Let’s Chat! — The Bubblegum Rebellion (feat. THE KATE)

good morning, Cyberspace!

For once in my life, I am doing an interview with an actual, real live human.


Prepare yourselves for some extreme madness within this blog post, my friends, for you are about to enter the realm of The Kate and The Kenzie.

And yes. We are strange.

• • • Meet The Kate • • •


As a four-year-old, Kate regularly yelled long, enraged monologues to the nonplussed white wall of her bedroom when she got sent there as punishment. Her penchant for the dramatic was born then and it continued to grow and flourish as Kate matured. In recent years, the realization dawned on her – she was never happier than when she was acting. Her passion is to bring stories to life – whether it is on a stage or in front of a camera – and her hope is that those stories will change people. When she isn’t at rehearsals, she loves writing dark, heavy books that usually include explosions, a big family, and lots of ethnic culture, drawing creepy things that are either burning or bleeding with her art pencils, and reveling in the haunting wistfulness of the trees when she takes long hikes in a nearby park. 

. . . .Twitter. . . .Blog. . . .The Bubblegum Rebellion. . . .Goodreads

• • • Meet The Bubblegum Rebellion • • •

the Bubblegum Rebellion isn’t about your average revolution. it’s not about anger or defiance. rather, this rebellion is a dare. a dare to live differently. to rebel harmlessly. to conquer winsomely.

the Bubblegum Rebellion is about dancing even when others stop to stare and you let them. it’s about putting flowers in your hair like the awkward wisp of fairymagic that you are. it’s about closing your eyes and feeling the sun on your eyelids and a smile so wide the whole world can’t contain it. it’s about learning from the past but not staying there, not wasting one more minute of YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE reliving it. it’s about finally feeling like you belong somewhere and basking in the knowledge that you are loved for the BEAUTIFUL MESSED UP human being that you are.

…will you join the Rebellion?

• • • The Interview • • •

Kenzie: Good morning, everybody, and welcome back to yet another marvelous episode of Let’s Chat! Today I have here with me a VERY special guest. Not only is she actually alive (aha. i mean, not a character from everlost. obviously), but she also happens to be one of the most amazing, fun, and wonderful friends I’ve ever had.

Kenzie: Ladies and gents, boys and girls, marshmallows and cupcake fronds, please put your hands together for the one, the only, the incomparable Kate Marie!

*children screaming*
*marshmallows dancing*
*one man screaming*

Kate: *gasp* I’m alive? Kenzie, when were you going to TELL me??? (Also, the marshmallows dancing was a really nice touch. I applaud.)

Kenzie: Well, you know. I was just waiting for the opportune moment. Obviously. (Aw, why thank you. They’re taking ballet lessons, actually. I’ll tell them you noticed their lovely dancing.)

Kenzie: But anyway. Thank you SO much for being here today, Kate! I am so excited to get a chance to interview you. We have quite a few questions to cover, so I hope you’re ready to talk about ALL OF THE THINGS this morning!

Kate: Well, this chair is waaaaay more comfy than a certain CLOSET I seem to recall spending some time in… so you’re welcome. I’m happy to be here. But please put down that knife? It’s making me nervous.

Kenzie: Ah, yes! I had forgotten about the closet… Oh, those were most certainly the days, weren’t they?

Kenzie: And hahahahahaha…whaaat? What are you talking about? *laughs nervously whilst inconspicuously stuffing a glinting blade behind her back* I don’t have a knife. Hahaha…haha…ha. Silly Kate.

Kenzie: But now before I go lopping chatting your ear off about marshmallow fronds and non-existent knives, let’s get into the real meat of why you are here, yes? I’ve heard it through my gnome spies delicate resources that you are beginning a rebellion. A Bubblegum Rebellion, to be precise. And while I know this question is tried and true and probably overdone so much by now that it’s shriveled up into a burnt and crispy flapjack — and that I could obviously pull the blurb directly from the blog (*points above awkwardly*) — I thought that maybe you would be so kind as to once again give us a bit of an explanation as to what The Bubblegum Rebellion is — what it’s about, what it stands for to you, to others, etc..? Just the basic lowdown of what it is you’re trying to create with this Rebellion!

