WIP IT! Chapter One: In Which A Story Is Announced

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Well, guys, it’s time. Today, we are finally going to do the thing–the very thing I’ve been teasing and hinting and promising you all I’d do for the past three billion years.

Today, I’m going to be telling you all about my brand new WIP!

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^^ this is me preparing to spill my heart and soul out to you guys. but not really. because no spoilers.

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First thing’s first, as I’m sure you can all probably tell, today is not Saturday. Which is kind of a problem, since in WIP IT! Chapter Zero, where I told you all my many hopes and dreams for this series, I said very clearly that this was going to be a Saturday thing.

But alas. That is no longer happening, folks.

It came to my attention very early on that WIP IT!’s are exceedingly time consuming, which means that when I write them, I’m leaving little to no time for writing an actual blog post to publish on Tuesday. So while I absolutely love the idea of having a normal post on Tuesday, and a WIP related thing on Saturday, that just ain’t gonna be happening right now. I’ve got way too much on my plate at the moment, what with first drafting a brand new story and working on edits for everlost, so my one-post-a-week-schedule–which has not yet failed me, might I add–is just going to have to continue for a while longer. Perhaps in the future I’ll figure out how to time travel and write multiple posts a week like some of those crazy bloggers out there, but as of right now . . . yeah. That’s not happening.

However, despite this little change in the posting schedule, I am still VERY happy to announce that my enthusiasm for categorizing all my WIP-related thing-a-ma-bobbins in one little place has not yet waned. I still have a ton of ideas for this project, so definitely stay tuned for more WIP IT!s in the future, folks!

But anyway, now that all that introductory stuff is out of the way, it’s time to get into the real reason why you’re reading this blog post.

My friends, it is my greatest pleasure to FINALLY introduce you to SK. . .

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“In a place where the most unextraordinary things are thought to happen, the most unordinary things are about to begin. . .”

^^ Why, yes. That’s a snippet from SK. Don’t you dare go reading too much into that, peasants.

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, I’ve been yakking about my latest pet project for quite a while now. And I’m positive that a lot of you are at the point where, if I don’t begin to give you some sort of clue as to what this WIP is about, you’ll start to lose interest and toddle away to newer and shinier things like the treasure-seeking Niffler that you are.

Like blogs that actually talk about what they’re working on. Aha.

SO! Today I’m taking the plunge and answering all of your questions! . . .kind of.

not really.

As it is, I would very much like to tell you every single thing about this project, but I know that the minute I spill the beans on all of the nitty gritty details, I’ll lose both my inspiration to tell this story, and will also be letting go of a very, very special plot point that I’d like to keep secret for just a little while longer.

The premise of this book is a weird one, you see. One that I’ve never seen done in this particular way before. (and if I HAVE seen it done, I don’t remember it.) And while I know that there’s nothing new under the sun and all that, I’d still really like to keep this feeling of uniqueness as close to my heart as possible until I’m finally ready to release it to the world.

However, for the sake of satiating your confusion and–potentially–giving you some teasers to chew on, I do have some things about this story that I can share with you all. And hopefully it’s enough to tithe you over until I’m ready to share more. . .


“So what IS this new Super Secret Project of yours, anyway? Is it another draft of everlost?

Aha. Yeah. No.

Unlike Super Secret Project #1, which was . . . not all that super or secret . . . this particular project is a Brand New Story. It’s not The Girl and The Goblin King, it’s not everlost, and it’s not anything else I’ve ever mentioned on this blog before. It’s something new and fresh and different, and I’m really, really excited about it!

It’s also a standalone! Well, I guess I should say that it’s a standalone at the moment. Apart from The Girl and The Goblin King (which I still haven’t finished the first draft of lololol) I have never tried to write a standalone before. So again. MUCH EXCITEMENT. MUCH WOW.


“Okay, okay, okay. So it’s a new project. Whoop-dee-doo. What’s it about? What makes this story special?”

Well, for starters, I’m not sure I’m liking your tone very much, my good sir. But alas. You are correct. I can’t exactly tell you to scream in excitement with me if I don’t give you anything to be excited about, so let’s dig into the core of the story a little bit more, shall we?

