’d still be bloody.

I’d still have my neck shoved down that weird hole cavity in my stomach and have my giblets all wrapped up in that nice little bag because, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I’m still in the wrappings.

THAT is how not-ready I am.

But you know what? I promised to keep y’all posted on how editing is going, and since I have been nothing but straightforward with you (excluding all those times I’ve conveniently disguised the truth, obviously), I have decided to lay all of my problems out in a Smudge and post it on the internet so that the entire world can see it.

And also see my epic failness, because that is the entire point of this blog.

So, without further ado, I present to thee–

9 Things I Didn’t Know About Writing A Second Draft

Number One– The First Read-Through

As any inexperienced seasoned writer will tell you, after finishing a first draft, there is something that you must do before diving headfirst into the second draft.

And that is called the first read-through.

“Wait…” you say, scratching your itchy noggin. “What’s the First Read-Through?”

Wellll… To put it simply–

First Read-Through


  1. when a writer sits down to read through their freshly finished manuscript for the first time (typically a first draft) after its completion
  2. when you read through your freshly finished manuscript for the first time after having completed it while scribbling down in-depth/extremely vague notes in red ink and forming a strategic battle plan to completely rip the entire fundamental elements of the entire story and world/planet into fragmented shreds whilst your brain conveniently implodes

My initial assumption of the First Read-Through was the gentle image of me reading casually beneath a beech tree, lightly taking notes (in a gorgeous small notebook) on the minor problems I happened to stumble upon within the carefully crafted pages of my flawless semi-perfect first draft.

Reality then hit me like a Ding-Dong.

The First Read-Through is one of the worst reality shocks you will ever experience in your life. It is brutal. It is death. You will be reading through your work thinking, “What is this even…?” and you will have the sudden and inextinguishable desire to throw your Kindle (which houses the PDF version of your slapped together first draft) into your evening campfire and roast it like a marshmallow.

Number Two– Plot

Or–more specifically–there is none.

I thought I had everything so carefully structured out. I knew my villain’s motive. I knew my heroes’ motives. I knew every single thing that was supposed to happen, down to the pink and green striped sock on Thao’s left foot. (That is completely metaphorical, as Thao does not wear striped socks… [or does he? {#rethinkingeverything}])

But then, as I read through my draft, I realized…

No. There is no plot.

The majority of the story is two of my main characters bickering back and forth for the extent of about four chapters as unknown evil lurks throughout the entire building, and they don’t even seem to care.

Basically, the First Read-Through was me staring at my screen–drool hanging gloriously from the corner of my mouth–pondering why in the world they weren’t all dead yet, because there was physically no way that they would still be alive.

At all.


Number Three– Plot Twists (and how they don’t exist)

There’s a little secret about Plot that I would like to share with you all today–

It is not a straight and rigid line.

Shocking. I know.

But it’s true. If you can take a ruler and hack a straight line through points A, B, C, D, E, F, and Kill Me Now, there’s definitely a problem.

And it’s not easily fixable.

Because now you must incorporate these little things called plot twists, and let me tell you, they are cruel little buggers. They are pure and utter evil. They make you bend over backwards trying to figure out how to shock your readers, when all you really want to do is curl into a tight little smol ball and cry tears of cotton candy dreams.

I, the Smudgiest Thought, know not how to plot twist. I know not how to even twist.

I am not built for twisting.

Have you seen me? Have you seen my chipmunk self?

Of course not. This is a blog. What, do you think I have a picture of my gross face on the About The Authors page, or something? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..HAHA…ha

Well, that doesn’t matter, because the truth remains that I still KNOW NOT HOW TO PLOT TWIST.

And this is a problem.

Because my plot (“But Kenzie, you just said you didn’t have–” HUSH, I’M TALKING) is a straight line. A straight, immovable, rigid-as-a-spine line.

And I know not how to bend it.

Basically, my story needs a chiropractor.

Good thing my weird town has two of them, eh?

Number Four– Questioning EVERYTHING.

You know that little voice in the back of your head that tells you that your story isn’t good enough? That you’ll never get published? That you’re basically nothing more than a cookie crumble who lost his way home?

You know. It’s that little voice that writers like to call their inner critique/editor. The voice that we stuff down into the pits of our innermost being so that we can keep writing without having to murder a small village cow in order to vent our frustration.

Yeah. Take that voice, add it to a just-finished, brand-spanking-new first draft, and then multiply it by about 3 billion.

That, dear bean, is your new inner editor for your Second Draft.


