Since I’ve Been Gone. . .


good morning, cyberspace!

and welcome to July! In case some of you missed my last post (in which i detail everything about my recent hiatus) I have officially returned to the blogosphere.

. . .and it feels so, so good.

I’ve missed you guys. I truly have. Although my Hiatus was definitely not refreshing and creatively filling for my poor raisin of a brain, I have missed this constant struggle of coming up with a new post idea every week. (lol, it’s monday, again, guys. SURPRISE!) Of course, I was supposed to take last month’s hiatus as an opportunity to backlog some new posts for July-August, but apparently I am a pathological liar and basically did nothing productive for this blog at all during June.

Which I am honestly not all that surprised about.

And so, it stands to reason that I also lied about something else. Let’s roll the quotes, shall we?


But never you fear, dear beans, for I shall definitely still be haunting the blogosphere while I’m away. I’ve got a ton of blogs I need to catch up on and about a million comments to respond to.

haha. hahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ahem. This never happened. 

See? I am a pathological liar, apparently. Instead of haunting the blogosphere like a phantom as I promised, I keeled over like a crippled old hog and died.

BUT — today I am planning on remedying that! For the past three days, I have been scouring through some of my absolute favoritest blogs, as well as some my newly-discovered-yet-still-full-of-magic-and-inspiration blogs, and let me tell you, folks — there has been some magnificent content published while I was away! So instead of me rambling on about what was doing during the month of June, I think we should go ahead and talk about what you guys have been up to.

Because that sounds way more fun than talking about what a potato I’ve been. And who doesn’t like receiving some recognition for the posts they write? I know I do. Whenever someone links back to a post I’ve written, I’m filled with all of the warm fuzzies and basically just want to send them a huge care package of homemade cookies, you know?

Unless it’s some random blogger who I’ve never heard of before. Then I want to run away screaming with my arms flapping akimbo. But psssh, technicalities.

SO! Without further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we? Here are some of my (personally) favorite posts that have been written since I’ve been gone!*

*and also before and after but lol who’s gonna keep track of that, amiright?

. . .For the Writers (and the creatives). . .

Number One . . . Abbie’s ‘Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 5 Ways To Rediscover Creativity And Joy’

Guys. GUYS. This post is absolute perfection. And while I’m prooooobably going to say that about quite a few of the posts to come, I seriously mean it, okay? I have been in SUCH a creative rut lately, and this post? It helped me. It helped me a lot. Abbie is literally “THE MASTER” when it comes to all things creative, so if you are currently suffering from the overwhelming feeling of ALL OF THE CREATIVE THINGS you have to do before you die. . .read this post. Immediately. I swear you will not regret it.

Number Two . . . Christine’s ‘How to Achieve Great Story Pacing with “Character Fireside Chats”‘

I seriously just discovered this post. Like I literally just read it this morning. But HOLY GUACAMOLE, BATMAN! This post is everything.

When it comes to story pacing, I am a mashed potato. I know this because every single one of my stories can be most accurately described with a dead heart monitor. That shrill, eerie ringing you hear that screams of death and much-needed resurrection by a defibrillator? Yeah. That’s the sound of my books. Because they are dead.

But after reading this post, I feel like I have a better understanding of pacing and, most importantly, WHY it is needed in the story. Which is honestly saying something as up until now pacing is something that I’ve just kind of swept under the rug so that it can grow old and die alone and sprout mold and what have you. BUT NOT ANYMORE, MY FRIENDS! Because Christine’s excitement for story creation is just so contagious, okay??? Every single time I read her posts, I come away feeling so beyond excited and energized to write. Which probably explains why she appears multiple times on this list. . . aha.

Number Three . . . Christine’s ‘5 Ways to Conquer the Editing Dragon’

Can I just make a smol suggestion, here? Wonderful.

Go follow Christine. Like right now. Please.

I mean, you’re probably already following her, but on the rare chance that you are not. . . GO FOLLOW HER. RIGHT NOW. Look! I even gave you a link. #easypeasy

Christine is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite bloggers. She is sweet and funny and whimsical, and have I mentioned that she is an absolutely fantastical blogger/writer??? Because she is. Not to mention that her posts are literal magic, okay? I seriously think she sprinkles her blog with pixie dust, or something.

BUT ANYWAY. Back to the reason I’m linking this post —

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently working on a smol* rewrite for everlost. TECHNICALLY I’ve already finished the second draft of the book, but after receiving some feedback towards the middle of the book from my alpha reader, I realized that there is a gaping huge plot hole that just HAD to be fixed. Immediately. So of course I ripped the manuscript right out of my poor alpha’s hand and began working on it.