First thing’s first >> it’s a fantasy. Obviously. I’m not sure I’m capable of writing something that doesn’t have SOME sort of fantastical element to it. I tried making EV a relatively rigid sci-fi and . . . nope. Fantasy still leaked in somehow. Who’da thunk.

However, whereas I’d classify EV as a sci-fi/fantasy, I think I would have to classify SK as a contemporary fantasy. Or possibly an urban fantasy. I still have no clue what urban fantasy even is, even though people have tried to explain it to me multiple times.

Basically, it’s a fantasy set in a sort-of-modern day with action and car chases and quite possibly strawberry ice cream. So. Whatever you’d classify that as, that’s what this book is.

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Another feature of interest is that it’s set in an alternate universe! And, unfortunately, I can’t really go into too much detail on anything related to that. Everything I have to say will be a major spoiler, but I can tell you that the world this story is set in is very much like our own, but . . . different. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

This story also has the potential to become a tear-jerker, and I’m both very excited and very nervous about this. I’ve never made anyone cry with my writing (yet), but this ending–if written properly–has the potential to make at least me cry, and I think that’s half the fun, anyway, right? Right. *thumbs up*


Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all I can tell you about the overall story right now. It’s still very much under construction and under wraps, but I hope that this will help to alleviate some of the mass confusion and anger you have towards me for not saying anything about this story for months on end.

The next part of this post, however, will be delving headfirst into my absolute favorite part of this–and every–book: CHARACTERS!

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Staying true to my elusive nature, I can’t go forth and tell you everything about these characters. (I’m sorry!) But I CAN give you snapshots of who they are, which will probably be more interesting to read than a full character bio, anyway.

Let’s begin with Ed, shall we?

ED . . . This is the character you’ll probably hear me rant about the most in the months to come. Although he’s my MAIN main character, Ed is/was a VERY tough cookie to crack. He’s stubborn and sullen and has a hard time moving on from the things that have hurt him in the past, but when I somehow manage to write a sentence or two that is purely, perfectly Ed, it is the most magical feeling in the world. I’ve been living for those sentences this past month, to be honest.

SHELBY . . . Main Character #2, here! Shelby is a sweet little cinnamon puff. She’s brutally honest, has a penchant for being annoying, and has the wildest puff of hair that you have ever seen. She’s also one of two characters in this book with a stubbornness to match Ed’s, which makes for a very interesting character dynamic, if I do say so myself.

ELEANOR . . . Also known as the Mother Hen of this particular cast. Eleanor is the character everyone looks to when they’re in a pinch, and is the possessor of the second stubborn streak I mentioned. She’s quiet, bold in both word and style, and has a marvelous assortment of feathered hats. (something I only just realized. . .?)

LIAM . . . He’s Irish.

OLLIE . . . Oh, Ollie, my smol cinnamon roll, you. A little bit oblivious, Ollie is like the family Labrador Retriever. He’s smol, needs lots of attention and love, and will do literally anything to protect those he cares about. And as I think I mentioned in The Star Wars Character Tag–in which a few of these characters made the list–he absolutely adores playing games.

EUGENE . . . He likes hats. Also 10/10 needs a new name, because every time I think of the name “Eugene”, I can’t help but think of–

flynn rider disney GIF

Also, as I type this, I’m beginning to notice there’s a hat trend going around with this story. Not sure what that’s all about. . . Perhaps it’s a plot point.

“SAM” . . . As per tradition, there is one character who I will not disclose their full name. Like Bella for everlost, this guy will officially go under a pseudonym on the blog. I’m not sure if “Sam” is going to stick, but it’s all I’ve got for right now, so we’re just going to go with it.

Anyway. Sam is probably one of my favorite side characters thus far. Pretty much all of these guys are a little cardboard-y right now (which I’m just going to pretend is normal for a first draft), but out of all of them, Sam is one of the few which actually seems to breathe a little bit. He’s cranky and lazy and definitely a little weird, but that’s probably why I love him so much. . .

BEAU . . . Eccentric and full of himself, this guy is probably the oddest of the bunch. But underneath all his oddities, he has a pure heart of marshmallow fluff and would literally die to save his friends if he had to.

