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NaNoWriMo Dare Squad Day 9 — PROMPT OF THE DAY

NaNoWriMo Dare Squad Day 9 — PROMPT OF THE DAY

Have some fun today and kill off your absolute FAVORITE character in the most brutal way possible!

. . .and then have them promptly come back from beyond the grave to possess the body of said character’s arch-nemesis. #somuchfun



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18 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Dare Squad Day 9 — PROMPT OF THE DAY

          1. You gave me a prompt that could only be best fulfilled by her death and VENGEFUL SPIRIT RISING FROM THE GRAVE! Otherwise I would’ve killed Des and he would’ve been annoyed, because he probably would’ve ended up in an alien’s body.
            Oh…And then he would carefully sabotage the entirety of the evil alien civilizations. That would be interesting too.
            But then there would be no Destar…

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            1. But…..but…..but….YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO KILL OFF MY SMOL BABY SHEYLA!!! :(((( Ah yeah… Killing Des would have been….um….awful. XD But like seeing Des in an alien’s body is something that I NEED to see. Like right now. XD But ACK!!! I need my Destar!!!


  1. Imagine the arch-nemesis trying to cope with being taken over by their arch-nemesis. Like “get out of my head- oY I CONTROL MY BODY AND I WANTED TO GO THE OTHER WAY nO don’t say that-“

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      1. I sadly haven’t seen it (just YouTube clips), but… Megamind. I need a character like Megamind, with this plot idea. Someone write it for me. xP


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