The Liebster Award! (a.k.a. the Lobster Award)

good morning, cyberspace!

As I’m sure you guys can tell by the title of this post, I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD!!! Woot woot!

And also I’m pretty sure “Liebster” is a most grievous typo of lobster, which is rather unfortunate, because the only thing better than being nominated for a Liebster award is being nominated for a lobster award, am I right?

Although I’ve heard most of the nominees for that particular award are pretty shellfish, so.

BUT ANYWAY! I am so so SO beyond excited for today’s post, guys! As you all know (or maybe you don’t know? I can’t keep up with everything I’ve told you guys over the past two years) I absolutely ADORE tags. Not only are they basically a get-out-of-writing-a-creative-post-free card, but they are also an absolutely glorious way to find new blogs and connect with your fellow bloggerly friends.

And the Liebster award seems like the absolute best tag for doing this, because you literally have to tag 11 people at the end of it.


I don’t think I even know eleven people with blogs. . . Or lobsters, for that matter. But I digress.

Back in December (which I totally failed to see because I was on hiatus. . . #fail), the absolutely wonderful Hanne from over at Losing the Busyness decided to nominate me — a smol marshmallow frond — for the fantastical Liebster award!! And unlike the Sunshine Blogger Award (which I think I’ve gotten like three times or so?) this is a tag that I have never had before, so I am SO SO EXCITED to have been tagged for it!!!

So thank you SO much for tagging me, Hanne!! This means the world to me! *tackle hugs*

And now, without any further exclamation marks — or lobster puns — let’s get into the tag!!

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. . . THE RULES . . .

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you . . . MEEP!!! Thank you SO MUCH again, Hanne! I seriously cannot wait to do this tag!! It’s gonna be a blast! (also, for anyone wanting to read Hanne’s post for the Liebster Award, you can find her tag here.)
  • Answer the 11 questions they give you . . . Done! See below. . . *points down*
  • Name 11 facts about yourself . . . This isn’t going to be weird at all.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to do the tag, and make sure to let them know you’ve tagged them!! . . . Do I know eleven people???
  • Give them 11 questions to answer! . . . Mwahahahaha! *rubs hands together maliciously*

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The Questions!

Question One . . . What is your favorite winter tradition?

Oh goodness. We’re starting out with a tough one here! Hmmm. . .

I think one of my absolute favorite winter traditions is going to a-very-specific-but-unmentionable-place-because-it-would-give-away-my-current-location with my family every single year. *SPOILERS* is kind of like this glorious Winter Wonderland-y snowglobe of a realm, and I just absolutely love going there so so much.

And we always eat some really delicious pizza when we go, too, so I mean the entire day is absolute perfection, obviously.

Question Two . . . What is your favorite quote?

“Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain.” – Jim Moriarty

I mean, did we really expect anything less from me, or. . .?

Some runners up include:

“And, Honey, you should see me in a crown.”

“That’s what people DOOOOOOOOO!”

“Jim Moriarty. hi.”

“And now you’re in my wAAAAaaaaay.”

And also. . .

“I gave you my number. . . I thought you might caaall.”

I’m definitely easing up on my Moriarty obsession, as you can clearly see.

bbc sherlock GIF

Question Three . . . What is the book you read most recently, and what did you think about it?

The book I read most recently was The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz, and HOLY GUACAMOLE, GUYS. This book was simply amazing. The characters were perfection, the plot was perfection, the world and settings were — you guessed it — perfection.

Nick and Lady Cordelia (and also the mirror, but I mean . . . I think that’s probably a little weird to say???) are definitely my three two favoritest characters of 2019 so far. I absolutely LOVE how Nick is the perfect amount of posh and grump for the Beast, and Cordelia is just so unpredictable, I just. . .! It’s perfection, okay, guys? You need to go read this. ASAP.

Do it.

Question Four . . . What is your favorite boardgame?

Does charades count for this question? I mean, the Disney Charades we have here has a board, so I think technically that should count, right?

Buuuut, if we’re going with like, conventional boardgames, here, I think my favorite would have to be Monopoly. I absolutely LOVE that game, but finding someone to play it with me is kind of impossible. #lame

Question Five . . . What’s a name that you love but won’t ever use for your kids?

