The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad – Week Two: The Revival

Good morning afternoon? evening? I don’t even know anymore because I’m writing this at 10:22 on Monday night, Cyberspace, and welcome to the end of NaNoWriMo, Week Two!

Last week, if you remember correctly, I asked you all a very important question. A question so deep and intricate that it probably blew your fragile little brain meats.

I asked if u were ded.

And the reason I asked this was — naturally — because I, myself, was ded.

and if you are not currently aware, ded is the new writerly slang for dead. obviously. (GET WITH THE TIMES, CHILLINS)

To be perfectly honest with all of you, I’m pretty sure I was dead by the fourth day of NaNoWriMo. I leapt into the month with the mindset that every. single. waking. minute. of every. single. November. day. I was going to be writing. And when I wasn’t writing, I would be working on Christmas presents. And when I wasn’t doing that, I would be writing some more.

With a little bit of extra writing on the side, naturally.

And somehow, in all of the excitement and anticipation and thrill of the month, I completely forgot about the one thing that every single person needs.


That’s right, folks. I am apparently not a cyborg, because by day four (or whatever day it was [I can’t even remember the first week of NaNo, guys. {#help}]) I was completely and utterly burnt out. My creative well was dry, my mind was a foggy blur of stories and butterflies and possibly a hallucination or two, and I really just did not feel well. At all.

I’m not sure if you guys have ever suffered from writing burnout before, but I can tell you right now that it is draining, crippling, and honestly just makes you feel like a wadded up potato for about a week straight.

Not to mention the fact that any and all productivity takes a deep and downward spiral the minute the burnout hits.

And while I would love to think that my mind could handle non-stop writing for 30 days on end (#ALLOFTHEWORDS), it is my sad reality to finally discover that, alas. It cannot.

And let’s face it, my fellow marshmallow friends — nor should it.

The world has programmed us into believing that we need to be more.

We need to write more.

We need to read more.

We need to blog more.

We need to be more productive.

We need to do this and that and that other random thing we forgot about and more, more, MORE.

And when it comes down to NaNoWriMore, we need to write MORE WORDS. MORE STORIES. MORE EVERYTHING.

And I believed it. I believed that annoying little voice that told me I had to be more until, eventually, it got to the point where I felt guilty — literally guilty — for not doing something “productive”. Week One of NaNoWriMo speaks volumes on that head.

Last week was one of the absolute worst writing weeks I’ve ever had, and that, astonishingly, is not an exaggeration.

I don’t even remember half of it, but I can still taste it.

In my head.

(this sounds weird, but IT IS THE TRUTH, OKAY?? [also it is gaining on 11 o’clock pm, so HAHAHAHAHAHA — sleep-deprived metaphors, anyone???)

And while the first week of NaNoWriMo was quite literally one of the most terrible writing weeks I’ve ever had to suffer through, I now realize that it served to teach me a very important lesson.

A lesson that I, in my inspirational glory, shall now impart unto you:

If you’re like me, writing is your passion. Sure, you have a boatload of other things you love doing — flaying your fingers on the violin, reading good stories, playing Pokémon and Zelda and Mario — but writing. Writing is your dream. It is your drive. It’s the thing that makes your heart beat to a slightly disjointed and warped — yet perfectly unique — rhythm.

it is what sets your inspiration on fire and sends you spiraling downwards into a pit of swirling insanity hahahahahahahahahahahahaha–HACK

Writing is the air that you breathe.

But sometimes, it’s easy to forget that writing is also work.

And sure, perhaps you just love writing SO MUCH that it isn’t like work to you, and that’s absolutely wonderful! Keep doing you, Bob. But even if that is the case, there’s still the issue of how doing too much of any one thing can be extremely toxic to your mental health.

And there is such a thing as mental health, folks.

Let’s look at it logically, shall we?

Work, whether we like it or not, is good for us. Work helps us grow as individuals. It teaches us. Strengthens us. Makes us better and more knowledgeable humans.

Likewise, carrots are good for our physical health. Carrots are delicious. They are vegetable. They are yum.

And they also help strengthen and improve us physically.

