The Fairy Tale Central Blog Tour! // ft. a smol rant from me about why I love fairy tales so much

good morning, cyberspace!

GUYS! I am so beyond thrilled to be able to be a part of the lovely blog tour (the first blog tour I’ve ever been a part of, actually. . . AHAHAHAHAHAHAHELPME) for the SUPER exciting new website run by Arielle, Faith, and Christine*–Fairy Tale Central! This is just my little intro to let you all know that I’m jumping on the blog tour bandwagon, but the actual post–*points down*–will tell you all you need to know about the new site, give links to its social media accounts, and all that exciting jazz that you’re actually interested in reading.

But first, I’d love to take just a few moments of your time to add a couple of my own thoughts to this post. Because WHY NOT, am I right???? Aha. Hahahahaha. *nervous laughter intensifies*

In case you all didn’t know, I’m kind of low-key obsessed with fairy tales. *cough* understatement *cough* Put quite simply, they are my life**. So to say that I am excited for a website that is all about fairy tales is kind of an understatement. I am quite literally over the moon that there’s now a website strictly dedicated to fairy tales, and I’m thoroughly convinced that the majority of my upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo days are going to be filled with perusing this new site.

seriously. someone has to help me out, here.

However, trying to put my thoughts into some semblance of coherency about why I love fairy tales so much has proven to be quite the difficult task. I’ve written this intro over and over and over again, and yet I still can’t seem to pin down my exact thoughts into a normal intro format. So we’re just going to switch over to my preferred method.


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— WHY I LOVE FAIRY TALES SO MUCH (and also why we need them) —

ONE . . . At their very core, fairy tales are human

Fairy tales are human. I’m not really sure how else to put it. There’s just something so honest and raw and real about fairy tales, even with all the magic and pixie dust and pirates sprinkled in. There’s something about them that’s able to resonate with our souls and reflect our own world–our own selves, even–through a new light.

Yes, a fairy tale is about as far-flung from reality as you could possibly imagine, (I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s humanly possible to grow fifty feet of hair. but i digress.) but at the end of the day, the struggles and trials the heroes and heroines conquer are just a twisted reflection of the same struggles and trials we face on a daily basis.

Choosing forgiveness and kindness over bitterness and anger, doing everything within our power to stop time and stay a child forever, making a horrific deal with a sea witch in exchange for a pair of legs. . . << all of these things are things that we–as humans–face. And somehow our hero–though a talking toad with a sentient walking stick he may be–is able to rise above and overcome it.

So maybe, with just a sprinkling of pixie dust and a few doses of comic relief, we can, too.

TWO . . . Happily Ever Afters are never found

^^ this might seem a little confusing at first, but just hear me out for a second, please.

As I mentioned previously, there’s a lot of suffering in a world of fairy tales. There’s endless struggles. There’s pain. There’s heartache and hurt and tragedy and conflict. Otherwise, why bother writing the story, right?

However, in the end, the hero never just stumbles uponHappily Ever After. They have to work for it. And that is exactly the kind of stories we need.

We need fairy tales in our lives. We need to see that no matter how many times we get knocked down, there’s still a chance to get up again. To try harder. To do better. To be a little kinder. To make it out okay.

It doesn’t matter how many times we fall over or how many bruises and scars we gain. There is always a chance for a Happily Ever After, so long as we have enough persistence and courage to fight for it.

And finally, number three. . .

THREE . . . Fairy Tales are MAGIC***

Fairy tales have been around for as long as the world’s been turning (or it seems like it, anyway), and they have no intention of dying out any time soon.

Why? Because everyone wants to believe in magic. Everyone wants to be whisked away to a magical kingdom. Everyone wants to experience adventure, to become legendary, to be transported to a world away from this one, if only for a little while.

And that’s why fairy tales are so integral to the world of fiction. Sure, any story you pick up can transport you to another world, but what makes a fairy tale a fairy tale is the pure, undiluted magic inside of it. The magic that can make even the hardest of hearts feel like a child again. The magic that makes little girls’ eyes grow wide, that fills us with strength and bravery and courage.

We need that magic. We need that hope and adventure. We need those stories to help us find our way back to the pure, limitless belief we used to cling to. And that, my friends, is why we need fairy tales.