But literally only if he had to. He’d probably try to wriggle out of it like the slimy eel that he is if he could.

CARLOS AND JUANITA . . . I’m lumping these two together because they are virtually never seen without each other. These two are quite possibly the most difficult side characters to write, but I think that’s because they haven’t gotten quite as much page time as the others yet. I’m hoping they’ll start to act less like paper and ink soon, though, because in my head these two are so adorable it makes me want to puke.



Now that you’ve been somewhat introduced to the cast of SK, I can finally announce that I’m going to be doing an SK character interview soon! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now, but I knew that any character interviews would have to be put off until I could finally announce this project–and the characters that make up its cast–to you guys. So now that you know a little bit about them, perhaps I can enlist your help!

Character interviews are something I absolutely adore doing, but–unfortunately–I’m always a little lax on the questions. So if you have any questions at all for any of the cast members (though, if you don’t mind, with a particular emphasis on Ed and Shelby), then feel free to plop those down in the comments below! I’ll be sure to ask any and all questions in the interview, though the answers are entirely dependent on the cast members, of course. . .

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If you read my recent post about The Great Camp NaNoWriMo Recap, then you’re already well aware that the first drafting process for this project has been less than stellar thus far. Although Camp NaNoWriMo saw the first eight or nine chapters of SK safely drafted and tucked away, I still have a lot of work to do if I’m going to finish this book before my self-imposed deadline of August 1st.

And yes. I decided to give myself a self-imposed deadline of August 1st. DON’T YOU DARE TRY AND JUDGE ME, PEASANTS.

Now, I know this deadline appears to be very far out in the unforeseeable future as of right now, but if I’ve learned anything about deadlines over the years, it’s that the minute you turn your head, that little bugger will sneak up on you with the inexplicable speed of a mutant werebear and stab you in the kidney with a plastic spoon. SO. Allow me to introduce Kenzie’s Three-Month-Foolproof Plan™!

I’ve carefully constructed this plan out of blood, sweat, tears, the juice of my left eyeball, and exactly one full day of procrastination, so I am thoroughly convinced that no matter what I do to try and fail, it will be physically impossible probably not possible to do so.

As you can probably tell by the name, my Three-Month-Foolproof Plan spans the course of three entire months–May through July. Or, if you’d rather, stretches from this very day all the way until my deadline. The goal is to write 65,000 words by July 31st, which means that–if I had started on May 1st–I would simply have to write 707 words every single day for the next 92 days to reach that goal.

Totally doable, right? Right?


Unfortunately for me, I completely slacked off for the first few days of May (and also three days afterwords for a total of seven slack-off days but SHHHHH. no one can know this.), because CLEARLY I needed to rest up from the marathon that was NaNo. Aha. So now I have some days to catch up on.

But never you fear, my dearest bean child, because I am determined to reach my goal. And to further help me along in my endeavor (and to possibly help keep me accountable), I’ve decided to sign up for the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 Challenge! If you have absolutely no clue what this is and would like to see the rules and post for yourself (or if you’d like to sign up and join me in a crazy 100 days of writing!) then I’ll leave a link to the original post and signup sheet right here, but in a nutshell, the 100-for-100 challenge is where writers from all around the globe strive to write 100 words a day for 100 days straight. It takes place from May 20th to August 27th (I’m already panicking), and–in my personal opinion–is going to be an absolute blast.

And possibly a complete failure on my end, but I digress.

This is my first year participating, but depending on how well this goes, it will definitely not be my last! (she says, completely oblivious to the fact that by day 72, she’ll be pulling her hair out and screaming for the Wendigo to mercifully sweep her up into the sky)

Honestly, I think my–and quite possibly every writer’s–main struggle is the simple act of just sitting down to write. We get distracted, we tell ourselves we’ll “do it later”. We do every single other thing imaginable on our To-Do lists as procrastination instead of doing the ONE THING that we, as the writer kind, are supposed to do–WRITE.  And I think this is exactly what’s been getting me into trouble recently. Ever since NaNo ended, I’ve been letting my writing regime slide bit by bit in order to cool off and give my creative tank a break. And while I do believe that breaks are VERY necessary for every writer–especially after a NaNo–I also know that once you let yourself slip off your daily writing streak, it is very hard to get back up once again.