Kate: *nervous laugh* *glancing at knife*

Kate: RIGHT. Yes. The Rebellion.

Kate: Well… not to be dramatic or anything BUT I BASICALLY THINK MY REBELLION ENCAPSULATES THE MEANING OF LIFE. No big deal or anything.

Kate: To put it another way… I think life is just this constant cycle of innocence turning to cynicism. (And I’m not saying that’s your fault, somehow. It’s very natural for this to happen…) You start out all unguarded and sweet… but you bump into people. And more people. And more people. And all the bumping – it hurts. So you develop a thicker skin. You put on this armor. You learn to PROTECT YOURSELF. Like I said, it’s a very natural instinct.

Kate: The Rebellion is about taking the armor off.

Kate: You will get hurt, I know that. But I think our hearts need to be broken sometimes.

Kate: #deep

Kenzie: WHOA. That really IS deep. (And totally not dramatic, HAHAHAHAHAHA. *scoots farther away*) To be honest, I find myself falling even more in love with this concept the more I hear about it. It is so raw and true and just UGH. I LOVE THIS.

Kenzie: I totally get what you’re saying, though. Growing a thicker skin is something that has become ‘natural’ nowadays, and that, my friends, is just wrong. But even with having said that, I still think it’s going to be quite the challenge for me to peel mine off at this point. BUT I MUST TRY. *whips pitchfork out of back pocket*

Kenzie: Um, yeah… don’t actually use the pitchfork to — oh dear.

Kenzie: All right! Second question! What was the inciting incident (#writertalk) that made you realize you wanted to begin a rebellion? And coincidentally, WHY begin a rebellion? Why not simply start a YouTube channel or a vlog? Is there any particular reason you wanted to create a revolution?

Kate: Yikes. Inciting incident… don’t blush, but I think the inciting incident was talking to you about it. I knew I wanted to go off to college, that I’d probably be too busy to write posts on my old blog, that I wanted to keep everyone updated through videos… but then we were talking and it all came crashing into my brain. IT COULD BE SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A FEW VIDEOS WHERE I TALK ABOUT MY BORING LIFE. It could be… this crazy contagious thing, this wild celebration of life and beauty and meaning and — there I go again. *cringey face*

Kenzie: AWWWWWWWWW! WELL, NOW, I’M TOTALLY BLUSHING. And I absolutely love how you’re describing this. Crazy contagious things are the absolute most WONDERFUL things!

Kate: Precisely. Like the black plague. That was great too.

Kenzie: Exactly! The black plague was glorious, obviously. We should hereby call this The Black-Plague Rebellion. It would make so much more sense.

Kate: Ohhhhh. DUDE. Why do we not do that…

Kenzie: I KNOW RIGHT. We must do it. It shall be perfection.

Kenzie: All right, let me find our next question here… *flips index cards* Aha! Here it is.

Kenzie: Do you think you could tell us a bit more about the features of the Bubblegum Rebellion? Is it mainly the vlog, or are there going to be other features as well? (blog posts, other stuff, I think you’ve mentioned something about poetry?, etc.)

 Kate: Oooh! Oooh! *bounces in seat* It will moooostly be the videos I suppose, but the blog will be super active too! I might try my hand at writing a bit of poetry, yes, but I’m also going to share videos that I find inspiring and rebellious, quotes, stories, anecdotes, life advice – basically all the little odds and ends that I pick up in my travels (that’s why I’m calling that corner of the blog my Travel Journal. It is very clever. See how clever I am.)!

