Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! This past weekend has been super crazy hectic, what with my glorious birthday, proving my existence to the local DMV because apparently I am the mythical sasquatch, and going to Cedar Point (in which I was the lone rider of the Max Air [standing in line was so awkward]), all spaced out within four days. In fact, it was so super crazy hectic that I completely failed in putting together an original smudge to post today.


But never you fear, dear beans, for we have all been saved once again by the Great and Powerful Beautiful People, which is a monthly meme hosted by Cait and Sky! It’s literally one of the best memes to participate in if you happen to be a writer with a blog*, so definitely go and check that out if you’re ever in a blogging crises and need something quick and easy to post about hahahahaha in the mood for a fun meme that helps you dig deeper into your characters’ lives, while also giving your readers smol crumbs of your story to rant and rave about.

Seriously, though. You must check this meme out.

Maybe I can finally get the button working this time? (#doubtful)


But not before you finish reading my answers, obviously. My answers are always the best.


Moving on…

It actually took me a minute to figure out who I was going to talk about in this episode of Beautiful People. Of course it’s going to be someone from the cast of everlost (it’s literally all I talk about), but picking between these characters is like picking between my smol children.

And when I say children, I actually mean cookies.

It’s just impossible, okay? But after some extensive thought that took 5.3 seconds, I decided on the one character who I have severely failed to talk about on this blog. It’s a shame he has yet to be mentioned, really, as he is so integral to the plotholes.

And who is this dapper young stranger you might ask?

Thao, my dear cookie crumbles.


(*technically every blogger is a writer but SHHHHHH, no one cares about the technicalities, sir)

Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition

Question One – What are they addicted to/can’t live without?

Ah, yes. The truth shall reign with this question… Addictions are nasty businesses, such as my addiction to cookie references and intense YouTubing.

I honestly think the majority of answers from other writers will include things like books or tea or coffee (because literally everyone is addicted to coffee now????) or love.

And to all of these answers I must say BLECH! (except for the books, obviously) Predictable, peasants. Very predictable, indeed.

As for Thao, there is one thing–and one thing only–that he cannot stand to live without. And that is hand-sanitizer.

Yes, yes, you heard that correctly. I said HAND. SANITIZER.

He also happens to be addicted to puns and sarcasm, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Question Two – Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character

Oh goodness, this should be interesting…

– Positive –

  • If he cares about someone, he really cares about them. He will do literally anything to be there for them, even if that means jumping into a pit of burning flames and fishing them out of the melting rubble.

– Negative –

•  The only person he cares about is himself.

– Positive –

  • He has a spectacular sense of humor.

– Negative –

•  His humor usually always comes at someone else’s expense. Preferably Peter’s.

– Positive –

  • His heart is made of gold. He always does what is right, even if it is the exact opposite of what he wants to do.

– Negative –

He usually runs away first.

As you can see, he is a living contradiction.

Question Three – Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

Hmmm… This one is tough. See, Thao is holding onto something–a pocket watch that his father gave him before shipping off to sea. And this particular pocket watch brings him many memories.

Memories of lies. Memories of deceit. Memories of pain and heartbreak and all of the things he would rather forget.

But it also brings him good memories, along with the bad. Memories of a time when the sun was still golden, and the stars still bright. Memories of the days when the world was flat beneath him, when there was nothing standing in the way of his dreams.

So should he get rid of it? Should he get rid of such an intricate piece of his past? Should he toss this watch to the seven winds and begin anew, with no hindrances of the life he once had?

I don’t know.

wow that was deep

Question Four – If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?



Thao is, without a doubt, the cleanest person ever to step foot in the Locket. He’s so organized he’s like a three-ring binder on legs.

He’s so clean he’s running Mr. Clean out of business.

The man literally goes nowhere without having a pump of hand-sanitizer in his pocket (as I have already mentioned). He refuses to come in contact with anything that might contain contaminates, whether it be the communal tortilla chip bowl in the break room or the patient with the bloody red eye.

Because he also just so happens to be a doctor, as well–a profession he loathes with a fiery passion. Which leads us to–

Question Five – What most frustrates them about the world they live in?

His job.