After finishing the First Read-Through and realizing the majority of your story is riddled through with holes the size of Texas, about as cheesy as a lump of Swiss, and covered in clichés and stupid characters, you are most likely going to encounter a week of insanity in which you completely destroy every single plan you’ve had for this story from the very beginning, rip all of the fundamental elements out and throw them to the Seven Winds, and also capture about three Plot Bunnies that make you realize that your current story is completely lame, and you should totally change absolutely everything up and go with this idea instead.

Because that’s going to be so much better, right?



Number Five– “THE FACE”

Working on a Second Draft is basically just you staring at a screen filled with terribly written words that you once thought were the best thing since sliced bologna while making a face that is a mixture between smelling the glorious scent of a rotten egg and looking like someone just threw their fresh toenail clippings into the Jell-O pudding.

In other words, it is quite indescribable.

Number Six– It is NOT as fun as a First Draft

There’s something I wished I had realized when writing my First Draft, and since there is no longer any hope for me, I shall impart my wisdom unto you:

Writing a first draft is basically just letting loose your creativity waterfall.

There is no right. There is no wrong. There is just pure, unpressurized fun.

And do you know what a Second Draft is???

It is pain. It is death. It is your inner editor marring your beautiful First Draft in crimson ink dyed with the blood of your enemies.

Pretty much everything you shrugged at and said, “EH. I can fix that later!” has now come back to bite you in the bahooty. All those things you skimmed over for “FUTURE YOU” to sort out have now returned with a vengeance, all snarling eyes and flashing teeth and evil cackles that fill your deepest, most darkest nightmares.

And if you’re currently stuck in the middle (or the beginning or the ending) of a First Draft, and find yourself thinking, “If only I could just get this done!”, I must say–


Just eat a cookie and remind yourself that you could be me right now, with silent tears leaking out of your eye sockets to drizzle down your pale, sickly face as you wonder when it is acceptable to print out your entire manuscript, start a fire in the middle of your yard, and throw the freshly printed pages into the charred logs and burning sulfur ash to watch it shrivel into a decrepit being that was once your pride and joy.

Number Seven– Writer’s Block still exists

You know how, when writing a First Draft, you tend to procrastinate writing by doing everything and anything in your power to not write? Like cleaning your jungle of a room, reading that book that you absolutely forgot about, organizing your writing folders because you’re obviously still a writer, even though you’re not writing…?


Yeah… That still exists in the Second Draft.

I thought I’d be super pumped to wake up everyday and get started on sorting out my characters, world building, developing plot arcs and all that enchilada cheese. And for a while, I was.

And then it came time to actually perform the execution of all of my sloppily written notes.

Now I’ve got a slightly clean room, am tackling my TBR pile by adding more books to it, and also have discovered the joy of spending time outdoors.

Number Eight– It doesn’t matter where you are in the Book-Writing process, the part you are currently on is the worst…

I’m 10% positive I saw a quote that was similar to this by some famous person, but, of course, when I went back to try and find it again, it was gone like a single drop of moisture in the heat of the Sahara.

But seriously, this is the cold hard truth. If you’re on a First Draft, you’re probably looking at your manuscript thinking it’s the worst thing you’ve ever written. If you’re on a Second Draft, you’re doing the exact same.

Same thing goes for Third Drafts and Fourth Drafts and even publication. Because I’m going to let you in on a tiny little secret here (I know, I know, I’m so full of wisdom today)

Even after you publish your book, if you read through it, you’re going to find things you want to change. You’re going to find things you hate, and you’re also going to find things you wish you had never written in the first place.

“But Kenzie,” you ask. “You’ve never published a book before. How do you know this?”

Trust me, my smol little bean. I know.

(because I know ALL, obviously)

So as I’m sitting here, looking over my Second Draft and seeing all of the drafts ahead of me, I am reminded of one final fact…

Fact Number Nine– The Second Draft is not the Final Draft, therefore it does not have to be absolutely perfect…

And I am so, so thankful for this piece of knowledge.

Because, while I know deep down in my soul that this story can turn into something beautiful, I also know that it doesn’t have to all be perfected in this particular draft. There’s plenty of time for polishing and line-editing and smoothing out the wrinkles and all that jazz in later drafts, when I have more of a grip on what it is I’m trying to accomplish.

Or, you know, maybe all writing is just staring into the void wondering what in the world you’re even doing until it’s done.

That sounds pretty accurate.

