March Hare Madness! – Week Two: Hatchdays and Time Change and Writing, OH MY!

good afternoon, cyberspace!

And welcome to Week Two of March Hare Madness! As it happens, I completely forgot to write this blog post over the course of the weekend/Monday like I normally do, and am now sitting at the computer, trying to hash this out on Tuesday morning/afternoon.

Right before this smudge is supposed to be uploaded. So. Be prepared for mass amounts of typos and awful sentence structures, peasants.

But anyway, enough dilly-dallying. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover in regards to all of the wonders that have happened this past week, so let’s dive straight into the smudge, okay? Okay.

· · · · ·

· · · The Weekly Recap! · · ·

March Hare Madness! – Part One, Week Two

Goal – . . . write 11 chapters in 15 days . . .

Chapters Completed – . . . 7 . . .

Chapter Remaining – . . . 4 . . .

Aha. This week was. . .interesting. To say the least. See, it FELT like I got a ton of writing done. I completed four more chapters, hashed my way through some of the more difficult scenes, and am really, really, REALLLLLLYYYYYY close to finishing the story now.

However. I still have four chapters to go.

And only three days left. Including today.

So yeah. If someone could send me like a giant box of brownie sundaes and some hot cocoa, that would be fantastic, thanks.

But despite the fact that I’m slowly melting away into oblivion now (I’m so vacant on the blogosphere, ASDFGHJKL I SWEAR I’M STILL ALIVE, GUYS) THERE ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN SOME REALLY WONDERFUL THINGS THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!! 

So let’s talk about those. Right now. Because I really need to get back to my book.


· · · Week Two Highlights · · ·

  • Durachi had a hatchday! . . . he is now officially four years old, and OH MY WORD, I could not be a prouder Kenzie. And also a slightly scared Kenzie because HE CAN’T BE FOUR ALREADY??? This is not physically possible??? But he is literally the most adorable bird in the entire universe, and I am just so happy that this little guy chose me. He is literally my favorite. (and OBVIOUSLY i brought photographic proof of his cuteness, because he is adorable and smol and you must gaze upon his majestic perfection and squeal like you’ve just been attacked by a pack of baby alpacas.)
  • The descent into madness has grown stronger . . . for the book. Not me. But I am also descending into madness, if anyone out there cares to know. It’s quite noisy actually. The voices in my head keep getting stronger. Aha. Hahahahahaha.
  • We jumped ahead an hour! . . . and I am still trying to recover from the gaping hole of having an entire 60 minutes ripped right out of my life! 
  • jk. that is not a highlight.
  • Can someone please tell me where Benjamin Franklin and George Vernon Hudson’s bodies are buried so I can smash their bones with a hammer? thanks.
  • Also, I only have four chapters left of everlost! . . . AND THE NERVOUS JITTERS ARE BACK!!! But also I’m having some trouble because of plot holes, BUT WHATEVER. I’m working through it. Sort of. Aha.
  • SOMETHING HAPPENED . . . and to avoid spoilers, that is all I can say. But I CAN tell you that it is either A) extremely heartbreaking and shall shatter your soul into a million pieces, or B) predictably lame and falls so flat on its face that it implants a permanent scowl onto your head.
  • and that’s pretty much all I’ve got for highlights.
  • woot.

I’m actually making pretty good time with writing this post, which is most likely due in part to the lack of rambly transitions. But alas, allow us to keep with the trend and jump straight into the everlost interview, because I am UBER excited to introduce you to yet another cast member this week, who, despite that marvelous typo last week in which I said he was Thao’s father, is actually Thao’s GRANDFATHER. Haha #OOPS

So without further ado, it is with the greatest pleasure that I present to thee —

· · · Let’s Chat With The Cast! – Week Two · · ·

Kenzie: Ah! Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome back to our second installment of Let’s Chat With The Cast! Today I am joined once again by the entire cast of everlost, who have kindly agreed to answer some questions for us and discuss their current story.

Thao: I’m pretty sure you’re saying ‘the entire cast of everlost’ just to get on our nerves now.

Peter: Uh, guys. . .? Where’s Bella?

Kenzie: We have some super exciting things to discuss today, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

Kenzie: First on today’s agenda . . . Jevron! Thank you so much for being here with us today!

