everlost Interview #2 – Introducing Thao Crowe

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! Remember last month when I introduced you guys to one of my darling smol characters–Thao–and pleaded with you to give me some questions to ask him in the next cast interview?

Yeah, neither do I.

Here’s a refresher. . .

So apparently last month I participated in the wonderful Beautiful People linkup hosted by Cait and Sky, and at the end of said post, I asked you guys to shoot me some Q’s down in the comments so that I could host the second ever everlost Interview.

And, as always, you guys supplied me with some amazing questions!!! So today I am finally chaining Thao down and asking him ALL OF THE THINGS that y’all have been wondering!

Sounds fun, right?

Of course it does.

Let’s get started!

— everlost Interview #2 – Introducing Thao Crowe

Kenzie: Good afternoon, Mr. Crowe! How are you doing on this glorious turquoise Tuesday?

Thao: Ew. The name’s Thao. Mr. Crowe is my grandfather. Do I look like an eighty-year-old balding geezer to you?

Kenzie: Weeeeell…

Thao: Don’t even start.

Kenzie: Heh. Sorry. Okay, well, now that we’re on the subject of your name, a lot of our questioneers were wondering how you pronounce it? Thao seems to be a rather uncommon title.

Thao: You’re the one who gave it to me. It’ s your own fault no one can pronounce it.

Kenzie: Just answer the question, please.

Thao: Fine. It’s pronounced THAY-O. Like a fillet-o-fish. Except I’m not a disgustingly pulverized piece of meat that’s been fried to a golden crisp. Happy?

Kenzie: Extremely! Let’s get onto the rest of the questions. *shuffles index cards*

Thao: Joy.

Kenzie: Our first question is from loverofwriting2! She asks, ‘how is your relationship with your father, and is he still living?’ Ooh… This is a good one.

Thao: Are you going to say that after every single one of these?

Kenzie: …

Kenzie: …

Kenzie: …maybe.

Thao: *rolling his eyes up to the ceiling* Wonderful. My father, if you really feel the need to pry into my personal life, is actually dead. He died when I was a kid, as I’m sure you, chipmunk–of all people–already know.

Kenzie: Gee. I’m sorry, Thao. That must have been really hard for you.

Thao: You’re the one who DID it!

Kenzie: *shrugs* Some things must be done for the greater good, as you will eventually come to understand. So…how was your relationship with your father before his rather…untimely death?

Thao: I cannot believe this is actually happening right now.

Kenzie: Answer the question, please!

Thao: It was great. Absolutely spiffy. Can we just get on with this? I have some patients to attend to.

Kenzie: Okay! Well, it seems like we have a couple more questions from loverofwriting2… ‘Do you have any siblings’?

Thao: No. I’m an only child, thank goodness. Children are disturbing.

Kenzie: How about friends?

Thao: Ew.

Kenzie: Thao…

Thao: Fine, fine. I guess Nate could be classified as an…acquaintance. You could say he’s a bit of an eccentric. He’s always accusing me of stealing his food, but just between you and me, I think he just forgot that he ate it already.

Kenzie: *sighs* That’s all you have to say on the subject of friends?

Thao: Acquaintances.

Kenzie: Uh-huh. Moving on… Our next question comes from loverofbunnies2.

Thao: Who even are these people?

Kenzie: Shut up, Thao. Okay! So loverofbunnies2 asks, ‘Why do you hate…HER so much? Does SHE get on your nerves, or what?’ Heh… This question is gold…


Thao: You’re kidding.

Kenzie: Afraid not.

Thao: You expect me to talk about…about HER? This was NOT in the contract!

Kenzie: The contract said you had to answer every question, so…

Thao: No. No no no. You KNEW this would happen, chipmunk. You KNEW it. You set me up for this. So you know what? You can just take those little index cards of yours and–

Kenzie: I would have thought you’d enjoy a chance to tell everyone what “she” did to you…

Thao: *folds his arms* Fine. *turns to face audience* You want to know what happened? I’ll tell you what happened. That deranged, psychotic loon threatened to

Kenzie: So sorry to interrupt, but that information is classified.