Oh my word, these questions are so difficult yet so creative. . . Okay, let’s see here. . .

I absolutely love the name Penelope, but I probably won’t ever give that to my future kid because my sister had a hamster named Penelope, and that hamster had some . . . um . . . issues. Ahem.

However, I’m also really into names like Acacia, Rosalie, Nymphadora Tonks, Newt Scamander, Rory, Amelia Pond, The Doctor, Moriarty. . .

Question Six . . . If you could learn one physical activity and do extremely well at it, what would it be?

Uhhhhhhhhhh . . . hula hooping. I’ve always wanted to be really good at hula hooping, but every time I try it . . . nope. It just ain’t happening, folks.

Does this stop me from making a complete idiot out of myself every single time I find a hula hoop, however?

benedict cumberbatch no GIF

Of course not.

Question Seven . . . What is your favorite brand? (i.e., Forever 21, Nike, etc; not restricted only to clothing)

Ooh, I don’t know if I have an answer to this!! I’m not really a brand kind of person. . .

Maybe Nestle? Nestle Crunch bars are LIFE. Or possibly Nintendo? Nintendo is fun. . . Does Nintendo count as a brand?

. . . let’s just stick with the Nestle Crunch bars.

Question Eight . . . What is your favorite trait in a friend?

A good sense of humor, honesty, and the ability to accept and embrace the fact that weird is the absolute best.

I know those are three traits, but still. If you can make me laugh, there is a 99.9% chance that you’re already my friend. Honesty is a MUST, because lying to people is just terrible, and my absolute bestest friends in the whole wide world are all extremely weird, which is lovely.

I’m honestly so insanely blessed to have such weirdos in my life.

Question Nine . . . What is your secret talent?

Oh dear. I’m not sure if I have a secret talent?? But I guess a secret talent of mine would be improvising on my feet? Like, if some project or other that I’m working on isn’t working, or if I don’t have the materials or tools needed to make whatever I want to make, I can usually just find a way around whatever obstacle I’m up against and do the thing anyway. It might be a slap job, it might not work quite right, but by golly, I’m gonna do the thing if I wanna do the thing.

Oh. And I’m also really good at flipping things in the air and catching them again for some reason? Forks, spoons, steak knives, hammers, badminton rackets, horseshoes, paintbrushes with paint on them. . . I absolutely love flipping stuff. It’s weird.

Question Ten . . . If you could meet one person that’s currently alive, who would you meet?

Oh goodness. THIS IS A REALLY TOUGH QUESTION. I mean, there are so many people who I would LOVE to meet, but at the same time, I really don’t like meeting people? Famous people in particular. Because while meeting them is like one of the most glorious, wonderful, typically embarrassing moments of your life, to them you’re just a blip on their radar. So. I probably wouldn’t want to meet anyone famous. . .

Actually, thinking more along that line, I think I do know what my answer to this is!! There is someone I really, really, really, wanna meet in real life. 11 people (if i’m counting correctly?) to be exact. . .

Writing Group Without A Name, I’m looking right at you for this one. If I could meet one person currently living, it would be my entire writing group. I know that’s technically not one person, but it’s an entity, and I think that counts.

Question Eleven . . . What was your favorite moment of 2018?

Okay, so I had a lot of favorite moments of 2018, so I’m just going to go with the one that’s freshest on my mind for this question:

In 2018, I got to meet Phoebe. And that, my friends, was one of the most epic, most amazing, most whimsical adventures of ever. I will never ever forget that, and I cannot WAIT for us to be able to meet up again. BECAUSE WE WILL GET TO MEET UP AGAIN, PHEEBS!!! We have to.

Seriously, though, getting to meet Phoebe was one of the most wonderful things ever, and I am so beyond thrilled that I got to meet that lovely bean in person. She is every bit as lovely in real life as she is online (if not more so, to be honest), and I still find myself clicking through the photos on my phone to make sure it actually did happen. . .

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11 Random Facts About Yours Truly

Spouting off random facts about myself is typically my least favorite thing to do, because I literally know zero random facts about myself. However, for the sake of entertainment and completing my nomination for the Lobster/Liebster award, I shall do my best to think of 11 things I’ve never said about myself before.