Jevron Crowe: You’re welcome.

Peter: Seriously, where is Bella???

Kenzie: Now, it says here that you’re the head of the entire Locket. Is this true?

Jevron: Yes. I should think you already knew this.

Kenzie: Yes, well. Our viewers didn’t.

Jevron: I see.

Peter: What have you done with Bella?!

Thao: *wriggling uncomfortably* And while we’re interrupting, how much would it actually cost to get a bigger couch in here? It’s probably a good thing Ding-Dong isn’t here. We’d never fit otherwise.

Kenzie: And here we go again. You two will get your turns to speak, okay? Right now we’re focusing on our special guest.

Thao: *snorts* Special is the word.

Jevron: Don’t mind my grandson. He never knows when to keep his rather colorful opinions to himself. I’ve often wondered if perhaps he is physically incapable of holding his mouth shut.

Thao: *gasps* Rude.

Kenzie: Okay, let’s just get to the questions, yes? Maybe that will help keep everyone calm. Right now Adaline’s the only one not interrupting.

Peter: That’s because she isn’t here!

Thao: Wait, what?

Kenzie: Back to you, Jevron. I know we can’t exactly discuss the —- program itself, because of. . .well. . .spoilers. But I’d really like to talk to you about the motive behind the program, if that’s all right.

Thao: What’d you do with the Loony?

Jevron: I’m afraid it’s not, actually. The program is highly classified, as I’m sure you know. I’m not allowed to discuss any of the particulars to anyone outside of those who have been directly cleared by myself.

Kenzie: But I’m the writer.

Jevron: Yes. Good for you.

Kenzie: . . .

Kenzie: You can’t tell us ANYTHING about the program? Nothing at all. Not even why you started it?

Jevron: N–

Thao: Oh, I can answer that one.

Jevron: *glares at Thao*

Thao: It all started when gramps here couldn’t stop my grandmother from–

Jevron: That is quite enough, Thao.

Thao: But I thought the adoring public might want to know what, exactly, you’re–

Jevron: I said enough.

Thao: *in a mocking voice that is remarkably accurate to his bulbous-nosed grandfather* ‘I said enough.’

Kenzie: Okay. So we can’t talk about the —- program. Fine. Why don’t you tell me about the relationship between you and Thao? How long has he been working for you?

Thao: A better question is how long haven’t I been forced into labor by my dictator of a grandfather.

Jevron: Thao has been working in the Locket for about three years now. Although, I must unfortunately inform you that his service has been. . .mediocre at best.

Peter: Mediocre is an understatement.

Thao: Says the one who got stuffed down in the basement.

Kenzie: And how about your family relationship? I understand Thao lived with you for a greater part of his childhood.

Thao: Right. Because he murdered my parents.

Jevron: Could you believe it if I told you he was even more insufferable as a child? Elizabeth was the only one who could get him to shut up.

Thao: Grandma actually talked to me, rather than at me. Too bad that’s a trait you never seemed to pick up before she died.

Jevron: . . .

Thao: That and how to make her chocolate chip cookies. Those things were to die for.

Kenzie: Okay. . .let’s just. . .let’s just move on, shall we?

Peter: Perfect. Let’s talk about what happened to Bella and Adaline, then.

Kenzie: Ahem. I’m the one asking the questions, here.

Peter: Not anymore. Bella and Adaline. Where are they?

Kenzie: Not here.

Peter: Yes, I’m pretty sure I caught that.

Kenzie: I can’t tell you where they are.

Peter: That’s in invalid answer. Try again.

Kenzie: *sighs* Look, Peter, I’m sorry, but I really can’t tell you. The truth is, you already know.

Peter: No.

Kenzie: It’s true. You know it’s true. You know where they are. You know what happened. You were there.

Peter: NO.

Kenzie: I’m sorry.

Kenzie: *turns to Jevron* Actually, we appear to have a question from one of the viewers. I’m not sure if it was directly aimed to be asked during this interview, but I think it’d be more interesting to have you answer it yourself.

Kenzie: A few of our viewers are wondering, since it’s such a bizarre name — “How do you pronounce Thao?”

Thao: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that should have been directed at me.

