Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four: The Final Charge (a.k.a. The Orginal [and also a not-so smol rant…?)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace, and welcome to yet another session of Kenzie Rants at The World, featuring a very angry chipmunk Kenzie.

Or maybe just a puddle of tears chipmunk Kenzie. I’m really not sure which at this precise moment.

“Wait!” you gasp in utter astonishment. “K-Kenzie?!?!?? Art mine eyes deceiving me? I thought you weren’t supposed to come back from Hiatus until August!”

Why, yes, dear bean, you are quite correct. Thank you for being such a lovely stalker remembering.

and also where did the strange accent come from because you did not have that when I abandoned you

But alas! I am back early! Four days early, to be exact, and what could possibly have happened to awaken me so suddenly from my peaceful hibernation/intense boredom/plotting my Arch Rival’s demise but a complete devastation to my writerly soul.

(*coughoverexaggerationcough*[OR IS IT????])

See, I’ve been working on something super secretive and exciting this past month.

Something so super secretive and exciting that I have only enclosed this most prestigious of classified information to a select few of my bestest friends.

And what is this super secretive project that I have been working on, you might ask?


I wrote a blog post for the NaNoWriMo Blog.

Ah, yes. I–the Smudgiest Thought–was chosen to write a piece for all you lovely NaNoers out there to feast your starving eyes and writerly souls upon.

Suffice to say I was ecstatic. Jubilant. Overjoyed. So uber excited that I couldn’t even eat cookies for a solid week.

(that is a lie [of course I ate cookies])

But I was excited!

Right up until about three hours ago.

Because today–if you could not already guess–was the day that the post was actually uploaded onto the site.


Now, before I get too deep into this, I’ll be honest: I knew beforehand that there was going to be some minor edits to the post itself. I knew this. I was okay with this! I was more than okay with this!

But the keyword that we must remember here is minor.



Any large edits were supposed to be previewed by me. The writer.


At least, that’s what I–in my delusional state of mind–thought was happening.

Moving on…

I woke up this morning with anxious jitters. I–I–was going to be featured on my absolute favorite program’s blog. It was–quite literally–a dream come true. This has been something I’ve wanted to do basically ever since I found out that NaNoWriMo had a blog, okay? I’ve wanted to do this for a looooooong time.


I was EXCITED!!!!!

(can you feel my excitement???[CAN YOU????])

And then I actually read the post.

Ah, yes. The post.

You know, I really don’t even know how to describe my feelings towards this one, guys. (And this in itself is saying something, because I always have words. Always.)


In fact, I am trying exceedingly hard to keep from bursting into flames like a phoenix and screaming into the void as I simultaneously set the world to flames and burn it all to a withered crisp with the lazer beams of my lazy eye right about now.

I also happen to be failing at this quite miserably. (this is probably painfully obvious)

So here’s the deal: I am going to try my absolute best to describe this as kindly, neatly, and sincerely as I possibly can.



Here it is in a nutshell:

Reading that post on NaNoWriMo’s site was like looking at the decadent, three-tiered chocolate cake you had slaved away at for hours so that it was the absolute perfect size and shape and texture for your best friend’s wedding, and then suddenly being slapped in the face with a brick and also the realization that someone had taken your beautiful cake and smashed it and mashed it and (put ’em in a stew [wait no]) ate it and vomited it up again until finally just magically transforming it into a vanilla sheetcake with the Jedi powers of the waning blood moon.

It might be a beautiful vanilla sheetcake, to be sure. It might even taste delicious!


There is no chocolate. None at all. The entire flavor of the entire post cake has changed.

And this really, really irks me.

And not only did they change the entire meaning of the post (cake????), they also changed things in my bio.



I physically wrote an 80 word bio ABOUT MYSELF, and they…changed it…?

I just…WHAT??? 

I am so confused! My entire world feels like a pancake that just got flipped over for the first time and is wondering why it’s suddenly sprouting bubbles. I’m honestly not sure whether to laugh or to cry right now.

It’s hilarious.

Sort of.

Not really.

But you know what? This actually turned out to be a very good learning experience for me. I mean, what doesn’t kill you but instead brutally murders your spirit and will to survive makes you stronger, right?

Of course it does.

And so I am going to make the conscious effort to laugh about this today, rather than burst into a puddle of tears.

