Good morning, Cyberspace, and welcome to —

The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad DARE REVEAL!

I am literally so excited to share these dares with you guys.

For 19 days we have written like mad, squandered away our time on a story that we will probably look back upon in 300 days and wonder what in the world we were thinking, created characters and worlds with the mere tapping of our bloody fingertips and the scratching of our scrawny pencils, possibly died, squashed the iron shackles of twitter and Pinterest and YouTube that constantly wrap their scraggly arms around us like the chains of procrastination and certain death (hahahahahahaha well maybe next year).

In short, we have done the impossible:

We have done the NaNo.

But alas. The journey is not yet over. In fact, it has only just begun.

Whether you have written 1 word, 500 words, or a whopping 50k, there is still time to catch up, to write another word, another sentence, another chapter.

We have just barely crested the hill to a most gruesome demise, my friends.

And what better way to celebrate this rather delightful cresting (is that even a word) than by having a glorious reveal of the one thing you have all been waiting for this entire month?!

That’s right, dear children. Today is officially the day.

Today is the day when each and every one of your hopes and dreams and fantasies come true are all simultaneously crushed beneath the iron toe of failure.

Or, contrariwise, today is the day when you can laugh and gloat and shove your perfectly completed goal in everyone else’s face whilst making weird blurbling noises of victory with your mouth hole.

Today is the day when I can officially reveal all of the beautifully crippling and also slightly terrifyingfic dares that were sent in by each and every one of you — The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad.

(and might I just say that I am both equal parts excited and horrified that I am most certainly failing my goal this year. [#soexciting])

And since I am sure that you are all much more intrigued by what death could potentially await you lest you fail than by my rather rambly and nonsensical late-night speeches, allow me to cut this post short and — without further ado — introduce you to —

— The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad Dares —

. . . brought to you by The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad of 2017 . . .

Ahem. *drumroll please*

badadadadadadadadadadada. . .

badadadadadadadadadadada. . .

badadadadadadadadadadada. . .

. . .


The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad (full graphic) (1)

Isn’t this the most BEAUTIFUL THING you have ever laid your twitching eyes upon???

Isn’t it?


I am inwardly squealing and also sobbing and I think I probably died just a little bit in my skeleton the minute I put this board together.

please let me miraculously win somehow hahahahahahah thanks

Also, as you might be able to tell from the board, I — in my delirious state of mind — decided to add a few little extra. . .embellishments.

okay like one but STILL (let me have my moment, geesh)

And so, to help alleviate any confuzzlement you may currently be having, here is a scrappily detailed list as to the particulars about the board up above:

  1. I have failed to tack any names onto the end of the dares because MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — FUN. And also mystery. Which makes it fun.
  2. There are 12 dares instead of ten because, when rolling two die, there is always the possibility that you can roll an 11 or 12. #logic
  3. It is impossible to roll a one, so obviously, upon rolling a one, you must roll again. #morelogic
  4. My dare is super awesome and perfection and you better love it or I will probably stab you
  5. The twelfth dare is literally evil and I hope you land on it because I thought that up myself to fill in the gap and I WANT TO SEE YOUR PAIN, SIR I thought it might make a nice little plot twist TO ADD TO YOUR PAIN.

And that is basically it.

i’m so good at lists wow.

So there you have it, my fellow Squadians! These are the dares that await us lest we miserably fail to meet our carefully cultivated and in some cases extremely lofty NaNoWriMo goals.

These are the dares that each of you have sent in to terrify and potentially destroy your fellow teammates.

These are the dares that shall most likely be the end of us all.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited.

So here’s to another 11 days of NaNoWriMo! Here’s to writing and editing and plotting and planning and doing ALL OF THE THINGS that we love, to taking another step forward in our dreams, and to possibly falling face-first into a pit of snarling dares on the 1st of December.

Here’s to being a loser.

Good luck, my friends. May your pen be swift, and your feet be swifter, because today is the day when the descent to December officially begins.

talk to me, peasants!


. . .

. . .which dare belongs to who?


90 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad – THE DARES ARE REVEALED, MWAHAHAHAHAHA — HACK!

