Merry Christmas, Cyberspace!!! (and also I’m disappearing #what)


EEP! Can you guys believe that it is Christmas ALREADY?! I can’t. It feels like just yesterday that we were trapped within the hot and sweaty days of summer, and now we’re smack-dab in the middle of snow and flurries and Christmas and cookies and Special K Bars (please tell me at least one of you knows what those are) and PRESENTS and love and goodwill towards all small men and — above every single one of those lovely things — the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and smack you guys upside the head with all of the particulars on how He is the Reason for The Season and all that like some angry Christian person trying to slice your soul open with a paper leaflet, because odds are you already know the story of the manger and the wise men and the shepherds watching o’er their flocks by night and the angels and the very rude innkeeper and the elves by now.

But just for a moment, in between all of this present-giving and receiving and laughter and eating and Special K Bar enjoying, let’s all just stop and take a single heartbeat to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Let us take three seconds out of our Christmas day to wish a Happy Birthday to the one who the day actually belongs to — to the one who came to lay down his life so that we could be saved.

Let’s take a moment to remember, in a world where everything that matters is forgotten.

This year, let’s truly remember what Christmas is all about, instead of just thinking about it in passing. Let’s rejoice in the fact that the most amazing gift of ever has already been given to us, and let us take a minute to send a quiet and heartfelt prayer of thanks to the One who sent it. It doesn’t take very long at all to say happy birthday. It takes even less to say thank you.

(Okay. So maybe I am slapping you upside the head with a paper leaflet. #oops)

And as I sit here typing these words, truly letting myself remember what this most precious season is about, I realize that I must also thank each and every one of you, my fellow friends, bloggers, readers, and cookie crumbles. Thank you for being such a constant ray of light in my life each week with your uplifting and hilarious comments, your support when I know my posts are actually quite terrible and slapped together (quite unlike this one, amiright? hahaha…haha…ha.), and your constant motivation to keep me writing and blogging. I have stumbled head-first into what is obviously the most amazing writerly community in existence, and I am so very thankful to have become a part of it.

My dearest beans, I wish for all of you the absolute Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. May the next few weeks of your life be filled with cookies and love and blessings abounding.

May you not sob dramatic tears of despair as I leave thee hanging until February like the happy little marshmallow that I am.

Merry Christmas, my friends. God bless you, your families, your friends, that weird uncle that you have no clue which side of the family he comes from (and neither does he), that little kid that always gives you the flu, that aunt who makes the figgy pudding, that biscuit rotting sadly away in the corner, that fungus spreading on the figgy pudding. . .

Merry Christmas, Cyberspace — and farewell. . .



talk to me, peasants!

Well, this post was a tad bit random and weird and hopefully not preachy cause I kinda lost control there, guys but ANYWAY! It is Christmas! I am excited! I actually finished all of my Christmas presents and am debating opening up a toy shop now. . .


That’s right, folks! Today kicks off Day One of my New Year Hiatus!!! And I honestly could not be more excited. Hiatuses always get me revved up to continue blogging, and right now, I’m basically just a puddle of uncreative goo that’s slopping uselessly at the keyboard with my bogey hands. So I think we can all safely assume that I need this. Badly.

But never you fear, my dearest beans, for I shall hopefully still be rather active on the blogosphere. I’ll still be stalking and reading and commenting on posts and all that jazz. In fact, you probably won’t even notice I’m gone. #lies

But enough about me and all my empty promises, for the time has finally come for me to be off. After all, I have things to do, places to see, Special K Bars to eat, stories to write, wizards to chase, dwarves to burgle for, dragons to slay. . .

It is time for me to do ALL OF THE THINGS. 