So this is me making a pact with myself to write at least 100 words every single day for the next 100+ days. 100 words isn’t a lot. I can usually get that and more down in less than five minutes. But once those 100 words are down, chances are I’m going to want to keep writing, especially if those words are the opener for a particularly intriguing scene. And right now, with a goal of 65,000 words staring me smack in the face and 4,657 words to make up for due to my severe slacking skills, I’m going to need all the help and motivation I can get.

And also cookies. I’m gonna need an entire boatload of cookies for this craziness, you guys.

cookie eating GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted on SK’s progress over the next few months, both here on the blogosphere and over on my Twitter, where I’m planning on posting wordcount updates frequently. (who really knows with me, though, amiright?) I’m very excited to see if I can actually write this draft in four months, and since Camp NaNoWriMo gave me such a marvelous–if not slightly difficult–springboard, I want to try and carry that momentum all through the summer.

So here’s to a three-month-long writing adventure, my friends! If any of you are crazy enough to join me on this, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d leave me a comment down below to tell me I’m not alone. Otherwise I’ll just sit here. By myself. Wondering why on earth I signed up for this madness. . .


Well, there goes Chapter One of WIP IT!. This one was a little bit more update-y than I wanted it to be, but hopefully learning about our brand new cast was a little bit interesting, yes? Maybe? No? Okay. Well, the next chapter of WIP IT is going to be a character interview, so hopefully that one will be fun. *thumbs up*

QUESTIONS!: What do you guys think of WIP IT! so far? Is it fun? Is it boring? Do you have any questions you’d actually like to ask about this particular story? What sorts of manuscripts are YOU currently working on? Do you like to set deadlines for yourself, or just see where the story takes you, whenever it takes you? Are you going to join me in the 100-for-100 challenge? and, of course, most importantly. . .


Let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! (and all of the questions!) down in the comments below! And as always, until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


20 thoughts on “WIP IT! Chapter One: In Which A Story Is Announced

  1. *SCREECHES* Getting an inside look at your newest WIP makes me SO EXCITED!!!!! Okay, but that little snippet you shared ALREADY got me 10000% hooked. BUT MODERN DAY FANTASY IN AN ALTERNATE DIMENSION WITH FEELS. Some of my most favorite thiiiings! I can already tell this thing is going to be FABULOUS.

    And the characterssss. Stubborn cinnamon rolls and mother hens and an IRISH GUY YES PLEASE (I love that that’s all you give us about Liam, but what more do we need to know? He’s IRISH) and eccentric, full of themselves people (I LOVE those) and yesss. It’s like you put all of my favorite types of characters into one novel! THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST. CAST. EVER.

    Thank you soooo much for sharing! This seriously sounds like SUCH a fun story! Also, your foolproof plans sounds TOTALLY foolproof. I’m just sitting here in awe at your dedication and organizational skills. YOU ARE AMAZING! I do hope all the writing and the 100-for-100 challenge goes wonderfully! So proud of you for taking all this on! I’m not drafting anything right now, but I WILL be doing a lot of editing for the next couple of months. So you won’t be entirely alone in your writing endeavors. Never fear! And I’m cheering you on alllll the way!

    Okay, but I LOVE character interviews! I basically love any and all character posts. SO THIS EXCITES ME GREATLY!!! I’ll totally ask some questions! How about I toss out some general questions, and you can use them for whoever you think they work best for? OR get ALL your characters to answer them? Bwahaha. Or just the main two. Hehe. Whatever you think works best!

    -What is your life dream?
    -What is keeping you from fulling said life dream?
    -Do you have any siblings?
    -If you could transform into any type of animal, which type would you choose?
    -What is your greatest fear?
    -What person in your life would you do ANYTHING for?
    -What would you say is your greatest strength?

