everlost: A Second Draft Update (and also a smol rant because #whynot)

Good morning, Cyberspace! It is currently 11:32 am on Monday, the 19th of June, and I have decided to take a smol break from rewriting everlost because A) I need a post for tomorrow and even though I have like 11 posts that should technically be ready to schedule in my writing folder, they’re all unfinished so it’s obviously easier to just write an entirely new post one day in advance, and B) I am physically and mentally dead.

*breathes in deeply because #longsentencewithterriblepunctuation*

And what better way to take a break from writing my book than to hop on over to my blog and rant about my book, am I right?

Of course I’m right. I’m always right.

I also vaguely remember telling you guys that I’d keep you updated on how revising everlost is going, and…well…


So today I’m going to be making up for my complete negligence, and telling you all of the things that are happening in everlost at this current moment.

Well, maybe not all of the things. That would take about 371 years. But I shall tell you some of the things, which is quite frankly a lot lamer than all of the things, but at least it is something.



Let’s begin, shall we?

— everlost: A Second Draft Update —


— Why, yes, I put this particular image with every single post about everlost. Thank you for noticing that most glaring coincidence —

The Good–


“Bella”‘s personality is finally (FINALLY) beginning to take form. She’s less of a mushy potato, and more of a spunky/shy firecracker who takes orders from no man but at the same time fears pretty much everything and screams when a spider dangles down in front of her face. #fun

Thao is still an idiot

— I actually discovered (for the most part?) just how involved everyone is with the whole deception/backstabbing/family-owned business dilemma, which was quite a relief, as my brain was pretty much rotten mush by the time I figured it out

— Peter’s a derp, but I feel like his character has already been pretty well developed in the first draft, so thankfully he shouldn’t have too many edits

— Adaline’s character is really starting to take shape. It’s quite interesting to watch. I love peeling back her layers to see what’s going on inside her mind. You know, like an onion

Thao is still an idiot

— I’ve discovered ways to replace lame scenes with ones that actually move the plot along instead of hindering it…?

— I’m still in love with the plot and story, which is WONDERFUL. It helps me stay focused on everlost, rather than go chasing plot bunnies and falling head-first down a bunny hole.

— Oh, and Thao is still an idiot.

The Bad–

— Some of my characters that sort of shouldn’t exist yet are becoming…slightly self-aware. And that is concerning. Mostly because at a later point in the book, they’re supposed to leave, and if things continue as they are right now, well…

They ain’t leaving.

But that’s okay, because it will help me better design their personality for book two, right?



— So…it turns out that I have about three chapters labeled ‘Chapter Seven’ at the moment…so…yeah?

— My brain is slightly numb from trying to figure out all of the aforementioned PLOT HOLES

— I’m not sure if Adaline is coming across as too strong in the third ‘Chapter Seven’, or if maybe she’s being portrayed as too weak? Right now she’s this weirdly bizarre mixture of weepy/hardcore, and I’m not sure how to process this…

— Did I mention my brain is mush? Because my brain is literally mush

— I’m having trouble deciding whether Thao actually knows about the betrayal in his family, or if he’s just sort of oblivious to it all. (yes this completely contradicts what I said in the ‘Good’ section but SHHHHHH, everything’s FINE) If I decide that he’s totally oblivious, that means I’m going to have to completely rewrite a chapter that I ALREADY REWROTE!!!??!?! So I’m rooting for the fact that he knows things instead of being a limp asparagus, but if I’m being totally honest, here…

…he’s a limp asparagus.

— I just discovered that I’m going to have to completely rewrite yet ANOTHER section of this book (the third ‘Chapter Seven’, to be exact) because I CANNOT. DECIDE. HOW. I. WANT. IT. TO. GO. (HINT: I’ve rewritten it like three times now)

— Although Adaline feels like she’s sort of complex, I still feel like there’s room for growth. I want people to look at her and think, ‘Oh my word, what a complex little bean! I wish my inner workings were as intricate as this character!’

— Scratch that, I want the entire STORY to be complex, please. All of it.


— I don’t know how to sub-plot? Or plot twist, for that matter… I thought I figured out how to do the twist, but NAH. Apparently not.

— Wut is theme

— I think I want the theme to be something about personal growth and forgiveness, or maybe some form of equality?????????? #helpme

— Every time I think that everything’s going swimmingly, I realize I STILL HAVE NO THEME

— And really, what’s a story without theme? It’s like an Oreo cookie without the crème. And while we all know that the cookie is by far the best part of the Oreo, the crème is still delicious, and, therefore, needed to make the Oreo cookie taste less stale.

— I don’t know how to write scene transitions? How do you transition? Do you record every single happening of the day until they fall asleep? Do you randomly cut scenes into awkward chunks? Do you just let the character black out and move forward? Do you murder someone and let the shock transition you into the next scene?????????

