A Bookish Beans Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

*a giant THANK YOU!!!! to my flawless mom for helping to both capture and balance not only these books upon my head, but also my complete and utter insanity. (I love you, Mom!!!)*

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

I have never written a book review before.

Scratch that–I have written one two book reviews before.

And they were absolutely terrible.

Centuries ago, I wrote a smol book review on one of my all-time favorite books of ever–Winter by Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles is forever and always my Supreme Favorite Series, and therefore it was obligatory that I write a raving five-star review on its most smashing book.

And then the other review was for In Between by Jenny B. Jones, which was pretty much just meh(the review, not the book. the book was SPECTUCULAR!!!)

Of course, little did I know that these reviews would later come back to haunt me from beyond the grave. Apparently Goodreads does not just house the tears of the soul-shattered and the limbs of the dead.

It also holds the cringe-worthy reviews of a budding blogger, as well.

And you can read some of those stunning reviews here.

WARNING: possible eye injury may occur, alongside losing your supreme will to live.

But today I decided to give it another go. I mean, if you fail at something once, why not fail at it again? It’s not like you can dive any deeper on the Totem of Failure, am I right?

And besides. Reviewing books is something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I started this blog one year ago.

It’s about time we make this a reality, don’t you think?

So buckle up, Cyberspace. We are in for a what will probably be an extremely bumpy ride . . .

A Bookish Beans Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio


The Goodreads Synopsis — 

I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school—until now. He’s about to start 5th grade at Beecher Prep, and if you’ve ever been the new kid then you know how hard that can be. The thing is Auggie’s just an ordinary kid, with an extraordinary face. But can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them, despite appearances?

R. J. Palacio has written a spare, warm, uplifting story that will have readers laughing one minute and wiping away tears the next. With wonderfully realistic family interactions (flawed, but loving), lively school scenes, and short chapters, Wonder is accessible to readers of all levels.

What I Loved . . .

— The Characters

Excuse me whilst I go squeal for a million years about these smol precious darlings.


20170912_111629 (2)

I absolutely ADORE Palacio’s character creation. Rather than feeling like a bit of cardboard that she’s scuffling around through a set, these characters actually feel real.


Like actual living, breathing people.

Like I could literally reach right into the page and yank them out of their fictional world and hug them nicely and feed them cookies because THE HORRORS THESE POOR CHILDREN GO THROUGH, MY GOODNESS ME.

I honestly have no idea how they manage to survive through this story, yet alone hold fast to their vision of hope through it all. These characters–these poor, smol characters–are put through so tremendously much, yet they still manage to keep a smile on their face and love in their hearts, and somehow–someway–it is not unrealistic.

And this baffles me, sir.

Because I become furious and lose all trust in humanity if someone even tries to steal my cookies.

But I can honestly say that I learned a lot from not just August Pullman, but from everyone he interacted with.

And lucky for you, I have compiled an extremely lengthy list to further explain why . . . (you know you love me)

  • August/Auggie Pullman – One of the things I absolutely loved about August was that he didn’t bother trying to explain what his face looked like. At all. He left it to the reader’s imagination, because to him, it didn’t even matter. He had a facial deformity. He knew he had a facial deformity. That was that. There was no need–in his eyes–to go into mass detail.
  • And I loved this because the same thing rings true for everyone. If you know something about you isn’t normal, if you know something about you makes you different–possibly even less appealing–than you don’t go around trying to explain what it is. You say it like it is and let that be that. 
  • Another thing about August that really inspired me was his strength. This kid went through so much, and yet he was still one of the sweetest, kindest, and funniest kids of his class. Even when every single one of his classmates was being a giant jerky jerk jerk-face to him, and excuse me but NO.
  • No. This book gave me too many feels. There were moments as I was reading this when I physically could not conceal my rage.
  • Yet August was still fighting through it like a hero. #how


  • Natalie Pullman (August’s mother) – If there is one character in this entire book that is stronger than Auggie–which is honestly saying a LOT–it is August’s mother. This woman is just a hero, okay? A HERO. Whatever August has been through, she’s been through ten-times worse than that, and yet she still smiles and laughs for him. Because she is just that much of a miracle.
  • And the same thing can be said for most mothers, can’t it? Yet we never stop to take a look at how much they truly do for us on a daily basis. How much they put on the back burner in their own lives to help us with ours.
  • This book taught me to stop and look.


