The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad — Meet The Squad!

good morning, fellow squadians!

and welcome back to yet another NaNoWriMo! I am so extremely excited to join this crazy writing adventure with you all, and I cannot WAIT to see what amazing stories are going to be written this month! And now that NaNoWriMo is finally here, it is officially time to introduce everyone to 2018’s NaNoWriMo Dare Squad! 

And let me tell you what, guys — I am severely excited about this years Squad. We’ve got SO MANY returning members, as well as some new faces, and I am just so beyond thrilled that you’re all willing to publicly humiliate yourselves for the world to see!!! wait what Literally nothing could warm my heart on this cold November day more than that. <3

So without any further ado — ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cupcakes and marshmallow fronds, it is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I introduce you all to. . .

. . .2018’s NaNoWriMo Dare Squad. . .

Fruit Peel (4)
Hopefully you all can read that?? Some of the goals had to be shorten and shrunk so that everything would fit, but if there is anything about your name or goal that you don’t like, please feel free to contact me, and I will get that resolved as quickly as possible!

So there you have it, folks! Those are your fellow Squadians! Those happy little marshmallows up there are going to be your pocket-sized best friends throughout the month of November, so go ahead and give them all a hug and a cookie and introduce yourself down in the chat below!!! Tell us what your project for the month is. Tell us what your hobbies are. Give us some random facts and obsessions about yourself so that we can all be one big happy bloggy family for a month!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get some writing done. It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I — the smudgiest thought — have a book to write.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Wednesday, Nov. 1st — QUESTION OF THE DAY 

  • Today is a day of beginnings, so share your NaNoWriMo project’s opening line down in the chat below! (if you’re uncomfortable doing this, that is totally okay. i know some people don’t like sharing their work online, so if that’s you, feel free to discuss some of your absolute FAVORITE opening lines that you’ve read!)

Monday, Nov. 5th (wow. these really are daily. ahahahahahaha. #fail)  QUESTION OF THE DAY

  • Now that it’s Day Five of NaNoWriMo, we’ve hopefully finally begun to push on through the rough beginnings of our glorious stories and are staring to blaze new trails towards the more exciting, potentially plot-twisty centers of our story truffles*. So now that our stories are finally beginning to grow wings and take flight — or are currently crashing to the ground in distance streams of fire as it burns a hole the size of the Grand Canyon into your outline (like mine. ahem.) I feel like now would be a great time to talk about all of the scenes we are most excited about writing this month! What sorts of fun things are you most excited to get to in your NaNoWriMo story? What are the characters you’re excited to meet? The settings you just can’t wait to explore? What are the plot twists that keep your mind whirring at night? (and if you’re not a chronological writer like me, what sorts of fun things/characters/scenes have you probably already written? [and also if you don’t want to share any spoilers, that is totally okay! just be super elusive. like a squirrel.])

*can you tell that the NaNo is beginning to get to me? because the NaNo is beginning to get to me.

doctor who spoilers GIF

P.S. ATTENTION TO ANYONE WHO SENT ME A FORM FOR THE DARE SQUAD — if you sent me your information in October, and it is NOT on the board, then that means it probably got lost somewhere in my very messy inbox and I am SO SO SO SO sorry. If you could please contact me through the Suggestion Desk and send in your information once again, I will get your name up on the board immediately. I’ve been having some issues with my inbox apparently, and I would feel absolutely awful if you sent in your information and I missed it. So yes. Just contact me and we’ll get it sorted out ASAP. *gives you cookies in apology*

P.P.S. I was going to delete those daily prompt things up there, but like. . .that would make the conversations down in the comments kind of bizarre for anyone looking back on this post. So I’m just gonna keep them there and let this post remain a trainwreck for all the rest of time. ahahahahahahahaha. #helpme


64 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad — Meet The Squad!

  1. Oh no! I forgot about the Dare Squad! Anyway I can be a late entry. My goal is to write a 50k novel about anything. Hopefully an actually coherent plot this time. :) Good luck everyone!

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  2. All right, well I guess I’ll need to comment on here, as well, if I’m going to be part of this Dare Squad. . .

    Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Kenzie, and I am writing a fantasy story about goblins this month! I’m currently at about 900-ish words, so I’m pretty happy with that, but it’s been sort of slow-going. So. . .yeah. #funtimes. My current obsessions include — but are most certainly not limited to — playing my ukulele and violin, watching Doctor Who, Moriarty (always), and NaNoWriMo. Because you cannot participate in NaNoWriMo if you are not unhealthily obsessed, amiright? Ah??? AH?????

