Hiatus Announcement: I’m Abandoning Ship, Folks

good morning, cyberspace!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been very AWOL on the blogosphere as of late. This is due to a number of things–far too many for me to list out in their entirety–though some of which include:

  • Creative Slumps
  • Writing Book
  • Trying To Spend More Time Offline
  • Summer


  • Laziness Procrastination Other Things

I think it’s pretty typical for bloggers to start dropping like flies once summer hits. After all, what else is there really to do during the winter months besides writing and reading and coating our eyeballs in the digitalized pixels of the Cyberwebs? Summer boasts a whole plethora of opportunities to distract us from the digital world. Like sunny weather. And walks through the park.

And sunburn.

Initially, I was absolutely dead-set against taking a hiatus through the summer. (although, if you read the title of this post, you’ve proooobably realized that this is exactly what I’m doing. aha. ignore that.) But there comes a point where even I–the Great and Powerful Kenzie–must admit the inevitable:

I need an adventure a hiatus, folks.

I don’t think I can even describe how much I hate confessing that. There’s something about taking hiatuses that make me feel like a failure, (because when I’m not able to consistently put out blog posts, CLEARLY I’m not working hard enough. Right? Right. *massive eyeroll*) even though I know that the occasional break is “healthy” and “good for the soul” and all that jazz. I mentioned prioritizing projects in my post about writerly lessons I’ve learned, but it’s still difficult for me to actually put this particular lesson into practice.

This, however, is me trying to do just that.

So here we are. I’m gonna take a hiatus despite the fact that I really really really don’t want to. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that I’ll be disappearing from the blogosphere completely, but it will mean that I won’t be posting for the next two weeks.


While this time will be spent trying to reinvigorate my dried up bloggerly soul, I’ll also be using this time to catch up on all the blog posts I’ve been missing out on, work on some projects of my own that I need to prepare for, and also just try to enjoy these summer weeks while we have them. There’s so much to do and enjoy while the weather is warm, and I want to soak in all the sun and fun and bonfire smoke that I can before it’s too late.

So yeah. I guess that’s really all I have to say on the subject? I feel kind of bad that I’m dropping off the face of the earth for the next two weeks, but I’m pretty sure this is something that I need to do. I’ve been stretching myself far too thin recently, and it’s starting to show in my blog posts.

You know. In case you couldn’t tell.

this is fine GIF

BUT!!! Before I dive right off the face of the planet for a while, there are a few little things I’d like to touch base on, just to keep y’all in the loop with my writing:

1. I’m re-outlining SK << Don’t worry. This is shocking to me, too. But my heart’s been nagging at me a lot about this story recently, and I finally allowed myself to accept the fact that the way I’ve been writing this book just . . . isn’t the way it’s supposed to be written. So. I’ve decided to go back and re-outline the entire thing from the beginning. Because that sounded like fun. (although I must admit that I’m loving the new outline, like, five billion times more than the original, so??? Props to Current Kenzie.)

2. My Three-Month-Foolproof Plan Failed << In case the whole “I’m Re-Outlining SK!!!” debacle wasn’t enough to alert you that something is horribly wrong in my writing life, this should do the trick. Since I decided to become an overnight plotter and re-outline SK, I’ve decided to drop my Three-Month-Foolproof Plan.

. . . for now.

See, I’m not scrapping the words that I’ve written, and I am so immensely proud of all the chapters I wrote during these past two months. But I don’t want to keep writing in the wrong direction with this book–which is exactly what I’ve been doing during this writing experiment–so I’m taking a step back, swiveling around, and starting a new writing adventure.

Which leads us into my final thing to mention. . .

3. I’M PARTICIPATING IN CAMP NANOWRIMO! << Wow. What a shock. I’m actually really excited about this, because my goal for next month is in minutes, which is something I’ve tried before and . . . absolutely hated. But I have a Plan™ this time around, so clearly I’m going to turn a complete 180° on this, right? Right. (I’m hoping to update you all on my Camp NaNo progress and projects [yes. you read that right. projectS] next month once I’m off hiatus, but I’m not going to promise anything. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about blogging, it’s that it’s a very unpredictable hobby.)