— This story feels like a potato. Sort of brown and warty on the outside, and pithy and gross on the inside. (this description is completely accurate, what are you talking about)

— I have a feeling that when people read this, they’re going to be sorely disappointed, because I’m better at writing IDEAS than I am at actually executing them.

And last but not least…

— I don’t know how to write endings

— The End —

Well, there you have it, Cyberspace. That’s it for my update on everlost. If you can’t tell, I’m having some slight trouble trying to figure out what in the world I’m even doing. This is my first time doing a massive rewrite like this, and…well…I’m sort of dead.

But never you fear, for I shall keep you updated on how ‘Chapter Seven’ #3 is going, and also on whether I find a theme or not.

Or, you know, I could just leave this as a massive cliffhanger, never post another Smudge to this blog, and let you all think I died a very painful death by Plot Hole.


So that’s it for this Smudge! What do you think? Are you currently undergoing the second drafting process? Do you have a constant headache from #plotprobs?Would you like me to give more updates on everlost, perhaps in more detail because this obviously had none? Is it just me, or is my blogging quality quickly spiraling down into a dark pit of despair? Let us talk about all of the writing/editing things down in the comments below!!!

And next week’s post is going to blow your socks off, okay? Okay.

(I have no clue what I’m going to write for next week…?)

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


20 thoughts on “everlost: A Second Draft Update (and also a smol rant because #whynot)

  1. Aww, cheer up!! Getting the first draft done is already a huge accomplishment, so don’t be overwhelmed with every bad thing that isn’t really working (and desert your story forever in your embarrassment). :) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha!!! Aww, thanks!!!! I think I probably put a little TOO much sarcasm into this post… XD OH WELL!

      Finishing the first draft was honestly one of the most awesome things that happened to me this year! I’m not sure how I’m gonna top it! XD Oh dear!! I would NEVER desert my precious babies!!!! THEY ARE MY SMOL CHILDREN AND THEY NEED ME!!! (granted, they are annoying me right now, but WE’LL MOVE PAST THIS, I SWEAR)

      YES!! I CAN DO IT!!! I’M READY! I’M READY! I’M READY! I’M READY! #spongebobreference

      (P.S. Thank you SO much for the encouragement… I kinda needed this…)

      Liked by 1 person

        • Oh good! Sometimes I wonder if I use a tad too much, haha! XD Oh yeah, I totally get that. That’s happened to me NUMEROUS times, but for some reason, everlost just feels…different? Although, this second draft is REALLY starting to get to me, haha! 😂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, yes, my brain is also utterly incoherent mush because of #plotprobs. My story has no idea what it’s doing right now, and I can’t tell if it’s getting ready to be flung out into the world, or if it just wants to stew and lurk and grow into a giant stalagmite.

    Everlost updates are fun though, even if they aren’t detailed. Just keep up with the vegetable metaphors, I’m sure they’ll guide you to the end. (And then push you off the CLIFF!)

    Themes are hard to figure out…I have no advice, only commiseration at the moment.

    Also, I like the bullet list done with lines.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah! It’s so good to know I’m not alone!!! WE SHALL SALLY FORTH TOGETHER! XD That….is a very good way to describe confusing stories, haha! I believe everlost wants to be a giant stalagmite! XD

      Aww, thank you! I feel like this post wasn’t all that fun, though, to be honest. I was on a bit of a time crunch, and that sort of shows… OOPS!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD Ah, yes. I shall fall off ALL OF THE CLIFFS! Those vegetables can be so rude sometimes…

      Ugh, aren’t they, though???? I KNOW NOT HOW TO THEME.

      Aw, thank you!!! :D

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  3. First off, Bella sounds like she would be my favorite character ever. I can totally relate to the whole “not taking orders from no man” and “screaming at the sight of a spider” thing. (I’ve actually bolted out of my room and slammed the door at the sight of a a large bug that could possibly sting. Not a spider, but… I would probably react the same way if I saw a spider in my room.)

    I actually have a writing update going up on my blog tomorrow, and I mention some plot hole troubles. So, I feel you😂 Also, having 3 chapters labeled chapter 7? #me I LITERALLY cannot keep track of which chapter I’m on. I have to scroll so fast I make myself motion-sick back to the beginning of my previous chapter before I start a new one.

    I’m the same way about theme… Either my story develops from a theme idea or I awkwardly throw in a theme after plotting the whole book. There is no in between.

