A Fantastical Q&A (but only with your help [because you’re the Chosen One, obviously])

SURPRISE, CYBERSPACE!!!!! Bet ya didn’t think I would ever post this early on a Friday morning, did you???


Well, you were wrong, so let us take a moment to bask in the glory that is my spontaneity.

And also to weep violently in the nightmare that is my current predicament, because #help.

See, if you were just randomly sucked into this post by force of my sheer and rather overpowering will and never got a chance to actually glance at the title, you would have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, which is that I am planning on doing A Fantastical Q&A for next Tuesday’s blog post!!! WHOO!!

Because what better way to blast much more personal information than is healthy onto the Great and Terrible Cyberspace than by doing a Q&A, am I right?

Of course I’m right.

There’s just one little problem.

I have no questions to answer.

And since it is physically impossible to answer questions that do not exist, I have decided to come to you, my fellow marshmallow peeps, with a plea for help.

Because I need you to make this Fantastical Q&A actually work.

I need you. I need your brain meats. I need all of the weird, wacky, writerly, and completely random questions you always never wanted to ask me.

I need you to ask these questions, which I will then flawlessly answer like the majestic blogger that I am.


It’s sort of a game, see? A way for us to connect, get to know me each other a little better.

And all I need you to do is ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS down in the comments below!

Want to know what my favorite cheese is? Ask it! Want to know what the earliest writing project I can remember was? (HINT: it’s probably about horses) Ask it! Want to know why I became a writer, what my favorite cookie is, or why in the world did I decide to begin blogging in the first place???

Ask it!

Ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, and I shall do my best to give ALL OF THE ANSWERS!

And if this decides to turn into the giant flop that I foresee happening in my near-future, we’ll just completely forget this ever happened and move on with our daily lives like the happy little biscuits that we are.

And now, without further ado–

Let The Questioning Begin!!!

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


34 thoughts on “A Fantastical Q&A (but only with your help [because you’re the Chosen One, obviously])

  1. If you could design a soap line, what three scents would you choose?
    When did you start getting into writing, and how?
    What made you wake up and say “I want to start a blog today.” ?
    Do you throw cookies at people in real life?

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  2. In addition to the throwing cookies question:

    Even if you do or don’t throw cookies in real life, this applies.
    What do you think would be the most useful cookie for throwing at people?
    How often would you throw them at people?
    Would you carry cookies with you to throw at people?

    …That’s a lot of questions about cookies. Looking forward to your post! :)

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  3. If you were forced to trade lives with one of your characters, which unlucky fellow would you become? Also, what are some of your favorite things to write about?

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    • OOOOOOOH! That first question is one I’m really going to have to take some time to consider… That’s a tough one… And the second is actually going to be EASY because I already know what I love to write! YAY!!!

      Thank you so much for the amazing questions!!! *flings cookies at your face*


    • Oh, I love serious AND silly questions! Silly are probably my favorites, but there needs to be SOME seriousness to this post, so I shall accept both gladly!!! And oh my word, these are fantastic!! Especially number three because #WALDO. Hmmm… The other two are going to be super interesting to answer, especially since I THINK I already know what my theme song would be, hahahaha!! XD

      Thank you so much for these questions!!! They are amazing!!! *flings cookies at your face*


  4. Ooooo questions.
    This is fun.

    Question 1. : What’s your favorite dessert?
    Que. 3. : (this one’s more serious. *evil laughter*) Among all the “novels” or stories that you’ve written, which one inspired you or gave you the biggest feeling of accomplishment? … or I could also ask, which one was your fav?

    Yeah. That was fun. Now you must answer…. *grins and munches on a giant singing cookie*

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    • EEEEEEK! I’m so excited to answer these!!! I might have to put them into Part Two, though, because I’m already at 3111 words, and I’ve only answered 12 questions??? Maybe I’ll make this a week full of Q&A’s, haha! (It’s so hard to give short answers… #help??)

      Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE QUESTIONS!!! *flings cookies at your face*

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