Happy Blogiversary, Peasants!

good morning, cyberspace!

Oh my, this post is late.

alice in wonderland disney GIF

To be honest, I actually wrote this post up on the 13th of September–which is precisely the day when it was supposed to go live. Buuuut, since I am a complete and utter failure of a person, I wasn’t able to finish the giveaway prize until the 16th. And then life and work and a super secret project (more on that later) got in the way of me taking photos of the prize and polishing this blog post up and figuring out the minor details of the giveaway and . . . yeah. Here we are today. On the 22nd of September.


I guess this is the part where I should apologize and try to explain away my absence or whatever, but in all reality, I’m sure you guys know exactly how this is. Us bloggers are very fickle creatures. I’m not the only one who’s taken an unexplained hiatus, or disappeared from the blogosphere for an odd amount of time only to reappear weeks later with a bang and a clang and a handful of apology cookies. Disappearing during stressful life seasons is normal for bloggers, and I think it’s high time we started accepting that, rather than feeling guilty for not being as “involved” as we usually are.

SO. Even though I am very sorry for disappearing, I know you guys understand and love me anyway, so instead of rambling incessantly about all the reasons why I haven’t been on here, let’s hop right into why I’m very excited to be here today!


Dance Dancing GIF by The .GIFYS


As promised, today I shall be hosting my very first ever blogiversary giveaway! This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now, so getting to do it for my third blogiversary feels a little bit surreal.

That, and the prize we’ll be giving away today is something that I never would have dreamed I’d be able to do. I always thought it would be something small–something not all that great, but still cool.

But let me tell you, folks, I am one severely lucky duckling–or rather, you could potentially be–because not only did I make something not very great for this giveaway, but my dad was kind enough to make something absolutely supremely awesome for me, and it is my absolute greatest honor to be able to share it with you all today.

(or one of you. . . one of you is going to get this. oops.)

But anyway. Enough chit-chatter about how amazing this prize is. I’m sure you’re all dying to actually see it (seeing as though I’ve kept it a secret for the past three thousand years). So without any further ado, it’s time for me to finally announce the giveaway prizes!!!!!!

excited clapping GIF by Cheezburger

Blog Divider

First up, we have this kinda funky looking notebook, crafted and loved by Yours Truly. I was initially going to do something a wee bit different (it was a whale, folks. I was painting a whale. [and also props to Jethan for figuring out those were watercolor pencils??? how did you do this???]), but as I mentioned in The Blogiversary Disaster, that kinda took a dump and I had to re-evaluate my options. BUT ANYWHO. We now have this sort of splotchy looking notebook with a happy little quote on the front, and obviously this is the perfect notebook for any creative looking to write–or draw!–magical and whimsical things. SO! You should 10/10 want this, right? Right.


AND LOOK! I drew an extremely pale and wobbly cookie on the back!!! Don’t you just adore it???? (*sweats nervously*)

All right, all right. So that is my contribution to the giveaway. But what, you might be wondering, is the prize that my wonderful father made? What is the icing on this already decadent cake of mediocre painting and calligraphy? Well, my dearest friends, it is something that any writer should be absolutely honored to have in their possession.

It is. . .

. . .a fountain pen!! A hand-turned, 100% magical, absolutely GORGEOUS fountain pen, perfect for slaying dragons or crafting anti-heroes or penning the world’s next literary masterpiece in honor of the authorial legends of yore.

I’m . . . kind of jealous of this portion of the prize, to be honest. Although, I’m not too jealous, because he made me one, too, and it’s blue and swirly and my favorite pen of ever, so. I’m appeased. XD

BUT ANYWAY. If you would like to win this magical fountain pen and add it to your treasure trove of writerly goodness, then read on, fellow creative! If, however, you no longer have any interest in this giveaway, go ahead and click off the page now.

Because I no longer have any interest in you, either. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha.


but not really.



“Okay, Kenzie,” you say, straightening your tie and sniffing dubiously. “So I’ve seen the prizes, and I’m pretty sure I want that. Now, how am I supposed to enter this contest, hm?”

Well, my dear, you have asked a very important question here. Entering the giveaway is simple, easy, and doesn’t even include signing away your firstborn son in goat’s blood on the eve of a full moon. (although this is definitely an option if you’d rather.) In fact, I’ve made it so simple that you might even be entered already . . . and you don’t even know it*.