Now, even though carrots are delicious and are technically “good for us” physically, if all we decided to eat for 30 40 3000 days straight were carrots, we would all turn into mushy orange alienesque beings that grow weird, feathery green things out of our scalps.

Basically it would just be a very unhealthy scenario, okay.

In the same way, if all we did for 30 40 5,000,000 days straight is write, our brains would squish into mushy potatoes and rotted brain cells and we would all eventually die.



If, in addition to our yummy carrots, we eat some broccoli and green beans and a couple burgers and possibly 3,000 cookies, we’ve suddenly adapted a healthy (#sohealthy) diet — one that works for us, instead of against us.


And so, taking into consideration this brand new epiphany, I changed up my writerly mindset during week two.

Yes, I wrote. I wrote every single day. I wrote as mush as I possibly could, whenever I possibly could. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, but I also took time to do other things. Things that I loved. Maybe I didn’t love these things as much as I love writing, but they were things that I still loved, all the same.

I flayed my fingers a bit on my violin. I learned both parts to the Euros and Sherlock duet from Season Four of BBC’s Sherlock. (yes, yes, I am obsessed.) I popped in some earbuds and listened to music that inspired specific scenes in my novel, and before I knew it. . .

I was writing.

But I wasn’t just writing. No no, I was doing something much, much more than that.

I was having fun.

It has been a long, LONG time since I’ve had fun while writing, Cyberspace. Yes, I love it. Yes, it is my passion. Yes, it is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

But to have fun while writing is a feeling that’s gradually grown foreign to me over the months. Writing has become like a job to me, almost a chore. And while I would love for my full-time job to be writing someday, I still want to have fun doing it.

And so, after talking it through with one of my absolute FAVORITE people in this entire universe, (hi, mom! *waves*) I’ve decided that I’m not going to stress about finishing the entire second half of this draft in one month.

And here’s why:

My favorite thing — my absolute, tippity top favorite thing — about writing is it’s constant, unexpected ability to surprise you.

Plot holes snap together like puzzle pieces without the slightest struggle, characters begin to live and breathe on the page after days of trying to fit them into a stuffy little box, worlds expand before your very eyes as your fingers fly across the keys.

And the best surprise of all — the one that gives me tangible thrills of excitement — is when the story is finally, and quite unexpectedly, finished.

The first draft of everlost was completed at 1:00 in the morning on a Sunday.

Seriously. 1:00 am.

And there are literally no words to describe the excitement and nervousness and elation that I felt at that very moment whilst sitting hunched on my little bottom bunk in the pitch blackness.

Sure, I had known that night that I was going to stay up as long as it took to finish the draft, but I hadn’t set a date as to when I needed to finish it. I just. . .knew.

And I want that to be the same with the second draft, as well.

(also, quick shoutout to my amazing and wonderful and beautiful friends who stayed up with me through that entire night just to cheer me on through the finish. Y’all know who you are, and I love you guys. Seriously. You da best.)

And so, I have decided to change up my goal a bit.

But before you go squealing in detestation and throwing your rusty pitchforks at me, no. I will not be changing it on the actual Dare Squad board.

That would not be fair to those of you who are eagerly awaiting my epic and certain failure.

(not to mention the fact that I kind of want to try all of these dares, hahahahahaha…ha…?)

Instead, it’s just sort of a head-goal. A goal that I’ve set in place in my mind, simply for my own personal use. I haven’t told a single soul what it is, and I’m not going to say it now. This goal is for me, and me alone, and if I actually manage to hit it — YAY! We shall all squeal and eat cookies together.

And if I fail, well. . .

Oh well.

But as far as anyone outside of my head knows, my ULTIMATE SUPER SUPREME goal is to hit the end of this draft by November 30th. And in a way, that’s still my main goal.

I just have a smaller goal apart from that now.

One that I might actually manage to hit by November 30th.

Basically, this November, I’m returning to the joy of writing. I’m returning to the excitement and the thrill and the stardust days. I’m returning to when I actually had fun while writing, and, guys. . .it feels really good.

But alas. That’s enough blechy information about me. You didn’t come here to listen to me rant and rave over my past week. You came here to talk about your stories and your progress and ALL of the lovely things you’ve done in Week Two of NaNo!