Well, now, that ended rather abruptly. ANYWAY! What do you guys think? Are you currently trying to slog your way through a Second Draft? A First Draft? Are you thinking about publishing, or haven’t even plotted your first chapter yet? Let us talk about ALL of the drafty things below!

And bring some blankets, because I have a feeling it’s about to get chilly!BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(I’m probably the only one laughing here…)


41 thoughts on “9 Things I Didn’t Know About Writing A Second Draft

  1. I know exactly how you feel! (I’ve resorted to calling my current version The Draft That Must Not be Named) . But as you wisely pointed out, this draft is not the last so it doesn’t have to be perfect , semi ridiculous is also fine.:)

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    • Oh, you poor bean! *gives cookies* I think it gets better. I think??? And as I am distantly related to Voldemort and happen to have his wand, I am well pleased with your choice of name. *nods*

      YESSS! Semi-ridiculous is perfection in its own way. Let us write all of the terrible drafts, and THEN worry about perfecting them ten drafts later. At least, that’s what I’m gonna do… XD

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  2. As always, a marvelously enjoyable read of a post.
    EXCEPT. I’m on my first draft and I’m hoping it’s the one I’ll finally finish. I’ve even been muttering about maybe finishing it this year. Then, of course, I’ll whip through a second draft, just to tidy the story up a bit.

    [Congratulations on finishing your first draft, by the way, Kenzie. *sends lamingtons to help with the second draft* *and no tea*]

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    • Aww, thank you!

      *GASPS* APOLOGIES ARE IN ORDER, SIR! I am all the sorry! However, I stand by what I said. If you are currently on a first draft, DO NOT RUSH IT! Have fun with it. I mean, OBVIOUSLY get it written, but don’t be like, MUST. FINISH. DRAFT!!!!! And I’m sure your second draft will go MUCH more smoothly than mine! (although your plan for writing a book sounds oddly identical to what I was expecting to do, so MAYBE NOT????) Don’t worry. We shall cry and eat cookies together, and someday we shall be published authors. *flings cookies in the air*

      AAAAWWWWWW!!! Thank you so much! I wish you all the luck on finishing yours! Truly, though, I did not mean to rip apart your dreams. DREAM, MY LITTLE BEAN! DREAAAAMMMM!!!!! OOH! Lamingtons! I’ve never had a lamington before?? But I looked up a picture and it LOOKS DELICOUS! And thank you for remembering my detestation for tea. You are too kind. XD


  3. Seeccooonnddd drraaaahahahahaaaaftssssss!!!!!
    But I just have to say. Your descriptions, are… The best. They are kind of gross, very detailed and basically one of my favorite things about you????
    I’M WEIRD.
    But I can just imagine you writing this post and the moments when you can describe something really weirdly and grossly making you really happy?? That’s what it feels like anyway.
    Honestly, whenever I read any of your posts I think,
    (Hey have you thought of doing a snippet post soon??? *hint hint* XD )
    And I know you’re still in the rough and tough early stages of writing and all that jazz, but I WILL BETA READ!!!! Just give me a heads up when you’re ready AND I WILL BUY A NEW PITCHFORK FROM EBAY, HOP ON THE NEAREST DRAGON, AND FLY LIKE THE WIND TO RETRIEVE THIS PRECIOUS MANUSCRIPT OF AWESOME!!!!
    I might even overlook the fact that I have to buy a new pitchfork 😒

    The… *gulp* f-f-first… r-r-r-read t-th-through????? *screams and hides*
    Just NO.
    I put off my first re read for moooonths! I just cannot. After I finish a story I put it away and refuse to THINK about it until the gaping hole of mortal dread has subsided a bit.
    Lately, after getting an idea and writing a chapter or so, I plot everything out.
    So while I’m plotting, I have a little trouble, but I’m pretty good with plots.
    It’s the twists that really get me. I AM NOT A FLEXIBLE PERSON. AT ALL. It’s horrendous. So plot twists are and endangered species in my life. Except sooometimes when my brain malfunctions and all my fuses get reset and a little yellow bulb shines over my head and gets mistaken for a halo.
    IT’S GREAT! ;P
    Basically I could go through and concur wholeheartedly with your entire post, BUT that would take foreeever and I’m sure you don’t want to be bored to death!!
    I am currently NOT second drafting my camp nano novel. It’s just… The worst thing I have ever written in my entire life, pretty much. WHAT??? PUBLISHING????? WHAT EVEN IS THIS WORD???? IT SOUNDS LIKE TORTURE????????
    Heck no, I am sooo not ready….. For anything…. At all….. *distant wailing*
    *proceeds to laugh head off*

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    • AREN’T THEY THOUGH? I’m not having much fun with this second draft thing… It’s awful. But then again, I’m having tons of fun complaining about it, so THERE IS HOPE FOR ME YET!