  • Via/Olivia Pullman (August’s older sister) – Via is the epitome of every sibling ever. She is the normal child. The child without a facial deformity. The child without all of the medical bills and hospital visits and life-threatening situations.
  • And therefore she is the forgotten child.
  • I think any human being who has a sibling can relate at least a little bit to Via. Every kid–at some point in their existence–feels overshadowed by their siblings, and Via’s relationship with her family just broke my heart. There is so much going on in this poor child’s life, but with Auggie beginning a mainstream school for the very first time ever, she holds it all in because it’s just not important enough.
  • And please excuse me while I go weep bitterly because #RELATABLE
  • I mean, when the story’s point of view suddenly (and quite unexpectedly???) split over to Via, and we got to look even deeper into her life, I just–MY MIND WAS BLOWN.
  • When the story was in August’s POV, we only saw what he saw. We saw his struggles. His pain. His obstacles that he had to overcome. His version of Via.
  • And then, when we finally got to see Via through Via’s eyes, everything just…clicked. It all made so much more sense, and there was no stopping the feels that came tumbling in.
  • It was that terrible. It was that amazing.
  • And then we got to see her relationship with her grandmother, and I’m pretty sure that’s when my heart fractured into a thousand little pieces…


  • Nate Pullman (August’s dad) – So I’m doing August’s entire family on this list, but this character really wasn’t one of my favorites…? He was nice and all that, but there wasn’t really anything about him that gave me a deeper sense of meaning in humanity.
  • Which is something that the rest of August’s family did.
  • But he was the reason they had a puppy…?
  • So props to you, dude.


  • Summer – Okay, so I absolutely LOVE Summer. She is adorable. She is kind. Her heart is made of solid gold and dragon tears, and she is just so quirky and unique! Summer literally does not give a roasted rat’s fart about what anyone has to say about her. She is completely comfortable in her own skin, which is so hard to come by in individuals these days. We are always influenced into liking what other people like or doing what other people do because we are afraid of standing out from the crowd.
  • Not Summer.
  • She is the most beautiful blend of confidence and kindness, and I just want to steal her soul and become her fling ALL OF THE COOKIES AT HER FACE.
  • Obviously.


  • Jack Will – I don’t even know where to begin with this kid.
  • I liked him.
  • Then I loved him.
  • Then I hated him.
  • Then I disliked him with a fiery passion.
  • Then I loved him again.
  • This kid was a roller coaster, I tell you. He takes your feels and throws them to the seven winds until you’re unsure whether to hug him tightly or punch him in the face.




  • Miranda – Despite how terribly she treated Via, once you get to Miranda’s point of view, you can’t help but feel sorry for this smol child???
  • Like, she’s been through a LOT. And it only makes sense that she copes with it the way she does. She’s hurt. She’s alone.
  • And despite her and Via’s difficulties, she never stopped loving Auggie like a brother. Ever. She never once considered him as anything less than a human. She was never ashamed or frightened of him.
  • In some ways, I’d even go so far as to say that her love for Auggie was stronger than Via’s.
  • Which is saying something, as Via’s love for him is STRONG.


  • Julian – Don’t even get me started on this brat kid.
  • Julian made me extremely angry, not just because of how evil he was towards August, but also because he had no sense of remorse about it.
  • At all.
  • And obviously no kid is just like that. There is always something going on in their lives that makes them so nasty towards other humans, and usually it’s something happening in their home lives.
  • And I am fueled in my belief of this by a series of emails between the principle of August’s new school and Julian’s parents.
  • Just…no. His parents are terrible human beings. His mother even went so far as to crop August out of the school photo, for no reason other than his face.
  • I would like to slap his parents over the head with a frying pan, please.
  • And as for the no remorse thing, I have recently discovered a short story from Julian’s perspective, which apparently shows his story (along with some possible change of heart???), so I am very eager to check that out as soon as possible.
  • And also slap his parents with a frying pan.

And basically I could go on and on and on about ALL of the characters found in this book (like the principle and the lady with the shiny smile and Via’s OTHER friend who is just terrible and the evil kids who hurt my poor Auggie and stole his hearing aids and ASDFGHJKL), but this review is already getting quite lengthy, isn’t it?

Let us move on. . .

— The Message

The message of this book was just so infinitely beautiful. It is about kindness and love and hope and pain and loss and heartbreak, and just UGH. This book is outstanding. Simply outstanding.

August’s story is not just about a boy with a facial deformity. It is a story about rising above all the hate and evil in this world and becoming something beautiful. It is a story about change. About how the most beautiful things come from within.

Why, yes, that other book is a How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes guide. Thank you for noticing.


And I know that this theme has been done before. Every theme has. But this is different.

There is no magical spell at the end of the book to magically alter August’s face. There is no cure. No wish granted. No impossible transformation.

August still has his deformities at the end, just as he did in the beginning.