    Wow, that’s such a mix of deep and totally random questions. I don’t even know. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • HOLY GUACAMOLE, CHRISTINE!!!! This comment literally made my entire day!!! You are so sweet and kind and I just can’t even with you!!! *tackle hugs* MEEP! I’m so glad you liked the snippet! I wasn’t sure if I should include it in there, but I figured eh. Why not. XD I’m thinking I might start adding more little snippets here and there when I’m writing these, because it divides the blocks of droning information nicely. XD AND ASDFGHJKL I HOPE THIS STORY TURNS OUT FABULOUS. XD Honestly, right now it feels kind of like a mess, but it’s MY mess, and maybe someday it will become a FABULOUS mess. XD

      Oh my goodness. Seriously, this comment is making me grin so big… Okay, so the fact that the only description I gave for Liam made ME laugh, so I just decided to leave it, because clearly if I can make myself laugh, my mission has been accomplished, right? XD And so far my drafting plans are going wonderfully, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re going to start crumbling somewhere around the beginning of July, maybe even the middle of June. BUT I SHALL CONTINUE TO SALLY FORTH NO MATTER WHAT! XD And OOOH! Editing!! I’m kind of jealous, actually. I LOVE editing. It makes the story so pretty and shiny and beautiful. . . Which project are you going to be editing? Is it your Beauty and The Beast retelling? (which I am 100% stoked for, btw)

      HOLY COW, CHRISTINE, THESE QUESTIONS ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you SO much!! And I’m not entirely sure how many characters are going to be on the next panel quite yet (ten characters is . . . um . . . kind of a lot XD) but I’m definitely asking all of these!!! Thank you SO much!!! *flings cookies at your face in appreciation*


  2. Yay, I love your character interviews! I love how you have feathered hats as a theme. That sort of thing happens to me sometimes, where random things will pop up in my story and become a theme. I had one story set in historical Korea that had so much food, and my first story had all these detailed descriptions of the heroine’s clothes.
    I also have fantasy crop up in everything that I write. I tried to write dystopia once and it was just…never again. I guess I could try to come back to that one eventually and change it so it’s actually interesting, but I currently don’t have the drive to do that? The only thing I can think of that wasn’t fantasy that I actually liked writing was a way over the top contemporary short story. I low-key want to get back to it eventually and maybe expand it, but again, I might not. I’m currently working on a novel, and it’s kind of sucking up all my time for other stories, because plotting this is so hard.

    I’ll just toss out a few general questions for the characters, you can have whoever you want answer them:
    1. Can you guys do magic, or is it more magical creatures that you have to deal with?
    2. Do you guys all like how the outline is shaping up, or are some of you panicking?
    3. Do you like zoos?
    4. If it’s not a spoiler, what do you hope to do with your life after the story is over?
    5. What’s your favorite kind of bird?
    6. What’s your favorite fairy tale?
    And finally, a question for Eleanor and Eugene:
    -What’s your very favorite hat?

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! That honestly means so much to me, Becky… Thank you! And HA! I honestly was not expecting hats to become a theme. But if I’m being completely honest with myself, something like this was bound to happen eventually. XD Ooh, really? That is so cool! And food is an absolutely wonderful theme, and I 100% approve. And also clothes!!! Were there any feathered hats in there, by any chance? XD

      Okay, but fantasy is like the weirdest thing. It’s like people who DON’T write fantasy, really do not write fantasy, and the people who DO write it can’t help but keep writing it. It’s like we’re all magically enchanted or something. (*fantastical theorizing escalates*) Dystopian is a really tough genre. I think in some ways it might be dying just a little bit, but there are still some really good dystopians out there! I used to try to write dystopian–and in some ways some of my stories still have dystopian vibes–but the stories that have been gnawing at my heart recently just haven’t been in that genre.