  1. LOL….I like #5 the best. Simply because one of my siblings is doing the challenge, and WHEN(or if, but who cares) she loses, she must pick me to write her blog post XD I shall dream about it until the day comes. (and then promptly mess her whole blog up!!! yay)
    Let me guess that Kenzie did #7. Just because of the language usage :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • That…would honestly be hilarious. XD XD XD I HOPE SHE GETS #5!!!!! XD

      I actually DIDN’T do 7! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But I love that one, too! Although I’m kind of frightened of it…

      I’m actually quite terrified of ALL of these dares, to be honest?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, such confidence and belief in your follower that she will beat her goal! What a great encouraging leader you are!!! :P :P :P

        What?! You didn’t do #7?! Well, I should appreciate gaining the knowledge of the being who submitted that challenge to the unhappy contestants of this race sometime in the near future :P and I definitely agree about being frightened of it…I am all the sudden very glad that I didn’t just sign myself to my doom XD

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am just trying to cling to the hope that someone else will fail alongside me so that I will not have to do all of the dares. XD

          Nope! It wasn’t me!!! But I KNOW THE PERSON WHO DID IT, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          I’m actually quite excited for my unmistakable doom. There is literally no way that I’m going to win this year, but I’m really happy that the dares are super fun and slightly terrifying! I’m eager to try one or two out, but DEFINITELY not all of them!!! XD


  2. Haha, oh great! This really boosted my confidence! :P

    I think I know who sent in the “draw/or describe your dream crush” (and yikes that one is terrifying!!!) and I think I know who sent in #7 (which is also super terrifying, eek!!)! XD MWAHAHAHA, THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT!!!

    And eek, Kenzie!!! What hast thou done with #12??!!!!!! How shall I live through that rolling of die knowing what might happen if I get a 12??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is amazing. I feel sorta sad that I’m on track with my goal and won’t need to do any dares (unless my world falls apart and Doom chases me down…)

    I like the twist on 12. Though with that one you could roll a 1, and thus it is possible. Fun, fun!
    Hehe…I want to comment on the ones I like, but then everyone might be able to guess what I didn’t write…Well, okay, I have to say I love #7, and I don’t talk like that, so maybe it’s not a spoiler that I didn’t do it. xD



    • Hey! If you want to roll the dice and do a dare, there is absolutely NOTHING stopping you, even if you DO win!!!! Part of the fun I potentially getting to do a dare, so DO A DARE, I SAY!! XD

      OOOOOH! That is very true… Well, good thing I said Roll Again, then. It actually makes sense in that context. XD I love #7, as well! And also #9…. And #11 honestly frightens me… And #4 is delightfully terrifying… And I honestly love them all to bits and also want to run and hide from them…


      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m certainly thinking about it…Or maybe I’ll do the Dare of Try To Catch Up On All Your Blogging Ideas Once December Hits.
        I feel like 11 would be the hardest to do. Or the most tedious. BORING PROTAGONISTS ARE NOT GOOD! TORTURE!
        #9 is hilarious and maybe we should all consider doing it…xD

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am honestly SO thankful that that was NOT one of the dares!!! XD But I definitely need to do that, as well… We’ve got this… (maybe)

          I honestly think either of the short story ones would be the hardest, especially for someone like me who is NOT good with word limits… But alas. If I must do them all, I shall have to do them all. (and also probably die just a little bit in the process)

          YESSSS! That would be amazing!!!! XD

          Liked by 1 person

          • Haha! Yeah, no, I do not have this. xD

            Short stories are very hard. But maybe they would be tiny enough that I would get over any sort of perfectionism and effectively slap together a story really quick with some duck tape and throw it out into the world and voila. It’s done.

            When I start imagining Sheyla’s story as a parody of dystopias, I pretty much have bloopers as canon. It’s like the Badguy Guards all know they’re badguys and just playing a role and they don’t care. “Oh, you wretched kaldoan scum, scram, get out of here (and take the plot with you so I can keep watching funny cat videos instead of doing work!”)

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah… I don’t think I do, either, to be perfectly honest! XD

              My problem is I am ALWAYS a perfectionist when it comes to writing stories. I want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect and every word is exactly where it should be… I’m not sure how I’m going to survive with having a short story word limit, let alone two! XD YOUR IDEA SOUNDS WONDERFUL, THOUGH. Could you lend me some of that duct tape? Thanks…

              Okay, so is it wrong if I sincerely hope you fail so that you can miraculously roll a 9??? Because this blooper reel is definitely something I need in my life… XD PLEASE.

              Liked by 1 person

  4. Now I want to lose??? Kenzie what have you done???

    THESE ALL LOOK SO FUN!!! Which makes me embarrassed that I couldn’t think of one for so long. I was slightly scared that one of the dares would be a vlog, but nobody did!! Shocking.