Kenzie: Oh my goodness! There’s a Travel Journal? That is literally the coolest thing! I’m particularly interested in those anecdotes though, because anecdotes=life. AND YES TO THE LIFE ADVICE. I need. I know not how to life. And OH MY WORD. THE CLEVERNESS. I have never seen such cleverness with mine eye. Such cleverness. Much wow. (actually, I really love the name Travel Journal but SHHHHHH no one can know this, obviously)

Kate: *blushes* *feels clever*

Kenzie: Actually, now that you mention travel (wow, look at how well this interview is seaming together. i am a master at this.), are there any special places you’re wanting to travel to someday? Mountains, oceans, big bustling cities? Possibly places overseas?

Kate: (wowza. segue #skills)

Kenzie: (*whispers* I am the master. I am so cool.)

Kate: THIS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE QUESTION EVER? Okay I love travel. Just getting that out there. Like other people complain about long car rides?? But I looooove them. And I’ve never flown in a plane (yet, my friends — YET) but I’m going to predict that I’m NOT the type to get airsick or nervous or whatever.

Kate: Travel!!! So fun!! Much sparkle!!! As far as places… that’s hard because I want to go eeeeverywhere. Like, I adore mountains, I love the ocean, I’m a total city girl. I want to do a hipster roadtrip where I visit every state in America by car in a volkswagen and I’d love to make it to each continent at least once! And, like PRECISELY EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD, I’d love to see the Classic Travel Spots — Italy, London, Rome, Vienna, Paris. (#typical)

Kate: But. If there is one special place… it’s Africa. Not to be weird but I think God has just given me a special love for that place. (Like my soul is just from Africa, guys. Even though I’m super white.) Even as a little girl, I was FASCINATED. (I may have memorized the name of every country in Africa. Maybe.) And now, since I set my first novel IN Africa, I really want to go myself and breathe the air and touch the dirt and just… absorb all the beauty and pain of a continent SO RICH with history.

Kenzie: Okay. That road trip sounds phenomenal, and CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO HAHA, thanks. And heeeeeeeeeey! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Classic Travel Spots! *is secretly wanting to visit London someday* *is totally unique in every way*

Kenzie: Awwwwww!!! I can totally see this! You DEFINITELY have an African Soul, my friend. You must go there. You MUST. (and also make sure to take a picture of a giraffe while you are there because I like giraffes, okay? Okay.)

Kate: Shiny giraffes. . .

Kate: I’m totally dragging you along whether you want to go or not. Aaaand you’re driving.

Kenzie: Perfect. I’ll pack my bags. And apparently my non-existent license. THIS ROAD TRIP SHALL BE A SMASHING SUCCESS.

Kate: Oh yeah. I can totally imagine the two of us on the road together. Listening to loud music, committing minor felonies along the way, making friends with police officers…

Kenzie: *nods sagely* This sounds 100% accurate.

Kenzie: This next question is a tiny little bit random, but come now. What is The Kenzie if not random? (the answer is nothing. obviously) So. In regards to the fact that this is The Bubblegum Rebellion. . . How big is the biggest bubblegum bubble you’ve ever blown?

Kate: Well, this is awkward. Aha. VERY SMALL. I am actually the worst at blowing bubbles??? Like, they grow one inch and then splat on my lips and I have to peel all the sticky off and wow. #fail

Kate: But on second thought… it might be due to the fact that I rarely chew BUBBLE gum. I chew the Very Regular gum. So um yes. I wish I was more aesthetic but I’m actually hopeless. Sorry.

Kenzie: Whaaaaaaaat? You’ve never blown a giant bubblegum bubble?? We must remedy this immediately, sir. *flings bubblegum at your face* I’m expecting a tutorial on bubblegum blowing as your first official TBR vlog now. You better deliver.

Kate: I know, I know. It’s lame. BUT I THINK YOU READ MY MIND, because I was totally planning on doing some “Bubblegum Dares” in my first video!!! Whut.