Because everyone–whether they care to admit it or not–needs magic.

So here’s to the creation of a website that will be filled to the brim with the most magical fairy tales! I am so beyond excited to be a part of this tour to help spread the word of its existence, and I hope all my fellow fairy tale lovers out there will hit the links below and check out the new Fairy Tale Central site.

Because seriously, you guys. This is going to be amazing.

I’ve been following Christine’s blog for quite a while now, and her posts literally NEVER fail to put a smile on my face. After finding out who all the authors behind FTC are, however, I’ve also started following Arielle and Faith, as well, and I am so beyond excited to stalk their blogs!!!

** I’ve actually kind of sort of written three fairy tale retellings already, with a fourth on the way, so. . .? yeah. *thumbs up* 

** Special thanks to my mom for sparking the inspiration for quite a bit of this post! She’s as much of a fairy tale lover as I am, and I don’t doubt that a lot of my opinions were inspired by (or, you know, unwittingly stolen from, because that happens a lot in this family) her.

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Once Upon a Time two girls had a dream. A dream of a fairy tale site, an internet library, if you will, for all the fairy tale lovers of the land to gather and converse. To learn, to read, to fangirl/boy, to bask in the goodness that is fairy tales.

As this dream blossomed, the two girls recruited a third. Because, after all, all good fairy tales come in themes of three.

With the third member in place, the girls got to work. The dream began to take shape, until it was no longer just a dream. But something real.

Introducing. . .


Blog Tour Graphic.png

This newly launched site run by Arielle Bailey, Faith White, and Christine Smith, is your source for all things fairy tales.

Every month a single fairy tale will be featured, and posts will include:

  • Reviews for retellings/shows/movies/etc.
  • Essay, origin, and discussion posts on the featured fairy tale
  • Interviews with fairy tale retelling authors
  • Galleries featuring fairy tale artists and artisans
  • And a whole lot more!

The FTC’s goal is to unlock the magic that is fairy tales and build a community of fellow fairy tale enthusiasts. Arielle, Faith, and Christine are thrilled to share this new fairy tale centric space and connect with all you epic fairy tale fans!

You can CLICK HERE to find the site and join the Fairy Ring! (Don’t worry, you won’t be enchanted or cursed.) And, if you want to connect even more, you can find the FTC on:

(If you’re inclined to share about the FTC in those places too, you may or may not be blessed by a fairy godmother. *smile, smile*)

Do tell a friend, or a dragon, or the fairy living in the hollow tree behind your house. All humans and mythological creatures alike are welcome!


Is anyone else screaming like a maniac right now, because I am seriously squealing like a maniac right now. . .

AHEM. ANYWAY. Some questions to discuss down in the comments!: Are you a fan of fairy tales? Do you agree that fairy tales are a powerful method of storytelling, or do you prefer more contemporary, less magic-y forms of writing? (i promise i will not stab you with my rusty pitchfork if you say you don’t like fairy tales. [*sharpens pitchfork discreetly*]) Have you ever written a fairy tale retelling, yourself? (and if you have you BETTER TELL ME WHICH ONE IT WAS, PEASANT!!) and most importantly. . .


As always, let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading, and until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_

 Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Central Blog Tour! // ft. a smol rant from me about why I love fairy tales so much


    And I totally agree, fairytales are SO IMPORTANT. They teach us that if you work hard, happy endings ARE in your grasp! They teach us that true love DOES exist, and that good can and does triumph over evil!

    They also teach us that apples are poisonous, and pumpkins can turn into carriages, but that’s so beside the point. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • *incoherent screaming* ME TOO!!!! I am so beyond excited!!! *flails endlessly*