However, before we dive into all of that delicious discussion, there’s just one thing that I know you all literally cannot survive without. And that one thing is —

Kenzie’s Weekly Pep-Talk!

I ate a snail once.

. . .

It tasted like a slug.

. . .

. . .

. . .

This has been. . .

Kenzie’s Weekly Pep-Talk!

I’m so good at pep-talks, guys, wow.

In all honestly, though, my fellow Squadians, I think my words of inspiration for this week would be to just have fun this month.

Sure, you might look back on the words you’ve written in the past 30 days and think. . . Wow. This is really quite terrible. #oops.”

But just think about that for a moment. Wouldn’t you rather have a page full of terrible words that you wrote while having immense amounts of fun, than a page full of terrible words that were written with loathing and sleep-deprivation and burnout? Wouldn’t you rather have fun with your story than slug through every single sentence?

I know I would.

It’s completely your choice, Cyberspace. This is your November. Not anyone else’s. How you live through the days is entirely up to you, but I sincerely hope that you join me on this path of returning to what we love about writing.

To those of you who are completely crushing your NaNo goals, you guys are totally ROCKING it!! Keep going, my smol beans! You’re fantastic and amazing and deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES!

And to those of you who, like me, might be a smidge behind (or perhaps a thousand leagues behind, but whatever) don’t you ever give up. You might not hit your goal, but if you try your best, and you simply have fun, and you write as much as you can and as much as is healthy for you, I promise that you’ll be able to look back on this month, not as an epic fail, but as a month that had sunshine. A month that had miracles.

A month that had joy.

You’re doing amazing, my friend. I promise.

You’ve got this.

talk to me, peasants!

That’s all I’ve got for today, Cyberspace! How has Week Two of NaNoWriMo been treating you? Have you written ALL OF THE WORDS, or are you stumbling just a little bit behind today? Are you feeling discouraged? Did KENZIE’S WEEKLY PEP-TALK give you mass amounts of inspiration?

It totally did, what are you talking about.

What are some of YOUR Week Two epiphanies? Have you crushed or created any plot holes in the past seven days? HAVE YOU BEEN EATING YOUR COOKIES??? (I’m looking right at you, Jethan) Whatever your second week of NaNoWriMo has looked like, let us talk and discuss and cheer each other on about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below! I haven’t been as active on here as I’d like to be as of late, but I’m definitely reading and responding to all of you guys’s discussions. (It’s just taking me a while. Hahahaha…haha…#oops. [I’VE BEEN WRITING, DON’T JUDGE ME.]) You Squadians are seriously making this NaNo a true month to remember. Y’all are the best.

Oh! And before I officially sign off, there is just one teensy tiny little update I wanted to mention! A couple of you have said that you — like me — have changed your goals slightly. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, by the way! Don’t you restrict yourself in any way, sir! However, I wanted you guys to have the option of having your NEW goal posted onto the Dare Squad board! Because it’s super fun to see your goal on a board, just saying.

So whether it’s increasing your goal, or just switching up your project a bit, if you would like your new, OFFICIAL goal posted onto the finalized board this Sunday (November 19th, aka DARE TIME, WHOOO!) then go ahead and simply tell me your new goal down in the comments below! I’ll be sure to have everything sorted out and fixed on the board by this Sunday! And don’t forget to come back on the 19th to check out the dares! You shall not be disappointed…


*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


67 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad – Week Two: The Revival

  1. As per usual, I felt SO INSPIRED when I read your peptalk. Like HOW DO YOU INSPIRE ME SOO MUCH?

    But anyway, I’ve been doing pretty good with week two. I didn’t write at all a few days- which I knew were coming, which was why I pushed myself to try and write 2k everyday when the inspiration motor was still sputtering. And something amazing happened last night. :D I wrote 1,400 words in about a half an hour, most of it was LEGIBLE, and I had FUN doing it.

