March-Hare Madness! – An Announcement

good morning, cyberspace!

has anyone else ever noticed that I NEVER post these things in the morning anymore . . .? no? just me?

ANYWAY. I’ve got a bit of an unusual post for all of you today, (because there’s such a thing as usual posts around here. i swear. they totally exist.) and though I absolutely DESPISE writing update posts (#BORING), today I am making an exception.

A very rare exception, mind you. This shall never happen again. (lies)

HOWEVER, despite my supreme disgust and boredom of writing update posts, there happens to be something BIG shifting within my writerly stars this next month — something that I’m really, really excited about sharing with you all.

And no. I am not getting published. That kind of a shift would rip gargantuan wormholes through the fabric of the space-time continuum, my friends.

Instead, today, I am going to be sharing with you a little project that I’m about to put into motion. Or, should I say, a big project.

Because it’s big.

It’s huge


This March, I am beginning a little big something that I am both equal parts excited for and terrified of. I call it —

March-Hare Madness!

Because I literally have to be as mad as the March Hare to even contemplate trying something like this.

And what is this thing that I’m trying, you might ask? Elementary, my dear Watson. In the month of March, I am going to be finishing everlosthopefully.

I say hopefully because we all know I’m going to fail miserably.

See, I’ve been ‘saying’ that I’m going to finish everlost ever since. . .what. . .last July? And it just hasn’t happened. I’ve hacked away at it bit by bit for nearly over a year, and have completely rewritten nearly the entire second half of the thing, but have I actually finished it?


The first half of it is done. In fact, it’s practically readable for all of my lovely betas that are banging down my door and demanding for everlost sustenance. But the second half. . .?

Weeeeell. . . To put it nicely. . .

It’s garbage.

And I am not saying this simply because I’m looking for sympathy and comments like “Awww! Kenzie, I’m sure you’re book is absolutely amazing and — ”

NO. IT’S LITERAL GARBAGE. I’m talking plot holes and unsure motives and a tangled mess so big it looks like Charlotte exploded her entire stash of butt-webs onto the screen and then promptly died.

Okay, maybe I’m over-exaggerating a teeny tiny little bit. (also, I just used the word butt. i don’t know if I can actually do that on the internet. . .) But the second half of this book needs a MAJOR revamp, and that, my friends, is where I begin to swing this post back around to my point.

March Hare Madness is, in a nutshell, a little game I’ve made for myself to achieve a long-standing personal goal — finishing everlost. And because I’m sure you’re all totally not bored by my ramblings yet, allow me to answer in further detail a few of your obviously burning questions that you never asked.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

— WHAT is it? —

I already explained this. Why are you asking this question again, you nincompoop?

But since you are obviously SOOOOO interested, let me give you some deeper details on what, exactly, I’m planning on doing for the next 31 days.

(hint: losing my mind is at the forefront of this plan.)

. . . The Schedule . . .

(what? i’m cool. i can have a schedule. why are you staring at me like that.)

March 1-15 — rewrite the final ten chapters of everlost. . .

While this may seem like a rather easy thing to do — especially for someone who has written 50k in 30 days a whole whopping TWICE in her lifetime (so achievements. much wow.) — I am pretty sure that this is going to be the step in which I fail miserably.

And seeing as though this is the first step. . .this is not boding well.

But I think I can do it, guys. It might require perseverance, a pinch of magic, and a whole lotta sheer and utter insanity, but I THINK I CAN DO IT.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can. . .

And if I can’t. . .well. . .we’ll get to that in a minute. Eheh.

March 16-31 — completely edit the final thirteen or so chapters of everlost. . .

BECAUSE STEP ONE JUST WASN’T HARD ENOUGH, AMIRIGHT? But lookie there! I gave myself an extra day! Because I’m nice.

And also utterly mad.


But this is also a totally feasible thing to accomplish. Who doesn’t edit thirteen chapters in 16 days? That’s a whopping 0.8125 days per chapter. And for someone who usually comes out to one fully edited chapter every three days?


So. In review.

I’ve split the entire month of March into two halves. Half One is for finishing the massive rewrite that I’ve been hacking my way through ever since July. Half Two is for going back and editing, polishing, and smoothing out as many plot holes, continuity errors, and character arc issues that I possibly can.

Technically, this should totally be possible for someone of speedy wit and quicker fingers.

For me. . .?

Hahahaha. No.