Thao never ever ever wanted to be a doctor. Ever. But alas–his grandfather had different plans for him.

Being a doctor in the Locket frustrates Thao for multiple reasons, partly because he’s stranded on the island until he can wriggle his way out from underneath his grandfather’s thumb, but mostly because of them

 Her, in particular.

And no, I am not going into details because #SPOILERS!

Question Six – How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

A night out? Ha.

Thao doesn’t do ‘nights out’.  He stays inside, where the chill of the Island won’t get to him and where he’s far, FAAAAAAR away from the hospital. The only nights out he has are when his grandfather forces him to work a night shift.

And it is during one of these long, treacherous nights that our story begins…

Duhn duhn DUHN!

As for a night in, he usually just wears the usual: leather jacket, jeans, black boots, the distinct flare of arrogance that floats around him like a perfume…

This is actually what he normally wears to work, as well. It wasn’t until he received his promotion that his grandfather could physically force him into a white lab coat.

Question Seven – How many shoes do they own, and what kind?


Or two, depending on whether you’re counting by pairs or actual shoes.

Thao really isn’t that much of a shoe person, so the aforementioned black boots are the one and only pair of shoes he owns.


Question Eight – Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

No. Thao doesn’t like pets. He doesn’t like animals, and he most certainly does not like anything with fur. They shed too much and spread filth throughout the house faster than he can keep it clean.


Perhaps he would like a fish…

Now that I think about it, I really believe Thao has a pet goldfish. A goldfish named Rocky that he talks to and plays with and is severely worried about after becoming trapped in the hospital for a series of days.

You know, I actually really love this idea, guys. Excuse me for 10,000 years while I go rewrite everything I’ve ever written to incorporate a fish into my story.


Question Nine – Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

You know, I think it would be easier for me to explain this if I had a list…

  1. His grandfather – Thao has been at odds with his grandfather ever since his parents died in a nasty accident, leaving poor unfortunate soul Thao to go live with him. His grandfather is a bit of an eccentric, and even though Thao’s dream was to go to the mainland, he forced him to become a doctor on the island to maintain the ‘family profession’.
  2. Germs – He’s OCD. In case you did not know this.
  3. The Hospital- To Thao, the hospital is nothing more than a festering sore filled with loonies and disgusting germs that spread and crawl and infect the entire building with their germiness. (yes this is a word what are you talking about) The hospital is his worst nightmare. He loathes the place with every fiber of his being. So much so that there is only one thing he despises even more…
  4. The Loony – details not available at this time

Question Ten – What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

I’ve never really thought about this, to be honest??? I don’t actually explore Thao’s apartment in the story, so I’m not exactly sure what he would have in his fridge/pantry…

Definitely not tuna, though. He hates tuna.

and it just occured to me how relevant to the plot this absurd fact is

If I had to guess, he’d probably just stock up on all the healthy foods.

Like cranberry juice and salads.

Because it wasn’t enough to just make him a neat freak, was it?

Oh no.

I had to make him a health freak, too.

Thao doesn’t like candy, pudding, or sweets of any kind. Not even cookies (which is obviously a crime). He’d much prefer something of a higher sustenance, rather than foods that will probably make his teeth rot out and his brain turn to a puddle of mildew and mush.

I mean, who wants to divulge themselves on sweets when they have their flawless figure to preserve, am I right?

Of course I’m right.

I’m always right.

The End.

And that’s it for the questions, folks! I’m pretty sure we’re all thinking the exact same thing right about now:

“Wow… That ending was lame.”

And alas, you are correct.

BUT! I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about my smol Thao. Hopefully it shall serve to prepare you for the next cast interview I have lined up, in which Thao rips the spotlight out of the ceiling and runs away with it.

because this is obviously possible

Maybe we’ll even get to hear more about Rocky. #savethefish In fact, if you guys have any questions you’d like to ask Thao, feel free to shoot me some Q’s down in the comments, and I’ll be sure to include them in the interview.

