The Sunshine Blogger Award (YET AGAIN!)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! I have come to the conclusion that I must be the most sunshiney person on this beloved planet, because WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

I have been tagged YET AGAIN for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! Which is fantastic, because obviously I love telling all you stalkers sane human beings ALLLLL about me and the relatively boring life that I lead.

Anyway, this time around, I have been tagged by the amazing Anna from Writerly Wonderings (and you should totally go check out her blog, because it is one of my absolute favorites).

Thank you SO much for nominating me, Anna! I absolutely love doing these tags… (not to mention they provide a ‘get out of doing an original blog post free card’ [but we shall not linger on that fact…]) I am literally dying to answer these (especially 1, 2, 3, and 8), so I’m going to just jump straight in, because I’m really bad at intros.

But first–

~ Ze Rules ~

~ Thank the kind bean who nominated you, and provide a link back to their blog, because #manners

~ Answer the 11 wondrous questions they asked you

~ Nominate 11 other beans and give them 11 random and slightly spontaneous questions to answer, because #fun

~ List the rules and display the award

And since I have absolutely no clue what the award is, THOU SHALT HAVE TO LIVE WITHOUT.

Apologies, dear bean. Please accept a crumpet in place of the award.


~ Ze Questions ~

•What is your favorite pastime besides writing and reading?

Had you asked me this about four days ago, I probably would have stared at you and thrown a rock at the nearest ten-story window.

However, since I decided to take a small writing break over the weekend (a post is coming up on that soon, probably [or, you know, 32 years from now…]), we are all in luck (especially my poor head), because I have miraculously discovered things that I like to do that are not writerly or readerly.

And the top item on that teeny-tiny list is–


Because Pokémon is life. And also Rowlett is adorable. And so is my Psyduck named Ducky.


• In the Lord of the Rings, Aragorn or Legolas?


Hands. Down.

Because first of all, he is amazing, and also is an elf, and also could probably whip Aragon’s bahooty if he truly wanted to, so I am definitely Team Legolas.

And don’t even get me started on Legolas and Gimli’s friendship, because that is probably the best friendship in the entire universe and don’t you even dare try to contradict me on this one or I shall stab you in the foot with my pitchfork.

• What is your MTBI personality type?

*squints at screen*

*opens new tab in browser*

*searches for Walt Disney’s MBTI personality type on google*

*clicks sketchy internet site that will probably give my laptop a virus*

*squints at screen*

*returns to WordPress editor*

ENFP. (I think)

The only way I can ever remember my MBTI personality is because it’s the same as Walt Disney. But I’m pretty sure it’s ENFP, because that sounds familiar.

(I am so smurt)

• Who would say is the worst villain of all time? Why?

Do you mean ‘The Worst Villain’ as in ‘The Lamest Villain’, or ‘The Worst Villain’ as in ‘If I Were To Come Up Against This Evildoer, I Would Probably Turn To A Corpse’?

I shall do the former…


While this guy is probably the lamest villain in the world, he is also one of my absolute favorites, which makes him the absolute best.

…And I think I just broke this question.

• If you could go into one book and live the entire story for yourself (either as main character, sub character, or bystander), which would you choose?

Oh! Oh! Oh! I would LOVE to be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!! I mean, she’s so whimsical, doesn’t care one smidgen about what the entire world thinks of her, and she’s just so perfectly herself.

And that is precisely the kind of person I want to be.

• What is one of your favorite quotes?

Oh dear… Um… I really don’t know any quotes from famous people? But I do know a couple, so I guess I’ll go with,

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self…

~ Cyril Connolly

However, I also have a favorite Bible Verse, and while that might not technically be considered a quote, I’m gonna share it anyway.

(because I’m a bad girl, and I break the rules)

Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

That particular verse got me through a very difficult patch of life, so it’s extremely close to my heart.

*initiate inspirational music*

• Would you rather have a griffon, a dragon, a wolf, or an owl for a pet? Why?