Thao: Excuse me?

Kenzie: That information is classified. You’ll have to choose something else.

Thao: Seriously?

Kenzie: *smiles angelically like the angel child that she is*

Thao: Alright. Fine. After she–


Thao: –she–


Thao: –and threw me in a–


Thao: Will you stop with that, already? I’m trying to answer the question, here.

Kenzie: You keep giving away spoilers.

Thao: GARH! Fine! She’s a complete and utter lunatic who chases sparkling figment butterflies! Do I need to justify my reasoning any more than that?

Kenzie: Not unless you want to.

Thao: …

Kenzie: I mean, that’s a little vague, but…

Thao: Just ask the next question.

Kenzie: Are you sure you–


Kenzie: Wonderful! The next question comes from rosedalearts: What would you like to do on the mainland?’

Thao: What, so everyone knows of my hatred of this pathetic island now?

Kenzie: Pretty much, yep.

Thao: You don’t have anything better to do than blab about my personal life on the internet? Like, oh, I don’t know…maybe blab about your own personal life? Have you never heard of a little thing called privacy, chipmunk?

Kenzie: I created your privacy, Crowe. Now answer the question.

Thao: *flops back in seat like a spoiled child* Everything. Nothing. I just want off this demented island, okay? As long as I’m at least 5,000 feet away from my grandfather at all times, I’ll be content. Do you know how well restraining orders work on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere?

Kenzie: Um…

Thao: They don’t. That’s how.

Thao: …

Thao: Wait a minute. Did that man just write ‘*flops back in seat like a spoiled child*’? I am not a spoiled child! I’m not even a child!

Kenzie: Next question!

Thao: Who is that guy?

Kenzie: This one also comes from rosedalearts, and she writes: “What does your apartment look like?

Thao: *completely discombobulated as he turns back to Kenzie from trying to figure out who I the amazing and all-knowing stenographer am is* Because that isn’t an extreme invasion of privacy at all.

Kenzie: Thao…

Thao: Look, I don’t know what you want me to say, okay? My apartment looks like an apartment. It’s got white walls, a ceiling fan… I tried growing a plant once, but it died. Presumably because of all the germs I contract on a day-to-day basis. My beta fish, Rocky–

Kenzie: *grins at audience*

Thao: –has a little bowl on a stand and…wait. Why are you grinning like that?

Kenzie: *hastily hides Rocky’s Life poll results beneath the carpet* Nothing, nothing…

Thao: Where’d that carpet come from?!

Kenzie: What are you talking about?

Thao: That carpet! It just spontaneously materialized on the–

Kenzie: Do you have anything else to add to this question?

Thao: Not…not really…? It’s a rather small apartment. Tiny. Boring. Not much to add.

Thao: *stares at Kenzie with a suspicious glint in his left eye*

Thao: So help me, if you did something to Rocky…

Kenzie: What?! Why would you say that? I haven’t done anything to your smol little bean fish… *cough*not yet, mwahahahaha*cough*

Thao: Did you seriously just maniacal laugh between coughs?

Kenzie: Our next question comes from shewillwriteandwrite!

Thao: Now you’re just ignoring me.

Kenzie: She asks, “What would your dream job be?”

Thao: Wow. I…really don’t know how to answer that one.

Kenzie: Fascinating…

Thao: I guess I’ve never really seen myself apart from being a doctor. It’s what the Crowe’s do. We’re doctors. It’s what my father wanted me to do. It’s what my father’s father wants–and forces–me to do. It’s what my father’s father’s father’s father wanted all of us to do, apparently. I’m pretty sure gramps has some sort of legal document binding the entire line of Crowes to the doctoring life.

Kenzie: Right. But if you weren’t a doctor–if you weren’t bound by your sickly grandfather’s manipulative will–

Thao: My grandfather is not sickly.

Kenzie: –what would you want to be?

Thao: Seriously, chipmunk, how am I supposed to know the answer to that? I’m a doctor. That’s my lot in life, and there’s literally no way I’m getting out from beneath my grandfather’s thumb until he dies. And unless you have your own personal trained assassin to slip poison into his goblet of daily prune juice–

Kenzie: *shifts eyes suspiciously*

Thao:he ain’t going anywhere. The man’s a walking medical miracle, I tell you. He’ll still be wandering around aimlessly once we’ve all been burned to a crisp by Armageddon.