So — as always — until next time, my beautiful marshmallow fronds. . .

excited the lord of the rings GIF

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Cyberspace!!! (and also I’m disappearing #what)

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Eeek, it’s actually here!! Wow, it seemed like yesterday that we were wrapping up November and rolling the die of doom. XD And we actually have a white Christmas here!!! I was so excited when I woke up to see a good inch or two of snow on the ground! Especially since for the past couple of years we haven’t had a white Christmas… :(

    Hope you have fun on your Hiatus!!! Eek, I still have to get my blog up and going after Nano… #oops

    Liked by 2 people

    • MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Ugh, I KNOW! It’s crazy!!! This year has flown WAAAAY too fast. But I’m really excited for the New Year, so I guess that’s an okay-thing? Maybe??? XD OH MY WORD, SAME!!!! We had a White Christmas, too!!! It was FABULOUS!!!! I love snow…
      MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THE DIE OF DOOM!!!! *brandishes pitchfork happily*

      Eep, thank you so much!!! I’m really enjoying Hiatus so far, even though I technically haven’t had to have a post up yet… XD GETTING BACK INTO BLOGGING AFTER NANO IS SOOOOOO HARD!!!!! *weeps bitterly*

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      • It’s flown wayyyy too fast!!!!! Eek, it seems like only a week ago that we were sharing the same cabin together for July!! This past year had lots of good memories. :) Yess, new years are always fun!!

        Yayyyy!!! You had a White Christmas!! White Christmases are the best, tbh!! XD

        You’re welcome!! Haha, I’ll bet you are enjoying it!! XD Hiatuses are always fun! But yesssss, I’m starting to see the truth in those words!! Getting back into the bloggerly swing of things is really tough after a month of inaction. :(

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        • Oh my word, I know!!!! It’s crazy! Those cabins were absolutely the best. I cannot wait until this year’s April camp!!!! XD (April is my favorite month for some reason… XD) It really was full of tons of good memories!!! 2017 wasn’t such a good writing year for me productivity-wise, but it was an AMAZING year for friendships and growth!

          YESSSSSS!!! *high-fives* They truly are, though! But I think if I lived in, say, Hawaii, I would think a warm, tropical Christmas was the best… XD

          My hiatus is over now!!!!!! *distant sobbing* I am so sad… But also extremely happy to be back in the blogging game!!! Ugh. Definitely. It’s hard, but at the same time, if you have enough inspiration and drive, it can be REALLY fun!!! I hope you’ve been able to get back into the swing of the blogging world!!!! *grabs foam finger* YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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    • MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Oh goodness, me too!!! XD I’m actually having a wonderful time on Hiatus so far, so hopefully it continues. I’ve already brainstormed some new posts for February, even though they’re not exactly my normal writerly posts… I guess it’s okay to branch out, though, yes?? XD


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  2. …That bird does not look like it wants a hat. That bird’s cage is labelled “Beware of attack bird”. What. (Was that you??)

    Have a brilliant haitus with lots of cookies!
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my word, this comment had me laughing out loud!!!!

      You are quite correct, Jem. Durachi literally despises this hat, poor thing. XD But I WANTED HIM TO BE FESTIVE AND HAPPY FOR HIS CHRISTMAS PHOTO SHOOT!!! (It didn’t really work… XD) And the “Beware of attack bird sign” TOTALLY DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE DOESN’T LIKE FINGERS AND HANDS. TOTALLY.

      I swear he is the sweetest little bird ever!!!!! He cuddles and gives me birdie snuggles and his little feets get warm…. HE IS SO CUTE!!! (and also ornery…) (also, was what me???)

      EEEEP! Thank you so much!!!!! *hugs* I haven’t had any cookies thus far, but I HAVE had cupcakes, and those are pretty much the same thing, so. XD


      • C’mon, Durachi… where’s your Christmas spirit?? (ah, I was asking if you put the sign up :P)

        NO COOKIES wow we’re FIVE DAYS (or 4 depending on time zones) INTO 2018. Who are you and what have you done with Kenzie?? xP

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahahahahaha!!! Poor guy… He just isn’t a Christmas bird, I suppose!! XD (Oh! I actually think it was my mom who found the sign!! We also have one for my sister’s African Clawed Frog that says Frog Lover AVE. XD)



          Liked by 1 person

          • African… Clawed Frog?? *googles* Okay… that’s not the kind of pet you usually hear about xD

            AHH *sends you imaginary white choc caramel cookies* *which I made up on the spot* *but they’ve got to be better than nothing* …Is your left eyeball feeling better now??

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