Jevron: It’s the most idiotic name, isn’t it? My son knew absolutely nothing about naming children.

Thao: Says the man who named his son ‘Jacin’.

Jevron: You would think his name would be pronounced ‘tow’, like a rhyme with ‘cow’, but it’s actually ‘Thay-o’. Like a potato. A perfect analogy, really.

Thao: Could have spelled it ‘Jason’ like a normal person. But no.

Jevron: I nearly had a heart-attack when I first saw him.

Thao: Hey, honey, let’s name our son Jason, but completely butcher the spelling so that absolutely no one has a clue what his name actually sounds like. He won’t despise himself at all.

Jevron: He was such an ugly child. Elizabeth actually cried.

Thao: I’m pretty sure that’s because I was a miracle, gramps.

Kenzie: And that is all we have for today, folks! I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but having two Crowe’s on one show at the same time was definitely the worst decision I have ever made.

Thao: Tell me about it.

Peter: . . .

Kenzie: I hope you guys enjoyed getting to meet Jevron! He’s one of the characters that I’m still trying to develop, actually, so be sure to tell me all of your thoughts and opinions on this tiny glimpse into his character down in the comments below!

Jevron: Excuse me?

Kenzie: And be sure to stay tuned for next week, when we interview the Locket Surveillance guy, Nathaniel —-!

Kenzie: Oh wait. . . I’m getting orders from HQ that apparently I’m not allowed to give out his last name because of spoilers. But anyway! Next week we’ll be giving the entire cast of everlost–

Thao: I knew it.

Kenzie: –a break and let Nate take the floor. So if you have any questions to ask him, be sure to leave those down in the comments, as well!

Kenzie: Thank you all so much for being here today. We’re really getting into the thick of the story now, so I can only imagine what the weeks to come may hold!

Kenzie: As always, until next time. . .

Kenzie: *flings cookies in the air and disappears*


talk to me, peasants!

Week Two of March Hare Madness is officially over, and only three days remain until Part Two launches into effect. 

So, in conclusion — I am kind of freaking out. But this is okay. Everything’s okay. It’s not like I’m way behind or anything. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHA. HA.

But anyway, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for today, folks, so let’s go ahead and throw some questions around! How has the month of March been treating you? Have you gotten any writing done? Are you way behind on the blogosphere like Yours Truly? Are you excited for Nathaniel to come and join us on Let’s Chat With The Cast! ? What do you think happened to Adaline and Bella? (has anyone else noticed how these interviews are sort of turning into a mass drama??? [and how that ending was EXTREMELY unexpected? {nice transitioning, Kenzie. A+ work there.}]) And also, what do you think of Jevron?? (because I’m dead serious when I say his character is still under development [#help me]Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below!

As always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*



57 thoughts on “March Hare Madness! – Week Two: Hatchdays and Time Change and Writing, OH MY!

  1. Benjamin Franklin’s burial place is Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, USA. He died on April 21, 1790.
    George Vernon Hudson’s burial place is St Mary’s Anglican Burial Ground Karori. He died on April 5, 1946.
    You can contact me for further info about where their gravestones are located in the grounds. I’ll be happy to answer them! (Only problem is, I don’t really know…)
    (and I gave you the dates so when their death anniversaries roll around, you can feel depressed. Like an anti-holiday. There should be more of those, I think). XD

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  2. They answered my question!! (also I was right about how to pronounce it… which astounds me xD) But didn’t Thao warn you about the danger of having two Crowes?? In fact, of all the everlost interviews I’ve read, I think this is the one where you lost control of the characters the most… not that I’m complaining. xD

    And I have no idea where Adeline and Bella might be… but Peter seems traumatised. Which can’t be good.

    *sends TimTams so you can finish this thing!*

    (oh, and I have no idea who Nathanial is, but since it seems like he works at the same place as Jevron and Thao, I’d ask which of them is worse to be around. Or more of a drama [/murder] queen. Whichever way you want to phrase it. [My only regret is that Thao won’t be there to splutter angrily??]) (And I’d ask Nathanial to tell us whatever Jevron doesn’t want us to know… but if he’s anything like the other characters, he feels no responsibility to answer the questions at all…)

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    • Oh, and you have daylight savings?? That’s one thing we’ve avoided so far – other Aussie states have it, but we’ve refused outright. xD

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      • Most of the US still observes it. Like 1.5 states+our territories opted out ages ago and Florida is trying to follow suite. The rest of us are angry, but not enough to do anything about it.
        Which Aussie state do you live in?