      Oh yes, I do love my descriptions! I’m not sure where they come from, actually. And to be honest, I sort of have a rather blank expression on my face when I’m writing them? But then, if I make myself laugh, I REALLY laugh. It’s sort of strange…

      Awww! Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I’m hoping to get published someday, but I don’t think it’s going to be in the TOO near future. But hopefully someday! And I HAVE considered posting snippets, but I’m sort of reserving the majority of this book for right now, so I haven’t posted anything yet. OOPS.

      And awwwww!!! Thank you! I’ve got quite a long list of people who want to be my little beta fishies right now, which is kinda weird, seeing as though I thought I’d never have enough betas, but I’ll put you on the list! I’m not sure how many I’m going to use, though…. I’ve already got so many people lined up… But your name shall be there just in case! Thank you so much for the offer!!! Eek! *polishes stolen pitchfork* I like this pitchfork. It’s like it was made for me…

      I actually despised the first read-through. I thought I would love it.

      I didn’t.

      And plot twists are the WORST. Because how do I know if something is going to shock my readers?? How do I know if I did TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE foreshadowing??? WHAT IS FORESHADOWING ANYWAY??? #help

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, SIR! I am the exact same way. This is the worst thing I’ve ever written probably, and the word ‘publishing’ is NOT IN MY VOCABULARY. NOPE!

      And why, yes, I am quite hilarious, aren’t I?

      *crickets chirping*

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  4. Haha! So true! I like to edit so I always wanted to reach the editing phase and, yeah, not quite as much fun as I was hoping. I currently in the first read-through part, and it does stink. My inner writing and inner editor keep bickering about what to keep and what to throw out. :P

    Great post!

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    • SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS!!!! *tackles and throws cookies at your face* I was SO excited to start the editing! And now I’m just…no.

      OOH! Enjoy the first read-through! It’s quite a roller-coaster, isn’t it? There were times when I thought I had written the best thing in the world, and other times when I was literally wanting to scrap the whole thing. I wish you all of the luck, and all of the duct tape to keep your inner writing and inner editor at bay! You can do this!!!

      Awww! Thank you SO much!!! :D


  5. Oh, I understand the feeling all too well. Honestly, my first draft is buried deep, deep in a folder somewhere on my computer and I pray every day that no one discovers it or the world will burn. And the second? My goodness, roughly the same. I won’t even reread them. I’m in draft 7 right now, and I think I’m almost there.

    Don’t ever let that inner voice that tells you your writing isn’t good enough or you’ll never get published rule over you. Prove that inner voice wrong! *inspirational music comes on* Keep going even if what you read is trash! You can toss it out or keep it, your choice! But don’t give up! *music rises* Don’t EVER give up! Keep fighting! *single note blasts out* FOR NARNIA!!!!! . . . that took a weird turn . . .

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    • YESSSSS! That is the EXACT feeling I have. Except I managed to rip the first draft put long enough to read it (BAD IDEA) and am now trying to REWRITE (EVEN WORSE IDEA??) so I get to stare at the first draft and feel the world burning around me. Every. Day. (help…) Oh my word, draft 7??? You deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES. What is your secret??? How did you do this??? Have you stuck with just the one story for the entire time, or have you written other things?

      And that motivational speech with the inspirational music literally made me laugh. Out loud. Alone in my room…. BUT IT IS SO INSPIRATIONAL!! *rises from the floor with head held high and a pen in my fist* *punches fist into the air* I SHALL WRITE!!! *super hero music blades from hidden speakers* FOR NARNIAAAAAA!!!!

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      • *receives cookies with greedy smile* Ooooooo. Uh, what, secret? Oh. There’s not really a secret, just a lot of persistence and of course feedback helps A TON. And of course taking it one day at a time. Yes, I have just stuck with this story. Whenever new story ideas come along, I write the title or summary and stash it away in a folder. If I leave this project and go to another I know I will never finish.

        Good luck, Kenzie, and May the Fourth be with you. *salutes as star wars theme song fades which has been playing in the background this entire time! Gasp*


  6. “Number Two– Plot Or–more specifically–there is none.” Literally laughed out loud at this, because it’s SO TRUE.