So instead of continuing to rant until I give you all a grey hair, I’m just going to let you guys compare the two versions! I’ll post the original below, and then I’ll leave a link to the NaNoWriMo blog so that you can pop on over and read that one, too.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, guys. Really. And if it turns out that you happen to love the edited version much more than the original, please don’t be afraid to tell me. I’d love your honest thoughts, and I’ll even stab you with a pitchfork give you cookies for your honesty.

So, without further ado, allow me to present to thee–

— The Original —

Good afternoon, Cyberspace, and welcome to the FINAL WEEK OF CAMP!!!

With only 6 days left, there are two potential scenarios as to how this month shall end. Either you (A) fail miserably (like me) and cry a single tear of shame before diving right back into your novel because you ain’t no quitter or (B) you are about to miraculously pull off a win as you type so furiously that your gnarled bones are beginning to burst through your fingertips.

And for those of us who are failing miserably, there is only one thing I can say:

Don’t give up.

The whole point of NaNoWriMo is to help us break through the sludge of procrastination that we often find ourselves trapped within during every other month of the year. NaNo isn’t about whether we win or lose, but whether we actually played the game. So don’t let the pressure of meeting a goal–or the severe disappointment of not reaching that goal–stop you from doing what you love.

Which is writing. In case you needed the reminder because your brain is a fried slug right now.

But what about all you writerly peeps out there who are nearing the 50k line (or the 100k or whateverk) and are unsure how to wrap your novels up? How are you supposed to tie every single loose thread up into one neat little package with a cherry on top so that your readers are left satisfied? How dost one make a story just…end?

Well, now, dear bean, never you fear, for I–the Cookie Queen–am here.

And my advice to those of you who are hastily trying to write the perfect ending before the clock strikes 12 on August 1st is this–


The absolute worst thing you can possibly do to your story is rush the ending. Not only will this make editing a nightmare, but it won’t make a satisfying end for your novel. Not for you, and most certainly not for your readers.

So if you find yourself staring at your wordcount and thinking, “Golly gee whiz, I’m nearing 50k! Better start wrapping this puppy up!” STOP IT RIGHT THERE, SIR, BEFORE I SLAP YOU WITH A COOKIE.

Your story does not have to end on July 31st. The world will not spontaneously combust around you if you are still writing your first draft after NaNoWriMo.

Believe me.

Endings are delicate matters. It’s taking a world you have created out of nothing and refusing to breathe more life into it, choosing to let it die away with a single word. Don’t rush it, and I promise that your story will have a much deeper and rewarding ending.

But perhaps you’re squinting at your screen, saying, “But, Kenzie! My ending is coming along as smoothly as a butterscotch milkshake on a hot summer’s day! Am I–*GASP*–rushing it?”


If your ending is clicking into place already, then by all means write it! The fact that you’re able to write an ending at the end of the month is magnificent, and I tip my hat to you, sir.

What I’m trying to say is this–

Make your ending count. Do something unexpected, something your readers would never guess. Something you would never guess. You are your story’s first reader. If you are not shocked or surprised or in love with your ending, then why should your readers be?

The end of NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and we are quickly losing time. But before I go, there is one thing I must ask of you. Whoever you are, whatever stage you are at in the writing process–whether it be first-drafting or editing or giving it a break before diving back in–I need you to do one thing for me:

Do not give up on your story.

This story needs you. Without you, it is nothing. You are its creator, and though it may seem terrible right now, with a little love and a sledge-hammer to that disastrous plot-hole, it has the potential to become something absolutely beautiful.

Don’t give up on your story. I believe in you.

*flings cookies in your face and disappears*

And here is the link to the edited version.

So there you go, Cyberspace! Read both versions (if you dare) and let’s discuss it all in the comments below. Which version is your favorite? Do you have a preference? Have you ever felt like a bubbly pancake? Come chat with me. I could really use the cheering up, to be honest.

And to all my fellow writers out there doing Camp NaNoWriMo, good luck to all of you on your writerly adventures.

And hey–I believe in you.

*flings cookies in your face and disappears*

P.S. I am so extremely sorry if I come across as rude, mean, arrogant, snotty, or anything of the like in this post. This whole thing just really threw me for a loop today. So yeah… I’M SORRY, PEEPS! *offers cookies in apology*



34 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four: The Final Charge (a.k.a. The Orginal [and also a not-so smol rant…?)