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      • First of all, I am SO jealous that you live in Australia. You must see so many awesome animals just out wandering around!! (also, have you ever seen a wild cockatiel?? I have a baby cockatiel, and I’ve always wondered what they were like in the wild. XD)

        Secondly, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! UGH! I wish our state would refuse. But our state is lame. :(( May I come and live with you, please??? XD

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        • I’d say “oh, the kangaroos-in-the-backyard thing is totally a stereotype”, except…?? Once I looked out my bedroom window and saw two males having a face-slapping fight less than ten metres away. (I’m not sure whether I’ve seen a wild cockatiel, though? I’m not good at birds. We do have sulpher-crested cockatoos, which are completely different, but people have them as pets, and they learn to talk. There’s a wild one in our area that says “hello cocky!” and has taught a few others to do it too… their pronunciation is atrocious, though.)

          Of course! You may come and live with me whenever you like. I shall create a haven for frazzled American bloggers. (There will be kangaroos. And TimTams.)


          • Oh my goodness!!! That is SOOO cool! I think the weirdest thing we’ve ever had in our yard was a pig. It got loose from somewhere and was rooting around the base of our tree. XD (OH. MY. WORD. That is literally one of the most ADORABLE things I have ever heard!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen sulpher-crested cockatoos. I have seen umbrella cockatoos, though! But they’re probably not the same… XD BUT OH MY WORD I CANNOT GET OVER HOW ADORABLE THAT BIRD IS!!!!! AWWWWWWW!!! Haha, yeah! Durachi sounds like a little monster when he talks! It’s the cutest thing ever!!!!)

            Bless you, you beautiful bean!!!! *hugs* Ooooooh! I would love to try a TimTam!!! They look delicious… AND KANGAROOS!!!! YES!!!! I NEED! But not to eat. That would be terrible. D:


    • YESSS! I thought it would be more fun to have them answer, since they tend to be a little more interesting than me. XD Yes. Yes, he did. But I never listen to them, obviously. (I really should, though… Aha…) Hahahahahaha! XD Oh goodness, I know, right?? This one was particularly uncontrollable. It’s those awful Crowe’s, I tell you. XD

      (mwahahahahahahaha!) I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s fun to make the interviews reflect what’s happening in the actual story!!! I hope I’m doing it correctly, though… XD

      (I feel like such a loser because I had to look up what a TimTam is, BUT OH MY WORD, IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!! I need…)

      (Ooooooh! These are PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much, Jem!!! I am so excited for these, you have no idea… And HAHAHAHAHAHA! I know, right?? I can’t even force my own characters to answer the questions. It’s awful. XD But Nate is USUALLY a lot more calm and obedient than Thao or Peter, so I have a feeling the next interview will be a little less chaotic. Hopefully… XD)

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  3. Oh you poor thing. That sounds quite insane. When would you like us to schedule the funeral for your sanity?

    But you’ve been making so much progress!!!! I shall call you the editing QUEEN. Or at least Duchess.

    Thoughts on Jevron… (Yeah, dude, who are you to insult your grankid’s name when yours is just Chevron with a “j”. Just sayin’.) Ahem, anyway. Well, he’s not very talkative, is he? I think he’s grumpier than Thao, which is saying something, but he’s also more normal. But did he really murder his son and daughter-in-law and then adopt their kid? That sounds… unusual. And really messed up, man.

    Poor Peter. I think that each chat he spends more time panicked about something you may or may not have done to other characters. He’s going to need therapy, isn’t he? (Also you are a cruel word wizard to tell us so little about the SOMETHING that happened. And make us fear for the existences of certain people. *squints aggressively*)


    • I know! *sniffs* I’m dying over here, Gail. I need emergency cookies. Also, next Saturday would be great. I should be available that entire afternoon.