ALSO. Look, look! I even made a chart! (be proud of me, peasants)

I am SOOOOOO talented.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 –WHY are you doing this? —

Now this is a good question. You’re getting better at this.

To clear up any miscommunication or confusion, I am not doing this because:

A) I’m tired of everlost and want to be done with it already

B) I’m trying to turn my brain into a rotten raisin because why not

or C) because I’m a complete and total psychopath and have finally found the perfect way to hurl myself over the edge of insanity.

Although that last one is debatable.

Alas — no. I am setting myself up for extreme disaster simply because I think it sounds like fun. I want to finish this book. Not because I’m bored of it or because I want to move on to another project, but because I feel it needs to be finished. I feel like it wants to be finished, and all I need is the proper push and motivation to get me there.

And yeeees, I could totally just wait until April and enter Camp NaNoWriMo with the intent of finishing the second draft then, but come on now. Where’s the fun in that, I say?

Better to turn your brain into a puddle of mush BEFORE going into Camp NaNoWriMo.

Because that makes sense.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

— WHAT is the punishment? —

Whoa. Slow down there, skippo. Your emo is showing.


For all my fellow Dare Squadians out there, I’m sure it comes as no surprise at all to discover that I absolutely LOVE punishments.

Especially punishments that are inflicted because of my supreme failures as a writer.

So to shake things up and make this whole ordeal even more interesting than it already is, I have enlisted the help of my beautifully talented, deviously mischievous, and utterly terrifying friend, Kate, who has kindly agreed that — in the severely rare instance that I just so happen to fail my March Hare Madness quest — she will inflict upon me a punishment of the highest caliber.

But as for what this punishment actually is, well. . .

I have absolutely no idea.

But it’s sure to be amazing. And quite possibly has something to do with her torturing one her characters that I may or may not deem the most precious smol cinnamon roll alive.


But whatever this punishment happens to be, you can bet your buttons that it’ll be posted on Kate’s blog, Story And Dark Chocolate, for all to see at the end of March. (or maybe it’ll be on Smudged Thoughts? i’m actually not really sure where it’s going to be at the moment, but IT’LL BE SOMEWHERE OKAY)

If I fail, of course. Heh.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

— WHAT else are you doing in the month of March? —

Because finishing up my entire second draft isn’t enough?

Trick question: of course it isn’t.

See, March is a wonderful month in itself, but all us die-hard fans of NaNoWriMo know that it is merely the gateway into one of the best months of the year — April.

Or, more specifically, CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!! ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!

I LOVE Camp NaNoWriMo. In fact, I love it just a teensy-tiny little bit more than regular NaNoWriMo (because CABINS and TEAMWORK and WORD SPRINTS OF DEATH!!!!), which means that I would be absolutely insane to pass up the chance to participate in April’s Camp.

However. This also means that, if I’m finishing everlost in March, I’ll need to have a completely new novel outlined and ready to go come April 1st.



You got it. I’m going to be outlining.

In the past, I’ve tried a lot of weird, slightly half-baked methods of outlining my novels, but none of these have ever really stuck with me in a way that made me think, “Wow. This is like the absolute perfect way to outline a novel! I shall use this method forevermore.” And because of this, I’m going to be trying something even more different this time around.


Or as I like to call it — sort of pantsing.

I’m 99.9% positive that I’m going to have literally no time whatsoever to fully flesh out a novel by the time April hits, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t go into the month sort of prepared.

So, in the spare moments when I’m not working on everlost, I’m going to be preparing for Camp mentally, as opposed to physically. Perhaps I’ll dream up a few scenes over breakfast, sketch down some vague ideas for characters and settings when I’m listening to music. . .whatever happens to come to me in the moment. This way, by the time Camp comes around, I’ll have — at the very, very least — an extremely vague yet tangible idea of where I want this story to take me.

And while this will be absolutely nothing like having a solid outline, at least I’ll have something.

It’s much better than being hit smack-dab in the face with a camper, that’s for sure.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And that’s pretty much it . . .

I know this post was probably extremely bland and lame for all you people out there who A) don’t participate in NaNoWriMo and/or B) have absolutely no interest whatsoever in what I’m writing or how long it takes me to finish it.

