14 Things That I Absolutely Love!!!. . .besides writing. (wait what?)

good morning, Cyberspace!

It is officially the first Tuesday of February! Ack! Where has the time gone? Just yesterday we were starting the new year, and suddenly I’m back on the blogging train, rip-roaring past the I-Didn’t-Schedule-Any-Posts-Like-I-Had-Planned-To station.

Man, I love that station. I fly past it every week on my commute.

But anyway, today I’m coming at you all with a very special post, just in time for Valentine’s Day! (and yes, I am aware that I could have posted this NEXT week, when it is quite literally the day before Valentine’s Day, but seriously now, who do you even think I am? Normal? Blech.) I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the chance to mention this before, but I absolutely love Valentine’s Day.

Yes, it is basically just a big commercial holiday in which couples are disgustingly lovey-dovey in public and all the single ladies people cry a little too dramatically into their heart-shaped truffles.

Yes, it really serves no purpose other than for sappy lovebirds to buy giant plush teddy bears and aforementioned over-priced heart-shaped truffles.

Yes, it is really just one of the most pointless holidays in existence.

HOWEVER. I still love it.

I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day, guys. I just really, really, really love it. Perhaps it’s because my family’s always sort of celebrated it as a day to spend showing a little extra love to each other, rather than celebrating it as a holiday for people in relationships. Perhaps it is because my brother and I once bought this really weird game called Freaky Forms on Valentine’s Day, and we spent the entire day playing it and building weird characters with awkward, spindly limbs.

Perhaps it is because we usually make a cherry cheesecake every Valentine’s Day and HAVE I EVER MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE ME A GOOD CHEESECAKE BECAUSE I REALLY ReALLY LOVE CHEESCAKE.

In a nutshell, nothing bad has ever happened to me on Valentine’s Day. In fact, looking back on them all, I can honestly say that each and every one of them fills me with the warm fuzzies.

Which probably helps explain why I love this rather pointless little holiday so much.

And so, in honor of the holiday that some people love and other people despise with all the fiery hatred of Mount Doom, I have decided to whip up a post of 14 things that I absolutely LOOOOOOVE. . .besides writing.

Because believe it or not, there actually are some things in existence that I love besides sitting down in a chair and pounding a world out of my head. And obviously writing books and stories and creating worlds is still my ultimate dream — hence the reason why writing books and stories and creating worlds is all I ever talk about on here. . . (*insert moment of silence for all the other hobbies that have been completely forgotten*) — but sometimes it’s nice to broaden your horizons, you know? Talk about something other than how terrible your writer’s block is at the moment.

Which is why this post exists. Today, I’m going to be giving you guys a bit of a rounder look at the things I love. Because somewhere beneath all of this zoning out and tippity-tapping and staring blankly at the crumbling walls whilst trying to figure out the perfect name for a psychotic nutcase, I actually do have a life.

. . . I think.

• • •

14 Things I Absolutely Love!!! . . . besides writing.

Number One – . . . playing video games . . .

And not just casually playing video games, either. No no, I go full-on obsession mode.

My life basically consists of two phases, and two phases only. Playing Video Games, or Not Playing Video Games. When I’m not currently into playing video games, that’s when I become extremely productive and get all my writing goals done and actually talk to people outside of my family circle.


When I am playing video games, however. . .I become the video game.

Once I have become obsessed, there is literally no force on planet earth that can pry my butt out of that chair and prevent me from selling my freshly caught fish for petty cash and annoying my mutant animal villagers and catching Pokémon in Poke Balls and fighting other Pokémon to the death until they faint and basically living in a pixelated world until my eyeballs shrivel up like raisins in my skull.

It’s quite sad, actually. But holy guacamole is it fun.

In case any of you are wondering, I am currently obsessed with two games, (which sort of possibly explains my absence on the blogosphere since Thursday??? maybe??? no???):

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

and. . .

Pokémon Blue

And for those of you who haven’t played it before, Animal Crossing is literally the most AMAZING game in the entire world, and YOU MUST PLAY IT IMMEDIATELY, PEASANTS, OR SUFFER THE WRATH OF MY ETERNAL FURY.

Only then shall you truly understand the obsession. . . (mwahahahahaha)

Number Two – . . . good, clean books . . .

Okay, okay, so this one is kind of a gimme. OBVIOUSLY I’m going to absolutely love books. I’m a writer. It comes standard in all Writer packages.

However, notice the ‘good’ and the ‘clean’ tags up there. These words are important. Extremely important.

In today’s day and age, it is completely impossible for me to go into a bookstore, grab a book off the shelf, and buy it without feeling about 82.9% extreme anxiety over what ‘oopsies’ I’m going to find within that beautifully deceiving cover of a potato plant.

(apparently I’m buying cookbooks now.)