      Awwwwwwww!!!! Thank you so much, you wonderful bean!!! I shall gladly accept the term Editing Duchess. I am not an editing queen yet. But maybe someday… Once I actually have a brain again. XD

      OH MY GOODNESS! Okay, so when I was typing out that interview, EVERY SINGLE TIME I typed Jevron, it changed it to Chevron!!!! I’m not even joking! It was SOO annoying!!! XD And HA! Exactly! He’s such a hypocrite. XD YESSS. That’s what I’m going for! I love it when stories and shows draw parallels between their parent/child characters, so I was kind of going for that, but I’ve never really had any relatives in my stories before? They’ve always been single child orphans. Heh. XD WELLLLL… The situation is a LITTLE more complicated than Thao likes to make it sound. He didn’t NECESSARILY kill them, but. . .well… XD

      I know, right?? I feel a little bad about it, to be honest. But HE’LL BE FINE. TOTALLY FINE. (i think?) He might need therapy, actually… Poor guy. (EEP! I AM SORRY, MY FRIEND! But all shall be revealed in the actual story, soooooo….? XD *gives you cookies as meager substitute*)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Next Saturday. Got it.

        And noooo! Get it together, auto-correct! Oooh, yes, that makes it so cool! Especially when Jevron’s your story’s villain, and Thao… well he’s not quite a hero, but he’s at least an MC. So it’s cool that they have those parallels!!! Ahhh, gotcha. He only *sorta* killed ’em. Well that’s okay then. XD

        Fine. Cookies accepted. Just be sure to, you know, finish that book and everything! <3

        *Ships off giant box of cookies for writing fuel*


        • Perfect.

          I know, right??? I was SO close to just leaving it as Chevron a couple times. My stenographer isn’t very accurate, anyway. XD Yeah!! That’s what I thought, too. XD I’m not really sure what Thao is. He’s like an unwilling hero, I think. And haha, yes. Only *sorta* kills them. That’s the perfect way to put it. XD

          Hahaha! I shall definitely be finishing the book! I’m not sure it will be this month, though. I’ve run into some major complications. :P

          EEP! THANK YOU, DEAR BEAN. *eats all of the cookies*


  4. Woot! You’re only four chapters away from your first goal! Even though you’re panicking right now, it seems clear you’ll be waaaaaaaaay closer to finishing Everlost once this month is done! :D

    Aw, I hope your bird had a fun hatchday! Also, does that sign in the background say “Dysfunctional Family Rules” and “Procrastinate” is one of the lines? xD

    That interview did not turn out well and I rather expected that to happen. On the other hand…Bella has mysteriously disappeared and even Adaline is missing too! I guess they got captured and taken away for mysterious experiments? Or they died. Or were transformed into hamsters and then eaten by a cat, so they could die unusually.

    I’m not sure I have any commentary on Jevron other than his family all have weird names, and I got sense of what kind of motive he has behind the Locket. Possibly something to do with someone dying…

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    • I HIT THE GOAL!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL!!! But editing is currently kicking my butt, so…. Haha… *is ded* Yes! That’s what I’m going for — just one step closer to finishing. XD

      I think he did! He seemed really happy… And WHAAAAAT? NOoOOOoOOOOOooo. Of course not. My family is totally normal. WE’RE NORMAL, I SWEAR!

      HAHA! Yep. These interviews are slowly getting out of control. XD OH WELL! At least they’re fun to write. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Where oh where have the smol precious babies gone??? ONLY I MAY KNOW!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Actually, that last one is much better than what actually happened. I need to completely rethink this plot now…

      Haha, I know right??? They’re kind of messed up, to be honest. And why didn’t Thao get a name that starts with a J??? There’s Jevron, Jacin, and I’m FAIRLY certain that Jevron’s dad had a name that started with J. So what on earth happened with Thao??? XD Ooooh. Jethan, your guesses are getting too close to the truth!!! STOP USING YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS!!!!! *puts on aluminum hat*

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      • Awesome! :D

        Yes, I’m sure your family is VERY normal. (On the other hand, a family that understands procrastination will come to mess up the best laid plans might be a bit more realistic about life. xD)

        I gotta try making an interview where the characters derail it completely…without revealing spoilers. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! YES! DERAIL YOUR ENTIRE PLOT YOU’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR YEARS AND SIMPLY TURN THEM INTO DEAD HAMSTERS! The readers will never see it coming. Though they probably won’t buy another book from you again… XD