Kenzie: Well, I am OBVIOUSLY a psychic, so this only makes sense. How did you not know this. YOU’D BETTER DO A LITERAL BUBBLEGUM DARE, SIR.

Kenzie: I actually wasn’t sure where to fit this next question in, but now that we’re on the subject of bubblegum, I think now would be perfect. (#smurt) Now, this might seem like a weird question, but. . .why The Bubblegum Rebellion? Is there anything significant about the bubblegum portion? (other than the fact that it is delicious and OH MY WORD YOU NEED TO CHEW BUBBLEGUM BECAUSE #YUM) Is there any particular reason you wanted this rebellion to have a bubblegum aesthetic?

Kate: Oh! This is easy. Because bubblegum is stereotypically pink!!! (I mean… I think so? Does it come in other colors?? If you are chewing green bubblegum right now, raise your hand please.) And I don’t actually like pink that much (#irony) but… I’m trying to learn to like it more. It’s a soft, sweet color and it sort of seems to promise hope and happiness and new beginnings and being a little kid and peeling sticky gum off your face. So nostalgic…

Kenzie: Ohhhhhhhhh! Okay, this actually makes a LOT of sense… I’m not too awfully fond of plain pink, either (I’m more of a yellow and orange and bright and spunky hues girl, myself) but I can definitely see where it’s got that innocent nostalgia to it! Also, I am totally still a little kid because I shall always peel sticky gum off my face. It is fun. And slightly painful. #ouch

Kenzie: Okay. I’m going to throw a giant wrench in this interview and swing our focus right on back around to The Bubblegum Rebellion vlog, because I MUST KNOW ALL OF THE THINGS, OBVIOUSLY. So. Since the vlog seems to be one of the Main Features of The Bubblegum Rebellion, do you think you could tell us a little bit more about it? (when will the first vlog air, a vague idea of what it’s going to be about, etc?)



Kate: On second thought — why don’t I tell you about MY VLOG?? Wouldn’t that be fun??

Kenzie: WHY YES. THAT WOULD BE QUITE FUN INDEED. *pets pitchfork nicely*

Kate: Aha. Okay. Yes. Just… maybe put that down now??

Kate: *eyes pitchfork with suspicion*

Kenzie: What? This??? *shoves pitchfork in your face* He’s a rather nice pitchfork, don’t you think? His name is Rupert!

Kate: *whispers* Hi, Rupert…

Rupert: *grins awkwardly*

Kate: Okay, so I don’t want to give away anything too deep and dark and spoilery but I do, in fact, have PLANS and plots and many other things and I’m definitely not just twiddling my thumbs over here and planning on completely WINGING IT when September rolls around like a decapitated head. Certainly not. I am organization and fire and death.

Kate: Anyway. I’ve promised to post my first vlog on the wondrous day of SEPTEMBER THE FIRST. Since I’ll be heading to college in the later part of August, that should give me a few days to move in and adjust and learn how to edit video before you all start banging on my face to give up the promised vlog.

Kenzie: Aw, darn. I was really hoping to see some rolling decapitated heads…. #bummer. BUT ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL!!! WE HAVE A DATE. Repeat: WE HAVE. A DATE. *scribbles hastily in calendar* Oh, but you can definitely bet that I shall still smack you in the face with an iron pan, Kate. Because it is fun. And also I am demented. Aha.

Kate: As far as content goes, I’ve decided that you guys will be allowed occasional sneaky peaks into my wild college life — maybe a campus tour, or a hello to any new friends that I make, or a dare video, or a tutorial, or a Q&A — but MAINLY it is going to be an actual show with episodes and seasons and all that good stuff. I’m currently writing that and unraveling all the snarly details. But! There is actually still time for you to add YOUR input, if you’d like to head over to my blog and pop a little suggestion into the nifty Suggestion Box. Do it.