Here we go:

  • I can wiggle my ears without touching them, and I can also wiggle my right ear without wiggling my left . . . my family says this is because I have extra headskin, but like? I can wiggle my ears without touching them, and can also wiggle the skin of my head in a very disturbing manner, so I mean who’s the real winner here?
  • I can do a really mean Mashed Potato and Charleston Knees . . . so pretty much I was born in the wrong century. This is fine. Everything’s fine.
  • Someday I’d really like to live in an apartment titled 221B Baker Street . . . and if you can’t tell, I’m a little too obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. . .
  • One time I ate chocolate ice cream whilst wearing white clothing . . . the result was rather unfortunate. I’m planning a StoryTime With Kenzie! as we speak.
  • My favorite series’ of all time are Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, and Anne of Green Gables, and my favorite standalone of all time is Pride and Prejudice
  • Nymphadora Tonks, Rumus Lupin, and Luna Lovegood are my top three favorite characters from Harry Potter, but Fred and Dobby come in a very close fourth
  • I am extremely fond of puns, and annoy my family with my use of them at every available opportunity . . . and the best part is they never get tired of them! Hooray! #earkernall
  • I can sometimes predict the future in very small ways . . . it’s weird and hard to explain, but sometimes I just know something is going to happen before it happens. I know. Very strange. *puts tinfoil on my head*
  • I am known as a Party-In-A-Box by my family . . . my mom says that wherever I go, the fun follows, and I’m actually quite okay with being known for this. XD
  • I first started my blog because I wanted to have a space for sharing my short stories . . . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

and lastly. . .

  • My two favorite seasons are Spring and Fall . . . Summer’s too hot, Winter’s too dreary, but Spring is the perfect amount of rain and slush, and Fall is gloriously crisp. Also Spring and Fall are when my two favorite sessions of NaNoWriMo take place, which is totally a coincidence, but a very nice coincidence, all the same.

And those, my friends, were 11 totally random and slightly bizarre facts about me! Now that we’ve finally gotten those out of the way, it’s time to tag some of you beautiful peeps to do this tag! I’ll put the questions that you guys can answer down below the taggees, so make sure to grab those when we’re done!

All right, folks! Let’s tag some people!

TAG! You’re it!

For this Liebster Award, I’m going to tag. . .

And if it just so happens that you were not tagged here, but you still want to answer the questions I came up with (*points below*), please feel free to steal this tag like the rogue lobster pirate that you are, my creative crustacean! But make sure to leave me a link down in the comments so that I can read your answers!!

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My Questions!

1.  What is the most hilarious pun you can think of? (go crazy with it, folks. I need a good laugh right now.)

2. Are you obsessed with any TV shows/movies/book series’? If so, what is it, and what sparked your obsession? (if you’re not obsessed with any of the above, feel free to just give your favorite flavor of cake for this question)

3. If you could shapeshift into any mythical creature, which creature would you pick and why?

4. What is one classic book you want to read before you die?

5. What is your favorite book of all time?

6. If your answer for question 5 was being turned into a movie, which character would you want to play in the film and why?

7. Oh no! Your purse just got stolen by a creepy old man in a ski mask! Thankfully, you managed to hold onto that seriously thick book you’ve been reading, though! Which book do you hurl at the old man’s head to knock him out cold and retrieve your precious satchel?

8. IT’S A ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!! AAAAAH! What weapon do you arm yourself with in the old abandoned shed out back: A) a rusty pitchfork, B) a quiver of arrows (uncle Ben accidentally broke the bow while playing croquet three months ago), or C) a cheese grater, which you’re not really sure how it got out there in the first place, but you’re not willing to go down without a gouda fight?

9. Why did you decide to start a blog in the first place, and what are three things you wish you’d known before you started blogging?

10. If you were a Neverland local, who would you be and why: A) one of the lost boys, B) a mermaid in mermaid lagoon, C) a pixie, or d) Captain Hook himself?

11. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?


And that’s all I’ve got for you today, folks, though I definitely want to give another huge THANK YOU!! to Hanne for tagging me for this! As I said above, I’ve never been tagged for this particular award before, and I had so much fun answering all of the questions!! (your questions were absolutely fantastical, Hanne!!)