        I feel there must be immense to Thao not having a J name. Like his parents were trying to escape family traditions and control, until it got to the point that they died suspiciously?
        I will try to not speculate about your plot in public anymore… >:)


        • Oh yes. We most certainly are. (That’s true. But I’d rather NOT procrastinate, because if I didn’t, I could get SO much more done… I must break the procrastination cycle…)

          You really should! It’s so much more fun than you’d think. I find that I really get a good feel for the characters after interviewing them… Honestly, you have no idea how close I am to doing this. XD THIS BOOK IS UTTER GARBAGE. HELP. I really think I should just throw it away and start from scratch. :P HAHA! This is true. But why would I ever want them to buy another book if the first book I ever publish is the most amazing hamster battle they’ve ever seen? I would be rich!

          Same. Though I’m not sure what it would be. Hmmm… Perhaps you’re right about that, but I’m not sure. From what I know of his parents, they’re….well….no spoilers, yes? I shall keep my lips sealed. XD
          MWAHAHAHAHA! I feel like silent speculation is much more deadly…. XD

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          • Well, you just have tiny procrastination breaks that end up making you MORE effective. Like how I was set to draw more pages, but procrastinated, got a ton of outline notes done instead, and then I went back to my sketches and started editing them with fresh eyes.

            I am planning on it… >:)
            Okay, you do need some sort of book about a dramatic hamster battle. And maybe it’s SUPERHERO HAMSTERS!!! It would be hilarious. xD

            Keep it secret, keep it safe! xD
            We’ll be as silent as space.
            Des: But we’ll keep blabbing about Spectra spoilers, right?
            Me: I may be in total danger of that, yes…


            • Ooh! That sounds good, actually. I really, really, REALLY need to get some outline notes done, too. . . Hmm… Perhaps I shall try this! Thank you so much, Jethan!!!!

              EEEP! I am excited!!!!
              HAHAHAHAHAHA! Superhero hamsters!!! Oh my word, this would fit so well into the superhero book I’m planning… Or it would fit in as a bit of a spoof or side-conversation, that is…. (do you mind if I reference this in that book? if I find a place to fit it, of course! XD)

              GANDALF!!! That’s one of my most-used Gandalf quotes. XD
              OOOOH! I definitely don’t mind Spectra spoilers!! I LOVE learning more about Spectra!!! But I totally understand if you want to keep everything secret and safe, too!!!

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              • MWAHAHAHA! I shall take over the world with counter-intuitive procrastination productivity!!! (Actually I think I read a book somewhere that had the idea that procrastination could help you be productive still, that whole thing about writers cleaning their whole house to avoid writing. xD)

                TAKE IT FOR YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whether it’s a true, EPIC BATTLE or a little reference, that would be awesome to have it included!

                I know. xD
                Des: Like, practice some Story Security, ya twit.
                Me: That’s nice, Des, I’m sure it will TOTALLY happen. :P
                Maybe if I talked about it in email rather than public comments online…xD

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                • DEFINITELY. XD (that makes sense, though! when writers do everything BESIDES writing, we are truly getting SO MANY THINGS done!! XD )

                  EEP! THANK YOU!!!! I shall see if I can include it somewhere… This is going to be so much fun. XD

                  I’d totally be up for an email!! But I’m super behind on emails lately. I’d definitely read it, though, and probably respond within the next ten years, so there’s that…

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                  • For sure!

                    It shall be grand! :D

                    I know, I do like chatting through wordpress as well. Perhaps this shall motivate me to actually PUBLISH Spectra stuff and not just make cryptic comments about it. xD Slowly I shall get there!


                    • I can definitely relate to this. I’m having some MASSIVE rewrites for EV (plot holes! YAY!), so I am in a very similar, slow-sailing boat. XD I also think my ship has a hole in it… Plot points are fun, though!! I love plotting. It’s the best.

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                    • I almost want to, just let Spectra sit there and sulk in the sea water instead of annoying me. >:P
                      Except I tried outlining the book series for it anyway. I don’t know what I’m doing. I could figure on 3 books for it, but afterward, I can’t estimate the length of the story arcs thereafter. Maybe it’ll be at least 5-7 books?