      Oh goodness, I DEFINITELY understand wanting to go back and rework some past stories! My first book was about dragons, and I’d LOVE to go back and rework that someday, but right now I’ve just got way too much on my plate. And as for plotting–are you a plotter, pantser, or plantser? I usually find hardcore plotting extremely difficult (and sometimes it drains my enthusiasm for the story) but that’s mostly because I’m a plantser. If I just know a few of the beats and my characters, I can usually begin writing the story. It’s only after I’ve written it WRONG that I know how it IS supposed to go. XD

      OH MY WORD!!! Okay, you guys are literally giving me the best questions ever… Thank you SO much for these!!! I’m gonna try and put all questions into the interview, but I might have to cut the interview into pieces so that I can ask them all without it getting too long. XD Thank you so much for these amazing questions!!! (and HA! that last one is perfection. XD)

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome, and thank you! And yes, I think there were a couple feathered hats!

        And yes, there are good dystopias, I just can’t (currently) write it >_< I really, really loved The Diabolic, which was a dystopia I read a couple years back, but it IS kind of violent, so fair warning. I think I really love dystopia that focuses on the political part of things and taking the system down from the inside, rather than The Rebellion ™. Which, of course, are really really hard to find.

        I think I'm a plantser? I never write anything down, but I tend to make extensive outlines in my head…except there will be places I have absolutely no idea how to write. And my writing will come to a standstill for like five months. XD


        • Okay, we are officially story twins. XD COME. JOIN THE FAMILY. WE HAVE FRUIT PUNCH AND COOKIES. XD

          Yeah. Same. It’s just not a genre that I can really write right now. Hopefully someday, though, cause I recently got a REALLY good Dystopian-ish idea… Mwhahahahaha. OOH! A book rec!! I’m gonna add it to my TBR! I think I’m okay with violence, but I guess it depends on the violence and the extremeness of it. XD (I don’t know as if I’ve ever read a Dystopian where it was taken down from the inside??? I need this???)

          DUDE SAME. XD I think that’s the curse of the plantsers. XD I DO write stuff down, though. Just…definitely not enough to constitute a full, accurate outline. And then everything changes the second I start writing, so that’s always fun.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yay!! A story twin! (I will nom all the cookies and leave the fruit punch. I like tea or water. XD)

            And yes, Dystopias that are taken down from the inside are SO RARE. Maybe that will be my calling if I ever do decide to write dystopia. Just…writing that. But I think my problem is I don’t do as well writing sci-fi in general? It’s one of those things where I would like to write it, but I just never really got the aesthetic. I grew up on fantasy novels. *sigh*

            I do the exact same thing where my whole plot changes as soon as I start writing! That’s why I can never write a full extensive outline. I can’t really get a good sense of the characters and the plot without at least having some of the story written down first.


  3. Yay for new storiesss!! Love the characters!! <3 <3 And yess I might be doing the 100 words for 100 days challenge as well! If I can just sort out the fuzzy plot bunnies that are running rampant through my head and decide to either follow one of them or actually sit down like a good girl and work on the one project that matters right now…

    Ooh questions!! You know how much I like asking hard questions….XD:
    *coughs* let's see. For the important questions:
    For Ed or Sam or Eugene:
    1. Do you think you could ever be as good as Thao?? (*glares threateningly* you'll wanna answer this right, ma friend)
    For Beau:
    2. Are you a…beau? Is that why your name is beau?? Or is it just because you're so beauitful?
    And then for Eleanor:
    3. Why are you so adorable and can you be all my characters' mother, please? (psst, I have a cute little five-year-old Eleanor who would like you!!)
    Then the less important ones, for everyone:
    4. Do you like the world you live in? What would you change about it if you don't like it?
    5. What is the weirdest memory you have?
    You don't have to use all of those, just some suggestions, lol XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right??? New stories are the BEST! …and worst. Depending on the situation. XD YESSSS!!! Cricket, you should totally join! Although I think the sign-up for it ended on the 20th… Hopefully you joined up??? Oh goodness, so that is probably the hardest part of being a writer–WHICH IDEA DO YOU FOLLOW??? XD It’s so difficult, especially when there are so many other projects begging for our attention… XD

      Okay, but that first question, though. XD And I am definitely using ALL of these!! Thank you so much, Cricket!!! These questions are AMAZING! <333 *flings cookies at your face*


  4. I wanna know what EVERYONE’S hat of choice is, even if they aren’t into hats (maybe they have a warm hat in winter and that’s it).