BUT. I AM EXCITED FOR THIS. I AM READY. SORT OF. And for those of you who are interested, be sure to stay tuned throughout the entire month of March, because I’m going to be giving weekly updates on how March Hare Madness is going! Which, if we’re being totally honest here, is probably going to consist mainly of hyper, insanely unedited posts complete with colored chart updates and some possible insanity thrown in.

And for all you writers out there looking for something to tithe you over until April, be sure to come back this very Saturday (March 2nd) for the first ever PictoPrompter of 2018! It’s going to be marvelous, my friends!

I mean. . .I still need to actually find the PictoPrompt, but whatever. I’m sure it’ll be great.


talk to me, peasants!

So! What do you think of March Hare Madness? Does it make you want to push yourself over the brink of insanity alongside me next month? (someone please do this with me so I’m not alone. . .) Does it make you think about basketball? Did reading about it for the past ten minutes make you fall asleep? That’s. . .actually quite sad. Are you excited for Camp NaNoWriMo? Do you even know what NaNoWriMo is? Do you wish I would stop asking questions? DO YOU LIKE THE WORD NINCOMPOOP???

Well, then! Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below, okay? I want to hear all of your thoughts, opinions, and possible snores. (though that might be hard to type out. . .)

As always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


p.s. HAPPY POKEMON DAY, EVERYBODY!!! WHOOOOOOT! (it’s the moooost wonderful daaaaaay of the yeeeeeaaarrrr…)


59 thoughts on “March-Hare Madness! – An Announcement

  1. I lost it at butt-webs. XD Kenzie, you crack me up like no other. <3 (hardy har har. CRACK me up? Get it?… *coughs awkwardly*)

    I'd usually LOVE to join you this March and lose my sanity with you, but sadly, I don't think it's a good idea to completely lose myself into my computer after some weird things that my family has had to go through this February. I'll most likely join in on Camp NaNo, though. :D (ADD ME, FAM)

    All of that aside- good luck! May the power of God and anime be on your side! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    • AWWW! Felicity, you are far too sweet! (OH MY WORD. So I had absolutely no clue what you were talking about at first, but then like three minutes later, it suddenly came to me and I LITERALLY STARTED LAUGHING SOOO HARD!!! That was fantastic!! 😂)

      Awwww! I’m sorry you won’t be able to join! And I also hope everything is okay! *hugs* AND EEEP!!!! CAMP NANOWRIMO!!! We shall CONQUER THE NANO!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! XD (what’s your user?? I’ll definitely add you!)

      Aww! Thank you so much!! I’m definitely gonna need a lot of both of these to make it through this month… Although I’ve never really watched a whole lot of anime… Does Pokemon count? 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OOoooh, this sounds like a fantastic idea! :D I’m trying to write 500 words on HTBTW a day, so we’ll see how that goes. ;D

    I wish you much luck in your endeavor! Can’t wait to be in a cabin together :D

    Liked by 2 people

    • EEEP! Thank you so much, Ruby! And EEEK! That is so cool! My goal is SUPPOSED to be 1.5k a day (if you can see it on the chart… XD ) but it’s kind of morphing into one chapter a day, and my chapters are usually 3-5k long, so….yeah. I’m a little worried. XD BUT DUDE!! WE MUST COMPARE NOTES!!! AND MOTIVATE EACH OTHER!!! AND IT’LL BE GREAT!!!

      EEP! Thank you! I hope yours goes marvelously, too! And YESSSSS! You have no idea how excited I am! I might still be working on EV in April, but we’ll just see how this next month goes! 😂

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Ditto to losing it at “butt webs”. I had to reread it a few times to figure out what on earth you were talking about.

    I actually do have a story I need to finish in March…. So I may join you. (Ok, it’s 10 chapters as most, but I keep putting it off because I hate writing endings.) And I’m glad you wrote this, because it reminded me about April. Heh. Yeah. That.

    Also, fun fact! Etymologists can’t agree on the origin of the word “nincompoop”, and most think it was simply made up by some rando way back when. (“Way back when” being shortly after the Mayflower arrived in Plymouth.)

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    • I am honestly so glad people are laughing at this, because I was SO WORRIED IT WOULD BE FROWNED UPON. 😂 It made me laugh, though, so I left it in. Because why not. 😂

      Hey! I’m doing ten chapters, too!!! Well, it’s actually turned into ELEVEN chapters now, but a couple of them are pretty small and can probably be knocked out in one day. At least, that’s what I’m hoping happens. XD WHAAAAT? You hate writing endings, too?? Same! Endings are probably the hardest for me, even counting the middles. I never seem to be able to know when to let go, so the story just kind of draaaaaaaags like a mummy hobbling around with a broken leg… ALSO! APRIL!!! Do not forget the April, Phoebe!! You must never forget the April!!