      Yes, yes, yes, and YES!!! Yes to all of this!! Happy endings are most definitely real, and I’m a firm believer that true love must exist. It has to, because I want it. 😂 And DUDE. I would LOVE to make a pumpkin turn into a carriage, so I’m gonna choose to believe in that, as well!!! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so cool and exciting!
    (And, okay, all three of your reasons for loving fairy-tales are great, but I LOVE the second one!! I’ve never heard it put that way before, but I agree SO MUCH.)
    I think Rumpelstiltskin is my favourite fairy-tale, if we’re talking like folk-tale fairy-tales. But also that Hans Christian Anderson one about the girl whose brothers are turned into swans and she has to make the coats for them and the king wants to marry her and the people think she’s a witch and she finishes all except the sleeve of one coat and so one of her brothers ends up all human again except for one arm is still a swan’s wing…idk what it’s called but I like that one.
    And also The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
    AND if stuff like Peter Pan or Kipling’s Just So Stories count too…? nvm I can’t pick a favourite. They’re all splendid. (I’m very excited for Fairy Tale Central, haha.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It took me so long to respond to comments that I had to scroll up to know what on earth number 2 was. XD Oh my word, I’m failing so hard at blogging right now. BUT OH MY WORD, YES. I’m kind of in love with that point, to be honest??? It gives me hope that there’s a Happy Ever After for everyone.

      Um…. Um…. Um…. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT FAIRYTALE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WITH THE SWANS BUT I NEED IT LIKE YESTERDAY. I actually have a giant book of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales, so I’m gonna go find this…

      Oh my word, the Twelve Dancing Princesses!! I absolutely LOVE that fairytale! The first time I’d ever heard of/read it was when I read the book Entwine, but I feel in love with that story immediately!

      Okay, yes. Peter Pan is just perfection…. I’m not sure I’ve ever read Kipling’s Just So Stories, but I’m going to have to find those! (are we friends on Goodreads? Do you HAVE a Goodreads? WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS ON GOODREADS.) (and oh my goodness, I’m so excited, too!!! Camp has been a disaster, which means I haven’t been able to read all the posts yet, but I’m gonna binge them soon!)


      • Haha, I know the feeling.

        Ooh, good luck. I wish I had a book of Hans Christian Anderson!!! I haven’t read any of him in so long, this makes me want to remedy that.

        GIRL YES you need to read the Just So Stories! I mean…no pressure, but I think you’d really like them? I positively ADORE them. They’re whimsical and silly and clever and funny and strange. (I do have Goodreads–a recent acquistion–and YES WE DO NEED TO BE FRIENDS. although i am not Sarah Seele on there and idk how to find you…?? But we need to be friends. it needs to happen. we must find a way. XD)


        • Darn it, I forgot to look for this story! I’m gonna do it tonight so I don’t keep forgetting. OHHH YES. Honestly, I’ve read a pathetic amount of ACTUAL fairytales, so I’m really excited to dive into more of them soon!

          I just added the Just So Stories to my TBR! I’ll hopefully get to them sometime soon! (why is my TBR so big, oh my goodness me.) Okay, so I’m SmudgedThoughts on GR, so if you just look that up, you should be able to find me! My profile picture is a selfie of my bird, so you shouldn’t miss it. XD

          Liked by 1 person

  3. KENZIIIIEEEE. THIS POST. YOUR WORDS. ALL THE THINGS. I AM SQUEALING. I love, love, love, looooooooved what you said about fairy tales. It is all SO true! I especially adored #2. That’s a huge reason why I love fairy tales as well! Plus just a lot of fiction. Sometimes we NEED happily ever afters. We need to see that goodness put out into the world will be goodness gained. That’s almost always the message of fairy tales, and it’s so, so important. But AWK. I loved EVERYTHING you said. Your first point is just brilliant. You’re totally right, that fairy tales are human. They show us human traits (and how to deal with them) in such a simple, clear manner. But they’re also just MAGICAL, yesss. And just A:KJLSJD:FJDF. You’re just making me love fairy tales even more than I already do. This post was everything!

    Thank you SO much for sharing, and helping us spread the word on the site. Your enthusiasm has kept me going! *ALL THE HUGS*

    Liked by 1 person

    • (I am SO SORRY for the super late reply, Christine!!! I’ve been so busy this month, and I pretty much failed at blogging. XD)

      OH MY GOODNESS. You honestly have no idea how much this just made my day… > “We need to see that goodness put out into the world will be goodness gained.” << is pure perfection, and just YES. All of the yes.

      MEEP! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the tour!! It was so much fun!! (and the new sight is absolutely STUNNING! I've been really AWOL this month on the blogosphere, but now that I've finally beaten Camp NaNo (WOOT!) I'm planning on binging all of the blog posts I've been missing!!) *HUGS!!*


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