    “And if you’re currently stuck in the middle (or the beginning or the ending) of a First Draft, and find yourself thinking, “If only I could just get this done!”, I must say–BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–NO.”

    Laughed again, but this laugh was more at my own pathetic-ness and how long it’s taken me to get even 60% of the way through my current WIP. I mean… at least you have something to show for all your blood, sweat, tears, and insanity…

    Either way, enjoy the descent into madness that is editing and good luck!

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    • EEK! I am so happy I could make you laugh! That is what I live for, after all! *bows extravagantly with lots of flapping elbows*

      Oh no no no, I do not think you are pathetic! At least you are 60% of the way through! That’s where I usually bomb out and start a new project… So just KEEP WRITING! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!! And if this first draft is all I have to show for my blood, sweat, tears, and insanity, then…well… *right eye twitches fiercely*

      Aww, thank you so much!!! I shall be rooting for you to finish that WIP! But, you know, not TOO fast. I shall try to save you from this madness… *throws cookies in the air*


  7. “That you’re basically nothing more than a cookie crumble who lost his way home?”
    That is simply adorable!
    Even though I am on the first draft and QUESTIONING EVERYTHING! Nothing is clear anymore, my story feels Doomed. *Whimpers melodramatically*

    Your post was so much fun though, and it’s helpful to hear your troubles while I try to struggle through my own. Unfortunately I can’t decide if I should spare my future self “I’ll figure that out later” or if I need to just press on an quit the unending, useless interogation of my story’s possibilities!
    Oh, well, so long as I’m a writer and not a lost cookie crumble, I’ll be fine.


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    • JETHAN!!! *tackle hugs*

      Awww! Cookie crumbles truly are adorable creatures, aren’t they? I should make a picture with cookie crumbles for this blog… That’d be fun…

      No no no!!! I have heard about your story, and IT IS AMAZING!! Just keep writing!! You’re gonna get through this, I promise! (But then comes the 2nd draft, and I cannot promise safe passage through that, however…)

      Awww! I’m glad you liked my little rant!! And I’d say, if you’ve been stuck on a certain plot problem or character thing or story development conundrum for a super long time, just go ahead and move forward a bit. Trust me, when you get to the second draft, you’re going to be surprised at how many things you’re going to want to change and make way cooler than you ever dreamed whilst writing the first draft, so don’t worry TOO awful much about the tiny, nitpicky details. Those will come as your story progresses!! (I think…) I am wishing you ALL OF THE LUCK, and if you ever become a lost cookie crumble, I shall find you and bring you back home! XD GOOD LUCK!! You’ve got this!!!

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      • A picture would be lovely, I can imagine him with one of those little bags tied to a stick as he wanders about with a ragged map and old boots.

        I shall try to get through the first draft without worrying about pesky details! Small, solid ideas keep coming even if I don’t have a sense of the big picture yet. Maybe it doesn’t need a plot yet… I don’t know!
        I should just throw tea at my characters and see what happens.

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        • Aww, YESSSS! I shall need to see what I can do… This blog needs more graphics, anyway!!!

          Ooh! Yes!!! The small details are favorites, because later they (hopefully) click together, and then it’s just like one brainsplosion of awesomeness!!!

          Well, now, that sounds like the perfect solution!! However, if someone were to throw tea on me, I think I would spontaneously combust….

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  8. I hate to say this, but after reading your post, I am absolutely dreading a second draft. *shivers* I haven’t ever finished a story, but I am sort of glad of that now…. :P

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    • No no, do not fear the swirling vortex of insanity!!! We have gumdrops!! And falling chickens!!!! *creepy carousel music playing*

      Honestly, though, it’s not THAT bad. Sort of. I plan on doing a follow-up post on how I’m tackling the second draft, so THE STORY SHALL CONTINUE!!!


  9. OKAY HERE I AM!!! *bows* *tips over* *lands squarely on nose*


    Here we go.

    I read this book one time. It was called The Return of the Shadow. Which you may notice sounds a lot like The Return of the King – this is probably NOT a coincidence???

    Anyway, the whole book is basically NOT a book, but a commentary on one of the early drafts of Lord of the Rings. You know, by TOLKIEN MY IDOL.

    I guess he (wisely) saved all the old manuscripts so that his (wise) son could make tons of money by publishing them after his dad was dead.