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to say today! I’m going on an unexpected journey hiatus, I’m re-outlining SK (more on that in a future WIP IT! perhaps?), and I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo! It feels like there’s so much more that I want to say, but I’m trying to keep this post short and update-y, so I guess we’ll just cut it off here. Go ahead and tell me all of your super exciting summer plans down in the comments below, okay? I know I haven’t been responding very quickly to comments, but I’ve been reading each and every one of them, and I just. . . You guys honestly have no clue how much all your kind words mean to me. . . You are all the best and I definitely don’t deserve you. <333

Here’s hoping you all have an absolutely magical summer! I shall be back in two weeks with a super secret surprise!

As always, until next time. . .

flower petals GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants


4 thoughts on “Hiatus Announcement: I’m Abandoning Ship, Folks

  1. Okay, so I tooootally get that failure feeling of going on hiatus. BUT IT IS NOT TRUE. I literally NEVER look at a blogger taking a break and think, “Man, they need to try harder. How lame.” In fact, my thoughts are always, “I’m so proud of them for taking care of themselves and knowing when to take a break!” And that’s EXACTLY my thoughts here. I AM PROUD OF YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. Life can get craaaazy, and we’re all only human. There is NO shame in taking some time off now and again. And two weeks is not long at all. In faaact, I’m about to take a break myself…for ALL of July. So yeah. You’re doing better than me! ;D

    But seriously, it’s SUMMER! You should absolutely take some time to enjoy these summery days. Plus, you have sooo much going on it looks like! Like Camp NaNo! :O AAAAHHHHH!!! So exciting you’re doing that! I won’t be able to myself, but totally cheering you on from the sidelines!

    Also, I’m so, so, soooo proud of you for taking the initiative to re-outline SK. It can be the WORST when our plans fall apart. But, at the same time, knowing when to re-evaluate everything and taking the time to make your story the best it can be instead of giving into pressure of a self-imposed deadline is suuuch an admirable thing.


    I do hope you have the most refreshing, lovely, adventurous hiatus, m’dear! *throws motivational cookies your way*


  2. Good luck on Camp Nanowrimo!! Also, if people take vacations from “real” jobs why can’t you from writing/blogging?? Everyone needs a break at some point. Have a good hiatus! Rest, adventure, all the good stuff. :D


  3. Aww Kenzie, taking a hiatus might feel failure-ish from your perspective, but not from mine! People need rest. It’s like my chemistry professor would always say, “You can give 99% 95% of the time, but you can’t give 100% 100% of the time. If you try, it will…not go well. Ask my wife.” I’m glad you’re taking a break, since you need one! (Though no, I do not think your blog posts lately have shown that you need one XD) I’m also glad you’re not taking a super super super long hiatus, since that’s what I thought at first…XD Two weeks ain’t bad.

    [Also I feel like you’re hinting that you’re going to go to Rivendell during this hiatus?? And um?? Take me with you?? i WANT TO SEE ELVES.]

    anyway have a beautiful summer!!! Summer is really a gorgeous time, and I’m just gonna blame it for MY lack of bloggerly action. (I may eventually catch up commenting on your posts. May not. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed them.)

    ALSO go you, reoutlining. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. (Maybe. That’s what I’ve heard. I never outline so I don’t really know. XD) I can’t wait for SK to grow up and be a Real Finished Book. Good luck with Camp!!!!


  4. Have a good break/ hiatus! and good luck with Camp Nano! I totally understand taking hiatuses from blogging, and at least you do it . . . and not just . . . don’t post for 3 months straight ahahaha. I’m most definitely not talking about myself. Not at all. Nope.

    And summer is definitely the best time to take a break! It’s like vacation from school! except it’s blogging, aka self-inflicted pain. or something like that (jkjk I love blogging :))))


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