      This….this is information I never knew I needed until I had it. Thank you. Bless you. I shall cherish this forever… (and shall use the word nincompoop with much more vigor now.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Let’s be honest: you once shared a story about posing a skeleton like he was taking a dump. I think “butt webs” is perfectly permissible.

        10 chapters is just my estimate, because all I have left is a final showdown that my heroine somehow has to win, and then it’s all slowing back down to however I’m ending it. I don’t usually struggle with knowing /how/ to end my stories, but with actually getting everyone to their marks in an orderly fashion. Even though being done with a story is bittersweet, I can usually sense when a story has reached a good ending point. Beginnings are an entirely different beast.

        April is gonna be weird, what with Easter being on April Fools Day and all that. Doesn’t seem like a good note on which to start a new story, lol. But right now my goal is to participate.

        And you’re welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

        • This…is sadly true. XD

          Ooooh… I always love final showdowns!!! I’m usually bad at getting everyone to their marks, AND knowing how to end it. XD I’m just very bad at endings, I guess. OOOH! I wish I could do that!! I’ve only written a handful of endings in my writing career, and the vast majority of those have been cliffhangers. I guess it’s just easier to drop everything unexpectedly?? XD READERS ARE GONNA LOVE ME. WHAAAAAT? You don’t like writing beginnings?? Beginnings are my FAVORITE!!!!

          I know, right? I still can’t believe that’s gonna happen. I feel like the two should be totally separated by some sort of law?? XD Haha, it really doesn’t! WE ARE ALL DOOMED. Me too! But…I never actually thought about how the first day is Easter? I might have to work extra hard the next day… XD


  4. I like your chart, it is adorable and colorful. ^.^

    Also, I hope you get super close to completing everlost, but maybe don’t finish the last chapter, or the last sentence before April hits, and thus, we will find out what devious punishment of DOOM Kate will inflict upon you!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Because then your story would be nearly done, but it would be extra entertaining…xD

    *Narrows eyes at the disturbing word choice in the reference to Charlotte’s Web*

    I kind of want to do something crazy storywise for March too…except I would be drawing a webcomic. Not sure what my overall goal would be. I do need to outline it a bit more before I can commit to doing something crazy. I also need to name the main characters…maybe? Unless it turns out short enough that I can just say, “That guy in the blue helmet,” or “This guy in the green helmet” or “That dead guy over there.” Seriously, only a side character is named… >.<

    Liked by 3 people

    • Awww! Thank you, Jethan!! I actually didn’t know when making it that I would be posting it on here, so my handwriting is PRETTY sloppy. XD But I am so glad you like it!!!

      Haha! You know, I honestly wouldn’t be TOO miffed about that, but I really really REALLY wanna finish it this month! Just to see if I can… But I’m pretty sure Kate is really hoping I can fail so that she can punish me. It’s kind of frightening, really. 😂 UGH! I can’t even imagine how good it’s going to feel if I can simply have it NEARLY done… It’s going to be fantastic. 😆

      Hahahahahahaha….oops? 😂😂

      EEP! YESSSS! You should totally join!!! I would love it if you did! Please, please come join!!! I’m having so much fun already. 😂 It’s kinda been a crazy day, but I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be even more productive. XD Oooh! Yes! I am so excited for your webcomics!!! Haha! I love characters like that! Especially “that dead guy over there”. 😂😂😂 That side character is all the more special, then, right?? 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It probably helps that there’s a cute owl on it and all the colors work together. ^.^

        I feel like Kate is plotting evil mastermind stuff of brilliance in a secret lair. While munching on some chocolates. Just keep getting closer to your goal, yay! :D


        Well, I could join, but like, all that drawing? And my brain and hands just started writing this murder mystery with a bunch of new people…I am completely incapable of concentrating on my stories. Maybe if I try to binge on this mystery and write it all out in three days or something crazy I will actually finish a thing. I have no idea. DOOOOM!
        All I can say, it’s high time I write a post about story doom. >.<


        • YES! The owl is ADORABLE! Eep, I’m glad you like the colors! I tried to make them ‘everlost’ themed, while also making then colors that I really loved so that was fun…

          Honestly, I’m pretty sure that this is EXACTLY what’s happening. XD #help AND EEP! I am getting closer with each and every day, and it just feels so wonderful. I can’t even put it into words. I’m not sure if I’ll actually FINISH, but I now know that if I put my mind to it, I can write around 2-3k every day. It takes a while, but I’m taking breaks and not burning myself out, and I AM JUST SO EXCITED.

