My Favorite Character Ships of All Time! (feat. my totally super secret OTP)

good morning, cyberspace!

As predicted, blog posts are taking quite a hit this month. At least I’m getting better at this realistic expectation thing, though, right?

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But anyway, hopefully I’ll get this posted in a reasonable amount of time this week, because IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY WEEK, EVERYBODY!!!

Or not. Depending on when you read this/when this post actually goes up. Right now I’m hard at work writing for my February Freeze Out Challenge, which means that most–if not all–of my writing time is going towards finishing my current Super Secret Project (for more info on this, please refer back to last week’s post!). But seeing as though Valentine’s Day is one of my absolute favorite days of the year, I really wanted to try and get a Valentine’s Day inspired post out.

Which brings us to today’s smudge! Today–in true Valentine’s Day spirit–I’m going to be sharing with you all of my absolute favorite fictional ships, which, if you know literally anything about me and my smol romantical heart, you will know that there are . . . ahem . . . quite a few of these. Because I like to ship characters.

Like a lot.

I’m pretty sure the people I beta read for get annoyed with all of the “SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!” messages I sprinkle their manuscripts with, but it’s fine. They put up with me.

i hope

So without any further ado, here’s a totally non-exhaustive list of ALL of my favorite bookish ships!

WARNING: This post contains major/minor spoilers for the following books and series: Harry Potter // The Lunar Chronicles // The Hunger Games // Anne of Green Gables // Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them // The Girl Who Drank The Moon // 

If you have not read these books and do not want to be spoiled, please DO NOT continue reading until you have finished the series’/books mentioned!

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My Favorite Character Ships Of All Time!

i. Ron and Hermione

I don’t care what you have to say in defense of Hermione and Harry or Hermione and Draco or whatever terrible awful no good pairing you believe in, Ron and Hermione will always be my Harry Potter OTP.

Well. Sort of. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Back when I was a smol young one–back when “shipping” was reserved for FedEx and “OTP” sounded like some strange brand of toilet paper–I really really really really really wanted Ron and Hermione to get together.

I can’t remember if this bizarre desire stemmed from watching the movies or reading the books (my Harry Potter path started with the movies, and then somehow I got caught up with the books before the final movies came out? it was a very wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey, non-linear experience), but I just knew in my hopeless romantical heart that at some point within that series, Ron and Hermione had to get together. There was just no way that they couldn’t.


And I know that a lot of people–including Rowling herself, if I’m not mistaken–thought Hermione deserved to be with Harry, but like. . .? NO. HERMIONE BELONGS WITH RON. He’s the perfect amount of bumbling idiot for her brains, and “Harry and Hermione” is just too many H’s. It refuses to roll off the tongue, which is something you seriously have to consider when forming a couple. If their names don’t roll off the tongue together, they obviously don’t belong. Kind of like Katniss and Gale (too throaty), but of course, that is a predicament we shall be getting to shortly.

harry potter wingardium leviosa GIF

ii. Remus and Tonks

I believe I’ve mentioned my love for these two previously on the blog, but you seriously cannot expect me to write a post about ALL of my favorite ships and NOT include these two.

I mean, come on. Remus and Tonks are the most adorable couple in the whole wide Wizarding world. One’s a werewolf, one’s a bizarre shape-shifter/duck-faced/pink-haired creature with a penchant for tripping over random inanimate objects. . . WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THESE TWO???

I mean, yes, Remus ended up abandoning her in the final book because he was terrified of becoming a father, but I think we can all safely agree that this was a very non-Remus thing to do and deserves to be stripped from all our memories for the rest of time. Personally, whenever I think about that moment in the series, all I see is a gaping black void of nothingness.

Because it never happened.

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nopety nope nope.

iii. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blithe

Ah yes. The very first ship I ever did ship.

I’m not exactly sure if I’m proud of how intensely I wanted these two to end up together, or if this is some dark secret that I should just eternally conceal within myself for the rest of my existence and never admit to.

But I guess if you’re reading this, I’m admitting to it.

Aha. #fail.

anne of green gables child GIF

But be honest, now. Who here has read Anne of Green Gables and DIDN’T ship Anne and Gilbert??? It’s kind of an impossibility, am I right?

Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables when I was but a wee little thing, I just knew that Anne and Gilbert were Meant To Be™. They were such a dynamic duo, and their hatred-to-friendship-to-love was just the most adorable and precious thing in the whole entire world.

Also I now know that the best way to get a boy to fall head over heels in love with you is to crack a slate over his head, so clearly these books taught me multiple things. #themoreyouknow

best friends GIF

iv. Katniss and Peeta

I know a lot of people ship Katniss with Gale. I understand and acknowledge that this is a valid ship, and I even have a very close friend (*cough*KATE*cough*) who thinks Katniss should have chosen Gale over Peeta.

. . .HOWEVER. I cannot in good faith support Katniss ending up with Gale. I JUST CAN’T, FOLKS. It’s an abomination. A DISGRACE, I say! Katniss belongs with Peeta. She and the baker boy were made for each other, and THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING YOU CAN SAY TO DISSUADE ME, PEASANTS.