    Anyway, it is rather hilarious because in THIS draft (possibly the first draft??? Not sure) there was no Strider. There was Trotter. Trotter was a hobbit who wore WOODEN SHOES because he had been tortured in Mordor and his feet were too tender to walk around barefoot like a normal hobbit. His REAL name was Peregrin and he had disappeared from the Shire a couple of years before.

    Frodo’s name was BINGO. Farmer Maggot was an evil badguy, as was Treebeard. Then Farmer Maggot was a cousin of Tom Bombadil.





    Like you said, you don’t have to get it all perfect in draft two!!

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    • Oh my word, that story sounds SO BIZARRE??? If I ever get the actual gumption to read the REAL series, I must definitely read this one, as well… I feel so bad for Trodder… Who later became Strider??? That is just too strange, I’m sorry… And Bingo is just…oh dear.

      BUT AWWWW!!! This comment is just so encouraging!!! Thank you SO much!!! I just got super motivated to keep working on this second draft???
      And then the third draft!!! And then the fourth draft!!! AND THE FIFTH! But hopefully by the fourth I’ll have a decent idea of where I’m going… Hopefully…?


  10. So guess who literally just started a second draft today?!😂 THIS POST IS SO ACCURATE IT ACTUALLY HURTS INTENSELY. I’m definitely on #4 ughhhhh. Most of me is going “how is this even an interesting story YOU MORON” and the other part of me has packed bags and applied to be a goat herder in Switzerland. Maybe Heidi’s grandfather can adopt me. Hopefully. I’M SO DONE AND I’VE ONLY BEEN WORKING FOR 1 DAY.😂 I also spent like nearly 2 hours just trying to start. So the block is relatable too. Basically first drafting is great because you can just be wild and free and 2nd drafting is actual pure self-inflicted hell.



    *vague sobbing in the distance* 😂😂

    (Also this post was hilarious and I loved it so much!!)

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    • I must be a wizard, for my timing is obviously impeccable!!! 😂😂 And why, thank you! I apologize for inflicting pain, however. That was not intended. (Or WAS IT???) #4 is literally the WORST. And it also happens to be where I currently am, as well!! 😂 YAY! I AM NOT ALONE!!! I think being a goat herder in Switzerland sounds like fun, so perhaps I shall join you someday, and then we can start a nice blazing fire, and set our 2nd drafts to smoke and ash. Oh dear, the first day is hopefully the worst??? Perhaps it will all get better on day two??? Or day three? Or week 52??

      Ugh, I LOVE first drafting! Sadly, I did not realize this until I finished my first draft…. OOPS! (And that is a PERFECT description of first and second drafts…)

      Oh my word, thank you so much!!!! :D


  11. first.. congrats on finishing your first draft! That must be indeed an epic moment.:)
    At least that’s how I have dreamed it :) I don’t even know in what draft I’m because I keep rewriting my wip! So I’m in awe of writers like you that can properly say my “first draft” “first read-through” and my “second draft”. My #writerlife is a never ending cycle of drafts and “read-through”s and I can relate to every single item on your list! I read, write, love, reread, hate, rewrite, reread, quasi love, take a break then reread again and hate! LOL! Especially the plot! How can I love it now and hate it in a few weeks??? so crazy. Great post!

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    • Aww, thank you! It really was quite epic!! I’ll never forget it…

      Ah! But if that is the case, you’re probably WAAAAAAAY ahead of me on the ‘draft’ scale! I was pretty worried that when I said I ‘finished my first draft’ there would be something that popped up like three days later that I had accidentally forgotten to include, but luckily that didn’t really happen until I read through the entire thing. I must tip my hat to you and offer you some cookies, however, for your dedication to writing a story makes me slightly envious. XD Plot really is a terrible being. He’s constantly changing between THE BEST PLOT EVAH!!! and THIS…STINKS. BADLY.

      Awwww!!! Thank you again so much!!! XD


      • I know, right??? It’s so sad how terrible all the names were and how silly and childish it all seemed – but then you look at the end result and it was so epic and awesome and amazing and perfect and brilliant and the names are perfection and the plot is flawless…


        Yeaahhhhhh… it might take quite a few drafts… but that’s okay, right??? IT’S WORTH IT AND ALL THAT????

        Liked by 1 person

        • Exactly! It’s like your past self had this baby crumb of an idea, and they SORT OF executed it well, but then your future self knows how to do ALL OF THE THINGS!!!

          Bahahahahahahaha-RIIIIIIGHT! I’m hoping, but it’s a far-fetched hope.

          YES!!! It will DEFINITELY be all worth it!!!!! (I hope…?) XD


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