The Blogiversary Disaster

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As you all probably know by now, I’m having a Super Mega Awesome Three-Year Blogiversary Giveaway for all you lovely peeps this month. Because I appreciate you. And also because I’ve always wanted to do something like this for forever now, and three years seems like the most opportune moment to do it.

BUT ALAS. Apparently I’m not exactly good at this “creative” endeavor as I thought I was, because I . . . kind of killed my giveaway prize. . .?


I mean, it’s still sort of alive!!! Like if I gave it aggressive CPR and squinted my eyes and pretended it doesn’t look like someone just ran over its face with a dump truck, it might actually be okay. But as I’m a perfectionist kind person and I want this giveaway to be good, this is not the thing I want to send to someone in thanks and gratitude for putting up with my crazy for over three years.

Y’all deserve better.

So I’ve started over! And am making a new thing! And while none of the color schemes in the pictures I’ve been posting really work anymore, they’re still accurate as to what the object actually is.

So yeah. that’s not confusing at all. . .

Moving on.

This prize I’m making still isn’t going to be perfect, folks. That much I can tell you with complete confidence, because A) homemade stuff isn’t supposed to be assembly line perfect, and B) everything I make has issues. But perfectionism is a beast I’ve struggled with for years, and today I finally choose to ignore it. So while this thing might have its rough edges and weird angles and lopsidedness, I’m still going to make it with joy and happiness and just a touch of pixie dust, and hopefully–maybe–it’ll turn out okay.

And hopefully someone will still want it when this whole thing is said and done, but I digress.

With any luck, the giveaway will still be opening this Friday. If, however, I’m not able to finish by then (which seems very very likely, according to my work schedule) we might have to bump it to later in the month. But as things are going right now, it seems as though we’re on a smooth slide towards the finish line.

Let’s just hope nothing disastrous happens before then. . .

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10 thoughts on “The Blogiversary Disaster

  1. Awww! I’m sorry the first prize got messed up. But I know WHATEVER you make will be awesome and so, so special because it’s from our dear Kenzie! And just the fact that you’re putting so much effort into something for us readers makes me feel so loved. You’re amazing, girl! <3 Also, if you have to postpone the giveaway due to work or whatever that's totally okay. It just builds up the excitement! ;D

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    • OH MY GOODNESS. Okay, I must tell you that literally EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of your comments lights up my day. You have no clue how much… Sometimes I feel like a terrible blogger because of how busy I’ve been, but then you come and say such kind things like this and I just…. You are the reason I’ve been able to stay positive lately, even though I’ve not been posting as regularly. I would very much like for you to know that. <333

      AND UGH. I was so upset that the first one didn't turn out right. BUUUUT I might be able to turn it into something else??? We shall have to see. XD Just thank you SO much for all of your encouragement lately, Christine. You are the best. <3 <3 <3


  2. Sorry the first one got messed up. That’s frustrating. I understand the perfectionistic tendency. I have it in a somewhat haphazard in sporadic way (meaning that every now and then I get very particularly perfectionistic about a certain thing… but not about other things… it’s weird).

    Congrats on the blogiversary!!!

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    • Oh my goodness, yes!!! Sometimes I am VERY content to leave things half-baked, especially if it’s good enough and doesn’t much matter if it’s “perfect”, but other things I just become so obsessive over… It’s terrible.

      MEEP!!! Thank you so much, Jenelle!!!! <333


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