But so much has changed. Oh so much has changed.

— The Story Arc

This story is a roller coaster, guys. A complete and utter roller coaster.

It will have you laughing. It will have you fuming. It will have you crying shedding a single tear because we are robots and are incapable of crying at fictional stories.

It will have you sideways, longways, upways, downways, and just ALL OF THE WAYS, OKAY???

— The Ending

The ending of this book was simple and complete beauty. It had me–of all people–shedding a tear of joy and sadness and regret that this stunning story was over.

Yet I adore how it ended. It was the perfect ending to a brilliant story, and I could not have asked for a better conclusion.

 What I Didn’t Love . . .


There was literally nothing about this story that I didn’t like.

Okay, so maybe there was one thing. . .

  • Justin (a.k.a. Via’s boyfriend dude) – Okay, so this character, despite being one of the more minor characters, had his very own point of view.
  • And maybe this is just a petty little peeve of mine, but I really didn’t like how his point of view was written. Like there was little no punctuation at all, and it became slightly aggravating after a while, especially when it came to dialogue.
  • Because there were no quotation marks. At all.
  • And I’m sure that it was written this way to show this character’s own unique personality, which is awesome, but to me it just made him seem sort of…childish.
  • And I did not like this.
  • But alas, this is just my opinion!
  • Personally, I would have much preferred a few chapters from Julian’s point of view, rather than Justin’s, because I just didn’t feel like looking through Justin’s eyes did a whole lot to flesh out the story.
  • And seeing thing’s from Julian’s perspective would have fleshed the story out tremendously.
  • But, again, this could just be me.

Overall . . .


Seriously, though. This book was brilliant, peeps. It is a 10/10 recommend for everyone and anyone of any and all ages. It is clean all the way through (from what I can remember [#marshmallowbrain]), despite some slang for the h-word (which I can personally look past with ease because there are much worse words that could have been used).

So, without further ado, let’s load up the tally board, shall we?


  • The story as a whole is just ASDFGHJKL PERFECT!!!
  • The ending is beautiful and cry-worthy, even for the beans whose tear ducts are made of smoke and ash. (like mine.)
  • It is an emotional roller coaster that will have you displaying ALL OF THE EMOTIONS rather animatedly to the public.

— CONS —

  • Via’s boyfriend dude’s point of view.

As you can see, I do not take my conning lightly.

Moving on. . .

Overall, I would recommend this story to each and every one of you. If you have not read it, GO PICK IT UP RIGHT NOW, PEASANT, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

And if you have read it, then hopefully you will understand all of my massive squealing about how amazing it was. (and if not WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, SIR???)

This book reminded me just how much of an impact a story can make on a life. It showed me kindness. It showed me hope. And above all else, it showed me that strength does not come from how many muscles you have or how much power you wield, but from the small things. The tiny decisions we make–to choose kindness over hatred. Love over anger.


― R.J. PalacioWonder

Read this book, my dear bean. It will probably change your life.

or, you know, it won’t.

talk to me, peasants . . .

Soooooo?? What did you think? Did I do well for my first ever book review? (completely disregarding the REAL first ever book review that we shall never speak of) Have you ever read Wonder? If so, what did YOU think? Did you squeal and fume with rage as I did?? And if you haven’t read it yet, WILL you read it because obviously I have persuaded you of it’s epicness with my flawless pro/con list? Of course you will. You are under my control.


*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

(P.S. this paragraph looks like a mushroom.)


29 thoughts on “A Bookish Beans Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

  1. That book literally just came in the mail today (I think my mom ordered it), and I had barely any idea about what it’s about, and then I read your review. And now I have to read it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have 100% convinced me that I need to read this book👏🏻😂 I’ve heard of it, but I always stayed away because I thought it would be super sad. It still sounds like it might be sad, but I’m willing to risk it😂 Great review!!
    – Abi

    Liked by 1 person

    • YESSSS!!!!! I am so happy that I have convinced you! (there may or may not have been hypnotic elements and subliminal messages involved. XD )

      This story really is an emotional roller coaster, soooo… *shoves tissue box at you* XD But it is DEFINITELY worth the risk!!!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Actually, I loved this review! I haven’t read this book yet and it’s not even on my list (because I have about 20 million different thing-a-majigs), but I’ll plan to read it in the future! This book actually sounds really good. :) Plus, the boyfriend’s point of view does sound super annoying, but I think it’s cool that the author did something artistically different like that. Also, I loved this line:

    He was nice and all that, but there wasn’t really anything about him that gave me a deeper sense of meaning in humanity.
    (Ha! :) )

    You shouldn’t hide away so much from book reviews. Like I said, I keep adding things to my list and I love to hear good book recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, thank you SO much!!! And I can totally understand the 20 million different thing-a-majigs. *is buried beneath my massive TBR* As annoying as it was, I must agree with you on that! I definitely give her props for doing something different and beyond the borders of normal!!!