Kenzie: I don’t think that’s physically possible, actually…

Thao: *snorts* You have obviously never met my grandfather.

Kenzie: So you’re telling me that there’s literally nothing you would rather do than be a doctor?

Thao: What do you want me to do? Just pull something out of thin air? Give me a job that doesn’t include bunion cream and loonies and you’ve got yourself a buyer.

Kenzie: Ew!!

Thao: Tell me about it, chipmunk. Tell me about it. You’re the one who did this to me, after all. Or have you conveniently forgotten that fact?

Kenzie: *flips index cards nervously* Right, well… Next question! This one comes from Ruby Sky, and she asks, “What Star Wars character is your favorite?”

Thao: Star Wars? You mean that excruciatingly lame movie that only a geek would ever–

Kenzie: You have the boxed set, Thao.


Kenzie: Favorite character. Spill.

Thao: *does strange contortions with his rather pointed face* Jar Jar Binks.

Kenzie: Ha! Are you serious?

Thao: What? I always feel a lot better about my own pathetic life after seeing how many people would love to strangle his fibbly neck between their fingers.

Kenzie: You’re lying! You really do like Jar Jar!

Thao: Whatever.

Kenzie: I bet you have the little plush doll and everything…

Thao: You know nothing.

Kenzie: Oh my word, you do!

Thao: Next question.

Kenzie: Haha…ha…hahaha…

Thao: I said next question!

Kenzie: Alright, alright! Oh! By the way, Ruby Sky has officially adopted you as her smol nephew. Just thought I should mention that real quick.

Thao: Wait, what?!

Kenzie: Our final two questions from the audience come from To be a Shennachie! “What is your earliest memory?”

Thao: Gee, I don’t know. Probably something dumb, like puking up baby food that smelled like rotten cabbages.

Kenzie: That is disgusting.

Thao: Actually…you know what? I think it was the Crowe family Christmas party of 3010. I was four at the time. All my idiotic cousins were receiving these extremely lame toys that you just knew they were going to break before the night wore out, and you know what I got?

Kenzie: Dare I ask?

Thao: A stethoscope. And not even one of those pathetic little plastic ones you give to nerdy kids who want to play pretend. A real stethoscope. Complete with a lesson from my darling grandfather on how to use it. The best part of that night was convincing my cousins that they were on the verge of heart-failure so that they’d go crying to their parents and I could play with their toys.

Kenzie: That sounds horrible!

Thao: Believe me, it was.

Kenzie: That’s not what I…never mind. I think we should just go to our final question here… To be a Shennachie asks, “Why ‘Rocky’?”

Thao: Why not Rocky? You think I’m going to name him something fishy like Blubbles? Of course not. That’d be weird.

Kenzie: And naming a fish Rocky, isn’t?

Thao: He has rocks in his bowl. He likes his rocks. Maybe he wants to show his devotion to his rocks. You don’t know him. You don’t know his life.

Kenzie: You’re getting a little defensive, there, Thao…

Thao: You don’t know what he’s been through.

Kenzie: Okay, I think we’re just going to wrap this little interview up for now…

Thao: Lovely.

Kenzie: Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions! I am sure our special guest has had a wonderful time answering them all!

Thao: Doubtful.

Kenzie: Our next interview will take place soon, so go ahead and cast your votes for who you’d like to see strapped to the electric chair next!

Thao: Wait, what???

Kenzie: And don’t forget that next time it will be a double interview, so make sure you vote for whichever pairing you’d like to see take the stage together. *clasps hands gleefully* So many delicious combinations!

Thao: You’re honestly starting to frighten me…

Kenzie: Oh! That reminds me… Thao, I sort of promised the audience that you would rip the spotlight from the ceiling and run away with it, so…you know…if you could just do that real quick.

Thao: What?! Are you insane? That isn’t even possible!

Kenzie: Sure it is! Just sort of reach up and snatch the–hey! Where are you going?!