So those two little words — good and clean? Those words are necessary. Because I’ll let you in on a little secret, folks:

I have a tendency to hate books.

Now maybe hate is a strong word choice, but when all the books I ever stumble across either have the Big Oopsie or the Foul-Tongued Fiend (or even both for maximum pontification of how ‘mature’ the writer is [#fun!]), I tend to get just plain tired of reading in general, because it seems like there is literally nothing out there for a reader who just wants a good, clean story about adventures and friendships and fantastical realms.

(also, to get a closer look at this annoyance in the book world from a writer’s perspective, I’d highly recommend checking out my awesome friend Kate’s post about rebelling against the norm! [I believe there’s also a hashtag involved {#rebelliouswriting, if I’m correct. . .} so I’d also check that out, too! I’m probably going to do a post about this whole thing from a writer’s viewpoint in the hopefully near-ish future, but I’m not supposed to be talking about writing right now. . .so. . . #oops?)

But something that I need to focus on is that there are good, clean books out there! For instance, I’m currently reading a book by Andrew Peterson called On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, and let me tell you, folks, this book is SO. GOOD. I’m not all that far into it yet, but I can already tell that it is going to be waaaaaaay up on my list of favorite series’ of all time. It’s fantastical. It’s whimsical. It’s FUNNY.

Holy Tater Tots is this book funny! Seriously, it’s a 10/10 recommend, and I’m not even halfway through it. If you’re looking for an awesome fantasy read, I HIGHLY recommend this one.

(it also has toothy cows, guys. TOOTHY. COWS.)

So yes. I absolutely love books like this one. They give me the warm fuzzies without any heebie-jeebies, and in a world where everything is filled with the heebie-jeebers, it is quite refreshing to my poor innocent eyes.

Number Three – . . . Steve . . .

“Now wait just a minute,” you say, scratching your soggy noggin with a stubbly finger and squinting at the name posted above as if your single eyeball is deceiving you, “who on barnacle hill is STEVE?”

Ah. Good question, my friend. Good question, indeed.

Steve is. . . well . . . he’s Steve.

I met Steve on Hiatus — January 13th, to be exact (because this is necessary information to post on the internet, apparently) — and let me just say that he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire puny existence.

Steve is crazy. Steve is weird. Steve is a little bit too obsessed with stripes, but whatever. Stripes are cool, right? I like stripes. You like stripes.

Steve really likes stripes. It’s almost scary.

Steve is kind of a freak, actually.

(just kidding hahahahaha he’s perfection. I love my Steve.)

Number Four – . . . typewriters . . .


I mean, this kind of breaks my rule of things I love besides writing, but hey. A typewriter is not writing. It’s just a tool that is commonly used. . .for writing. . .(?)


Anyway. Typewriters. I love their clickety-clicky-ness. I love their old-fashioned-ness. I love their inky ribbon-ness. I love that adorable DING! sound they make once you come to the end of your line, like its somehow cheering you on to keep going because it’s a typewriter and typewriters are optimistic creatures by nature.

And not only are typewriters basically amazing, miraculous machines in general, but they also prevent you from accidentally looking up your Twitter feed thirty-thousand times while you’re trying to write your book. #bonuspoints


Number Five – . . . drawing . . .

Ah, yes. Drawing.

Am I good at it? Aha…hahaha…no.

But do I still love it, anyway? WHY YES. YES, I DO.

It’s taken me an extremely long time — longer than I care to admit, actually — to realize that my artistic style is not, nor will it ever be, realistic. I’m terrible at trying to draw a human face, or a warbly tree, or basically anything that looks like it might have been living in this here mortal world at some point in time.

However, if you want a tiny little chibi person, or a cute smol pickle without any arms that wants a hug, then LO AND BEHOLD, IT IS I — THE ARTIST THOU HAST BEEN LOOKING FOR.

I’m a little disappointed that I’ll never be able to draw the realistic portrait of George Washington, though. Life dream = shattered.

(I have been told multiple times, however, that I am unnaturally good at drawing caricatures. #PoorBulbous-NosedWonky-EyedGeorge)

Number Six – . . . watercolor painting . . .

I feel like I might have mentioned my love of painting on this blog before, but either way, this one sort of goes right along with Number Five. Because what better way to immortalize your happy little sketches than by turning them into a watercolor painted, hand-made notebook for future writing usage? Ah??? AH???


And it’s just a bonus cherry on top of the chocolate ice cream sundae that I absolutely love to paint with watercolors! Especially when I put on the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack while I paint. That music magically teleports me straight back in time, and I can just sit there like the unaware princess that I am, pretending like I’m living in the era of Anne Shirley and The Five Little Peppers. . .

And also Elizabeth Bennet, obviously. Because it’s the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack and I’m normal.