    And I would love to hear more about everlost! The mentions of family betrayal has sufficiently intrigued me. Have you done any posts on everlost before? And nooo, you’re blogging quality is excellent. Yours is seriously one of my favorites! (Blogs. One of my favorite blogs. #whatisgrammar)

    Awesome post! – Abi


    • Haha, I’m so glad you like her! She was one of the hardest characters to crack, but once I figured out her past, her personality really started to come alive. STINGING BUGS ARE THE WORST. RUN!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!

      Ooh!!!! I shall definitely have to read it!! And I actually use Scrivener, so TECHNICALLY all of my chapters are in their own little separate pages on the sidebar, and you would THINK that it would be rather easy to keep track of chapters, but NOOOOOOOOOO. They just keep multiplying and getting out of order… XD OOPS!!! And yesssss!!! Scrolling backwards is SO painful!!!

      Yes, exactly!!! Awkwardly throwing in a random theme=TOTALLY ME. I don’t think I’ve ever really had one develop organically AFTER beginning a story, but I do believe that I’ve had a story idea based off a theme… This is incredibly rare, however, and I am convinced that Themes are my arch-nemesis. XD

      Eek, that literally makes me so happy!! I love it when people say they’re interested in what I’m writing! I have done some posts on everlost before. If you go to either the Writing or NaNoWriMo (this is when everlost began, so I’d recommend starting there) there should be quite a few posts about it, if you wanted to read them! Awwww!!! Thank you SO much!!! That means, like, the whole world to me!!!! (GRAMMAR IS LAME. LET US DISPENSE WITH THE WHOLE SHENANIGAN)

      Eek, thank you!!!!!


      • I love it when characters finally come together and you just go… “Huh. I like this person.”

        YES I’m majorly terrified of anything that can sting lol. I’ve literally screeched out loud at the sight of them, not gonna lie.

        I’ve heard of Scrivener, but I’m kinda scared of using it because… I’m not what you would call “tech savvy.” At all. I use Word Doc’s though, and that’s fairly easy to use lol. But only because my mom taught me how – and I still have no idea what half of the buttons do.

        YES! Themes are so hard! Because you want them to be good and meaningful and make an impact on your readers, but at the same time… What is a theme? #writerslife

        Oh cool! I’ll definitely have to check them out, because I’m majorly intrigued. I think I already said that, but I’ll say it again lol. And you’re welcome!!! And YES, I mean, we’re writers – what would we need grammar for? (Am I right?)


  4. Good luck with climbing out of your plot hole! :) You may want to check out this thing called the Story Grid (Google it, and it comes right up :) ). It might help you with organizing some of your theme problems/plot holes.

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  5. “And really, what’s a story without theme? It’s like an Oreo cookie without the crème.”
    You rhymed here! Ugh! I have so many problems with my story too… and I’m not even finished. When I start redrafting I either have to erase a character completely (who I was planning on having be involved in this story more than he is), or I’ll have to add him into the rest of the story. Plus, why is my main character not concerned about her parents or her relationships at home at all when she has not seen anyone in a month or two because she’s in a mental hospital??? (Silence…) Fantastic blog as always, good luck with those chapter sevens and the rest of your story. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I…didn’t even realize this. #fabulousblogger

      Erasing characters is SOOO much fun, isn’t it???? *bangs head on counter* I had to do that. Except…I sort of completely threw away a character and replaced him with someone else….? OOPS! XD The best of luck with redrafting!! I shall be here to feed you all of the cookies!!

      Oh my word, that’s perfect!!! XD I do that ALL THE TIME. I forget about certain characters and then they just sort of drop into non-existence and no one even remembers they exist. IT’S WONDERFUL. And now I’m also curious as to why your character is in a mental hospital, and why none of her family is concerned about HER?? I must hear more about this story…

      Aww, thank you so much!! I actually got through Chapter Seven #3, so YAY!!! *flings cookies everywhere*


  6. Whoa. Self aware characters sound dangerous and creepy. Maybe murder those guys before they realize YOU are their author and decide murder you in your sleep???

    ALSO THIS: “I don’t know how to write scene transitions? How do you transition? Do you record every single happening of the day until they fall asleep? Do you randomly cut scenes into awkward chunks? Do you just let the character black out and move forward? Do you murder someone and let the shock transition you into the next scene?????????” <—— THIS IS BASICALLY MY BIGGEST STRUGGLE IN THE WRITING UNIVERSE!!! GAH!!! HELP MEEEEEE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • But if I decide to murder them, they might catch on and murder me anyway????

      Wait. Did I write that? Oh my word, I can’t even remember. It looks like something I wrote…? It’s genius, though, so props to whoever wrote it!



        • That’s a good idea… But they are a special brand of genius, so I’m pretty sure they can discover where I live… XD

          OHHHHHH! Well, then, that was quite a wonderful thing past Kenzie wrote… XD *pats self on back*


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