Kenzie: *slaps your face with a link*

Kenzie: Okay, I am SO excited for this. You literally have no idea. This is definitely going to be the absolute bestest show in Cyberspace… (and I totally threw in my two cents already, hahahahahahahaha #shameless)

Kenzie: But anyway, with all this talk of vlogs and shows and writing ALL OF THE WONDERFUL CONTENT!!!, I guess my next question for you would be how long have you been writing and acting? Have they both been lifelong dreams, or was there a defining moment that really kick-started your career as a creative?

Kate: Hmmm. I was that kid who wanted to be EVERYTHING, you know?? I can distinctly remember having a CRISIS when I was about six because how was I supposed to be an FBI agent and a farmer and a rock star AT THE SAME TIME?? #LifeIsHard

Kate: I think I was around ten when I realized I wanted to be a writer. And maybe fourteen when I realized that it was bigger than just writing down stories… I wanted to tell them on the stage, through the screen, on the page — in any and every way possible.

Kate: And now, looking back, I think it’s kind of cool to see the myriad ways that my love of stories was ALWAYS part of me. More than any other game, I played pretend. We loved to reenact Peter Pan and Air Bud and Star Wars and Tarzan. We voice-acted stories with matchbox cars, action figure animals, G. I. Joes, and a huge family of stuffed animals.

Kate: So even when I thought I might like to be a hairdresser, my real passion was lurking under the surface (#creepy), just waiting for me to stop being distracted by other things and notice it.

Kenzie: This…is probably the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I mean, this is basically the whole purpose of being a writer, right? A storyteller can live as many lives as they want. So instead of picking just ONE of the many things you wanted to be, you chose ALL of them! #smurt And I also love how your passion for storytelling isn’t strictly limited to just writing. You are literally ALL OF THE THINGS when it comes to being a storyteller.

Kenzie: And HA! I can definitely relate to playing pretend and the voice-acting animals! And reenacting Star Wars sounds absolutely glorious. I need this on the TBR vlog, okay? Okay.

Kate: I AM MOST DEFINITELY ALL OF THE THINGS. (You… you want me to reenact Star Wars on my show???)

Kenzie: YES. I OBVIOUSLY WANT THIS. So you must do it. *stamps foot*

Kenzie: Okay! This is our final question before we dive straight into our super-fast ONE LINE OR DEATH! round (in which you must give a one sentence answer to each question or die a miserable, cookie-filled death. obviously). So! Are you ready?

Kate: *draws sword* I’m ready!!!

Kenzie: What are you most excited about when it comes to beginning The Bubblegum Rebellion? What are you most afraid of?

Kate: Most excited about… well, there are a lot of things but I think the biggest one, to me, is YOUR REACTION. (And I don’t mean just Kenzie, I mean aaaaaaall of you lovely fiends.) I am freaking out, guys. You’ll see my face. You’ll hear my voice. You might meet some of my friends. You’ll watch my show. You’ll see my acting skills. You might just hear me sing every now and then. My writing will come to life before your adoring eyeballs.

Kate: And you — I hope — will tell me what you think. You’ll scream and rave in the comments section like…





Kate: I can’t wait for you guys to be A PART of this with me. To share the adventures. To see me in person, as it were.

Kate: And now, my biggest fear. Aha. There are a lot of those too.

Kate: One fear is that I’ll chicken out. I’ll feel awkward in my new surroundings and I won’t have the courage to turn on the camera and talk to it like it’s a person because what if my roommate walks in while I’m filming and asks what I’m doing and oh my goodness I am going to have a panic attack I need ice cream help me.

Kate: BUT I’M HOPING THAT I CAN GET AROUND THAT. And if I do… my biggest fear is that I’ll disappoint you. Yeah. I mean, I love you guys. I’ve made friends and the thing about Friends is that… you want them to be proud.

Kate: What if my sarcasm is too much, what if my complaints are too raw, what if my jokes are sometimes mean?? WILL YOU ALL HATE ME IN YOUR SECRET HEARTS?? That kind of freaks me out.