    Okay, yeah, I’m weird. Don’t judge me.

    As for the question of the day, here’s the first sentence of The Girl and The Goblin King, which I wrote at midnight last night >> “Charcoal covered Todd’s hands like paint.”
    Is it good? No. Will it work? Yes. XD


  3. YASSSS. So excited to be here! I stayed up until midnight last night and got a little over eight hundred words in. I’ll have to wait until I’m on my laptop to find and share my first sentence, but I will!

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    • “He was on his way to Ryan’s party when he saw it.”

      The attack of horrid NaNoWriMo writing begins with the word ‘party’ because it’s NOT just a party and I need to come up with a better, more formal word. Lol.

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      • I love this first sentence, oh my word. XD

        And YES. NaNoWriMo is a continuous roller coaster of pure genius and absolute trash, and there is usually a very thin, invisible line separating the two parts of it. XD I can never tell if what I’m writing is amazing or awful. XD


        • Haha! Same. Although when I sit down to write I feel like the first few sentences are unbearably awful but then I get into the swing of things and it becomes easier.

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          • Okay, but YES. I feel the same way. I think it’s just because writing these stories are so new to us right now?? Maybe?? 😂 At least, that’s what I’m hoping it is. I’ve spent so much time in my other WIP’s world that this one is completely foreign. However, I hope the writing begins to get easier for both of us!! You’ve got this, Eva!! I believe in you!!!!


    • YESSSSS!!! Another writer who stays up until midnight!!!! I’ve made it a little tradition of mine to stay up until midnight, write about three sentences, and then fall asleep because I’m exhausted and brain dead. XD


        • I’m not typically a night owl, but when I need to be, I can be. (Like when I’m writing a blog post. Or watching Doctor Who. Aha. XD) I’m more of a morning writer when it comes to fiction, though, which is weird, since I only discovered this like a month or so ago.


  4. I’m a little late, but I’m Jethan and it’s not certain what I’m writing at any given moment, it seems more like I’m writing random flash fiction than a novel. But for now, I shall share my first line I wrote today (which is nicer than my first line of the nano):

    One born of seven elements, chosen to lead, chosen to protect.

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    • HI!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY YOU’RE DOING THE DARE SQUAD!!!! And oh goodness, same. I mean, I actually have half an outline for this story, and I STILL don’t even know what I’m writing. Flash fiction sounds fun, though. You know. As long as you share it with me so I can squeal over it. Aha. XD


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      • YES! The Dare Squad is the place to be! >:D
        I feel like my nano will improve as the month goes on, but sometimes it’s still tough to decide what to write and keep going. On the other hand, if I force myself to write for a bit, I’m bound to get something down. Not a whole lot is shareable right now, but I will get more!

        THANK YOU!


        • AGREED! I mean, I feel like I’m kind of neglecting it this year, but the majority of the fun comes AFTER NaNo anyway. XD Aha. I’m hoping to start remembering that this thing actually exists soon, cause I really did want to post prompts and stuff almost every day. XD

          Yeah, I’m hoping the same for my novel. Right now my characters aren’t really talking to me, which is lame, but hopefully sometime later in the month they’ll be nicer. 😂 *is doubtful* I cannot wait until you’ve got stuff to share!!!

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          • That’s true, it’s kind of a post-NaNo celebration in a way. I hope you can post some prompts or something. On the other hand, maybe we’re all busy writing. xD

            I’m still confused about my story’s structure, but I have more theme ideas for it. It’s really disorganized, but that exploration allows me to figure things out, so I’m starting to accept it.


            • True! A post NaNo celebration is the PERFECT way to put it! And HA! Let’s hope we’re all busy watching…. *is currently not writing because my story is a mess and I just keep messing it up even more* *distant sobbing intensifies*

              I think I need to start accepting my story’s messy structure, as well. I guess I’m just so used to working on a second and third draft that my eyes aren’t used to seeing so much…er…raw potential. Aha.

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              • Yes, and we get hot chocolate and muffins with it! Or cake.

                At least Spectra has a framework I can hang my random, messy snippets on. It’s like a Christmas tree with unfinished ornaments cast about everywhere.