Number Seven – . . . MORIARTY!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL!!!!! . . .

Does this. . .does this even need an explanation? I don’t think this one even needs an explanation. . .

If it does, I have obviously not been obsessing enough and am a failure at life.

Number Eight – . . . dares . . .

Oh lookie there! A fact you guys probably didn’t already know!

(or perhaps you do already know this. . . [I’m looking straight at you, Dare Squad.])

But the fact remains that I — The Kenzie — absolutely love dares. Fun dares. Weird dares. Eating an Oreo dipped in Pizza Hut marinara sauce kind of dares.

I’m up for any and all of them.

As long as they don’t involve me dying, of course.

I like life. Life is good.

Number Nine – . . . my family . . .

It is a 100% proven fact that there is literally no family on this earth that is more amazing than mine. My family is fun. My family is awesome.

My family is the weirdest bunch of people you’re ever going to meet, and I absolutely love them more than life itself.

I really don’t know what I’d do without these guys. It might sound unnatural to some people, but the members of my little family are my very bestest friends. They’re my absolute favorite people to be around, and I am so beyond thankful that God squished us all together under one roof. We might be slowly going insane because of it, but we’re all slowly going insane together.


Number Ten – . . . my bird puff . . .

You guys probably already know this, but I am the extremely proud bird-mommy of a very quirky, very ornery, very adorable little bird puff named Durachi. And let me just tell you — he is absolutely crazy.

And I love him.

Spending time with Durachi is one of my most favorite things to do. He gives me birdie kissies. He lets me talk to him. He bites me and flies away when I’m trying to give him birdie kissies. He nibbles on his shoelaces. He sings me songs when I’m holding up a list of fruits and vegetables.

That little bird is literally everything to me, and my life is so, so much richer with him in it.

Number Eleven – . . . music . . .





But alas. It is true, my friends. I love music. In fact, when I’m not zoning out whilst trying to plot world domination within my stories, I’m zoning out to a good playlist of music whilst wasting away mass hours of my life with literally no intention of ever moving again.

It’s quite fun, actually.

However, not only do I enjoy listening to music, I also enjoy playing music. Particularly on my violin.

I’m not exactly the best at filleting my fingers on the strings yet, but I’m having fun and learning, and I think that’s all that matters when teaching yourself an instrument, yes?


. . .no?


Besides, I keep running into the extremely discouraging predicament of needing a second set of arms to play the harmony to Who You Really Are from Sherlock.

Any mediocre violinists out there willing to come over and play with me? Please?


Perhaps I can learn how to play the violin with my feet. . .

(side-note: the song I am currently obsessing over while I write this post is Don’t Ever Forget from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness. I haven’t actually played this game yet, but OH MY WORD THIS SONG IS FANTASTIC. Look it up. Right now.)

Number Twelve – . . . singing . . .

This one sort of goes with eleven (EGGO WAFFLES ASDFGHJKL!!!!), but whatever. It’s getting its own number because it’s just that cool.

This is something that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on my blog, but today is a day of professing my love, apparently, so here we go:

I love to sing. A lot.

In fact, I sing so much that I think my smol family members have kind of just learned to tune me out entirely at this point. Which is totally understandable, because seriously, guys, I sing a lot.

I sing when I’m brushing my hair. I sing when I’m playing with my bird. (he thinks I’m crazy.) I sing when playing video games. I sing to myself when walking through Meijer. (I was not singing during the $60 Skeleton Scandal, however.) I sing while writing this blog post. I sing while brushing my teeth. (#skills)

Basically, any time I have a free moment, I’m singing.

Except not when I’m around my friends. Because believe it or not I’m a shy fry and don’t actually like singing in front of people I know because no.

(Meijer people are different. Meijer people are weird.)

So yes. I love to sing. And also play the bongos.

In fact, I did this super awesome cover once of City of Stars from La La Land, in which I sang whilst playing the bongos. (#skillsagain)

It was glorious. It was perfection.

You shall never see it.

Number Thirteen – . . . spring . . .

This one actually shocks me, to be honest, but it is something that I have come to realize about myself over the past couple of months:

I love spring.

I used to think I was a summer or fall kind of girl. I was born at the end of summer, and fall is simply glorious with all of its falling leaves and crisp sweaters and yummy pumpkin-y smells, but something inside of me just keeps whispering spring.

I’m not a huge fan of wind, but cloudy skies and torrential rain? Those are my kind of days. I love rain. I love puddles. I love looking out at an overcast horizon and imagining all the dragons soaring behind those murky clouds.

I love spring. Call me a weirdo, but it is true.

Number Fourteen – . . . COOKIES . . .

I bet you guys didn’t even see this one coming.

Oh wow, I am so unpredictable. I am like a Jedi Knight. Or a spy. Or Bond. James Bond.