    If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is. xD

    I’m glad you relearned to have fun writing too! It makes it so much easier to write when everything falls together and you’re enjoying yourself when you do it. :D *survivor hi-fives all around*

    Liked by 2 people

      • When I’m having fun and describing a lot of things in a certain part of my novel, the word count racks up very quickly. During 5 headed hydras, I usually get up to about to 200 to 300 words per 5 minutes, give or take. So in 10 minutes at my slowest time, I get about 400 words. In 20 minutes, I get 800. In 30 minutes, I get 1,000 words.

        I know that I work best in 5 minute increments because I’m deadly focused and my attention doesn’t stray. I spew my words much quicker.

        It really depends on the person. Know what you can do and what works you, then abuse the heck out of it. :D

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      Hey! Taking a couple days off (whether it’s for rest purposes or just a day when there’s no time to write) is PERFECTLY FINE! In fact, rest days are REALLY GOOD, especially during the hectic time of NaNo!!! Oh my WORD. DUDE. …how???? I am seriously in awe of this!!! YOU ARE A WRITING QUEEN!!! *gives you ALL OF THE COOKIES* Like, seriously, I’m lucky to get 1,400 of legible words in ONE DAY. I completely agree with Gail. TEACH US YOUR WAYS, O WISE ONE. And the fact that you had fun while doing it totally just made my day!!! After all, THAT’S what NaNo is all about!!!!!

      YES! Exactly!!! Having fun while writing is literally the best feeling in the world!!! *high fives* And DUDE!! CONGRATULATIONS on that 1,400!!! That is an AMAZING accomplishment!!!

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  2. Oh. My. Goodness. That pep talk was seriously the best. So inspired right now.

    This week has been meh… I’m about 6k under where I should be, but at least I’m still making progress. Ish.

    Thanks for the reminder not to kill ourselves! ‘Tis a good thing. I’ll try more to just enjoy the craziness which is my story, and not punch my brain until words leak out. And, AGH! I’m super excited and scared for the dare reveal!!! What torture awaits us??? We can only guess….

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      Aw, no!!! I’m so sorry your week has been meh!! I’ve definitely been there! And even though you’re 6k below where you should be, there’s still an entire half of the month to go!!! And YES! Any and all progress is perfect, no matter how large that progress is!

      Eek!! Yay! I’m so happy you’re choosing to enjoy the mass craziness! I promise you will not be disappointed!!! :D I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE THE DARES! I love each and every one SO much… I literally can’t pick a favorite…


  3. Burnout is the worst, I’m so glad you’re having fun again!

    Yessss….DO ALL THE DARES!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Cackles like a fanged loon with lightning, flying bats, and a black cape*

    I was a snail once…

    Week two has been going pretty well, despite my plot getting a little twisted and messy, I’m at 40,630 as of last night. Unfortunately I only wrote 1,280 words yesterday so NO DAILY GREEN BAR!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ;_; Or green calendar square, it’s just yellow! *Wails at my ruined perfect streak of evergreeness*
    I also need to finally send Sheyla to the School of Doom and Oppression, so I’m a little worried about that. *Returns to Angry Snail state*
    But I also want to hit 50k today cuz that would be awesome *Turns into a determined turbo speed Angry Snail*


    I would like to upgrade my official goal to 75,000 words.

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    • Same!!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to enjoy the writing process again… Creation is what I live for.

      OKAY, SO THAT IMAGE ISN’T SCARY AT ALL, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHA…HA…? *cowers beneath blanket fort* I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do all of the dares… At least it’ll give me something to blog about for a while, right?? XD

      Oh no!!!! Messy and twisty plots are either AMAZING or utterly the worst. There’s never an in-between. OH MY WORD!!! You’re already at 40k??? YESSS! You are crushing this!!! Aw no! I’m sorry you didn’t hit your daily count!!!! But that little yellow square is perfectly happy being its unique little yellow self, so DON’T YOU DARE CRUSH ITS DREAMS!!! XD
      The School of Doom and Oppression sounds delightfully terrible… I cannot wait to see how this plays out!!! (But also, I hope everything goes smoothly for you!! It would seem as though this is a bumpy part of the story??) YESSSS!!! HIT THAT 50k!!! You’ve got this!!! *high-fives* YOU’VE GOT THIS TURBO SPEED ANGRY SNAIL!!!!! GOOO!!!