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                • Yessssss….. Mmm…hot chocolate…
                  Oh, I know that all stories are messy! It’s just…typically I tend to write clean first drafts. This one is just….impossible to work with. But it’s getting better!! I’m beginning to love this story, which is something that was impossible to do during the first 11 or so days.

                  LOL! That is an amazing analogy. XD I want a Spectra Christmas tree!!!!

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                  • Okay, I think my first drafts must be a ton messier than yours. xD But it’ll all work out in the end. Hopefully… <:|
                    Ouch, poor little story. xD Though honestly I don't know if I'm in love with anything I'm writing right now. I either do random bits, or I work on parts of Spectra I wasn't looking forward too (or angsty parts I like, but, the characters are sad…and in book 2 :P). Maybe I'll get some flow going soon, I dunno.

                    IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS…! I think this is why I was focusing on a later part of Spectra with a ski lodge…Christmas and snow are coming…


                    • I wouldn’t say mine are super clean, though… I don’t use a lot of placeholders and whatnot, but trust me. Even with my “clean” drafts, they’re still super messy. XD IT’LL TOTALLY WORK OUT!!! *gives you cookies for inspiration*

                      I know, right?? BUT OH MY GOODNESS. In less than 30 days I think I’ve gone through every single emotion towards this story. I’m totally loving it right now. All I want to do is sit and write it and squeal at my characters… (except Todd. He’s still weird. XD) UGH. I am so jealous of your unchronological writing. I have a couple scenes that I REALLY want to write, but my chronological self won’t allow it, because there are bound to be weird little changes I’ll miss if I don’t write it in order. :((

                      I KNOW, RIGHT??? All this wintry stuff is making me want to put snow into TGATGK…

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                    • I have quite a few placeholders, and sometimes just scene titles, except I filled most of those gaps with this last draft. Yay, cookies!

                      Eee! That’s so fun, even if Todd is odd. I think my last day of writing Spectra 1 was the best day, but maybe that was cuz I forced myself to write and there was plenty of solid work done. A scene I had procrastinated on forever and had always dreaded turned out rather well. For now.
                      Problem is, I have no idea what to write now, because I could write “anything” and it’s not helpful. :P

                      Snow, frost, something!

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                    • See, I’ve seen videos and blog posts about the helpfulness of placeholders, but I still quite get myself to use them yet. There’s this part of me that longs to have my first draft be completely rounded out. XD

                      HA! Odd Todd. That should be his middle name… Awwww!!! That is wonderful, though, Jethan!! I always agonize over the scenes I don’t know how to write, but I’m so glad it actually turned out well for you!!! And hey, ANYTHING you write could be helpful! As long as you’re doing something to hone your craft, that’s all that matters, right?

                      YES. XD

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  5. Okay, so I feel like I’m shouting into the proverbial void, here, but I guess I’ll give an update on how my NaNo has been going?

    Answer: Awful. I’m having trouble getting good words down, and most of what I write feels like absolute junk. HOWEVER. I realize that a first draft is naturally terrible, which means that I just have to push through it and get the words down before I can go back and make them BETTER. It’s just weird writing new characters and settings and words after having spent so much time in everlost. It’s difficult trying to find myself in this world, I guess.

    *ends rant into the void*

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    • I know! I keep feeling like my writing never quite gets the vibe I /thought/ I was going to write, but the thing is, it’s true we just need to keep putting a pile of words out there, cuz at the end we’ll have a nice pile of manuscript to edit! Which I am getting very excited about because my year long Spectra doc has just reached 80k and I’m getting more and more of the beginning filled out! There are silver linings out there!

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      • UGH, IT’S THE WORST SORT OF FEELING, ISN’T IT??? But you are so right. Having a completed manuscript to edit is the main thing. You can’t edit a blank page, but you can always make a bad page good. Also, it helps me to realize that the draft I’m writing right now is literally going to be the WORST draft of this novel that will ever exist. XD I mean, it’s kind of depressing when you think about it, but I mean??? IT’S GONNA BE FINE. XD

        OH MY GOODNESS! JETHAN!!! That is AMAZING!!! I am so happy and proud and excited and I CAN’T!!! This is the best news of ever…

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        • I’m starting to imagine it as like a giant jigsaw puzzle I dump onto a table and then I have to sort through the pieces and find all the edges to start piecing things together. Aw, our poor little first drafts, full of little gems and room for discovery, but also super messy and confusing. *Pats the stories*
          YES, IT’LL BE FINE!