    So… I’m a wee bit confused. How do we roll the die?? Will you have a virtual one or do we do it ourselves at home??? When areas supposed to roll the die??? Do you actually want us to reveal which dare we created???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, I’m not the one who sent in all of these glorious dares!!! This was all you guys!!!! XD

      Actually, I got a couple that were vlog style, and I would have LOVED to do vlog ones, but I wanted to make sure that each and every dare was something EVERYONE was comfortable doing. And while I would be perfectly fine doing a vlog dare, I thought there might be some of us who wouldn’t be okay with making a video and revealing their face to the entire Cyberspace. BUT! I’m hoping to incorporate vlog dares in the future!!!! *crosses fingers*

      Okay, so since I’m sort of a programming nightmare, I figured everyone could just sort of scrounge up some dice (or there ARE virtual dice thingies on the internet, I believe!!!) and we just roll the dice at home — probably on December 1st, or possibly even November 30th, depending on if everyone has already decided whether they’ve lost or not. After we roll the dice, we just announce which dare we got (most likely in the comment section of the post I’ll be putting up on the 30th or 1st) and then do the dare on your blog!!! I figured that everyone could post their dare on their blog anytime between December 1st all the way through January, as most people will probably be extremely busy with school or Christmas prep to potentially write out a short story. (At least, I know I will. XD ) And that’s about it!!!! I’m not sure if that made any sense, so if you’re still confused, I can totally try and explain it better!!! XD

      Also!!! I figured we could just sort of do a darer reveal tomorrow in Tuesday’s post, but if you guys wanted to reveal which dare was yours in the comments on tomorrow’s post or something, that would be even better!! Kind of like a “WHOOT! LOOK AT WHAT I CREATED AREN’T I AMAZING??” type of thing… (I am tired. Excuse my randomness. XD )

      I just thought this post could be for GUESSING who did what dare… I thought it’d be fun to try and sleuth it out… XD


      • But you made us sub!it them and they look super fun!!!!

        HERE ARE MY ASTUTE GUESSES: I kind of think Jess did 12??? And I think Anna did 10 and Ruby did 6… Kenzie did 2, 3, or 9???? I don’t even know!!!

        I had to get my predictions in writing before the announcement is made!!!! ;))))

        Aha!! So did those people just switch to something else?? A VLOG WAS LITERALLY THE ONLY THING I COULD THINK OF. But I knew certain people wouldn’t be comfortable weigh it AND it wasn’t fair because I myself would have to politely refuse to do as vlog because MY FACE MUST REMAIN A MYSTERY UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!!!!!

        But I would totally scream for five days if you did a vlog. Just saying.

        Okay!!! Makes sense!!! I’m going on Hiatus for all of December, so I’ll do mine in January… if I fail to reach my goal, of course. Which is likely since I’m only at 14K right now. Meep.

        Okay, so another question… If WE all make our goals, YOU have to do all the dares. But if one of us fails too… do we ALL do one dare? Or just the person who failed????

        I’m sorry for not listening when you explained this the first time!!! I swear my brain is being eaten by maggots…

        Also I didn’t know we were going to announced who did each dare!!! How fun!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • But this wouldn’t have gone anywhere without you guys participating… This blog, even, wouldn’t be anything without you guys, so I’m just extremely thankful that some of you are as insane as I am. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD

          Ooooooh…. I think you might have gotten one or two right… BUT THAT IS ALL I’M GOING TO SAY, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *zips lips shut*

          Yep! I felt really bad, cause the vloggy dares were AMAZING, but the written dares they came up with were just as wonderful, so it all turned out okay in the end! YESSSSS…. Your facial features are cloaked in mystery… No one has seen the mysterious Kate… Is she an alien? A green slug??? WE SHALL NEVER KNOW. (until September. Obviously. [I can’t wait for September, by the way. XD ])

          I’m not exactly a ‘camera’ person… I do better in words, I guess. Whenever I’m in front of a camera, I get really weird and slightly fake, and I hate that. XD I want to be REAL, and I think I’m better at that through blog posts. XD

          OH NO. Well, at least you shall FAIL WITH ME SO I WILL NOT HAVE TO DO ALL OF THE DARES!!!! *distant screaming* I’m thinking I’m going to be going on hiatus in January, because of a super secret something that I’m not going to be disclosing QUITE yet… *tiny cackling*

          If one of you guys fails, only the person who didn’t meet their goal has to do the dare. Everyone who won is safe…or so they think… XD

          Oh no, you’re perfectly fine!!! I’m terrible at explaining things, so you’d probably still have been confused had you gone back and read the post, anyway. XD


          Yeah! I’m going to be announcing it NEXT week, though, because #MYSTERY.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. *screams* *screams* *takes deep breath* *keeps screaming*

    I’M ONLY A QUARTER OF THE WAY TO MY GOALLL I’m going to die. Death by dare. I hope you’re happy???

    (Number seven, though. *shivers* What twisted genius thought of that one… xP)

    Liked by 2 people

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