Thao: Anywhere but here.

Kenzie: But you have to steal the spotlight!!!!

Thao: I’m pretty sure you’ve already done that, chipmunk.

Kenzie: Thao, wait!!! You just have to–UGH! Hold on…

Kenzie: *yanks spotlight out of the ceiling*

*electric sparks fizzle into the audience*

*humans screaming*

*sirens blaring*

*people shoving towards the fire exits*

Kenzie: *forcing the spotlight into Thao’s arms*


Thao: No!

Kenzie: TAKE IT!!!!!!

Thao: I don’t want tha–

Kenzie: I SAID TAKE IT!!!!!!!

*power fails*

*room explodes into darkne–*

. . .

. . .

. . .





— The Poll —

talk to me, peasants!

Well, that escalated quickly…

Alright, Cyberspace, so what did you think? Do you think Thao is a lovely smol bean, or is he rather annoying? possibly rude??? Are you excited for the NEXT everlost interview, or do you wish these things would just stop because they are so odd??? And most importantly, did YOU ever have one of those fun little stethoscope thingies??? cause I totally did…

Let us chat about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below!!!

But first…did you make sure to vote for the next set of interviewees? If you haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? VOTE, MY SMOL CRUMBLINGS! VOTE!

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*



33 thoughts on “everlost Interview #2 – Introducing Thao Crowe

  1. This was an absolutely hilarious post! I love all the tension and Thao’s constant sarcasm. Plus, the appearing carpet and the Rocky’s life poll, Ha! I voted to see Thao and “Bella” next. I wanted to give some other characters a chance besides Thao, but I also just really wanted to see those two together! I totally forgot about this interview too, and was so excited when I saw it. Thanks for another great post! Even if its fueling my procrastination…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, THANK YOU!!! This comment is so sweet!!!! <3 <3

      Thao's sarcasm can be SOOO annoying sometimes, though! But it's either he's sarcastic or utterly silent, so I prefer the sarcasm, haha! Thao and "Bella" would definitely be an interesting pairing!!! It might be a bit of a challenge, as they aren't TOO acquainted with each other yet, but I'm definitely up for it!!

      Awwww!!! This comment is making me so happy, haha!! I am so glad you enjoyed the interview, and OH NO!!!! NOT THE PROCRASTINATION!!! KICK IT DOWN! BEAT IT WITH A STICK!!!! *brandishes a rusty pitchfork at the procrastination*



    Ok…now for civilized comments. I superbly appreciated the lack of…dignity upon this new writing excursion of yours.

    And now for the regular, non dignitaried commentsssss. This was special! Definitely confirms the image of Thao I had in my mind….very…thaoish (or fillet-o-fish-ish, to use his example :P ).

    Liked by 1 person

    • OOOOOH! Those two would be SOOO much fun to do!! But alas! We must wait for the polls! *crossing fingers/eyes/extra left toe

      HA! Dignity is not in my nature, obviously. What is dignity?? For I know not what it is. XD

      Awwwww!!! Thank you SO very muchly! I am so glad that it confirmed the image you already had and didn’t blow it completely out of the water! (I hate it when that happens to me!!!) Thao-fish really is something else and OH MY WORD I JUST REALIZED THAT HE HAS A PET FISH NOW. Thao-fish… Thao HAS a fish??? Get it???? GET IT?????

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And THAT, folks, wasn’t even planned. *bows*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol you have… an extra toe?!?

        No, indeed it definitely confirms my impressions about you being unpredictably distinguished and imposing :P

        HEY THAT SHOULD BE HIS NICKNAME!!! I mean Rocky’s. He’s Thao-fish. That’s short for Thao’s fish….. Yes, I GET IT GET GET IT!!!


        Liked by 1 person

        • Alas, I do not… It was a hypothetical extra toe… XD

          Oh, why, thank you. This is a most welcome comment indeed. XD

          IT REALLY SHOULD. It’s the PERFECT nickname!!!