Thank you all so much for reading, and also another huge THANK YOU!!! to Cait and Sky! These questions are always so much fun to answer! (and they also save me from the immense shame and pitchfork wounds of not posting [#win-win])

Until the seven suns rise again…

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

Let’s talk, my crumblings! What have you been up to this past weekend? Do you think Thao sounds like an interesting character, or a nuisance? Would you like to learn more about him, or would you rather throw him in a pit of burning lava? What is in YOUR fridge/pantry? Donuts? Bagels? Peanut Butter? (I love peanut butter…)

And most importantly, DO YOU THINK ROCKY SHOULD LIVE????

Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below!

(And also tell me what your favorite kind of donut is. I must know these things, peasants)


45 thoughts on “Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition

  1. Oh dear. I just saw Erick roll his eyes when he read this was about Thao. :P Great post! Now all doubts as to whether Thao is actually arrogant have been confirmed. And that is hilarious that you love peanut butter! My brother absolutely adores it! #peanutbuttertwinsies
    Um, do you really want to find out my favorite donut? Well, it’s basically a white frosted donut with jelly inside. Sort of like a Persian bun filled with jelly. Weird, I know…
    So, I have some questions for Thao. How were/was his relationships with his father? Is he still living? Does he have any siblings? How about friends?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh, yes. I bet Erick cannot WAIT for this interview!!! XD But is he ACTUALLY arrogant??? IS HE???? IS HE????? XD MMMMMM!!!! Peanut butter is the BEST!

      Ooh! That sounds like a delicious donut!!! I really love the ones with jelly, but my FAVORITE is probably Boston Creme. Or just a regular donut with sprinkles. I LOVE sprinkles….

      Oh my word, these questions are awesome!!! I cannot wait to ask these!!! Eek! Thank you so much!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah. :P Ooh, interesting. Boston Cremes are the ones filled with like a creamy filling, right? Oh, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Eek, your birthday celebration sounded so fun!! That’s so funny how your birthday is so close to your blog’s anniversary! :)
        You’re welcome! Oh, and to clarify, I meant is his father still living. :P

        Liked by 1 person

        • YESSSSSSS! And they are DELICIOUS, I tell you! DELICIOUS!!!!

          Aww, thank you!! It was an amazing day!! I’ll never forget it… Haha, I know, right?? I actually didn’t realize this when I created it, I don’t think… August IS my favorite month, though, so I guess that is fitting… (Actually, August and April are my favorite monthS. I love them equally…)

          I think I knew that’s what you meant, but now I’m not sure of my own brain, haha! It’s a wonderful question, however!! I cannot wait for him to answer it…

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh nice! I actually don’t think I have a favorite month… probably somewhere near April though, lol! :) Haha, ok that’s good! I just wanted to clarify, because the question sounded sort of confusing! :) Oh good! I’m looking forward to his answer! :P

            Liked by 1 person

            • Ooh, I LOVE April… It’s Camp NaNo, and Camp NaNo in April is my FAVORITE!!!

              I am, too, to be honest, haha! Let’s hope he doesn’t give away any plot-central answers… *quickly grabs sledge hammer just in case*

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohmygosh Thao sounds awesome! I’d love to hear more about him and Everlost. One question, though… How exactly do you pronounce Thao? :) And yes, Rocky should definitely, definitely live.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice! I like the positive and negative qualities, they cancel out nicely :P I have a question for Thao: Why does Thao hate–(I almost said the name I suspect)–HER so much? Like, does SHE get on his nerves, or what? ROCKY SHOULD DIE!!! Fish are sooooo annoying…they do absolutely nothing…I should know, I had around 4 of them (the reason why I had so many was because every time one would die, I would burst into tears and feel as if I killed my fish and promptly buy another one XD). So you could put him in and then MAKE HIM DIE MISERABLY when Thao DESERTS him for a couple days. That would add trauma to his life…. :P

    Liked by 2 people

    • MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Thao is one of my more contradictory masterpieces….. XD

      And oh my word, this question is GOLDEN!!! I cannot wait to ask him this….