  1. Oh, poor you! I hate it when people treat my writing badly. I feel like they’re killing my baby. But, I must admit, the first one sounds more like you!! :) But they were both really good posts, so don’t feel bad!!! Great job!!! :) <3

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Get ready for a perfectly honest post (if you don’t want to read this, you can close your eyes :P). But why do you think that the first one is a bad post? I mean, seriously, do you ever post something bad? I think they’re both great (and yes I did read both). Looked good to me. Why would they change your post, though? That’s weird…

    P.S. As I am not doing NaNoWriMo, I am probably not the best expert on this…Also, I’m not much of a writer…so basically, I have no idea what I’m saying…But hey, I’m a reader (and trust me, I read a ton), so I guess my feedback does count for some (right?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I’m not saying that it’s BAD. I’m just saying that it went through quite a bit of change (even so close as to lose its initial meaning), and that just kind of deflated my balloon a bit. I knew that there were going to be minor edits going into it, though, so it’s probably just me.

      Your feedback DEFINITELY counts! Thank you so much for your honesty!!!! *gives you cookies*

      Liked by 1 person

  3. WHAT DID THEY DO?! It doesn’t sound like YOU anymore! HOW! How did they butcher editing that badly? Your cake scenario was exactly what happened. Ooohhh, if this happened to me me, I would march all the way to the editors house and slap them upside the face with a hardback copy of the original post! (Of course, I would have gotten it published so that EVERYONE would see how horribly this was done and bring humiliation on this person and their family for generations to come!)
    P.S I really needed to read ^this^ today, I’m horribly behind. .)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh goodness, it isn’t THAT bad!!!!!! XD I mean, it’s still a good post, surely, but it just lost it’s….me… And also it lost it’s original meaning.

      I mean, I’m not going to bash the person who edited it or anything, but I’m really confused as to why they never contacted me with these edits after they said they would…

      But it really is deflating!!!! :(((( It’s kinda disheartening, to be honest. Oh well. What can we do about it, right?? Lol!

      Saaaaammmeee! Hopefully I can get some more writing done tonight…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That was so RUDE of them to edit your post like that!! At first, it just seemed like they took out some of the cookie-flinging, but then I realized that they really DID change your entire intended meaning! *shakes head in disapproval* Oh well. Neither post is bad; they’re just… different. Very, very different.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think why they may have changed it is because the formatting of all the bolds and “-” you use. :) That’s your blogging style and maybe it wouldn’t have fit as “professionally” as they would have liked.

    (but I do agree that the original was better)
    (also, at least they kept the “*flings cookies in face and disappears*”)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my word, no! Your original post was so much better, and so much more *you*. That edited version might be terrific to someone who is unfamiliar with your cookie-filled awesomeness, but to me, it hurt. (I cried for you, darling. It’s all right. Rant and let it out.)
    Still, the meaning of your words was there, so people will still find inspiration in them. (I, however, am a loyal lucky underling who got to read the better version and therefore

    Liked by 1 person

    • Silly me, I totally hit send on this before I finished.
      And therefore I receive so much more inspiration. Yay me!) Also, ignore the name up above. This is Lillian, if you remember me from when I remember to comment. I was messing around with wordpress and it won’t show my actual name.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I feel rather terrible about ranting so much, but I was EXTREMELY deflated. :((( Thank you so much for understanding!!!!! :D <3 I know! It just wasn't 'me' anymore, and that really hurt.

      The meaning is still there, although they changed some of it to imply something completely different than what I had intended, but oh well. XD


  7. Read the original, and laughed, and felt inspired. Read the posted version – ew! I don’t know how to say this, other than “they removed the Kenzieisms”! Everything that made it feel like you were talking to a real person, to me, was totally gone. It read like the author was speaking to a robot. It was still inspiring, nice words, don’t get me wrong, but it sounded like every other piece of motivation on the website ever. Anyway. I did very much like the original, at least, and I don’t generally read the NaNo blog anyway, so thanks for putting the full story here <3

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  8. Oh no!! At the very least they should’ve passed it through you before they posted it!

    It’s not *bad*, but it’s not *you*. I guess they wanted to make it sound more professional?? but then, why did they change the stressed part?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah. They had said they were GOING to contact me about any major edits, but I never received an email from them at all. :((( It’s pretty disappointing. XD

      I have no idea why they changed what they did, haha! I guess making it sound more professional could have been a reason… But yeah, even that doesn’t call for what they did end up changing. Oh well… :(((