Ah! Process of Elimination time!

First up is the Griffon, and since they sort of freak me out (are they an eagle or a…lion-thing???) that’s a pretty easy no

Second is the owl, and while I love owls, I already have a bird (a cockatiel, to be more precise) and I wouldn’t want any other bird than him, so no.

That leaves the dragon and the wolf, and I REALLY do love wolves…

But only in the wolf pup stage, because once they get older they’re sort of scraggly and weird looking and not at all cute and fluffy, so that’s also a no.

Which leaves–


Honestly, though, was there any doubt? I am the Dragon Princess. I must stay true to my kin.

(I also happen to be the Cookie Queen, so never ask me to choose between Dragons and Cookies, or I shall probably throw a rock at your face.)

And though I believe I just answered the ‘why’, I shall elaborate:


• What are your top 3 most favorite fandoms in the whole world?

Three??? Thou hast asked me to choose three? Bahahahahahahaha–that’s adorable. I cannot choose my top three, as my list is pretty much a top 42, yet for now I shall list the three fandoms that I am most obsessive about at this precise moment. (because my mood fluctuates sporadically, and with it goes my top fandom choices)

~ Kenzie’s Top Three Fandoms ~

  1. Alice In Wonderland
  2. Pokémon (yes, that’s a fandom, what are you talking about)
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas
  5. The Lunar Chronicles
  6. Doctor Who
  7. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, the actual books, etc.)

Whoa, that was painful.

(those are not in any particular order, by the way)

• When you first get a story idea in your head, does it start with the characters, the plot, or the theme?

Okay, I absolutely love this question, but I have no idea how to answer it, because my stories just sort of happen. But usually my story ideas come from a tiny random snippet that I write for fun, and then I decide to expand into a full-fledged novel.

However, with my current WIP, everlost, I have absolutely no idea how it was born. All I remember is a vague image of my crumpled blankets as I crawled into bed one night, and then everything goes blank, and BOOM! everlost.

That made so much sense.

• What is your decorating style? (floral, antique, modern, beachy, rustic, etc.)

Well, assuming that I actually had the space/money to have a style, I think my style would be sort of a fairytale world.

My dream room would have fairy-lights everywhere, all twinkling and pretty, and a shelf with a bunch of my favorite fandom artifacts and fairytale things, like Alice In Wonderland POP’s and Nightmare Before Christmas POP’s and figurines of my favorite fairytales, and then I’d have a pretty bookshelf with MORE fairy-lights, and all of my books looking so aesthetically pleasing…. And of course there would be a reading chair that hangs from the ceiling, because that’s so much fun… And the lighting would make it look like you just stepped into a fairyland forest…

And then there’d also be my writing corner, where I’d have a bunch of messily beautiful space to write all of my stories… And the walls would be a sort of sea green color…

…and I just totally went overboard with this question, which I apparently interpreted to mean ‘Describe Your Dream Room’.


• If you were one of the four elements, which would you be? And why?

Ooh! This is easy! I would be fire, because my name–Mackenzie–means ‘born of fire’.

Although, I also really love the rain, which I find odd, because rain would dowse fire.

I am an enigma, folks.

The End.

So that is it for these super fun questions! Thank you again so much, Anna, for tagging me! I really enjoyed answering these!!

Now, I’m supposed to tag more people, but since I was tagged like three times for this award, I’m just going to go ahead and link back to my last Sunshine Blogger Award post, in which anyone who wants to answer my previous questions can! So if you weren’t tagged by me last time around, consider yourself tagged. You are now obliged to go forth and share your sunshininess with the world!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

And that’s it for today’s Smudge! What do you guys think? Would you rather have a wolf, griffon, owl, or dragon for a pet? Who is the worst villain of all time? Let us talk about all of the sunshiney goodness down in the comments below!!!

*flings cookies and disappears* 


15 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award (YET AGAIN!)