Kate: *opens carton of ice cream* *faceplants into ice cream*I can’t feel my face when I’m with youuuuuu…

Kenzie: Um…. I’m not sure I should have included the second part of that question….? *pats shoulder awkwardly* Are you okay, smol bean? Do you need a paper bag? Or a new face?

Kenzie: And hahahahahahahaha–we all know you meant me and me alone. I am wonderful. I am glorious. #modest ASDFGHJKL, WE’RE GONNA GET TO HEAR YOU SING????? *is excited* *flips calendar forward five months*


Kenzie: *aggressively rips calendar* #oops

Kenzie: Wait. You actually have purple eyes, or…?


Kenzie: Also, WHAT IS A SECRET HEART and also where can I find one because I need… (I’ve always wanted to be a Time Lord…)

Kenzie: Anyway.

Kenzie: Wipe your ice cream face off and get ready, Kate, because it is finally time for —

• • • One Line Or DEATH! • • •

Kenzie: The goal of this game is to answer a series of completely unrelated and totally unnecessary questions as quickly as you possibly can, whilst only using one line (or sentence) for each answer! We have nine questions all ready to go, and so, without further ado. . . On your marks. . .

Kenzie: Get set. . .


  • How do you prefer your steak? Mouse-grey? Medium-well? Bloody like the bones of your enemies?
  • Would you rather have a pet platypus or a pet ostrich?
  • Mermaids or dragons?
  • Favorite TV show?
  • Favorite YouTube channel?
  • Would you rather murder a small man, or be murdered by a small man?
  • If you were a superhero, would you wear a cape? If so, what color would it be? (this is a totally relevant question. don’t even question my sanity.)

. . .and, of course. . .

  • Donkeys or penguins?

Kenzie: Boom! Those are your questions! Go, Kate, GO!

Kate: Okay, here we go… (Try to keep up!!)

Kate: Well done, please. #yum

Kate: Ostrich.

Kate: Mermaids.


Kate: Probably one I haven’t seen yet.

Kate: Studio C.

Kate: MURDER!!!(Obvs.)

Kate: Absolutely not!!! (But blue. It would definitely be blue.)

Kate: #TeamPenguin (Also how is that even a CHOICE??)

Kate: *pants*

Kate: How did I do??

Kenzie: YOU DID MARVELOUSLY, M’DEAR! You have escaped certain death. For now. *evil music plays evilly*

Kenzie: And *le GASP!!!!* There shall be merch???? THERE WILL ACTUALLY BE MERCH??? *turns to audience* GUYS! THERE WILL ACTUALLY BE MERCH!!!!! And excuse you, sir, but donkeys are adorable. So. It was obviously a choice.

Kenzie: But alas. Before I go full-on nerd and demand that you should totally have a cape for your superhero costume (#NoOneCaresEdnaMode #yescapes), I think we should probably begin to wrap this interview up. Aha.

Kenzie: (#thiswassupposedtobepostedlikethreeyearsago)

Kenzie: Kate, thank you so, so, SO very much for being here with us today! I am so beyond honored to have had the chance to interview you and learn even more about both yourself and The Bubblegum Rebellion, and I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things you have in store for us in the months to come! You are a beautiful, wonderful human bean, and I wish you all of the bestest luck with the TBR! (but also give me the merch, Kate. give me the merch.)

Kate: I’M KIND OF OBSESSED WITH THE IDEA OF MERCH NOW. *mind explodes with ideas*

Kate: (We’ll have to save that Great Cape Debate for another post. Be looking for that, fans-of-Kenzie.)

Kate: KENZIE MY AMAZING FRIEND. Thank you for hosting and for the way you constantly inspire me to dream bigger and reach higher and try harder. #poetic

Kate: It’s not even an exaggeration when I say that the Rebellion would NOT be a thing if I hadn’t met you and we didn’t have brain-dead conversations about everything and absolutely nothing. I adore you. *kind head-pat*

Kenzie: OH MY GOODNESS. *squeals like a happy chipmunk for 3,000 years* I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW. You are way too kind… Just…how. How are you so nice? IT IS NOT FAIR. But the Rebellion would totally still be a thing if I did not exist! This beautiful thing is all you, my friend! You are a world-changer. That is all.