          OOOOH! A murder mystery!!!! I NEED!!! GIMME! GIMME! Hey, don’t worry about not being able to concentrate on all of these amazing stories right now. Someday, when you least expect it, one of these stories and ideas is going to stick, and you’ll like finish the whole thing in one week. XD Or maybe you’re one of those creators who works on multiple projects at once???
          OOH! STORY DOOM!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • They’re such bright, cheerful colors, not what I usually think of with Everlost. I suppose I usually think of sterile white and gray colors, and black for the shadows and secrets within it. Maybe some bright green chemicals in bottles? And, of course, blood red.

            Hehe! It’s great that you’re getting so much closer, that’s super exciting! :D
            Don’t you just love that hyperness you can’t put words to? Except sometimes you really want to put words to it. xD Eeeeeeeeeee! :D

            My poor mystery hasn’t progressed. ;_; But I like the detective hero’s vibe, he has to be written sometime. Right now I think I need to write Spectra, I’m just not sure how. It tends to be the story I stick with. But ugh. Story DOOM is right! And now I’ve pretty much written two posts on that (but I think you’ve read one by this time).

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh yes!!! Those are definitely good aesthetics for EV! But then there are also the light oranges, and the soft, nearly transparent green…and the icy blue for Thao’s eyes…. Blood red, however, is a DEFINITIVE must. XD

              I know!!!! *is very excited* YES!!!! That is my exact hyperness today!!!! Like, I can’t explain it, but IT IS THERE AND IT EXISTS AND THIS IS THE FINAL DAY OF MARCH HARE MADNESS PART ONE AND I AM SORT OF KIND OF FREAKING OUT. ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL!!!!!

              Oh no!!! I’m sorry… But yessss! Definitely don’t forget that detective hero! I must know what happens!!! XD OOOH! I love Spectra, so I’m actually very excited about this! Honestly, whenever I hit a bump like this, it just helps if I start writing. One word in front of another, and eventually, the story begins to form. Some days it’s like pulling bloody teeth and, but eventually, it clicks. (OH! You’ve written two on story doom?? Actually, I think you’re right… I think I DID read one of them… But I must read the new one! I’m so behind on the blogosphere, it isn’t even funny… :(( )

              Liked by 1 person

              • I am curious about the other colors meanings, except, it might be more fun to read them in the story and find out WHY light oranges are part of it…

                EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (I think I always go “Eeee!” rather than “Adfgfhjjk!” when I’m excited. Or maybe “Agh,” as an in-between.)

                The Detective, named Bryant, has discovered a clue, so it seems like every couple of days I write a bit of his story. He is not forgotten. ^.^ But, yes! Spectra! I’m sketching some stuff, trying to get out the various vibes for it because I’m feeling rather lost at the moment. I think I’m trying to world build AND come up with plot points and it’s being difficult.
                You’ll catch up! *Waves pompoms*


                • OH WAIT. The orange might just be there because it was pretty? I’m not sure with the orange… But the yellow and the pink and the shades of green are DEFINITELY in there for a reason! XD (that dangflabbin orange! curse you pretty color!!!)

                  I do both, actually. XD I JUST DO ALL OF THE EXCITED THINGS!!!! XD

                  OOOOOH! A CLUE!!! I must know what this clue is…… *is curious* Oh no!!! I’m sorry! Plotting and world-building are some of the hardest things. :(( If there’s anything I can do to help (brainstorming, talking about characters and how terrible they are, rambling about nasty plot holes together) just let me know! *hugs*
                  I hope so! XD *eats pompoms*

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                  • I shall wait for the color mystery to reveal itself. ^.^
                    Just include oranges in some significant part of the story? Maybe it’s someone’s favorite fruit?