      Awwwwwww!!! Thank you so much!!!!

      EEK! Thank you so much!!!! That honestly means the world to me! I’ll definitely be trying to do more reviews in the future! It was actually quite fun to do… XD Perhaps writing reviews will actually get me to READ all of my books, rather than continue to add new ones, hahaha!!!! XD


    • I may or may not have subjected everyone to a state of hypnosis… XD I am so glad you want to read it, though!!! THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!

      Haha! It was quite fun to do! And the best part is, my mom didn’t even raise any questions when I was like, “CAN YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF ME BALANCING THESE BOOKS ON MY HEAD???” Everyone in my family knows I’m crazy at this point. They just help me go along with it now. XD


  4. LOOK, FIRST OFF, LET ME TELL YOU HOW A-M-A-Z-I-N-G YOUR BLOG IS!! 😍😍😍😍 Soooo veeeerrrryyyy pretty!! ❤❤ I can’t believe I never followed it before. Well, now I’ll correct my mistake. 😉😁

    Now, about the review….it was VERY passionately written and your excitement and love for the book is so infectious I JUST HAVE TO READ IT NOW. I have been postponing it but not anymore! 😂😂


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have Many Thoughts.

    But I may as well get this out of the way — I haven’t read this book. So. Yes. Ahem. Moving on.

    MAY I JUST COMPLIMENT THIS FIRST BOOK REVIEW. Like I love you to death but you’re right… the Goodreads reviews were rather generic. But look how you’ve grown!!!! Huzzah for you!!!!!

    Secondly this book sounds fabulous and possibly sad and might crush my soul. I’ll add it to the ole TBR stack. (By the way, did I ever tell you I made my TBR prioritized??? Harry Potter sits at number one.)

    Thirdly. Something you mentioned here really grabbed me because I’ve been struggling with it… You said that Via’s boyfriend’s voice was sloppy/grammatically incorrect. AND I AM SO WITH YOU ABOUT THAT BEING ANNOYING LIKE WOW CAN WE PLEASE JUST NOT???? But on the other hand… How far are we, as writers, to take Voice??? Like… should we only use words the character would know/use??? Should we use the grammar they would use??? When does it get to be too much, too distracting, too annoying??? How far do we take it??? Ughhhhhh. Being a writer is hard, bro. :((

    ANYWAY. Sorry I took so long commenting on this post. I read them when they come out but procrastinate comments…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you’ve mentioned you haven’t read this book before, but I DEFINITELY RECCOMEND IT. IT IS “WONDER”FUL. HAHA. GET IT? GET IT?!

      AWWWWWWWW!!! Eep!!! This means so much to me, Kate!!!! Thank you so much!! Ugh, I DESPISE those book reviews!!! They were terrible!!! 😂 A stain on my record of flawlessnes, I must admit. XD I HAVE GROWN SO MUCH BE PROUD OF ME. XD

      YES! Add it to poor Thedrick’s head!!! (That was his name, right??) And OH MY WORD!!!!!! This is glorious news!!!!!!! I seriously cannot wait. You are going to LOVE Harry Potter!!!! (I am still searching for Song Of Seare, but I have yet to look at the online library for Till We All Have Faces… I must do this immediately.)

      Okay, THIS IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION. So I can’t remember how well I explained it in the actual post, but the more I think about it, it might not have been just the way it was written that bothered me. In the book, Via’s boyfriend – from anyone else’s perspective – actually seemed very intelligent??? He played the violin, and he performed in the school play, and he just overall struck me as someone who would have good grammar when they wrote or talked. So the fact that his entire perspective was written so oddly just did NOT match up with his character for me??? Or perhaps I just didn’t see him the way the author intended? I’m not sure. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if the grammar, punctuation, and word usage actually MATCHES the character’s personality and tone and intelligence, then I would be completely on board with this kind of experimental writing. Writing is the most fun when we stretch the limits and experiment with different things, but if it feels like it goes against the character’s core personality, it just ends up seeming stilted and unnecessary. (Did this mega response make any sense, whatsoever??? 😂😂😂 ) IT TOTALLY IS. :((((

      That is PERFECTLY fine, Kate!!! I’m so behind on commenting and even READING other people’s blogs. It’s terrible. 😂😭 (and also please don’t feel pressured into feeling like you have to comment if you’re busy or something!!! That would be terrible!!)


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