      Ooh okay!!!! I shall get that changed on the board by the 19th!! EEK! This is so exciting…

      GOOD LUCK HITTING THAT 50k!!!! Or…I guess this was two days ago… DID YOU DO IT???

      Liked by 1 person

      • We are ALL Evil Fanged Authors…*offers a stash of bats and lightning*
        Those dares are going to be so interesting! i can’t wait to see what everyone came up with.

        Yup, this is a very bumpy part of the story, and I sorta keep half rewriting scenes. Just slinging more and more layers on of “how does Sheyla get to school and how does it all go wrong?” But I also made up a name for a villainess! Who is unfortunately not a SCHOOL villainess so she isn’t showing up yet. >.<
        You're right, that square should be its own unique self and it shouldn't be moped at for not being green.
        Eep. I want to share an excerpt of my story to see how people will react to it and see how horribly evil the villains are, but it's also so messily written I don't have ANY sizeable excerpts to show. But EEEEEEEEEEEEK! I think I need to get some little hint out there for my own motivation.


        KEEP WRITING, COMMANDER BEAN AND LORD CHIPMUNK DRAGON! GREATNESS AWAITS! *Slides a plate of cupcakes onto the table and dashes away*

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        • Oh, why thank you, kind sir. *takes a bolt of lightning*
          THE DARES!!! EEEK! I am SOOOOO excited for them! You guys are so creative!!!

          I’m at a relatively bumpy part of my story, as well, so you are most certainly not alone! *high-fives* I can totally relate to the slinging of layers of confusion. THIS STORY IS KIND OF A DISASTER HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHA. OH MY WORD!!!! I LOVE villainesses! They are the best!!! But awwww! I guess we shall have to wait a bit to have her show up… :((((( XD
          Yes!!! It is a happy little square!
          YESSSS! Share ALL OF THE EXCERPTS!!! Seriously, I would love to read some of what you’ve been working on! Even just a tiny hint! Honestly, it’s weird how I used to be PETRIFIED of sharing my writing with people, but now it just seems to motivate me to keep working on my story??? It is the oddest thing ever…

          I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAVE EATEN THE COOKIES!!!! It has apparently been four days since you’ve written this so HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THE 50K YET, SIR?????????? XD 47K is WONDERFUL!!! Keep crushing it, Jethan!!!!

          EEEK! I shall keep writing ALL OF THE WORDS!!! This weekend hasn’t really been that great for writing, but I’m planning on making up for all of that today! I’m going to sit around and do basically nothing but write… #fun *takes all of the cupcakes and runs away*

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          • The dares are amazing, now that I’ve seen them! :D

            *Rides along in the Story Truck on the bumpy, winding mountain road*
            It’s very disastrous right now, I’ve written random snippets of other stories to try to keep my word count up and collected ANOTHER yellow square yesterday. xD I think at this point I will have to introduce the named villainess and start that arc of the story. It’s just…a difficult part to write. I think I’ve been procrastinating on it. <:O

            I can share an excerpt! I'll email about it later. I'm scared of sharing it, but I bet it'll only motivate me once someone reads it! :D

            Yes, I'm at 52k now!

            Yes, time to write. I'll just have to get through my story even if it is a hazy mess right now. xD
            *Waves goodbye at the cupcakes*

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            • They truly are!!!

              That description was extremely accurate… XD

              Ugh, I wish I would have thought of that!! I’ve just been trying to scrape my way through. I’m telling myself that this part of the story won’t be as polished as the beginning, because I’m technically RE-writing the middle portion/pre-ending, so I guess I should just be content with hashing out the words, maybe?? I’m just very confused…

              YAY!!! Now the yellow square has a friend!!!!! #HappyYellowSquares

              It is SOOO easy to procrastinate writing the hard scenes!! I know I’ve done it a million and one times. I guess my only advice is to push through it. Even if you don’t like how it’s turning out NOW, you can always go back and edit it later!!!

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              • I think we are both simply writing very messy middles right now…
                *Takes deep breath*

                Okay, Sheyla, you ready to meet Mz. Malverran now??? (I guess her name means Bad Glass-like xD)
                Time to push through. Eep.