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                    • Oh no!!!! But you MUST finish Spectra!!! It deserves to be written!!! You can do this! If you ever want to talk story with anyone, you can always email me, too!!

                      I’ve never been good with plotting out how big a book is going to be. I guess that’s why EV is over 200k? But I know for SURE that this is a duology… Oh goodness, I’ve never even considered writing a 5-7 book series!!! That sounds…honestly that sounds really epic, and I’m kind of jealous. XD That is SO cool.

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                    • I know, it’s just this PRESENT TIME it’s all chaotic agony and maybe I just need a break. Concentrate on some real life stuff and maybe I’ll get back into it with fresh eyes. Yes, that’s probably the remedy for me.
                      Hmm…Maybe I should email about it…

                      I just really hope I don’t make my books different sizes. A thin novel there, a fat novel here, everything different. I want it to look fairly uniform. I think I’ve always wanted a long series, mainly so I don’t have to say goodbye to my characters, but also because my stories always grow too big and I don’t want to cut stuff. xD

                      Hmm…what if you have two 200k books and my 5 books are 80k each, we’d get the same amount of story! xD

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                    • That definitely sounds reasonable!!! Sometimes stories just need a break! YES!!! EMAIL ME!!! (actually, I think you already did, but it’s at my old email address, and I haven’t had a chance to respond yet. I AM SO SORRY. I’m trying to get on top of emails, but it’s kind of difficult.)

                      Oh yeah, that’s definitely something to keep track of… I actually never even thought about that with EV??? Like, I want it to be a dualogy, but as for what happens in the second book, I only have vague snippets… :P So I’m hoping that I don’t have one super duper long book, and then a second dinky thing. XD Oh my word, same!!! I hate saying goodbye to my characters!!!! And ALSO YES TO THE CUTTING STUFF. It hurts. It physically HURTS.

                      Hahaha!!! That’s actually really weird to think about… 80k is a really good size for a novel, though. I don’t think a 200k book will ever get published… XD

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                    • Yes, I am on break right now.
                      (Oh, right, I think my contacts shows your old email, so that’s what went wrong. I better sort that out.)

                      Yes, I have no idea how to make the length consistent. Well, maybe I could manage it, but it becomes harder to predict what will go down later in the series. Hopefully EV will be a bit more balanced than that. xD

                      I DON’T LIKE CUTTING STUFF! Maybe I can manage it if it’s the same plot point or if a different scene renders it obsolete and makes the story work, but cutting a scene that isn’t directly replaced is terrible. Though having obsoleted scenes is terrible too.
                      (Except the ones that were badly written. xD)

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                    • I was on break last week… This week I’ve decided that this story is getting written, whether it wants to be or not. XD (I think you forwarded it!! My inbox is a literal nightmare right now, but I’m slowly sorting through it…)

                      I…highly doubt EV will be more balanced. XD If anything, I’m pretty sure you’re series will be more organized and even, because you seem like more of an organized, carefully planned person. I am a literal tornado with a death wish. XD

                      Yes!!! That is exactly my problem! Like, I’m okay if I can take a scene and make it BETTER, but if I have to cut something entirely, it just makes me feel sick. Like there’s something within that random little scene that MEANS something to the story, and HOW ON EARTH ARE PEOPLE GOING TO KNOW THAT THAO HAS A PINK TOOTHBRUSH IF I DO NOT EXPLICITLY SAY SO????? XD

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                    • I haven’t managed much writing yet. (And I did forward it, so hopefully that will be more convenient.)

                      I hope I can make it more neat and tidy and organized. I feel like there’s something missing from the process of planning itself that is causing me trouble with getting through my story.

                      Thao has a pink toothbrush? *Applauds* xD
                      Yeah, you don’t want those meaningful details to get lost. :(

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                    • I ANSWERED IT!!! But now I need to answer it again, and I have been awful with my inbox lately. UGH. I can never stay on top of this…

                      Yeah… Planning is hard. Usually, I just get fed up with the planning stage and leap right into the story. I guess that’s kind of my personality, though. I jump into things without exactly thinking them through, and sometimes it works out sparklingly, but other times….aha…no. XD

                      HAHA!! I don’t know, I just sort of made that up. But honestly, I would not be surprised in the least if he actually had a pink toothbrush. XD Exactly!!!!