And apparently Suzanne Collins agrees with me, so HA.

jennifer lawrence katniss and peeta GIF
^^ actual footage of Gale fans setting my ship on fire

v. Xan and Glerk

This one might seem a little weird, I’ll admit. I mean, Xan is a witch, and Glerk is . . . well . . . a swamp monster. But they are just so adorable together and I totally 100% ship this friendship.

Because friendships deserve to be shipped as well, I daresay.

And also I may or may not have shed a little tear at the ending of The Girl Who Drank The Moon, because Glerk and Xan’s ending was just — AGH. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and soulcrushing all at once, and although the book’s end was a tad bittersweet, it was still absolutely precious where Xan and Glerk were involved. I’m 1000% in love with these characters still, and if you haven’t read this book yet. . .

What on earth are you doing.

vi. Newt and Tina

I’m sorry, but the minute he started comparing her eyes to a salamander, I was sold.

This ship is one that is most definitely sailing, my friends, and I’m happily waving from the mast.

harry potter film GIF
^^ me @ every single one of these character ships, tbh

And finally, last but never the least, my absolute favorite ship of all time and my OTP. . .

The one, the only. . .

vii. Cress and Thorne

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time (or you know me personally or something) you most likely already know that I obsess over The Lunar Chronicles quite often. If the titles of these books are mentioned in conversation–no matter how trivial it may be–you will find that I miraculously spawn out of the depths of nowhere to scream incoherently into your face about how much I adore these books.

I will never forget the day Cinder came in the mail as my prize for having won my first ever NaNo, and I will never forget the nights I spent devouring these books long after I was supposed to have gone to bed. These books were a crucial turning point for both my reading and writing, and no amount of words would ever be able to express how deeply these books impacted me.

However, out of all the ships found within those pages, there were two characters in particular who I truly believe I shall squeal over for the rest of time itself.

Cress and Thorne. If you’ve read The Lunar Chronicles, perhaps you understand the obsession. Or perhaps you’re one of the many who prefer Cinder and Kai or Wolf and Scarlet or Winter and Jacin.

(I must admit that Winter and Jacin are quite adorable, as well, though I never really could get into Scarlet and Wolf as much as the others.)

But as for me, Cress and Thorne (a.k.a. Corne, as me and my friend, Hannah, often called them XD) will forever and always be my absolute favorite Lunar Chronicles ship. There’s just something about Thorne’s arrogant ways and Cress’s disarming innocence that makes even my totally-not-hopelessly-romantic heart melt into a puddle of happy ooze.

I’ve also always been a really huge fan of the story of Rapunzel, so when I found out that Cress was the TLC version of my absolute favorite fairytale of all time, you can bet your buttons that I was hooked from the start.

And besides. I’m sure we can all admit that Thorne was the absolute best hero in that entire series. I mean, Kai was obviously an adorable, clueless little muffin, and Wolf was . . . whatever people like about Wolf. And Jacin was an angry little cinnamon roll, but Thorne.

Thorne was the best.

I’m starting to get the feeling that Rapunzel’s hero is always a million and one times better than all the others, though, which is a little odd.

I mean, just compare this

happy flynn rider GIF

disney princess GIF

zachary levi disney GIF

To this

dead the little mermaid GIF

scuttle the little mermaid GIF

. . . or even this

the witch disney GIF

Leaving Go Go Go GIF

. . . Okay. That took a bit of a weird turn.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: Rapunzel’s prince is always the best, Cress and Thorne are absolute perfection and are my OTP forever and always.

That is, until I find a new OTP, of course. But seeing as though literally nothing has been able to compare to these two for the past three years, I’m highly doubtful that this will actually happen.

Until that day arrives, however, Corne shall reign victorious as the most glorious ship of all time.

Well, that and the Black Pearl. But I digress.


What are some of your favorite ships of all time? If you’re a Gale fan, did this post anger you severely? (please don’t hate me…) Do you think friendships should be shipped more often, or do you think ships should be strictly romantic/love interest-y? Which fairytale prince do you think is the absolute best? and most importantly. . .


(bonus points if it’s Cress and Thorne, and TRIPLE points if you call them Corne and not Creswell or Thress)

Let us talk about ALL OF THE VALENTINE’S THINGS! down in the comments below, shall we?

And as always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


21 thoughts on “My Favorite Character Ships of All Time! (feat. my totally super secret OTP)

  1. Anne and Gilbert – yes. They are great for each other.

    Peeta and Katniss – YASSSSS I CANNOT GET OVER THE PERFECTION OF THEM TOGETHER. I like Gale as a character, at least in the books, and I really dig the friendship he and Katniss share, but Katniss and Peeta belong together. End of story. (Literally, haha.)