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Newbie here! I actually found your blog via the NaNo post (and then strolled over to Wattpad, where I left you a strange note). To be honest, the cookies at the end of said post are what brought me here.
    I’m very familiar with your style yet, but I can see where they filtered some of that out. But that’s not the biggest difference to me. What’s really different to me is, like you said, the tone and purpose of your post. In your original you encourage carrying your story beyond Camp and not wrapping it up, while NaNo seems to be all about writing a story from beginning to end within the given month.
    You said to not try and force the ending before July was up, and their editor switched it so it was more vague but still sounded like one should try and reach the ending before July was up. I get where they’re coming from, but that mindset does irk me a little.
    Not sure if that really made sense, but I feel for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH MY WORD!!!!! Welcome to my little corner of Cyberspace!!! I am SO glad you are here! (and you literally just made my day with the cookie thing!) *flings cookies at your face in appreciation*

      EXACTLY!! That is EXACTLY what was bothering me, as well! I even wrote the blog post for NaNo with that in mind, because I wanted to encourage the ones who were struggling to finish their entire book within the month, and it really upset me that they changed it to what they did. When I began my novel, everlost, in last year’s November NaNo, I wasn’t able to finish it within the month, and I felt really left behind because everyone seemed to have finished their entire novels and were skipping on over to the “What Now” months. That’s why I was trying to speak to both the people who would finish, and also say it was completely natural if some did not. It really upset me that they changed what they did. And that “Finish The Whole Thing In Thirty Days” really irks me, as well.

      You have no idea how much this comment means to me! (and also your follow!!!) I am so excited to have you here! And oh my word, I haven’t been on Wattpad in FOREVER. I’ll pop on over and find your comment! (trust me, NO comment is a strange comment around here! XD )

      Thank you so much for this comment! You just made my day! :D


  10. Um…. ummmmmm… I can’t really tell a difference??? I KNOW I KNOW THAT MAKES ME THE WORST SMUDGED THOUGHTS FAN EVER AND DO I EVEN KNOW YOU BECAUSE HOW COULD I NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE but in my defense it has been a while since I read the edited version and apparently everyone else in the comments section COULD tell a difference so that’s good. I mean, I LOOOOOOVE the original. But I kind of liked the edited version too??? BUT DANGFLIBBIT IF THEY CHANGED IT ONE IOTA I’M MAD TOO!!!! *is mad*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah.. Both versions are GOOD. I definitely agree with that! But the things they changed kind of irked me because A) I don’t understand why they changed them???, and B) it felt like they took ‘me’ out of it… But I definitely agree that both are good! It just deflated my balloon a little… XD

      *is mad with you*


      • MAKES SENSE and besides, you know your own writing way better than I do so of course you would be able to spot the places where they changed the tone of your original post better than I could. (seriously I know my own writing SO WELL that I can literally predict how one of my sentences will end before I read it and I’m right every single time. it’s weird)

        *throws knives*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ooh, that is true! Perhaps it’s just how CLOSE I was to this post. I was so excited that I got a bit too attached to my own words.

          OH MY WORD, that is like a SUPERPOWER!!!! I can’t do that!!! I WANT to do that???? HOW DO YOU DO THAT????

          *throws a rusted pitchfork*


          • That is totally understandable, though!!! The thing about being a writer is that they’re not JUST words anymore, they’re kind of… PART of us and when people insult/chop/hurt them… they hurt us a little bit too. #deep #WhyEditingIsFun

            You don’t do that??? I thought everyone could…

            Liked by 1 person

            • EXACTLY!!! But I do think that this experience has taught me a very valuable lesson. It’s taught me that I can’t just automatically trust someone with words that I’ve written. This was just a little post for NaNoWriMo’s blog, but what would have happened had I gotten an editor for a book that I’ve poured my heart and soul and the right half of my spleen into, and they completely mutilated it??? This experience taught me that NO ONE is going to be allowed to make direct edits to my stories. Ever. And I think I’m really blessed to have learned that NOW, with a blog post, rather than with a book that I’ve spent years on… #HA #editing #somuchfun

              I can’t do that, actually… That’s why reading a story after taking a break from having written it can house many happy little surprises! I never know what to expect of my past self…


                • Oh goodness, no! My dream is to be traditionally published. But what I meant was that, in a NORMAL traditional publishing setting, the only person actually touching the novel is yourself. You do have an editor, but they’re there for suggestions and to help you make the book the best it can possibly be, but as far as I’m aware, I don’t think they can actually go into the manuscript and change things. (I am very limited in my knowledge on this, however.) But I think there are some false or bad editors out there who will try and go into your book, so I’m just going to steer clear of them. XD

                  I KNOW, RIGHT??? I love it. It’s like a getting a present after Christmas.


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