(*has no idea who james bond even is*)

But yes. Though it be unbelievable, though it be impossible. . .I love cookies.

Cookies are delicious. Cookies are life. Cookies are filled with delicious chips that are not made of potato and fill me with such delight that I bop around like a penguin whilst eating them.

I’m pretty sure cookies are what fill my veins, to be honest. Who needs blood when you have sugar and milk and raw eggs coursing beneath your skin, amiright?

I am so healthy

And you know the absolute best thing to do with cookies?

Fling them.

I haven’t actually flung any cookies yet, but whatever. It will happen someday. Someday when people are not expecting an Oreo cookie that tastes like a stupid Fruity Pebble to be flung at their face. . .

(why, yes. there is a story behind this fruity pebble oreo. .stay tuned for that, dear beans.)

• • •

And that’s it for the 14 Things I Absolutely Love Besides Writing list! I’m sure you all probably could have guessed each and every thing on here, but that’s perfectly okay. Today is not a day to be unpredictable, but rather a day to profess my love for ALL OF THE THINGS. However, seeing as though there were a few special items that did not make it onto the list (since I could only do fourteen [#ValentinesDayReference]), allow us to take a short moment to acknowledge our honorable mentions:

  • mountains
  • peanut M&M’s
  • Doctor Who
  • balloon pants
  • twitter (#procrastination)
  • stuffed animals (especially my pooh bear)
  • warm fuzzy blankets
  • COLORS!!!!!
  • Moriarty
  • Jane Austen novels
  • hats!
  • Moriarty
  • soft, fluffy snowflakes
  • HufflePuff sweaters

and last but never the least. . .

  • Moriarty.

Wow. That was an amazing list that totally had to be added onto this already 3,000 word long post. Such amazingness. Much wow.

talk to me, peasants!

So! That’s all I’ve got for today, folks! I probably could have done a better editing job had I actually scheduled posts back in January like I was supposed to do, but apparently Past Kenzie doesn’t do anything she’s told. Curse you, Past Kenzie.

But enough about my terrible past self. Let’s talk about you! What are some things that YOU love? Do you have any adorable pets? Any unhealthy obsessions? Do you enjoy playing video games? (and if so, HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED ANIMAL CROSSING OR POKEMON BECAUSE ASDFGHJKL COME SQUEAL WITH ME.) What’s your favorite season? Do you like Valentine’s Day, or would you rather throw it in a box and ship it off to the Himalayan mountains? Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below!

And as always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


57 thoughts on “14 Things That I Absolutely Love!!!. . .besides writing. (wait what?)

  1. I’ll have to admit that the first thing that attracted me to ‘On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness’ was the title. I just finished re-reading the entire Wingfeather Saga series to my little brother, and it was beautiful being able to share one of my favourite series with him!


    • Oh my word!!!!! You’ve read On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness?! YESSS! *high-fives* I actually didn’t know it even existed until a little bit before Christmas of last year! Awwwwwwwwww!!! That is ADORABLE!!! That is awesome that you got to share the stories with him! Sharing stories is like the absolute best thing in the world…

      Also, I’m guessing this proves my theory that the entire series is filled with epicness and wonderfulness??? Because so far this book is off to a fantastic start…


  2. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Even though I am one of those singles who sobs internally whenever it comes…Plus, roses are my favorite flower, so seeing roses and shiny things and chocolates everywhere is just nice! (But why the giant teddy bears? I will never understand that part of the commercialism.)
    And it’s pink. Mostly red. But still. PINK! What other holiday gets to be covered in pink and sparklies?!

    I think I tried Animal Crossing once. But if I could obsess over a game, it would be Breath of the Wild. Which I have tried. But I don’t own it!!! *Wails*
    Typewriters are so cool and spiffy and I have never had a shiny old fashioned one but I will someday!
    Speaking of Spring, I’ve already seen some plants budding again. Soon everything will turn green again!!!

    I wrote a post related to Valentine’s Day, and I plan on writing some more. This time of year makes me a little hyper I think. Also, I have to add how hilarious it was that you kept making excuses for the vaguely-related to writing hobbies that aren’t really writing. xD


    • EEEP! SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS!!!! Hahaha, yeah. I’ve never really sobbed internally whenever Valentine’s Day comes, but then again, I’m not exactly normal. XD #NOROMANCE!!!!! *waves pitchfork threateningly* XD But YESSSS!!! Pink is like, the most amazing color. (besides all of my other favorite colors, obviously. XD ) I’m not sure why the giant teddy bears are a thing, but I really love giant teddy bears… I want a giant teddy bear… XD SPARKLIES ARE THE BEST!!!