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                    • Ah, the battle of the inbox…

                      Honestly, I probably just need to WRITE DOWN the plans I do have, but I’ve been stalling. However, I’ve gotten some great ideas for Spectra, but it’s near the end so it’s Top Secret.

                      Well, his pink toothbrush would go well with his strawberry shampoo.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Ugh, I know. XD This is why I prefer instant messaging. XD

                      OOOOOOOH!!! Top Secret Plans!!!! I definitely have my own fair share of those. XD Gotta love all the spoilery things us writers must keep close to avoid spoiling the ending for our friends, amiright? XD *distant sobbing*

                      THIS IS VERY TRUE. XD I’m very tempted to give him a pink toothbrush now… Even though we never SEE his toothbrush… XD

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  5. That is excellent progress, even if it isn’t quite what you wanted. You completed seven chapters in TWO weeks! I haven’t written any of my 10 yet…. By comparison, you’re doing awesome!
    Poor Peter. And the girls, wherever they are…. Jevron is an excellent snoot of a villain. I was pronouncing Thao’s name somewhere in the middle: not “tow”, not “thay-o”, but “thow”.


    • EEEP! Thank you so much, Phoebe! You are so sweet and encouraging, oh my word! *hugs* Oh no!!! Well, there is DEFINITELY still time in the month to complete them!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS, PHOEBE!!!!! *flings cookies at you for motivation*

      OOOH, YES! I was going for snoot of a villain! I was initially going to make him this tiny little frail thing, but then he just sort of. . .well, he is who is now, and there’s really no changing it. XD Ahhhh! Yeah, that is just one of the many ways you can pronounce it! His name is so weird. I think I’m going to need a pronunciation guide in the front of the book JUST for him. :P Actually, his name was SUPPOSED to be pronounced ‘tay-o’ at first, but then I changed it later, either before or after beginning the first draft. I can’t remember now…


  6. GOOD GRAVY. I feel like I haven’t been to your blog in like two years???? How did this happen??? And, let me tell you, it is like a breath of fresh air to be back!!!

    (Pssssst!!! You have 153 followers. Wooooow. YOU SO FAMOUS.)

    Durachi is so photogenic it’s amazing. ;)))


    Awwwwwwww. Thao cares about her!!! He wants to know where she is!!!

    Ohhh. Thao was close to his grandma. Was she the first patient in the Locket??

    ALSO WHERE IS ADALINE??? Bring her back immediately!!!!

    “Elizabeth actually cried.” This is hilarious. I’m dying. (You are brilliant.)


    • KATE!!!!!!! *tackle hugs* THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO MY BLOG IN TWO YEARS. I’m old now. I have five kids and three grey hairs. How could you do this.

      (wait, what???? I do??? okay, apparently I really need to check my followers more often…??? XD)

      I know. It’s kind of creepy, actually?? Like, you just randomly take a picture of him, and he looks like a tiny bird model, and every single picture I’m in looks like I got hit in the face with a spoon of mashed potatoes. WHAT EVEN.



      I SAY NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. (also, I really need to lay off the caps… XD)

      Nope! Sadly, I cannot. Adaline is gone. At least, she is right now. She’ll be back later, though! (sort of.)

      EEEP! I am so glad you liked it!!! That line was pretty much my favorite. XD (awww! but no. YOU are the brilliant one, my smol friend twin.)


  7. These are great! I like how you’re spicing up the updates with some interviews (always love seeing Thao’s sarcasm :) ) Also, what’s happening to Adeline and Bella? What are you doing with them? I’ve barely even gotten to know them yet. Ugh! :)


    • Awwww!!! Thank you so much, Kirsten!!!! *hugs* YESS! I really don’t like writing update posts, so I had to throw SOMETHING fun in there. It makes things more interesting. XD (Thao’s sarcasm is honestly way too hard to control. I try, and I fail. XD) mwahahahahahahaha… I REVEAL NO SPOILERS!!! But I CAN tell you that there will be plenty of time to get to know them better in the future… Maybe. XD


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