          I am a brilliant genius, obviously. *catches roses that are being flung from the crowd*


  3. Lol, this was hilarious! I looove Thao’s sarcasm. And, oh dear… when I got to the CLASSIFIED!!! part… that was literally the best part of all!! And, oh my, his memory? How cruel… :'( Poor cousins! :P Great post!!!! <3 <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you!!!! I’m so happy you liked it!!! And ha! Thao really is quite the sarcastic bean, I’ll give you that! XD Sometimes it can be a bit…much. XD AWWW!! I was actually rather pleased with how that part turned out, as well! It was one of my favorites!!! (that and the spotlight part, haha!)

      He is a rather cruel person, I’m not going to lie. I’m sure Erick would never have done such a thing.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR BEAN!!!! <3 <3 <3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, the more sarcasm there is, the funner it is to read!! :P

        Bahahaha!!! Yeah, Erick would never have done something so cruel to his cousins. XD But I doubt if he would join in on any sensible games with any of them either. His mind would be too engrossed in military history and boring games along those lines. :P

        Aw, you’re so welcome!!! <3 <3 And I'm sooooo looking forward to the next character interview!!!!!!!!! Eeek, character interviews are so fun! I'm gonna have to do one one of these days. :P

        Liked by 1 person

        • Very true, that!

          Oh, I’m positive of that! XD He seems much more…humane… XD Awww, well now, that’s just sad! Erick really needs to learn to let loose and have some fun! Perhaps he and Thao would be besties after all… (#doubtful) XD

          Same! I need to check the poll results, and it is KILLING me to find out which of my precious children shall be next! OH! OH! You should TOTALLY do a character interview! I’m warning you, they are VERY hard to get into. This is my second one, and I still think it’s very weird to just lay all of my conversations with my characters out in the open. It’s kind of a very vulnerable feeling, to be honest… But you should totally try it! I would LOVE to read it!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yes! He’s a perfect angel of humanity! :P Even though his job… isn’t so humane… XD

            Yeah, it is a little sad. But I don’t think he would view it that way! He looooved everything even remotely related to the military when he was younger, so he was enjoying it. :P But yes, he definitely needs to loosen up. He probably should start up cooking again… XD

            Oh, I could TOTALLY imagine him and Thao casually giving each other digs whilst calmly sitting on a sofa in a quaint, little apartment with a dead Rocky fish underneath a hidden carpet. And Erick would definitely be enjoying it!! XD If only the two of them could meet up in their imaginary worlds! I think they would have a really fun time spattering each other with a bunch of sarcasm. :P

            Well, all I know is you’re the master at them, Kenzie! I’ve read both of yours, and they were SUPER fun to read!! But maybe I will do one of those sometime soon. Maybe it’s time to introduce Erick a little more on my blog, haha! :P

            Liked by 1 person

            • Well, he does his best, I’m sure! XD

              Wait a minute… He was a COOK???? This is GREATLY intriguing!!!

              Oh my word, YESSSS! Honestly, I feel like the would be those two people who are like insanely jealous enemies, but are at the same time wonderful friends… They are very complicated in that regard…

              AWWWWW!!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me!!!! *hugs* I hope you do! Though I might make sure Thao is very far away from your blog when it goes up! XD

              Liked by 1 person

              • Well, he used to cook, but he wasn’t exactly a professional cook… YOU SHALL HAVE TO WAIT AND FIND IT ALL OUT, lol!!!! XD

                Maybe not exactly jealous, but kind of like really rude to each other so they don’t appear to view the other as a friend, but in reality they actually don’t hate the other that badly… LOL they are VERY complicated! :P

                LOL, yes!! I might be able to hear his tirade of sarcasm all the way on my side of the world if you let him see it!! XD

                Liked by 1 person

                • Ohhhhhh! Don’t let Thao know this. He’d probably tease him for it… XD NOOO! TELL ME NOW!!!

                  Ha! Yes! They really are. Our wierdo boys. The characters our minds create out of nothing, am I right? XD

                  Hahahahaha! I am positive of this! He can be rather…boisterous. :P

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Loool, yeah he would definitely tease him for it! Good point, Kenzie! I will preserve and protect that knowledge away from the prying eyes of your mischievous Thao (Operation Save Erick). :P AND YOURSELF!!! KEEP AWAY FROM MY PRECIOUS FACTS ABOUT ERICK!!!!