                Liked by 1 person

                  • Yes, keep prodding Sheyla with a pitchfork, it is the image of perfection as she angrily crosses her arms and tries to stay put but starts freaking out or else be stabbed to death…
                    She is on the train to meet the next antagonist. But first…a BATTLE!


                    • YESSSSSSSS!!! Sheyla is definitely a bit stubborn when it comes to doing things she doesn’t want. 😂 And that is only one of the many reasons that I love her. 😂😂😂

                      OOOOOOH!!! I love how there are actual battles in your story. My story basically only has battles of the mind: Good vs. Evil, Wrong Vs. Right, Obligation Vs. Responsibility…. Not near as fun. 😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Most definitely! Except, right now, I think…I think she is going to feel completely distraught about things and not be quite as stubborn. On the other hand, I’ve found that in their most caricatured forms, she and Des share the same expressions of consternation and freaking out. (But I did make them have the same personality type…THEY ARE JUST AGAINST EACH OTHER! Slightly.)

                      Yeah, I really like having physical battles to force people to come to terms with their inner battles. And also because real battles look cool. UNTIL YOU DESPAIR WHEN YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIES!!! Or anybody who shouldn’t have died…
                      I kinda glossed over the train battle a bit, I’m not sure how to set it up yet. I just know how it starts and ends. Plus, I’ve drawn some sketches of it previously, so I’ll be looking those over during the final drafting.

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                    • AWWWWWWW!!! My poor smol baby Sheyla… :(((( I feel so bad for her!! I wanna give her a hug and a cookie. :((( WAIT A SECOND. ARE DES AND SHEYLA….ARE THEY A SHIIIIIIIIIIP?????? *stares deep into your soul for information*

                      Yes!! Physical battles are SOO much cooler! But yeah. The whole death thing is slightly upsetting… 😂😂😂 BUT PEOPLE DIE, I SUPPOSE. (Just not my favorite characters, okay? Thanks.)
                      I’m actually REALLY bad at writing fierce action scenes, so physical battles are usually glossed over in my stories. XD #OOPS Ooh! That’s awesome that you have sketches of it!!! You know, drawing something out — especially battle scenes — sounds like it would really help with the visuals when writing it… I should try that sometime. (With my tiny stick figures, obviously. XD )

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                    • She will take that hug and cookie.

                      No, Des is doomed to be with Astarta. He’s also 7 years older than Sheyla. But if they were closer in age it would be kinda hilarious. Except he hates her guts…So. They might end up with a Grudging Friendship Ship? Poor Rob still hasn’t been properly introduced in the story to be shipped with Sheyla. :’|

                      Yes, they are cool, but I’m never quite satisfied with how I write them. But at least I can try drawing them later… *Dies at the thought of a 100 million action poses running around*

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                    • AWWWWW!!!

                      Ooh! Astarta sounds AMAZING!!! I love her name! She sounds like a star hero. OH MY WORD!!!! Friendships are literally my FAVORITE ships to ship!!! They are the BEST!!! Oh no!!!! Haha, poor Rob! I bet he can’t wait to be more involved with the storyline!

                      Ugh, same! I can never write action-y scenes really well. It is the curse of my life. XD I am doomed to write filler dialogue forever. 😂😂😂 At least you can draw!!! That is so cool…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, and she’s really different from everyone else because she just wants to be a fashion designer, and not fight a civil war…
                      There will be lots of friendship ships to choose from! ^.^
                      So far I’ve only written Rob’s sad scenes cuz I skipped ahead to the dramatic ones I know about. xD

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  4. Well. What can we say. I hit 20k yesterday, so yay!!! I also wrote 3k words yesterday!!!! Another yay!! I also woke up at 4:50 to do so!! So y–wait, what?? No. No, that is not good. I have accidentally (not really) taken that accidental advice and LOOK WHERE’S IT’S BROUGHT ME I HAVEN’T EATEN ANY COOKIES THIS WEEK, I HAVE WOKEN UP AGAIN AT 4:50 TODAY AND A;SKDLFA;SLDFKJ! But I’ve gotten 20K words done. AND I’M BEHIND SCHEDULE. Oh well.