      What??? You want the poor fishy fish to DIE??? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So the tally is 1/1 for the fishie’s life! XD Aww, I’m sorry about your fishies!!! :((( They do die rather easily, though. We had an aquarium once, and practically every single one of them got sick and died, even though we kept their water and everything nice and clean… :P

      Haha! Poor Thao! He doesn’t like having trauma in his life… XD


  4. Rocky must live. And I think it’s adorable if Thao has a pet goldfish. And then, you can say that he DOES care about someone enough to jump into a pool of lava to save them. For poor Mr. Fishy. xD

    I like maple bars. But I pretty much never try other donuts unless they have sprinkles, so I don’t think I’ve explored donuts enough. There might be another out there that I’d like above donuts…

    Thao is absolutely breaking the law by not liking cookies (or other sweets).

    He is such a fun character and I like the emphasis on HAND SANITIZER!!!

    Hmm…what shall I ask him? Maybe, “What would you like to do on the mainland?” Or perhaps, “What does your apartment look like?” Because I like interior design stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The tally is now 2/1 for Rocky’s life! It’s getting serious up in here, folks!! That is very true! I feel like Rocky could show that Thai actually does have a heart, instead of a fried little raisin like most people would believe…

      I don’t think I’ve ever had a maple bar??? Could you describe it? It sounds delicious. OH MY WORD, sprinkles are LIFE! Literally my absolute favorite donut besides Boston Creme is any donut with sprinkles!!! #sprinklesforever

      He really is, though!

      Hahaha!! XD Why, thank you! It is a rather odd addiction, I’ll be honest, but it is the TRUTH. #Thaoisweird

      Oooh!! These questions are going to be fun to have him answer!!! (Partly because I’m not sure how to answer either of them???? XD ) But technically Thao has to answer them, so… Actually that just makes me nervous. I lose control of Thao every time I try to write him… (You would know this by now, haha!! XD ) Thank you so much for these questions! I’ve already got the gears turning in my head!!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, go little fishy! LIVE!

        A maple bar is basically a rectangular, fluffy donut that is covered with a maple glaze on top. And it usually never has any sprinkles or decorations, those are for the round donuts… *Sprinkles sprinkles everywhere*

        I’m glad you like them! I think Thao is the right sort of character to lose control of, he’s pretty funny. :D

        Now I’m going to see if I can put together my own post with these questions…#inspiration

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ooooh… That sounds delicious… But I gotta have my sprinkles!!!!

          Yeah… He can get pretty strange at times, but I love him. He’s my broken little cinnamon roll.

          EEK! I cannot wait to read them!!!! GO! BE INSPIRED BY MY GREATNESS! XD

          Liked by 1 person

  5. OH GOSH okay I used tea as something my character can’t live without. #guilty. I also used something else, but it seems I’ve forgotten if I actually included it in the post or not. It went up like 4 hours ago, and I’ve forgotten.


    Hand sanitizer is a cool thing to be addicted to, if you have to be addicted to something! (*cough* books *cough*)

    I literally laughed out loud reading his positive and negative traits section. I kinda love this character already…

    Thao seems like such an interesting character!! Also, how do you pronounce his name? I’m saying th-ow in my head, but I’m not sure if that’s right or not.


    Liked by 1 person

    • PREDICTABLE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But really, I think caffeine IS something people become easily addicted to, so I give you ALL OF THE PROPS for actually having something natural for them to be addicted to??? OOH! I’ll definitely have to read it! I’ve been super busy lately, so I’m a tiny bit behind on the blogosphere… XD

      Let us hope so. He’s a little annoying when he can’t have it. XD (Oh my word, I am so addicted to books, too!!!! XD)

      Eeek! I am SO glad you love him! I love him, too… He’s one of my favorites, to be perfectly honest, but don’t tell the rest of the cast…

      You actually pronounce his name Thay-o, like a Frito. Or a Cheerio. Or an Oreo… I think it’s ACTUALLY pronounced Tow, but I prefer to completely recreate the English language whilst writing… XD


      (I’m taking that as your vote for Rocky’s life, so I believe the tally is now 3/1…)


      • Ohhhh I really like that pronunciation!!! And haha, that’s true about the caffeine… But what’s kind of hilarious is that I only drink tea WITHOUT caffeine. And I’ve never tried coffee. Soooooo…