                    Lol, yes! Our minds creations are very…. interesting. Funny too how they seem to have some things in common (not much, I will give you that, but given the vast extent your imagination can go, it is surprising)!!

                    Tell me about it!! XD

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Whaaaaaaaat??? What makes you think that I would tell the mischievous Thao??? *distant snickering*

                      Definitely not much! But there is absolutely a hint of similarity!!! XD Awwwww!!!! I love how all of us Assassins have really extensive imaginations… It helps us connect, I believe! XD


  4. That was hilarious, I love the ending! xD
    It’s cute that Rocky likes his rocks.

    I once had a plastic stethoscope. But I did not scare my cousins with just to steal their toys that were bound to break…Thao is quite mean.

    It’s unfortunate that Thao couldn’t keep his plant alive, it would have livened up his little abode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The ending was literally one of my favorite parts through the whole thing, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD And I am SO glad you enjoyed the post!!! EEK!

      Honestly, the part about Rocky liking his rocks was totally spontaneous, but the minute I wrote it, it just CLICKED. I love it when things do that… XD

      Oh, yes… He really is quite rude, isn’t he?? But I feel like it’s definitely something he would have done… :((( I had a plastic stethoscope too!!! It had like this button, and if you pressed it, it would make this heart-thumping sound!!!!! *high-fives because cool childhood toys*

      It really would have!!!! His apartment is so bland and tiresome! At least he has Rocky…

      Liked by 1 person

        • They really are!!!!

          That’s true! At least his personality isn’t all cliché, right?? He’s not your typical brooding bad boy, I wouldn’t think…

          Oh yes… His cousins WERE probably traumatized. That happens with close exposure to Thao Crowe. XD Actually, you are probably VERY right about that, hahahahaha! The entire Crowe line is just bonkers. XD

          Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG! I cannot stop laughing. This was an absolute riot to read! I cannot wait for the next interview, and yes, I already voted.
    I’m so glad to see Rocky now exists, although I fear he shant for much longer. 😡 Thao definitely seems to *Adore you*. You might want to watch out for poison in your prune juice for the next few days. 😉
    My mom is a vet tech, so yeah, my brother and I have always had stethoscopes. In fact we still have them. I believe I even have multiples. And I really wish I could fool someone into thinking they had heart failure so I could play with their toys.
    Wait, what? Who said that? It wasn’t me. I would never do that to my poor unsuspecting cousins. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • EEEK! I am so happy you liked it!!!! And THANK YOU FOR VOTING, YOU KIND BEAN!

      Ha! His life hangs precariously in the balance, I can assure you… Although I definitely have some ideas as to where it shall fall… (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

      DOESN’T HE, THOUGH??? XD Alas, I do not drink prune juice. Thus is foul plan has been foiled, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      Ooh! That is so cool! Stethoscopes are the BEST!!! HAHAHA! Oh, yes, who WOULDN’T love to fool people into thinking they were nearly about to die, especially if it meant getting to play with their toys??? I mean, at least he had a proper REASON for doing it, right??? XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kenzie: “[Your father’s death] must have been really hard for you.”
    Thao: “You’re the one who DID it!”
    Kenzie: “… meh. The fish is next.”


    xD xD This is the funniest post I have read for AGES. PLEASE. MORE. PLEASE, KENZIE. *offers biscuits*
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person


      Awwww!!! Thank you SO much!!! That truly means a lot to me!!!! I SHALL HOPEFULLY DO MORE SOON! Alas, November approaches, and with November…comes NaNoWriMo… *initiate dramatically evil music*

      Although, I will take the biscuits, thanks…


    • Very true, that. He is…something else… XD

      Oh my word, that is SO cool!!! I love how there’s a story behind it, too! Mine came with like a box full of nurse-equipment type toys, because my sister and I went through a “WE’RE GOING TO BE DOCTORS SOMEDAY” stage. (Actually, SHE wanted to be a doctor, so of course “I” had to be a doctor, as well… XD #copycat)


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