      Animal Crossing is AMAZING. I think a lot of people have played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for the phone, but it’s really not as awesome as the one’s for the Wii or the DS or the 3DS… The ones for the actual systems are THE best. XD I’ve never tried Breath of The Wild!!! I’ve seen my brother play it, though…
      YESSSSSS!!!! I absolutely LOVE typewriters… They are life. AND OH MY WORD YES YOU MUST HAVE ONE SOMEDAY THEY ARE PERFECTION!!!
      Awwwww!!! Really??? Everything around here is piled under like two feet of snow. :(( Oh well. Spring will come eventually, right? XD

      OOOOH! I must check this out! What post is it??? (I’ll probably just go stalk your blog and find it. XD ) This time of the year makes me hyper, too!! And also oddly determined to be productive??? I love spring… HAHA! Why, thank you. I am so good at keeping writing out of my posts, aren’t I??? XD #FAIL


      • We may be slightly different in that regard. *Has no pitchfork* xD
        Oooohhhh…We should go bear hunting, then I’ll shoot a bear, we can skin it, devour it, and then make the skin into a full size stuffed bear. That’s one I can approve of! (I do not like bears. Bears are the nightmares of my childhood.)

        I tried it on Wii, but it was at someone else’s house so I didn’t keep up with it. Has your brother gotten far in Breath of the Wild? Except…I don’t want any spoilers, so maybe I shouldn’t ask. Unless you know how many divine beasts he’s dealt with, just the number is fine.

        I will plan on acquiring a typewriter someday. ^.^

        We had a smidge of snow on Valentine’s Day! It all melted by afternoon, but it was nice. Now it’s just stormy frozen weather. So yeah, we do get Spring earlier, methinks. Makes up for the boring snowless winter. xD

        I wrote a serious post for Valentine’s Day as well.
        Wonder if we should have some dares for Camp NaNo…

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha, awww! Boo. Well, at least we’re SLIGHTLY similar, ah?? OH! I could let you borrow a pitchfork if you’d like! I mean, it’s not as rusty as mine, but it should work for keeping away creepy people…
          Um….that was…very…um….yeah, I’m literally at a loss for words on that. *tiptoes away quietly to protect the smol and precious bears* (wait…didn’t something traumatic happen with you and bears?? Oh darn, I can’t remember!!!)

          Ah, okay!! But wasn’t it AWESOME when you did play it?? Ah??? AH???? XD Ummmmm…I’m honestly not sure! I think he’s gotten PRETTY far, but I haven’t really steadfastly watched him play… Let me go ask him how many of these beasts he’s gone against!!!! *three minutes later* Okay, so apparently he has dealt with all of them… Have I mentioned that he is like the gaming master??? XD

          OOOH! YES!!! You must!!! They are literally the best!

          Awww! That is like the perfect weather for Valentine’s Day! Ooooooh… I LOVE stormy weather. I love rain. And clouds. And basically ALL of the stormy!!! Actually, it is FINALLY beginning to feel like spring now!! All the snow’s melted and the temperature today was ACTUALLY 64 DEGREES, ACK!!! I can’t even believe it!!! And it’s been raining all day, which was marvelous. Awww! I’m jealous! I love Spring… I want it to be Spring ALL OF THE TIME!

          Have I read it? I think I’ve read at least one already, but I’m not sure if you’ve done two? I’m still trying to get caught up on blogs. I’m a bit caught up on comments, though, so YAY!
          Oh goodness, no. XD I’m still recovering from LAST NaNo’s Dare thing! I still need to post mine, actually…. *bites nails*

          Liked by 1 person

          • I find hissing through my fangs works just as well as a rusty pitchfork. (Or just melding into the background, that too. xD )
            I was a kid and bears invaded my yard, they would show up on occasion, including a mom with cubs. So. You know, Death was waiting in the woods. I stopped going outside as much for fear of being mauled or devoured by bears, and sometimes they chase me in my nightmares as I desperately race back to my house and lock the door behind me.
            I might be okay with polar bears though, there’s no way they’re gonna show up anywhere near me. But others bears are omens of DOOOOOM!!!

            *Writerly Epiphany of Glory*
            I should totally make some sort of magical bear omen of death for my stories, that would be perfect. That would be amazingly perfect, especially for the story I’m planning….

            YES!!! IT WAS!!! Yup, your brother is pretty far in the game. This just means I get to savor each new development longer than the master gamers. (Also, I am absolutely not a master gamer. xD)

            RAAAAAAIIIIIIIIN!!! AND CLOUDS!!!! Those are my favorites. Okay, sometimes I like sunshine, cuz I like plants to be able to grow, but…Raaaaiiiiin! Also, I saw the crescent moon glowing a bit golden through a bunch of clouds, so that was spiffy. Yeah, snow on Valentine’s does feel nifty. I guess there just needs to be snow on winter holidays.