    In case you haven’t noticed this already, I’m a pretty confuseld bean right now. But hey! 20K is on the road to success!!! It is the beacon to the future!!! It is the lighthouse on the shore!! It is… I really should get back to writing now.


    You know, I really don't know whether I have fun writing or not. It's fun listening to EPIC music while writing EPIC scenes and EPICALLY spewing words from my fingers and EPICALLY screaming at my laptop screen because eeek!!! things are actually coming together like I never thought they would! But during and after said writing my mind has a numb-ish feeling. Which is kinda strange. So… I know not. But I will try to have fun whilst writing from here on out!! XD *whispers: as long as it boosts my word count…*

    Liked by 3 people

    • *Waves hello to Terrible Yet Effective Advice*

      WOOT! 20k is great!

      Hmm, I think numbishness can be fairly normal for writers. I think either things get into an epic flow and you feel exhilarated, or things are numb, or just plain hard and miserable and those miserable times indicate it’s time to take a break. I think numb times might just be your brain working hard, but not quite to the point of “YOU MUST STOP BECAUSE ALL WORK IS INEFFICIENT AT THIS POINT.”

      I should pay more attention to how I feel while writing. Maybe we could write short blog posts journaling our writerly feelings.

      Liked by 1 person

      • THANK YOU!!! Although 25K is muuuuuch better. Especially when you’re 5K behind what you should be doing. But hopefully I will be able to get a ton done this week because THANKSGIVING BREAK EVERYONE!!!!!!!! NO OBNOXIOUS SCHOOL!!! EEEEEEKK!!

        Anything epic is amazing when it comes to writing stories, haha! Ok, well I’m glad my mind isn’t exploding yet. *wipes perspiration from brow* WAIT. You’re saying that if I feel miserable and that nothing is working I should take a break?? *flings cookies wildly* I SHALL BE TAKING THAT ADVICE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! *runs off with advice preciously clutched under one arm* Seriously though, that totally makes sense!! Although I’ve always felt kinda guilty when I’m just like, “Ok, this story is going nowhere, I’m failing in my mission on this earth, and I have no cookies to eat. So I’m going to be a procrastinator and take a break and feel miserable and…” XD

        Yesss! Go right that post!!!!! Although mine would probably be, “I have weird moments when I glare at my laptop in a frozen state of mind, staring off into space and not really thinking of anything except what the problem is in my story but not trying to figure out how to fix it. Then I listen to depressing music and therefore write depressing things. And my mind feels numb. The end.” XD XD

        Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my word!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 20k!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING, SIR!!! *high-fives* And WHAAAT??? You accidentally took your accidental advice and hIT 20,000 WORDS????


      NO! EAT YOUR COOKIES, SIR!!! DO IT! And hey! There’s still half a month to get back on track!!! You’ve totally got this!

      YESSS! 20k is EPICNESS ITSELF!! You are doing fantastically!!!!


      That’s true! Listening to all of the epic songs and writing all of the epic scenes are definitely fun!!! And I totally get the numbness. (that happens to me sometimes) But when I’m having a blast creating, it’s like one of the most amazing feelings in the world… I don’t even know how to describe it, really… But YES!!! HAVE ALL OF THE FUN!!! It might not boost your wordcount but HEY AT LEAST I TRIED, RIGHT??? XD


  5. Argggg…
    I died this week.
    Some family stuff came up and I got sick, but I also chose to ignore the NaNo monster and play on my phone, so…that one’s my fault and I blame only myself.
    Also I realized Scrivener had moved some documents on me so my word count was actually 2k less than I thought it was. Which means A) since I only wrote 2k so far this month, I am literally right back where I started on November 1st and B) my NaNoWriMo stats are actually negative.
    I shall take your pep talk to heart and resurrect myself to try again.
    (Also, snails? Ew….)