                    WHEE! *Flings arms up on a roller coaster*

                    I emailed about it. As for Spectra, I managed to sketch some pages that could be a little teaser comic, or might be the beginning. I need a way to settle on plot points without different music pulling my imagination to different places. xD Also, it would be nice if the story could quit focusing on Des and maybe include Rob just a bit? xD
                    Des: Are you kidding? I’m STARTING the story now! Rob is doomed.
                    Rob: It’s a long story, things can change.
                    Des: Well, Private, why don’t you start doing push-ups for all the chapters you AREN’T in?
                    Rob: … *Whispers to me* How long is this story?
                    Me: Just do push-ups until Des gets tired.
                    Rob: :(

                    *Stares in shock as Kenzie eats the pompoms*
                    Those aren’t food…

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Hahaha! YESSSSS. Thao’s favorite fruit is an orange now. BOOM. Done. XD

                      Oh, you did?? Goodness, I really need to check my email. I haven’t done ANYTHING the past few days. :P OOOH! That is so exciting!!! Is there any way you could use the pages as both? Like, it’s a teaser comic, AND the beginning of the story??? Ha! I had the same problem with EV. It started out being about Adaline, and slowly turned into EVERYTHING THAO. I had to twist it back around in the second draft. :P

                      GO ROB!!!! You’re much nicer than Des. I’m sure you’re going to be starring in this story!!! YOU CAN DO IT! *shoves him into the spotlight*

                      But….aren’t they? (everything is food, if only you try.)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Excellent. >:) *Plots more nefarious fruit plots*

                      I probably will use it as both a prologue and teaser trailer. It just makes sense for it all to go together now. I’m not sure what happens next though, I’ll probably open with Sheyla, but I’m not sure at what point.
                      Characters can be so problematic that way. xD Especially ironic since Des only came about since last Nano/maybe October?

                      Rob is TOOOOOONNNNSSSSS nicer than Des. He might even magic to sneak back into the story!

                      Well then, you’ll just have to be aware that some “foods” will kill you waaaaaaaaaay faster than other kinds…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Lol! XD

                      EEP! YAY! And yesssssss! I love Sheyla!!! I’m so excited. It’s like this story is finally taking form!!! Ugh, they truly can. Especially ones that begin to live and breathe on their own. After a while, you literally have no control over them anymore. :P Awwww!!! Des is still a smol baby then!!! AWWWWWWW!!! *squishes Des in a hug*

                      I know!!!! He is so sweet and kind. He MUST be back in the story! YES! He shall come swooping in with his supreme magic and teleport Des to some far-off location with hyenas and dragons.

                      True, that. But if it TASTES good. . .well. It’s worth it.

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                    • EEEEEEEEK! I’m totally freaking out at the idea of the story taking tangible shape and being out in the world and readable! :O I really want it to happen, but EEEEEEK!!!
                      Des: WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!! XP >:O I AM NOT A BABY!!! What is it with people thinking I’m a mobile hug dispenser??!! >:[

                      I meant MANAGE to sneak back into the story, not magic, but, it kinda works?
                      Rob: Uh, I can’t teleport people like that…and, what are dragons?
                      Des: Probably a problem.

                      Des: I’m sure those pompoms are as delicious as cake.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh, trust me, I am TOTALLY familiar with the mixed feelings!!! XD Thus is the curse of the writer. We write to have our words read, yet having them read physically destroys us. XD

                      YOU ARE A SMOL LITTLE BABY, HUSH.

                      Ohhhhhhhh… Haha, well at least the typo was epic, yes??? XD
                      YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT DRAGONS ARE???!!

                      They truly are, Des. They truly are.

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                    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *Existential crisis* Panic mode engaged!
                      Des: Just DON’T kill us all in the end, and I’m sure your readers won’t physically destroy you, okay?
                      Me: BUT! ALL THE WRITING WORRIES!!!

                      Des: I’M 21!!! Go coo over my friend’s real baby!
                      Me: Do we have to bring in ALL the characters? I better just write this story somehow…

                      I guess it was an epic typo. xD

                      Des: What? You think I’m from one of those weird Other magic places? With all their weird glowy swords and weird things and no space ships? And those pompoms are NOT as good as cake.

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                    • But killing the characters is so much fun! XD

                      No no. I’m cooing over you. There is naught you can do, smol Des.

                      YES, THEY ARE! Pompoms are just as good as cake, if not better. So THERE. (and yes. you are definitely from the weird glowy sword place. XD )

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • How do you know what I do and don’t have, Des? Maybe I DO have a ghostly arm! And cake never lies. That is the beauty of cake.