            I don’t think you have. But yeah, catching up on blogs takes a while. And…right…you haven’t posted yours yet. >:) >:D
            (I’m such a good friend! XD XP )

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh yeah. Hissing fangs works wonders. As well as flapping your freshly severed arm. That works just as effectively.

              OHHHH! Yes, that was it! I think you’ve mentioned those bears before! But oh goodness, I’m so sorry that happened to you!! That sounds awful… :(( Once I had a dream I was being chased by Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales, and I had to race back into the house and lock the door… but then the door wouldn’t lock, and they were trying to break in… That was actually a really terrible dream.
              Awwww! Polar bears are ADORABLE!!! You have made a good selection of bears to love! But what about Koala bears??? Those are cute and cuddly, too!!
              OOOOOOH!!!! This is so exciting!!!! DO IT!! DOOOO IT!!!

              YAY!!!! Yeah, I don’t know as if he’s beaten it, but he’s pretty far in there. TRUE!!! And HAHA SAME!! I’m definitely not a master gamer, either. XD Ah well. At least we try, right? XD

              SAME! And yes! Sunshine is wonderful, too, cause otherwise I get a little too gloomy. XD AND THAT SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL, OH MY WORD. <3 Agreed! Snow on Valentine's day is good, and also Christmas, but other than that…the snow just needs to leave. XD

              Oh, okay! I'll get to it hopefully soon, then! XD HAHAHAHAHAHA…hahahahaha…haha…ha. I'm so worried about this, to be honest. I feel like it's gonna be complicated. XD
              (In all honesty, you really are, though. XD)

              Liked by 1 person

              • I’m keeping my arms firmly attached, thanks. Not having my arms attached would make it incredibly hard to write or draw.

                That feeling when you have terrifying nightmares with things chasing you that really don’t belong there…What happened to turn Veggie Tales into nightmare fuel?!! And not being able to lock it, AAAAGH!

                Koala bears are really different…
                Oh, the omen of death is coming soon, be sure of that…

                We shall try, try to finish the games…While screaming our heads off and smashing the wrong buttons. That’s how I do it, anyway. Also, screaming about the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods are awesome.

                Rain would be nice. ^.^

                I know it’s got to be nerve-wracking, but it’ll turn out hilarious, I bet. xD
                (Aw, thanks! :) )

                Liked by 1 person

                • True, that. But not if you chopped off your non-dominant hand! Ah??? AH???? XD

                  I know, right?? It’s the worst! And I honestly have no clue. XD But it was TERRIFYING. XD

                  But they are still BEARS. Sort of. Kind of.

                  OOOH, YES! Except I usually just go GAH!!!! when I fail… XD YESSSS!!! THE LOST WOODS ARE THE BEST!!!

                  I know, right?? I need…

                  I hope so!!! That’s what I’m trying to make it into, at least. XD


                  Liked by 1 person

                  • I need both hands to work. >:| xD

                    It is a mystery… o.0

                    Koala bears are herbivores. They don’t eat people. And they are far away.

                    I mostly just don’t finish games because of it. xD I doodled a Lost Woods fanart, but then I needed to draw Link and…I couldn’t recall his outfit clearly enough. Maybe I’ll wing it and finish it.

                    I had some rain.

                    YES! >:D XD

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Are you SURE? :D

                      Ah. This makes sense. But what about a MAN EATING KOALA BEAR MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It could happen.

                      Oh no!!! XD Ooh, yes! Definitely wing it to finish! If you just give him a green tunic and a green hat and brown boots and a sword, I’m pretty sure he’ll look perfect! XD

                      RAIN IS THE BEST! XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • YES.

                      You could write a short story about an evil koala bear plotting to eat people who wander too close to his secret lair…

                      Maybe once I play it again, I’ll sketch my outfit. Because he doesn’t wear his traditional outfit in BotW so I must be accurate about what actually happened!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Very well. We’ll have to take the leg.

                      That would actually be very entertaining… And then I could turn him into a SAVAGE KOALA BEAR WHO CRAVES HUMAN FLESH!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

                      Ohhhhhhhh! I forgot he wears different clothes in BoTW! Perhaps you could look it up online? Or yes! Just wait till you play again! That way, not only will you be able to draw it accurately, but you’ll be able to play the game for a bit, too! 😂

                      Liked by 1 person


                      It sounds like a fabulous story, or a character sketch. xD

                      Maybe I will finish it once Spectra is done throttling me for its attention. Once it’s time to take a break.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You think mere figments of creation can deter ME? The Great and Terrible Kenzie?? Think again, my smol friend! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–HACK! *whips chainsaw out of back pocket*

                      It really does, though!! XD (psst. one of us needs to write this. XD)