        YESSS Rocky must definitely live!! He sounds adorable, and the idea of Thao taking care of a fish sounds adorable as well😂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I do, too! I think I was bopping around between “Tay-o” and “Thay-o”, but eventually I chose “Thay-o”. I THINK I might have asked my family and some friends what their thoughts were…

          Oh! Well, then I guess tea is just a delicious substance that is easy to become addicted to! Or delicious for SOME people, at least… I don’t like tea… :P Coffee is highly overrated, in my humble opinion… XD

          Haha, it really does, doesn’t it?? I kinda want to just write a DAY IN THE LIFE for Thao so that I can see what his relationship is like with Rocky. XD

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Hilarious blog post! Probably my favorite one you’ve done from the beautiful people thing. Do you think you’ll ever post this on wattpad? Every time you post about it I just keep wanting to read it more. Plus, if you do, I’m excited for Thao’s sarcasm, and his upcoming interview (where he runs away with a spotlight???). I LOVE sarcasm in books. *cough*THE LUNAR CHRONICLES*cough.

    Also, my favorite donut is a chocolate frosted, bavarian cream filled donut. So good!

    Rocky must live! I think it would seem so sweet if Thao had a little goldfish. I think someone also commented about having Rocky die when Thao is gone for a few days. I think that would be interesting, but I think it would also be interesting if he was on the verge of death and Thao helped bring him back to full health. I don’t know. If you do decide to keep him, good luck editing him in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww! Thank you SO much!!! I never know if my answers to these things are ever any good, so this honestly means so much to me!!! XD

      I actually have debated posting it on Wattpad before, but I think for right now I’m keeping the main content of the story out of public viewing, partly because I’m not finished with it yet, and there are many plot holes I’m trying to deal with (#help), and also because I’m HOPING to someday get it traditionally published, and I don’t want to ruin my chances of having it get picked up by posting anything onto Wattpad. I might post SOMETHING on Wattpad in the future, but I’m not sure how relevant it will be to everlost… But OH MY WORD, this just made my day!!!! I am so happy you’re excited for this story!!!! It’s actually quite mind-blowing to think that people actually want to read this story, haha!!!

      OH MY WORD THE LUNAR CHRONICLES!!!!!! TLC TLC TLC TLC TLC TLC!!!! That is literally my FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME!!!!!! #Thorneislife

      OOOOH! Like a Boston Creme??? I LOVE Boston Cremes!!!! They are literally my favorite, right up there with anything with sprinkles…

      Aha! So the tally for Rocky’s life is now 4/1… It would appear as though Rocky shall live…

      That is a very interesting idea… But my problem is that I have no clue if they ever go back to Thao’s apartment, as the entire story takes place in one building… Perhaps they go back in book two… AND THAT IS WHEN WE SHALL SEE ROCKY’S SLOW, PAINFUL DECLINE INTO DEATH, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA–HACK!

      Oh dear… Thank you for the luck… I shall definitely need it, haha! XD


  7. Thao sounds like an interesting character- I think I’d rather learn more about him than throw him into a pit of boiling lava. I also like the idea of him owning a fish…but something tells me the fish isn’t going to survive, for dramatic reasons.
    Anyway, here are some questions for him:
    -What is your earliest memory?
    -Why ‘Rocky’?

    (I’d call most doughnuts my favourite, but I have a special fondness for old fashioned glaze.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • EEK! I’m so glad you like him!!! I have a feeling he’s going to be one of the popular guys on the cast of everlost…

      WHAAAAAAT? What makes you say THAT??? *distant cackling chipmunk laughter*

      OOOOH! These questions are wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!!!

      Old fashioned glaze are DEFINITELY wonderful. OH! What about those weird little donuts that sound like an evil old man??? Are they called crullers???


  8. I think I might do this Beautiful People post. It sounds really fun!
    Question: is Thao pronounced Thay-o or Thah-ow?
    I want to hear more about Rocky!!!
    (Sorry for the short comment, but I. Am. Beat. I’m turning 18 in two days, and of course August can’t be a smooth, calming month. Oh no.)