. . .and working on it. . .

. . .and working on it. . .

. . .and am still working on it.

And basically, I’ve hit a rut. A very, very, very nasty rut, which in turn made me turn rabid on the editing process as a whole. I hated editing. I hated everything I was writing. I hated the entire book. But then I read this post, and once again, Christine’s overall enthusiasm for writing gave me a whole new perspective on the world of editing. I don’t know how she does it, but Christine has a way of making even the most tedious of writing tasks (a.k.a. editing. obviously.) sound. . .fun. Like actually a lot of fun.

’tis very weird, my friends.

And so here I am, just counting down the minutes until I have a solid patch of free time so that I can begin editing my book again.

I’m serious when I say this girl is magic, people. I have a theory that she’s actually a pixie in disguise.


Number Four . . . Kellyn’s ‘When Your Writing Just Isn’t Enough’

This post, guys. This. Post. Words cannot describe how much I love this post. Not only is Kellyn, like, THE self-published writer extraordinaire, she is also AMAZINGLY talented at blogging. And this particular post? It was so encouraging to me. In a time when I felt like everything I was writing wasn’t good enough — when I felt like I wasn’t good enough — I stumbled across this post on her blog, and it basically just changed my entire perspective. It has helped me break through a barrier of doubt and fear that I didn’t think I would ever get through, and I simply cannot thank her enough for writing it.

. . .For The Readers. . .

Number One . . . Jethan’s ‘Spectra Story’

Ahem. I’m totally not one to fangirl and squeal over the beautiful creations of my friends (#lies) buuuuuuut. . .LOOK!!! LOOK AT WHAT MY TALENTED FRIENDY WROTE!!!! READ IT!!! SMELL IT!!! !!!!!!!!! READ! IT!

I am just so excited that Jethan is finally writing this, to be honest. This is a world and story that is just SO close to her heart, and she is FINALLY!!! WRITING!!! THE THING!!! And not only is she writing it, but she’s actually serializing it as she writes it on her blog. So. If you’re looking for a story with a Wattpad-ish serialization, some creepy aliens, and adorably smol characters who shall steal your heart away (I’m lookin’ right at you, Des) and possibly eat it (and that one’s for you, Quentin), then I 10/10 recommend you check out Spectra. I’ve linked to the first of five parts above, but I will not link to the others, so you now have the perfect excuse to toddle around her blog for a while and read her other posts. You’re welcome.

Number Two . . . Phoebe’s ‘Plan B’

I absolutely adore Phoebe’s blogging style. It’s so real and true and just utter perfection, all right? And her actually fictionalized writing? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I WANT TO CUT HER HAND OFF AND USE IT AS MY OWN, PLEASE.

(jk, I love you, Phoebe)

But seriously, though. She is a master when it comes to weaving tales. I just. . .I can’t. I am unworthy to be called a writer in this girl’s presence. If I could just devour every single thing she’s written in the entirety of ever, I would be a very happy smol bean.

WHICH MEANS I BASICALLY SCREAMED FOR 3,000 YEARS WHEN I FOUND OUT SHE’S GOING TO BE LOOKING FOR BETA READERS SOON. I’m actually kind of terrified to post this on here, because I really want to make sure I’ve got a solid slot on her beta reading team when the time comes, but I just have to include a post from Phoebe on this list. And especially this post in particular, because A) she’s talking about Camp NaNo and ASDFGHJKL I ABSOLUTELY ADORE CAMP. You know. In case you didn’t know this. (and also her organization when it comes to her stories makes me want to organize my stories??? WHAT IS THE MADNESS???) And B) because she talks about her BeauTY AND THE BEAST RETELLING AND I AM FREAKING OUT AND NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION AND PRETTY PLEASE PICK ME TO BETA READ YOUR STORY, PHOEBE, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHOCOLATE CHIP CHERRY ON TOP????

But yes. If you happen to be looking for some stories to beta read in the future, I would definitely check out this post. (just don’t kick me out of the running to beta read it, okay, because if you do I’ll lop your arms off and turn you into a cucumber. hahahahahaha jk jk. *whips out pitchfork*)

And also just check out Phoebe’s entire blog, okay? She’s amazing.

Number Three . . . Nature of Pages’ ‘Talking TBR Pile’

Okay, so technically this is cheating because this is a YouTube channel but ASDFGHJKL GUYS I’M FRIENDS WITH A YOUTUBER. Look at me. I really am moving up in the world.