    • AAAAAAAAA!!! That’s terrible! :(
      BUT YOU CAN RESURRECT AND TRY AGAIN! Just eat a cookie and type like a maniac! (Or maybe like a prim and proper sensible person, whichever works)
      *Whisper-chants “Write. Write. Write. We must see Kenzie do all the dares…” while gently waving pompoms in a dim, candlelit room of spookiness*

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, I am so sorry!!!! :((( It’s never fun to die…. AND OH MY WORD YOU GOT SICK?!?!! That is TERRIBLE!!!! *sends you healing soup and a happy box of tissues* Playing on your phone is 100% okay when you are sick. I usually can NEVER write when I’m ill, so I’d probably do the exact same thing! XD

      Oh no!!!!! That is just awful. :(((( CURSE YOU, SCRIVENER!!!! (but also don’t curse scrivener or it might delete my entire novel. [PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, SCRIVENER])
      But yes!!!!!! Take my pep talk! TAKE IT! *shoves pep talk at your face*

      I agree. Snails are very ew. Unless they are alive and are kind of slurping around your finger and sliming and moving and then they are very AWWWWWWwwww!!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. *comes crashing in covered in whipped cream*



    HI GUYS.

    Kenzie… did you actually eat escargot because I won’t be able to sleep until I know for sure??????

    My update is thusly. THIS STORY IS VERY STUPID. But I’m proud of meeeeeeeee because I think I’ve grown as a writer since TS (lotta credit must go to the ole outline!!!!) and that’s encouraging to see, you know???

    So basically, I’m writing scenes that are 1 or 2K long, which means that my chapters are 3 or 4K long and this is a proud moment for the girl who wrote a draft that was 9K —– TOTAL.

    I find myself writing fluff or internal monologue or… stopping the action for a moment to describe stuff. Thoughts. Emotions. I think it gives the story a nice pace and helps beef it up. It’s BETTER STORYTELLING. So.

    (Like the scene I just wrote is kind of like EVERYONE PANIIICCC!!!!! but I managed to slow it down and describe Hansel’s untied shoelaces and these two scared toddlers and Maisha’s fear and love for her friends just adfghjkljgfssghjkkgf have I mentioned how much I love this story right now because wow.)


    I’m at 9K out of 10,817 so I’m close. All my plotting (I sound so evil muahahahaha) is done except Piper.

    I AM HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH PIPER. (Like, noooooooo, Kate, Piper CANNOT go on a Vague Mission just because she’s “nice”!!!!!)


    Send help and a decent motivation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *Is greatly disappointed because one cannot eat whipped cream covering somebody else*

      It sounds like your crushing your story goals! Even with Problematic Piper and your apparently mixed feelings? (stupid story, but you love your characters, aw.)
      It’s great that you’re slowing down your story to describe extra details and have scenes thousands of words long! Fabulous! *Offers hot chocolate to go with your whipped cream*

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m debating whether to ask why you are covered in whipped cream, but perhaps some things are better left unknown. XD

      HI, KATE!

      Actually, no. I have never eaten a snail. They are far too adorable and cute and slimy and I would never murder one just for the sake of trying to eat it. That would probably kill me, actually…. :((( #savethesnails

      YOUR STORY IS NOT STUPID AT ALL!!!! I mean, I haven’t read it, BUT IT IS NOT STUPID!!!! It IS so encouraging to see how we grow between stories and drafts!!!!! And since TS is one of the bestest things ever, SUNSHINE MUST BE AMAZING AND EPIC AND I NEED!!

      Hey!!!!! Those are like the sizes of my chapters!!! WE ARE ONCE AGAIN TWINS!!!! You have sadly discovered how to write a million word novel, and now I am afraid it will haunt you for the rest of your days….

      I am SOOOO bad at monologue… Like seriously TERRIBLE at it. I love action and dialogue, but MONOLOGUE IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. #help? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS OF GOOD STORYTELLING, PLEASE.

      AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I barely even know this cast of characters but I’m already squealing with adoration for them!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS SMOL CHILDREN NOBODY TAKE THEM THEY’RE MINE.

      EEEEEK! You are doing so amazingly well!!!! But I also think you’ve hit 10k by now, if I’m correct??? SO CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! *flings confetti and bombs and cookies*


      *flings help and decent motivation at your face*


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