    Cress and Thorne/Flynn and Rapunzel – Rapunzel’s will ALWAYS be better. Love both these couples.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anne and Gilbert are PERFECTION!!!! I love them so much…

      See, I’m torn with Gale, because I REALLY liked him in the first book. He was an amazing friend for Katniss, and I just really loved that dynamic. But then in the second and third book, he got to be really demanding and pushy, and it just made me not like him anymore. I wish I could keep smol First Book Gale. XD
      (LOL!!!! Is it bad I gave an audible laugh at that??? XD)

      YESSSS! Rapunzel always gets the best prince!! I think it’s like an unspoken rule or something.


  2. I don’t have a lot of ships springing to mind, though I enjoy romance, however I’m reading Lord of the Rings right now and I really like the little hints about Aragorn and Arwen, and I’m looking forward to Faramir and Eowyn meeting. I always liked Gale more than Peeta, but the final battle wrenched that idea up.

    My favorite prince…It’s gotta be Eric or Philip, since they’re both in the story more. And they have dramatic, climatic battles. I think Eric is nicer, but fighting a dragon is cooler to watch…

    I feel like ship isn’t a good term for a pair of friends, just cuz the romantic connotation is so deeply ingrained in it. It needs something distinct.

    Hmm…OTP…Probably Link and Zelda, except for Twilight Princess, because Midna! I’m glad it only has little hints of romance, it just works better for the story.
    (Also, Destar, but I need to finish it so it counts. xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • ASDFGHJKL YES. Part of the reason I want to read LoTR so badly is because of Faramir and Eowyn. Honestly the movie did a horrible job of conveying that they ever got together in the first place? I completely missed it until I’d seen something on Pinterest ages later…
      Ugh, I know, right? I really loved Gale’s friendship for Katniss, but he just got really mean and angry later on…

      Oooh, yes, I can see where the battles would make the character more interesting. Fighting a dragon is AMAZING, so 100 points to him for doing that. (although I still can’t put him on the same level as Eugene, no matter how hard I try. XD)

      Okay yes. That is a very good point. I’m not sure what we could call shipping friendships, though? Ummmm…WE MUST THINK ON THIS. XD

      OH OH YES!!! Link and Zelda are PERFECTION! And I never noticed a romance between Midna and Link, but I’m totally gonna have to play that game and look for it now. XD (AND YESSSSSSSSS!!! DESTAR!!!! 100% AN OTP)


  3. Dude, no one can not ship Anne and Gilbert. It’s just not possible.

    While I can’t say I really /cared/ about who ended up with whom in the Hunger Games, I thought Peeta made a lot more sense for Katniss. Gale was a great friend at first, but then he became moody and pushy and thought she owed things to him that…she didn’t? Peeta was always gentle, he didn’t demand stuff or act like she owed him. And Gale may have been her friend for a long time, but Peeta was her friend during a really /hard/ time. He was there for her when Gale couldn’t be and they went through some super traumatic experiences together, which tends to press fast-forward on developing relationships…and THEN Gale didn’t even want to be friends if he didn’t get what he wanted???? Peeta was wayyyy better. For Katniss and just as a person.
    Sorry, that was long…apparently I did care. Haha.

    Rapunzel’s prince, yes. Flynn is the greatest.

    As for shipping friendships, brotps are totally a thing, but “shipping” sounds weird. How about “boating” our brotps??? Because that /doesn’t/ sound weird…at all…

    Liked by 1 person

    • AGREED.

      Oh my goodness, yes, I agree with absolutely everything you said. Gale just felt so pushy to me, and I didn’t really like that… I’m kind of surprised Katniss didn’t stab him or something. XD Peeta was always my choice, even from the very beginning, and he just felt like a much better fit for her. A soft marshmallow to offset the hard and callous hunter. XD


      I FIRMLY AGREE WITH BOATING BROTPS. 100%, XD I totally boat (BROat?) Glerk and Xan. This sounds so much more fun, oh my word. XD


  4. This is my favorite Valentines Week post ever.
    I will not protest nary a one of these.
    And like Gale and Katniss??? Why does that even exist??? KATNISS IS MARRIED. THE END.
    Anne and Gilbert OF COURSE.
    (Also I really need to read the Lunar Chronicles now????)
    I LOVED this shipping post!!!
    Also, I tagged you for my Star Wars Character Tag on my blog:

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES YES YES YOU MUST READ TLC. It is perfection. And all this talk of Anne and Gilbert is hardcore making me want to read Anne of Green Gables again…. Oh dear. I feel a reread coming on. XD

      Oooh! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely have to check this out!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. ughhgh ok I can NEVER understand Gale/Katniss shippers??? i am with you and Peeta/Katniss aaall the way. They are so cute, and they balance each other out. He is so so Soft and she is a bitter little broken piece of glass and they are the best things. Maybe my first ever real OTP!? And I love so many of the Lunar Chronicles ships…but I think Scarlet/Wolf are my favourites. 😍And it’s not a romance, but Thorne/Cinder are my favourite bromance lmao. I don’t ship them or anything, but I just love their banter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YESSSSSSS!!!! Katniss and Peeta were probably the first two YA characters that I seriously hardcore shipped… It was kind of an obsession… Aha.

      And oh my goodness, yes!!! Cinder and Thorne are the best bromance of ever. XD Their banter gives me life. XD


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