  1. Congrats on getting tagged *again*! I, also, would definitely choose to have a dragon for a pet. Probably several. Like, a tiny dragon to sit on my shoulder, a small dragon to curl up with me and sleep, a slightly larger dragon to play with my dog, a horse-sized dragon for me to ride (who am am I kidding, it would have to be pony-sized), and a very large dragon to scare off the neighbors and their awful dogs and also bears and squirrels.
    I don’t like squirrels. The ones at my house steal our apples and throw them at us. Also at the dogs. You can always tell which dogs are the smart ones when the apples come out, because the smart ones will dodge and the dumb ones will stand there and be pelted.
    How are squirrels even that strong? It’s like they’re secretly professional baseball players or something.
    As for villains, I’m the kind of person who loves to hate (fictional) people and loudly criticizes their every move and fashion choice, which my family finds slightly irritating during TV. (My mom hates it. My dad thinks I’m a riot). Anyway, the villains I hate the most would be the Reverse-Flash from the Flash, a certain traitor from Agents of SHIELD, and Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. I have so much fun despising them I should probably have it looked at. ;)
    I have no clue what my dream room would look like. I change my mind a lot, and also mash styles, so it would probably be like a minimalist modern thing with artsy stuff and bookshelves everywhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, yes!! Dragons are DEFINITELY the best! And oh my word, your squirrels THROW APPLES AT YOU??? What???!?!??!?!?! That is literally the most frightening squirrel story I have ever heard. And I’m greatly confused as to how they are able to throw apples, as well?? I mean, they sort of have flimsy little squirrel arms, right????? Just thinking about this is sort of freaking me out. I apologize that you must live around apple-throwing-squirrels. That is seriously terrifying.

      Sadly, the only villain I know from that list is Dolores Umbridge??? But I must agree that she is dreadful. She’s probably the worst villain of all. (Yet written EXTREMELY well…) And critiquing the fashion choices of fictional characters is an extremely useful trait. *nods approvingly*

      AH YES!!! I love the mishmash things!!! Minimalist and artsy go gorgeously together, and YES!!!! THE BOOKS! Make sure you make room for ALL of the books!!!!!! XD


  2. That was fun to read, particularly the segment on personality type and how everlost formed for you.
    And switching the question to dream room.

    And being Luna is an excellent choice! I still have to answer Anna’s questions, and I have no idea who I’d pick for this one.

    You can never go wrong with a pet dragon. ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was actually thinking about the beginnings of everlost this morning, and it really struck me just how much this story has morphed since the very beginning. I might do a Smudge on it… LUNA IS THE BEST!!!!! And I love to break all of the rules, because I am a bad bean, obviously.

      Ooh! Ooh!! I cannot wait to read your answers! I’m so behind on blogs right now, but I’m hoping to catch up a bit tonight!

      I know, right? Dragons are my favorites! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. As always, this comment is going to be kind of a running commentary on everything you said…

    I also am bad at intros. Ugh. HOW DOES ONE INTRO??? There should be a how-to guide. (Fun fact: in my early blogging days I was terribly inexperienced and I simply DID NOT intro. I just plunged right in. Ha!)

    Also! Random question: did you change your theme from Scratchpad to something else??? And may I ask what it is?? BECAUSE IT LOOKS LOVELY. VERY CLEAN. I would hate to copy you but then again, my struggles in finding a nice clean theme have been rather agonizing… :3


    Also come at me with your pitchfork because I strongly dislike Legolas and Gimli and their friendship and I want to murder them both with a rusty spork, to use a Kenzie-ism.

    I agree, Doofenshmirtz is lame. No, I did not spell that correctly.



    Also your decorating style is splendid!!! Fairy lights sounds lovely even if I’m not QUUUUIIIIITE sure what they actually are. :D


    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE RUNNING COMMENTARIES!!!! And UGH!!! It’s really a constant struggle, isn’t it? I basically just gave up with this one and jumped right into the body of the post. 😂 OH WELL!!