ANYWAY. I just had to include this video on here, because A) it is perfection?? DUH. And B) I like breaking my own rules. So. And also C) THIS SMOL BEAN RIGHT HERE IS MY FAVORITE BOOKTUBER OF EVER. Seriously. I think she only has two videos out as of yet, but I absolutely love them both. This girl’s personality is just so spunky and fun and I PROMISE you will laugh. There is literally no way you will not laugh. She is amazing.

So go watch this video right now, ya peasant.

. . .For The Everyone’s. . .

Number One . . . Gail. Just. . .Gail.

I honestly do not know how Gail doesn’t have a thousand followers by now, folks. Her blog is just so. . .Gail. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS DELIGHTFUL LITTLE BEAN. She is perfection. Her blog is perfection. Her writing is perfection. She is hilarious and fun and quirky and her posts are just so true to her personality. I wish I could pick just one post to feature from her, but I can’t. Just go read her entire blog, okay?

Here are some posts to get you started. . .

But seriously. You need to just binge her entire blog. I’m dead serious when I say that.

Number Two . . . Madeline

Yet again I am breaking the rules* and giving you an entire blog to check out, rather than a single post, but SERIOUSLY, GUYS. I CAN’T PICK JUST ONE, HERE. You need to read them all. There is no other way. Madeline is just so sweet and kind and FUNNY and she is yet another blogger who I am so beyond thankful to have somehow met in the web of Cyberspace.

I am also quite jealous of her phenomenal use of GIF’s, though. Somehow, no matter what kind of post she happens to be writing, she has the extraordinary gift of being able to find the weirdest (and yet somehow still relevant to the situation??) GIF’s, and I just. . .HOW DO YOU DO THIS. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

Some of her most recent posts include. . .

*is it actually possible for the rule-maker to be the rule breaker? *mind explodes*

Number Three . . . Kirsten

So apparently this section has turned into the “Bloggers I Think You Should Totally Follow, okay? Okay” section. BUT I HAVE NO SHAME, PEASANTS. Because Kirsten is absolutely adorable, and her blog is absolutely adorable, and you MUST go check this smol little bean out. She gardens. She writes. She does photography. SHE LITERALLY DOES IT ALL, FOLKS. I’m actually kind of new to her blog, so unfortunately I haven’t spammed all of her posts with my glorious All Caps comments, yet, but I’m getting there, guys, believe me. Her blogging style has this sort of quiet, beautifully simple feel to it (which I am actually kind of jealous of ahahahahahahaha #helpme), and yet at the same time, there’s this super quirky undertone that is just utter perfection. I can’t even properly describe this girl’s blog, to be honest. It’s just amazing. She’s just amazing. Go. Follow her. I have provided the link above.

Some of her recent posts include. . .

And that, unfortunately, is all I’ve got for you guys today! There are so SO many more bloggers and posts I really wanted to mention, but sadly I’m running out of time before this smudge has to go up, and my back is starting to hurt from hunching over my keyboard all morning. (it is now Tuesday. SURPRISE!) And though I love you all dearly, I’d really prefer not to grow a hunchback today.

Or any day, for that matter. . .

But most certainly not today. And so the time has come for me to officially sign off! But before I go, allow me to provide you with some questions to munch on down in the comments below. . .


What have y’all been up to since I’ve been gone? Have you missed me? Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Favorite posts? Favorite desserts. Are you going to do as I say and check out all of the amazing posts/blogs I’ve mentioned? ARE YOU ALREADY FOLLOWING THEM?? (because you totally should be) And last, but never the least. . .


As always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


20 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Gone. . .

  1. No! Not me ‘and! *clutches hands to chest*

    And I’m sorry, what organization??? All is madness, all is chaos. Did I convince you I was orga- *squints at four beta reader documents with bullet points and headers* Oh, right. Huh.

    Ahh, thanks for the plug/mention/thingy! Please, join me in my plight of beta reader confusion. And OF COURSE you’re on the list, lol.

    *eyeballs pitchfork and sequesters Kenzie from other readers* Y-you can’t /lob off/ things with a pitchfork, honey. You’ll be wanting a machete for that.

    Finally: I’m scribbling notes. I need more blogs to follow…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha, wait, not done! One more note. I believe we were talking about the Illuminae Files recently? (Surely this was with you. I don’t know.) You remind me of Ella. With the caps and the enthusiasm and the smolness (not the incessant cursing). Just puttin’ that out there for whenever you read them, if you read them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, that was me!!! At least. . .I think it was me? I’m not sure how I would remember it if it WASN’T me, but I guess stranger things have happened. XD And OH MY WORD, REALLY???? I must definitely read these soon, then!! I’m gonna push them up to the top of my TBR. I want to see my (slightly foul-mouthed apparently?) doppelganger!! (actually, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been compared to a book character before? like I try to find similarities between myself and my favorite characters [it’s a weird obsession XD] but I’m not sure if anyone else has ever compared me to one?? SO I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, ACK!!!!)