                      This is a very good idea!!! Poor Spectra needs you to write it!!! It wants to be written, Jethan! IT WANTS TO BE WRITTEN!!!!! (I’m pretty sure Spectra is like one of those tiny pocket dragons that looks all sweet and harmless, but is really a fire-breathing, poisonous little beastie. XD) Breaks are lovely. I love breaks… I love playing my violin when taking a break, because for some reason, it helps de-stress me. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Man, and we used to be such good friends… *Flings piles of paper at you until you die the death of a thousand paper cuts* See, my characters DID kill you….
                      Des: I did not want to get covered in that chipmunk dragon’s blood… (This is so morbid. xD)

                      (I have too much already! :O)

                      Yes, it does, it’s just…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
                      Des: That’s 90% of Spectra right there, screaming.
                      Me: No, about 60% is slow build-up with no action and just introspective, depressed emotions.
                      Des: So, it’s 99% internal screaming then…

                      Nah, Spectra looks like this cool, ancient dragon statue, that as you approach it, it begins to glow, move and it opens its eyes and you realize you’re face to face with a magic robot dragon with laser and rocket wings pointed at you. And it’s hostile. Very hostile.
                      Oooh, violin is pretty! ^.^

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I know. What happened to us. *shreds up paper with my chainsaw* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! They tried to kill me, but I HAVE SURVIVED!!!!!!! *cackles with glee* (that really was kind of morbid, but I loved it. XD)


                      99% internal screaming sounds like EV. But then there’s also 30% sarcastic and unnecessary banter, 45% useless story progression, and 25% nonsense that should probably be deleted sometime. #help

                      Okay. That is….um…rather frightening??? Perhaps I should stay quite a distance away from Spectra… Aha…haha…ha. *runs away screaming*

                      I know, right??? It’s my favorite instrument to play!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Well, looks like we have a lot of confetti to play with… xD
                      Des: You’d think we would have been able to kill you, since we’re all so good at killing people. Or things.

                      Des: You should use that chainsaw on that 25% nonsense then. It would be much nicer than shredding the paper I’m drawn on.

                      Oh yeah, that’s the effect I’m after. >:D

                      Now this makes me think of Sherlock…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Hahahahahahahaha! XD
                      *le GASP!* How DARE you, Des? Thou canst NEVER kill me. I am unkillable. It is my pre-ordained gift.

                      Oh. Right. Well, see, I never actually THOUGHT of this, but it’s a very good idea. I’ll definitely take it into consideration after shredding you.

                      Well, congratulations, because you are achieving it! Your story world is amazing, Jethan. Absolutely amazing.

                      I know, right???? I’m actually learning Sherlock and Euros’s theme! I think the song is called Who You Really Are… It’s a GORGEOUS song!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Des: Well, if you’re unkillable, I don’t suppose you would be up for saving humanity from the alien hordes trying to annihilate us?

                      Des: Your priorities are as straight as a plate of spaghetti.

                      MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:D

                      Oooh, that sounds pretty!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Naaaah. I think I’ll just sit back and let you handle that one.

                      Wow. That is a solid burn, Des. I am quite proud of you. XD

                      I know! I LOVE that song! Hopefully I’m able to do it justice…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Des: What if I die? Do you want me to die? Are you really okay with that? I mean, you really ought to think about the consequences of your actions of letting vulnerable people try to fix lethal problems when you would be invulnerable to such danger.

                      Des: Yes, it was. And good, that’s what you should feel.


                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Des: Need I remind you that I keep predicting all of us will end up dead in the end. I might be a fatalist right now. (Or at least I am in the presence of my author…)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Des: But you were never TRAINED to do it, you’ll probably cause me more problems. Especially since you’re a lunatic who eats inedible things and stabs everyone with a pitchfork.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Why, Des. Surely you must see that I am OBVIOUSLY the best suited for this job BECAUSE of my unnatural tendencies to eat odd things and stab people with pitchforks! It’s lunatic people who are most suited to help lunatic people.


  3. Such amazingness. Much wow. XD

    THANK YOU FOR PUTTING SPRING IN THERE SOME OF MY SISTERS AND BROTHER CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY I LIKE IT. But at least now I know at least someone else does *tear slides down cheek dramatically*

    AND I’M LEARNING THE VIOLIN TOO (but I just started in the fall, so I…can’t play with you. Sorry. You have to find someone else more talented) AND I LOVE IT TOO. Woops. Must have pressed the caps lock key on accidentally :{ Oh well.

    And just one question: who is this…Steve???? A character in your book? Or a real person????? (because if it was a character, I feel bad for Thao, since Steve is apparently the most amazingest person you’ve ever met in your puny little existence, kicking Thao out of that beloved position XD)



      YES! I love Spring!!! What isn’t to like? The rain, the sloppy mud, the chilly wind and fresh scent of grass… It’s perfect. *sheds a dramatic tear alongside you*

      WHAAAAAAT?! Of COURSE you can play with me! XD It’ll be beautiful. Or slightly scratchy. Whatever. It’ll be perfect. XD THAT’S OKAY VIOLINISTS CAN USE AS MANY CAPS AS WE WANT BECUASE WE’RE COOL, OBVIOUSLY.