      It’s actually still Scratchpad (or…scribble??? I don’t even know what this is???)!!! But instead of the weird morphing sea green that kept changing colors depending on what device I was using (it was annoying AND painful), I changed it to a nice simple pale yellow, which is my second favorite color. I love it, but the widgets look a little green-tinged, which is annoying. But I like it for now. I’m working on making a different background, but until then this will have to do… I’m so glad you like it though!!! And go ahead and try it out, if you’d like!!! We could have twin blogs!!!!!!!

      I think it’s a sort of British treat. I have not tasted one, personally. ’tis a shame.

      HEEE MOY MEENOOOY!!!! (that was me wielding my pitchfork like evil paper SpongeBob wielded the giant pencil, just in case you were wondering) TAKE THAT BACK, SIR!!! THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS THE BEST!!!!!

      B-b-but….MY NAME IS DOOF, AND YOU’LL DO WHAT I SAY. WHOO WHOO! (I watch too many cartoons…)

      Wolves are SCRAGGLY. BLECH!

      And yeah… everlost was sort of spontaneous, but the initial plot was NOTHING like what I’ve got going on right now, which is a good thing, since the first plot was LAME. Although, I shall come weep with you, because writing is HARD. And story ideas are HARD. And just… *begins sobbing loudly*

      Awww, thank you!!! If only I could actually decorate like that, hahahahahaha!!! 😂😂 And I think they are tiny little lights, sort of like Christmas bulbs, but not as bright and festive and green. At least, that’s what I think they are???? 😂😂


      • Oh, okay! Scratchpad usually has a little marker up at the top and that was missing so I thought maybe you had changed it… I’m pretty happy with the theme I have right now, but it wants my header image to be BELOW my menus which is SOOOO ANNOYING????

        Me either!!! I wonder what they taste like… I have had scones!! I really wanted to like them but I kind of didn’t??? I was pretty little at the time though, so I definitely need to give them another try…

        I’ve never watched SpongeBob, so I was definitely wondering! :) IT IS NOT. THEY ARE STUPID. DEFY ME.

        Awwww! Wolves are precious fluffballs!

        *sobs with you* *burns all manuscripts in fury* *eats marshmallows in defiance*

        Um. But Christmas lights AREN’T green???

        I want to know more about everlost’s original plot!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh! Ummm… I’m not entirely sure what the theme is called. It’s something like Scratchpad or Scrawl or Scribble or something…? I LOVE your theme!!!! Oh dear… WordPress can be slightly rude sometimes, can’t it?

          OH! OH! I have tried a scone! It was blueberry, and it was really yummy and fluffy! Apparently, they are normally rather hard, but this place had DELICIOUS scones!

          BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I DEFY YOU, SIR!!!!! *waves pitchfork threateningly*

          Wolf PUPS at precious fuffballs, but adult wolves at just like…no.

          Oh… But aren’t the strings green? Not necessarily the bulb, but the string part.

          Perhaps I shall have to email you, because the initial draft was rather…terrible, haha!!!


          • I think it’s Scratchpad. Well, thank you!! I’m rather annoyed that the menu wants to appear ABOVE my header collage, but oh well…. I can deal with it. :/

            Mmmmmmm!!! Sounds delicious!!!

            Okay, yes. I see what you mean. Christmas light strings ARE certainly green.


            Liked by 1 person

            • Ugh. Menu bars are the WORST. They never ever do what they’re told. It’s quite annoying.

              It really was!!! And then we actually bought some from the store, and they were flaky and mushy and TERRIBLE and I ate them with this berry tea my mom ordered and I HAVE HAD TEA FOR THE LAST TIME, I TELL YOU!!! It is DISGUSTING. Blech!

              I believe it is so that they can blend in with the tree… Unless you had a white tree? Then it would look quite odd…

              Bahahahahaha!!! OKAY!!!! 😂😂😂


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