    • I AM TAKING THE HAND. *whips out pitchfork*

      Okay, but I NEED your organization skills!!! Seriously. I really want to get more organized, but I have no idea how. But bullet points? I can do bullet points… Basically all of my blog posts are bullet points, so. . .? MAYBE I CAN KICK MY UNORGANIZED HABITS??? *is hopeful* (*is actually not all that hopeful*)

      EEEP!!! I’m on the list??? I AM SO EXCITED, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! *tackle hugs* And of COURSE! You definitely had to go on this list. There was no way you weren’t making it on. XD

      Ohhhhhhhhh. . . *whips out machete* Lol, oops. Sometimes I get them confused. Thank you.
      Rupert: *grins*

      EEP! I’m so happy!!! I hope you like them! I absolutely adore the bloggers I mentioned. They’re wonderful beans! XD


    • Oh my goodness, eep!!! <3333 This comment just made me so happy…. XD *hugs*

      AND OF COURSE!!! There was no way I couldn't mention both your blog and that amazing post! AWWWWWW!!! I CAN'T EVEN WITH YOU, OH MY WORD. <3 <3 <3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! (Really, this made me so happy :) ). Also, it took me so long to read this post because I just kept clicking on so many links. It seems like there are lots of new posts that I have to catch up on actually (I know most of these bloggers, but I’ve also been kind of procrastinating on my blog reading). You named a lot of posts here that were very helpful! Thanks to you and the writers :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU ARE SO VERY WELCOME!!! You are just such a smol little ray of sunshine and flowers and happiness and I just HAD to mention you. <3 <3 <3

      MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is PRECISELY WHAT I WANTED, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My evil plan has worked!!! Actually, I didn't exactly think through how leaving links to multiple blogs would lead people AWAY from mine, but. . .ah well. XD I absolutely loved making this post. (DUDE. SAME. I am so bad at keeping up with the blogs that I love!!! It's a problem. XD)

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING, KIRSTEN!!!! Keep on being awesome, my friend! *hugs*


  3. Added Comment:

    Also, thank you for reading so many of my posts and trying to catch up with comments in stuff. It means a lot to me. :) And I’m glad you liked the photography and gardening posts (they are a bit different from my other stuff, but I do so many things that I can’t just stick to blogging about writing and music :) )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, you are so welcome. I absolutely ADORE your blog. You’re writing style is just so soft and happy and SERIOUSLY. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It’s a super fun one to binge, actually. XD (okay but I love the spontaneity? I never know what you’re going to post next, but I know that I am going to love it. i especially loved the gardening ones. those plants were SO CUTE, ACK!!! XD Please, please, PLEASE do not stick yourself into a blogging box. you should DEFINITELY write about all of the things! just be your own amazingly awesome self, okay? because you are amazingly awesome, and I love reading every single thing you post! <3 )



    And why yes, thank you for noticing my amazing gif-finding skills. At the time, I must keep my techniques classified for security reasons, but perhaps someday, I shall spare with you some of my hard-earned knowledge, and then you, too, shall be a gif-finding fiend. XD XD XD


    • AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Oh my word, Madeline!!! <3 <3 <3 I can't even with you. XD

      YOUR GIF-FINDING SKILLS ARE PERFECTION. Seriously, though, they are my constant inspiration whenever uploading GIF's onto my blog. XD But DARN! I was really hoping you would give out some of your knowledge… Perhaps I can bribe you with an indefinite amount of cookies??? XD GIMME THE KNOWLEDGE, MADELINE!!! GIMME!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you so much for adding Spectra to the list, it really made me happy! I hope it turns out as amazing as you expect it. ^.^

    Also, I like that jab at Quentin. Poor guy. XD

    It was fun checking out the other articles too!


    • Awwww!!! Of COURSE, Jethan!!! I absolutely LOVE Spectra. It’s amazing! And if it continues on anything like it has been, I KNOW it’s going to turn out as amazing as I expect!!! <333

      LOL! I just had to do it. He is my smol precious marshmallow, and it is my sworn duty to make subtle jabs at him that no one but us will understand. XD

      EEP!!!! You checked them out!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! Weren't they amazing??

      Liked by 1 person

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