          It’s super cool! I’m hoping if I add 20k to it I’ll have the beginning, or book/volume 1, all written out and I’ll be able to start editing from there.


          • Oooh! I love that analogy!! I’m gonna keep that in mind, actually. I mean, I’m a die hard chronological writer, but I still think the core of story development is the same. You have to find your edges and then work inward towards the meat of the story…*pats the stories with you*

            MEEP!!! Oh my goodness, Jethan!!! You have NO clue how excited this makes me… YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A FIRST DRAFT!!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!! *flings cookies at your face*

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            • I hope it helps. Also, it makes me think of that problem of “cardboard characters” or cardboard this or that. It’s like the puzzle piece was never flipped over to the picture, so of course it’s just boring cardboard in that state. xD

              SO LONG AS I QUIT WRITING BOOK 2 INSTEAD OF BOOK 1!!! I’m writing Destar stuff now, completely understandable why, but it’s not getting the first draft further along… xD But it is filling in important stuff, so I guess it’s fine. Especially if it ends up fast to write…

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              • Oooh! Yes, I love this!! I think something I’m forgetting is that a lot of the “good” stuff about everlost that I absolutely ADORE at this point came with revision. I mean, yes I love some of the little tidbits that I discovered while first drafting, but most of the story was actually developed (and is still being developed) through revisions.

                AHA. XD Thus is the problem with writing a series. Except, since I write chronologically, I guess this doesn’t really affect me all that much… 😂 But OOOOH! Destar!!!!!! *is squealing softly*

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  6. Hi all! I’m kind of late to the party, but I’m Saartje. I’m writing about an island full of living toasters who have to fight an enormous sea monster that is attacking them. So far, NaNo went not that good, because I’m very busy with school. Why do I always have exams in November?

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    • Um. Saartje? Please give me your novel. Right now. I need this in my life. XD

      But also I am SO sorry to hear that NaNo hasn’t been going very well for you. If there is anything I can do — give you a pep talk, listen to a rant, give writing advice — I’d love to help. and if it’s any consolation, I can totally relate to the not so good NaNo (though I can’t relate to the school because I’m not in school/college). My first week was rather rough, but I’m hoping that week two will be much brighter!

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  7. And I just realized I never answered the second story question thingy:

    I think the scene that I’m most excited to write right now is one that takes place near the end of the book. Without giving away any spoilers, it’s basically a scene where all of my characters sort of join together to stop the Big-Bad, and it’s just very bizarre and random and slightly abnormal and I just love it so much. My misfit characters are such awkward little beans, and so think this scene is going to be very interesting to write… Now if only I can get my main character to cooperate.

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  8. Answer for Day 5:
    I’m excited for a scene about declaring undying love for a hero, and beating back demonic and draconic hordes trying to defeat the heroine (okay, horde may be an exaggeration, but it’s a battle). There will be shiny, magic swords and other shiny magic. It’s pretty much the climax.

    Also, story truffles sound delicious, I want chocolates with writing themes. Maybe chocolates with coconut flakes are called Chocolate Covered Shredded Manuscripts and Tears. xD (But I also want optimistic writing chocolates.)

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    • Um. Okay. Wow. Have I mentioned I love your story yet today??? BECAUSE I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS STORY. And also these scenes sound exhilarating and I need… Shiny magic swords are life, tbh.

      OH MY WORD. 😂😂😂 Chocolate Covered Shredded Manuscripts and Tears. 😂😂😂😂 For some reason this makes me think of “Augustus Flavored Chocolate Coated Goop — EWW. No one would buy it.” and now I can’t stop laughing. XD

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      • Thank you! This is the story that is really messy and disorganized write now, it’s pretty much Draft 0 I guess. It will be interesting.

        That other chocolate name does not sound good at all. xD Now I want truffles.

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        • Most writers start off with a Draft Zero!! I personally try to write clean (or as clean as I can possibly get it) first drafts, which I THINK is why I’m such a slow writer. 😂 But many writers I’ve followed and read advice from talk about how they always start with a super messy Draft Zero, so if they can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!!

          It’s….it’s from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory…. The Tim Burton version. 😂😂😂 Mmmm. Truffles…

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