                      Oh, but I can fix this! *grabs Astarta* *takes her hand* *places it on Des’s head*
                      There. Problem solved. :D

                      Liked by 1 person

  5. Mwahaha, have fun during March!!! XD Sounds like a really busy month for you! BUT YOU CAN DO THIS! no pressure… :P

    Eek, I see what you mean, that’s going to be hard to prepare for April Camp (eeeeeek, it’s already here!!!! Ahh, I love Camp!!!!) while trying to finish up Everlost. But that sounds like a good way to do your outlining! That’s basically how I outlined for my second book, which worked pretty well for me, so hopefully it’ll do the same for you! Also, you will probably get more ideas for it during April, so don’t worry too much if your plot outline is tiny. :P

    Have fun during March!!!!!!!!!! *waves encouragingly from safe place high in the cliffs*

    Liked by 3 people


      Yeah! I’m hoping it’s a good way to outline, at least. It’s definitely not my normal-ish method, but it’ll do. Assuming I’m not still working on everlost in April… Heh.
      Oh really? Well, maybe it will work, then! And yeaaaahh… My plot is probably going to be small at first, but it ALWAYS expands when I begin writing. This next book I’m working on is a standalone, though, so that helps. XD

      WHY THANK YOU. *grabs bow and arrow and takes aim*


  6. Hmm. Kenzie, you haven’t done the last – shall we say, consequence? – that Kate set for you. (Also. Letting Kate pick your next one as well?? You are a glutton for punishment?? …not that I doubt your abilities, obviously?)

    I should do some writing in March… seeing as I haven’t worked on my WIP since November… but I feel so busy! (I’m not. I just feel like it.) Sooo I probably won’t be joining you in your March madness. ;P *sends you all the encouragement*
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 2 people

    • I AM DEFINITELY A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And I am aware that I have not done my…ahem…last consequence. However, I AM WAITING FOR SOMETHING. I don’t know what yet. But I am WAITING. MWAHAHAHAHA!

      Awww! I’m sorry to hear that! But I totally understand. I’ve kind of put the whole month on hold from everything, and am basically just writing? And I LOVE it, obviously, but one cannot survive on writing alone. (Or bread. That too. XD) EEP! Thank you for the encouragement!! *eats encouragement* *is encouraged*


  7. Well… All I can say is good luck Kenzie, because I feel like this type of writing torture is perhaps even beyond Nanowrimo. :) Way to make those goals! Seriously though, I hope you can finish up Everlost this month (I’ve just gotten to the really, really, REALLY messy part in my novel editing process right now, so I might try and get a bit extra work done as I push along :) We’ll see how that goes). I’m also excited to see what you come up with for the basic plot of your next book (if you decide to share a few things from your top secret outline with us :) ).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly I’ve got to agree with you there! 😂 But I’m having fun with it so far! So…yay? 😂
      Eep! Thank you so much, Kirsten! That really means a lot to me! Finishing EV would be the most marvelous thing, but I’m a little worried I won’t make it. But still, simply TRYING this is getting me that much closer to my goal, right? AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BOOK, AS WELL! Same on the getting to the messy part! It’s tough, but we’ll be able to slap on all that plot tar and write/edit ALL OF THE WORDS! *flings cookies for inspiration*

      I MIGHT share a few things come April, but for right now, it is remaining gloriously under the wraps… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–HACK.


  8. Ahhhh good luck!! I love Camp NaNo, but alas am not a writer, so I don’t usually participate XD (Back when I was a smol bean in the blogging world, I did Camp Nano and prewrote 10k words worth of blogposts? which literally sounds like insanity??? and stupidity? but now I can say I have experience with Camp Nano. ANYHOW). Good luck, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Holy guacamole!!!! 10k of blog posts?!?! DUDE. HOW ARE YOU EVEN STILL ALIVE? That sounds both wonderful and also extremely terrifying… But maybe I should do that so I’m not always so behind on blogging? XD
      EEEP! Thank you so much!!!! I’m really excited, and currently MHM is going well… So let’s just hope it CONTINUES to go well, and I’m still motivated to do Camp. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Beginnings have always been my weakness. I usually rewrite them a dozen times before I’m anywhere near satisfied with them. I like them only once they’re done and I can get into the action of the story.

    And yeah, Easer…. Easter is probably my favorite holiday, so I may not actually get any writing done.


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