      Aww, no. No one could EVER replace Thao in my character book. He’s forever the best. XD AND MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–no. This is for a future post, my dear bean. *pats head nicely*

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this post!! I tried Animal Crossing, but I never got into it? It took up SO MUCH of my time over Christmas break but I got to level like 21 or something and realized “wait my life is going into this and I’m not even enjoying it” so.

    (also who’s Steve? someone irl? or like Steve from Blues Clues because he likes green stripy shirts XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhhhhh! Okay, were you playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp??? Because I honestly don’t like that one very much. It’s definitely not the same as the actual system games that Nintendo’s come out with, like New Leaf and City Folk and Wild World! There’s also one for the Game Cube, which I’ve heard is AMAZING, but I’ve never played that one… But yeah. That’s always a terrible feeling isn’t it??? I absolutely hate it when I realize I’m doing something I don’t even enjoy. :((

      Oh my word, hahahahahahaha!!! Alas, this is for a future post, my friend. *shifts eyes awkwardly*

      Liked by 1 person

        • YES!!! There are other ones! The first one (the one I haven’t played) is for the Nintendo Game Cube. The second is for the Nintendo DS, and it’s called Animal Crossing: Wild World. Then there’s one for the Wii called Animal Crossing: City Folk, and the newest one that’s out is called Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and every single one is absolutely AMAZING!!! I didn’t play Pocket Camp very long, but the Animal Crossing’s for the actual systems are SOOOOO good! It’s one of my absolute favorite game series!

          Liked by 1 person

    • EEEEEEEP! SAAAAMEEE! Ooh, but I’ve never played those before! I HAVE heard of Undertale, though! My brother absolutely loves the soundtrack for it, and he’s sort of gotten me hooked on it… XD

      OH MY WORD!!!!! That is like the coolest Christmas present!!!! Aren’t they just so clacky and delightful and PERFECT???? Although replacing the ribbons can be pretty challenging, not to mention the mess… XD

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay, this comment is really scattered so let me organize:

    Lines I thought were funny:
    “whilst trying to figure out the perfect name for a psychotic nutcase, I actually do have a life.”
    “But we’re all going slowly insane together.”
    “Cokes are filled with delicious chips that are not made of potato.”


    Things I have to say:

    Plus, I totally get what you mean about the clean books (Nobody has ever really talked about this until recently). It’s a HAZARD. When I was younger (like, in third grade) I was reading young adult fiction that I’m not sure how I understood it completely (maybe I didn’t) but I still read it. The whole entire TRILOGY was clean. Until the epilogue. The epilogue had one of those scenes in it. I had to skip over it. I was in third grade. Third grade I tell you! UGH!
    Stripes are good. Still don’t know who Steve is, but it’s cool he likes stripes, and you saved the exact date you two met??? :)
    You know what would be cool? A tiny typewriter. The recreation center in my town used to have a random typewriter on a shelf, so I got to touch it. It was kind of cool, but the keys got stuck sometimes.
    Bongo and Violins? Interesting mix :) If I could play both of these though, I totally would :)
    I’m kind of tempted to write you a song to sing for the Skeleton Scandal now…
    Happy Valentines day!


    • AWWWWWWWW!!!!!! This is so sweet, oh my word!!!! *hugs* I am so happy you found these little nuggets of gold. They truly are majestic. XD

      UGH! YES!! I’ve realized that, too. But I think it’s SO cool how bloggers and readers are beginning to rise above the standard ‘norm’ that we’ve allowed ourselves for literature and join their voices together in the quest for clean books! It’s been something that I’ve been planning on talking about on here, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Now seems like as good a time as any! XD UGH. I am so sorry that happened to you. That is SO annoying. It honestly disturbs me how much authors can get away with putting in their books nowadays. It’s like no one realizes that maybe there should be some books WITHOUT that, too??? Maybe??? Please???

      I save dates for everything. (this is not true. I usually forget dates for everything. XD ) Ah yes. Good old Steve. Don’t worry, my friend. Thou shalt know who Steve is soon enough . . . Hahaha…haha…ha.

      Oh my word, YES!!! A tiny typewriter!!!! That would be absolutely adorable… Sticking keys are rather annoying, and then your fingers get all inky from trying to unstick them… XD

      Yeah… Though I’ve never actually played them TOGETHER… Perhaps I need to record some of the songs I practice… Or learn to play the bongos with my feet…


      Happy Valentine’s Day, Kirsten!!! Thank you so much for this amazing comment!!! *hugs*


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