    Eleanor sounds like a regally eccentric Victorian lady, but how could I not think that in the context of feathered hats?

    I don’t know if I’m gonna try the 100-for-100 challenge, I don’t have a project calling out to be worked on for one hundred days straight. I’d probably be up for a 10,000 word weekend instead. I have comics on my mind anyway. We’ll see what happens…(I’m such a we’ll-see-what-happens kind of writer rather than I-shall-set-this-deadline-and-HONOR-IT! writer…)

    I was working on Spectra, but I switched to developing Spectra’s past. If I do the 100 day challenge, maybe my project will be Spectra’s history and backstory, because there will be plenty of variety in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh goodness, that might be difficult to answer, but I SHALL ASK THEM WHAT THEY’RE FAVORITE HATS ARE. XD Eleanor and Pelli already know their answers, I’m sure, but the others are gonna have some difficulties. XD

      Okay, but….that’s kind of spot on. XD But SHHHHH! NO SPOILERS! FORGET THIS INFORMATION. XD

      You know, I think that’s kind of a good thing for some writers, though? Everyone has a different process. I just find (and this took me FOREVER to figure out about myself) that setting goals for myself and challenging myself keeps me excited to write and actually helps me find the time to reach my goals, while just going with the flow lets my mind have the ability to think, “eh. I don’t HAVE to write today. It’s fine. I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then I…never do it tomorrow. But some writers DON’T work well setting goals like this, and that is totally fine! Embrace your process and do what feels right to you!!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Yay!

        I will deduce all the secrets from whatever clues you give me! Mwahahahaha!

        Definitely. Although, I did start the 100-for-100 challenge and it is making me write more, but I keep doing it at the last minutes rather often. Except for those days I write 700+ words…So I guess it’s helping more than hurting?
        I get most excited about story when I talk to people about writing and my story, then I gotta write.

        So far I’ve only missed one day, and I’m working on Spectra or anything related to the main characters (there’s a partial short story with Des that isn’t canon).
        No idea what I’ll write for it tonight…

        Liked by 1 person

        • AHAHAHAHAHA. *sweats nervously* I’m kind of worried people are going to deduce TOO MUCH information about this story, tbh. I’m trying to keep it on the down-low. XD

          Oh my goodness!!!! I’m like literally the same!! On the days when I start writing early, I get TONS of words down, but then on the days when I’m busy and have to wait until the very last minute, I get like a bare minimum of 100, MAYBE 200 words.
          SAME AGAIN. XD I love talking writing. When I’m in a slump, simply talking about writing with other writers helps me get my excitement back. XD


          Liked by 1 person

          • Now I wonder how much people can deduce about our various stories by reading our blogs…

            For me it’s not busyness so much as procrastination, and then it’s five minutes to midnight and I force myself to write WHATEVER just to make the deadline. I failed the challenge a few weeks ago and I’m glad to not worry about it anymore, though there’s so much I ought to write…But that’s the thing, right now I feel I “ought” to write instead of “want” to write, and real life matters got in the way a fair bit, so I need to readjust my plans and stuff.
            Talking about it does help a lot! And when other people get high word goals I want to do similarly. Doesn’t always work though…

            Yes, it’s for your dare from NaNo about Christmas Eve and the person turned into a gingerbread cookie (Des is the kid, not the cookie). It’s not finished yet.


  5. Yesssssssss we finally get to hear about it!!! I can’t wait to hear more.

    Also is it weird that Liam is my favorite and I only know he’s Irish?



    OOH here are a few questions!
    – Tell me a bit about your world? Is life different? Do you still watch movies and read books and act like normal humans?
    – Can you guys do magic?? *heart eyes*
    – Am I going to cry if I read your story? (KENZIE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • ASDFGHJKL, MADELINE!! Thank you SO much!!!! You are so sweet, oh my word. <333

      Okay, but these questions are PERFECTION and I am absolutely asking all of them! I'm still trying to draft this massive interview, so it might be a couple weeks before it's posted (it's crazy right now. I can't control these characters XD) but I AM SO EXCITED TO ASK ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS!!!! Especially that last one, though. Because I totally know the answer to it. XD

      Liked by 1 person

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