But alas, we are coming to the end of this post, and it is time for you guys to tell me a little bit about yourselves!!! If you could learn one physical activity and be really good at it, what would you pick? What are some really bizarre yet highly interesting facts about yourself? Can you wiggle your ears without touching them? and most importantly. . .

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE??? (it better be from Jim Moriarty. . .)

Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! in the comments below! And as always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in your face and disappears*

Featured Photo by Eligo Design on Unsplash


14 thoughts on “The Liebster Award! (a.k.a. the Lobster Award)

  1. Dear goodness, I love your blog. I don’t even know when I signed up for the email notice, but it’s been ages now… and I still perk up when I see that notice. This has been another wonderfully worded and utterly captivating post. Your writing is so charming and fun, I just adore it. While I operate on Blogger, I decided I’d slide in and try to remember my WordPress account so I could comment (I succeeded,as you can see).
    So, yes… wonderful post, you’ve been one of the best nominated lobsters that I’ve ever read. Incredibly selfish (or should I say shell-fish (buh-dum-psch)), but I do hope your obsession with Moriarty doesn’t end any time soon. Your answers were interesting, and upon your facts, I perked when I saw our similarities. We share favorites in Harry Potter, though I think I have Neville tied with Dobby among those I love. I also love puns and dad jokes, and I drive my family insane with them. If you ever made a post of your favorite puns, that would be fantastic. If not, that would still be fantastic because you’re great and whatever you write instead is bound to be interesting.
    Sorry for the long comment, just figured I should stop haunting your blog and engage for once. So, yeah. Love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, Bekah!!!! This comment honestly just made my day!!! Thank you so, so, SO much for leaving a comment!!! You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that you like my posts! I really enjoy writing them, so knowing that you love reading them makes it so much more worthwhile! <333

      And yesssss!!! Another person who loves puns and dad jokes!!! Honestly, I think I make more dad jokes than my dad does, which is a shame, because even he finds them annoying. XD But does that stop me from making them?? HA. OF COURSE NOT. XD Writing a post of my favorite puns actually sounds like a REALLY good idea, and though I'm not exactly sure what my favorite puns ARE (they kind of just come to me in the moment) I might try to do a punny post at some point! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

      Neville truly is wonderful. *nods wisely* I really love his character arc towards the end, and I shall forever ship him and Luna, even though that was strictly a movie-franchise thing. XD AND MORIARTY. YES. Moriarty shall forever be a staple around here, I do believe! XD

      Please don't apologize for the long comment! It totally made my day!!! Thank you so much for commenting, dear bean!! *flings cookies at your face happily*


  2. I can do that small future prediction thing too! It just shows up occasionally and I don’t know how it works. But it does.

    Also, Nintendo is a good favorite brand.

    And that meet up needs to happen. :)

    One physical activity, I’d want to learn parkour/freerunning. It would just be awesome, adventurous, useful in a crisis, and get me fit.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AAHH! You had the BEST answers and questions on the Lobster Award ever!!!!!
    I can’t even with your favorite quotes 😂😂
    And Nestlé Crunch for-ev-ah.
    And the questions you asked for the people you tagged are PERFECT. Best ones I’ve ever seen. 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, Penny!!!! You are too sweet, I can’t. <33

      Awww!!! Oh my word!!! That is honestly the sweetest thing!!! Thank you so much!! (also YOU SHOULD STEAL THE QUESTIONS AND DO THEM. DO THE QUESTIONS, PENNY.)


  4. Aha! I saw that shellfish pun!

    This tag looks awesome! Your answers are splendid!

    For physical activities to learn…. I mean, I just need to learn how to swim. That’s it.

    I’m gonna steal this for my next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MWAHAHA. I couldn’t resist. I clearly have an issue.

      MEEP! Thank you so much, Phoebe!! <333 And swimming is AWESOME!!! Learning, however, is kind of terrifying. But it's not too hard if you can get yourself to stay afloat… I was lucky cause we had a pool when I was growing up, which meant that I learned to swim pretty well, but I have a very vivid memory of nearly drowning (*cough* over exaggeration *cough*) trying to prove that I COULD swim back before I actually could… So yeah. That was great…



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