    Liked by 1 person


      It’s Thay-o! (by the way, I love how you wrote this out. I think I saw this before answering previous comments, and I was like, OOH! That’s a perfect way to write it out!!! XD ) His name is very confusing…

      OH MY WORD! Happy Birthday!!!! I hope your day was amazing!!!! 18 feels weird… I much prefer 17…. *says the newly birthdayed 18-year-old)

      August is NEVER a smooth, calming month. That is in the month of never. XD


      • Thanks, I did!
        I’m glad I could help with writing out the name. I love making up new names, but making them pronounceable is the worst thing.
        And I had a wonderful birthday, thank you. Being 18 feel so weird.
        I know. August is crazy! But I have the same birthday as Percy Jackson, so it’s cool . 😎

        Liked by 1 person

        • EEEK! YESSSSS!!!

          Making up names is SOO much fun! I actually found this one on, but I THINK the original pronunciation is like “Tow”, rhyming with “cow”. Making original names be pronounceable is definitely the worst… :P

          It really does, doesn’t it?? I’m not sure what to do with myself…

          OH MY WORD!!!! REALLY???? That is SO cool…. Apparently I share a birthday with Snoopy and Antonio Banderas…

          Liked by 1 person

  9. “He will do literally anything to be there for them, even if that means jumping into a pit of burning flames and FISHING them out of the melting rubble.”

    Just…he has to save Rocky, and it has to be in this way. It will be a glorious subplot! (Or even part of the main plot?)
    Please, if there is some way for it to be so…(Or at least an AU short story of it!)
    *Looks at you with the imploring eyes of the background cookies*

    Liked by 1 person

  10. “he’s like a three-ringed binder on legs” XD Wow, I loved this post! I don’t think I’ve yet to read about your characters or writing? But I like Thao. As bitter and awful as he might be, he’s sound like a great character. I mean, he cares about the fish, so he has to have potential, right? ;)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww! Thank you so much!!!! EEEK! Welcome to my insanity, then! It only gets crazier from here, I assure you. XD

      I am also SO happy you like Thao! He really is quite bitter. You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with that one. And yes! Caring about the smol fish gives him a few bonus points. *casually pretends like I totally didn’t just spontaneously create the fish in this very post*


    • Aww, thank you so much! Quirky is DEFINITELY the word! XD It would appear as though the majority of people wish life upon this poor fish. I suppose I shall have to keep him alive now, lest I get stabbed with a thousand pitchforks… XD

      OH MY WORD, those cookies sound AMAZING!!!! And thank you so much!!!! I need all the wishes and luck I can get, haha!

      Ooh! I shall definitely check that out!!! Thank you for reading and commenting!!!! :D

      Liked by 1 person


    Also like my favorite thing ius he is so NOT the cookie cutter hero/male protag??? LIKE HIS OBSESSION WITH HAND SANITIZER. #unique

    D’awwwwww!!!! Rocky…

    I ask so excited to read this book, okay??? Like it is scifi/horror/creeptastic/mysterious/major spooks/gothic/psychological and I ask just so in love with it gahhhhhh.

    Ohhhhhh he’s a health guy, too??????? I LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kate, your comments always manage to give me the happy fuzzles… Like HOW. XD

      Your love of Thao is very inspiring… I hope you still love him even after reading the book, though… Hahaha…haha…ha…

      I feel like he IS a cookie-cutter protag in a way, though??? I’m worried that I ripped him off from somewhere, but maybe that’s because he’s been inside my head so long??? I don’t even know where he came from, really. He’s just…THERE. And YESSSSS! His hand sanitizer!!! Poor guy… He’s such a germaphobe. XD

      ROCKY IS ADORABLE. I haven’t been able to fit him into the story, yet, though! I’m not sure if he’ll actually go into it, or if he’ll just be briefly mentioned in a very specific chapter… I have an idea of where to put him, but actually writing him IN is going to be difficult…

      AWWWWW!!! THIS JUST GAVE ME ALL OF THE HAPPY!!! This is EXACTLY what I was going for!!! Kind of creepy and mysterious and FULL OF DEATH, MWAHAHAHAHA! (Okay, so it isn’t full of death, but STILL.) XD

      Yep. At least, I THINK he is? It’s hard to tell. He’s kind of into donuts currently…


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