Kenzie: But also I AM SO GLAD THAT I DO EXIST AND THAT WE MET BECAUSE THOSE CONVERSATIONS LITERALLY GIVE ME LIFE. (and I did a recent count of how many live emails we currently have going and I think it’s about 3 billion. so. #themoreyouknow)

Kenzie: *flings index cards into the air* All righty, then! Even though this is a transition that could give a wooden dummy whiplash (#transitionskillz), this is — quite unfortunately — all we’ve got for today, folks! Thank you all so much for hanging out with Kate, Rupert, and I today, and be sure to head on over to The Bubblegum Rebellion blog to check out all the cool features, join the Rebellion, and also fling ALL OF THE COOKIES at the glorious Kate’s face! (because she is amazing and deserves the cookies, peasants.)

Kenzie: As always, until next time. . .

Kenzie: *flings cookies in the air and disappears*

talk to us, peasants!

So what are your thoughts on The Bubblegum Rebellion, my friends? Are you excited for ALL OF THE THINGS to happen come September 1st? (because I am literally squealing right now ASDFGHJKL HELP) What is your favorite flavor of bubblegum? How big was the biggest bubblegum bubble that YOU’VE ever blown? Are you an awkward wisp of fairymagic? (i love this term so much ACK) Do you enjoy rebelling harmlessly, or do you prefer stabbing small men repeatedly with pitchforks? (i need to work on my harmless rebelling skills, apparently…) Are you excited for the dude with the three-foot beard? (there better be an actual dude with a three-foot beard, Kate.)

And, of course, the most important question of all. . .WILL YOU JOIN THE REBELLION?

(BECAUSE YOU BETTER BE JOINING. *waves pitchfork threateningly*)

Let us talk about ALL OF THE REBELLIOUS THINGS down in the comments below! And also don’t forget to go check out both of Kate’s blogs and fling random objects at her face whilst screaming that Kenzie sent you because she is a wonderful human and deserves some love and ice cream. And also a proper glob of bubblegum, so someone get on that, thanks.

*flings cookies and bubblegum at your face and disappears*








12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! — The Bubblegum Rebellion (feat. THE KATE)

  1. I LOVE this whole interview! I could so imagine you on a real show/set. xD

    “You start out all unguarded and sweet… but you bump into people. And more people. And more people. And all the bumping – it hurts.”
    I’ve experienced this, so I’m looking forward to you starting your vlogs and diving into this! :D
    Because why talk just everyday life when you can talk about the MEANING OF LIFE?!

    Liked by 1 person



    Anyway. CONGRATULATIONS FOR PULLING THIS OFF WITH STYLE AND TRUE EDITORIAL SKILL. I loved reading our conversation over again!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • KATE!!!!!!! DO YOU LIKE IT??? ISN’T IT GORGEOUS??? I honestly love how it turned out… XD

      ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJK!!!!!! You really and truly think so??? I’ve never edited something like this before, so it was kind of a ‘I’m just gonna wing it’ moment… XD But I think it turned out okay and I AM SO HAPPY YOU THINK SO TOO ACK!!!! *tackle hugs* And it is the cookies. The cookies make everything seem more adorable. Including myself. XD XD XD (I’m so happy you like the picture!!! I had two pictures I was bopping between, but the first was more grungy looking [not exactly bright and bubbly, but still really cool looking] and then there was THIS one, and I felt it had more of that…nostalgic, hazy pink feel? XD)

      ACK!!! Thank you so much, Kate!!! And also thank you for letting me interview you!!! It was so much fun!!!! *hugs* <333 (I'm actually discovering that I love editing??? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, SIR?????)


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