In order to enter the Smudged Thoughts blogiversary giveaway, you must do the following:

  • have a valid mailing address . . . after tossing and turning and trying to figure out whether this giveaway should be international or not (*cough* horrendous shipping *cough*), I finally talked to my parents, and they agreed that since I have so many wonderful friends who DON’T live in the states (you guys know who you are. <333), we should make it international! (although, I clearly owe a huge thanks to them. they’re the most wonderful humans on the planet and offered to help pay the shipping cost, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. . . so.)
  • be following this blog (obviously)
  • comment down below and tell me your absolute favorite weird or quirky thing about yourself! (because not only do I want this to be a celebration of my blog, I want it to be a celebration of all of you, as well! and in order to do that, I’d love to know something about you guys. So! Tell me about yourself!)
  • ORRRRRR, tell me about your current WIP! (because that’s also interesting and I love talking about writing. So.)
    • kind of an add-on to the last bit, but make sure to include the WordPress username (or email, if you’re not a WordPress member and you followed me through email) you used to follow Smudged Thoughts in your comment, please! Because I WILL be checking to see who’s actually followed the rules, and knowing who’s who will make this process so much easier. . . 

And that’s literally it, folks! Three-ish steps, and you’ll be entered to win this gorgeous pen and notebook by Yours Truly and Yours Truly’s wood magician of a father.

. . .however, there is a slight catch.

You may have noticed, but the prizes for this giveaway are sliiiiightly writer-oriented. You know. Just slightly. And this, my friends, is because this blog is–in case you did not know–a writing blog. Where writers congregate to talk about the joys and woes of writing.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t think non-writers should enter!!! If you’re a non-writer and you’ve been following my blog and want to enter the giveaway, that is 100% perfect and I would never tell you not to enter for the world. HOWEVER. Because the prizes are–for the most part–intended to be used for a writer, I think it’s only fair to make the giveaway a little bit writer specific, as well.

SO! The best way I’ve thought to do this is by giving the writers out there a little bit of an edge on the competition! (or perhaps this will serve to convert the non-writers???) Basically, anyone can enter the giveaway, but if you want to get 13 EXTRA ENTRIES towards your name, you need to write a story.

short story, specifically–a short story that is anywhere between 300-750 words, and includes one of the following words/topics: cookies, bean, pitchfork(s).

(These word choices were absolutely random and have nothing to do with me or my weird obsessions/nicknames. Aha.)

This short story, once written, can then be sent to me–the glorious, most magnificent of Kenzie’s–to be read and squealed over and stashed away in my super secret email folder until October, when I will announce the winner of the giveaway and post ALL of the entries here on the blog. (though they can definitely remain anonymous if that is something you’d prefer!!!)

And you might be thinking . . . “Kenzie . . . why on earth would you post all of the entries? Shouldn’t you just do the actual winner?”

To which I say . . . “No.”

Because here’s the thing: the winner of the giveaway is going to be random no matter what. I won’t be judging story entries–I’m just going to give those who write a story more entries, which will give them a better chance of winning this writing-centered prize–and my personal view for this giveaway is that it doesn’t matter what level of writing you’re currently at. What matters is that you have the passion and drive and desire to write, and no matter what, that love for writing is going to shine through in your work. (otherwise it will look like you just slapped something together to get more entries, and believe me, folks, I WILL KNOW.) So whether you’re a novice or a beginner or one of the great masters themselves, you have just as much a chance of winning as anyone else.

HOWEVER. If you truly do not want your work seen by anyone (other than me, of course), then just put a note at the top of your entry that says something along the lines of >> IF YOU SHOW THIS TO ANYONE I SHALL CURSE YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY WITH THE PLAGUE OF A DISEASED SWINE << and I shall know by this polite, simple gesture that you do not want me posting your entry along with everyone else’s in the winner announcement post.

(even though I would absolutely love to post it, but whatever. it’s your work, my friend.)


  • absolutely NO swearing/profanity or explicit content of any kind — this is a family friendly place, folks, and I don’t want to have to filter all that junk out of the writing entries. Keep your stories clean and polite, please. that is literally all I ask.
  • no really. that is literally all I ask of you.
  • oh wait. but also use this form to send me your short stories, if you don’t mind. . . *points down*


  • THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON THE 13TH OF OCTOBER. Short story entries MUST be submitted by this date.
  • Winners will be announced on the 23rd of October.
  • The prize will be shipped as soon as the winners are announced and a shipping address is retrieved through email correspondence.

And that, my friends, is pretty much everything! I am so beyond excited for this giveaway, and I really hope you guys are, too. I know you’ve waited FAR too long for me to finally get to this, but I can assure you that it was not for lack of trying, and–hopefully–now that this giveaway prize conundrum is finally out of the way, we can start settling back into our regularly scheduled programming.

Or perhaps NOT, because as you will learn in my next post . . . I’M ENTERING PITCH WARS, PEASANTS!!!!!

scared boy meets world GIF


All righty, folks! Hopefully I made this giveaway thing easy to understand, but if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to drop me a comment down below! I’m going to start going backwards through my comment list, so hopefully I’ll get to all these beautiful comments I’ve been missing in my inbox.

And as always, thank you all SO MUCH for all of your kindness and support over the years. You guys are the absolute best, and I would never be where I am today without you. <333

And now, without further ado, go ahead and drop a comment down below and tell me a weird fact about yourself or your WIP! Whether you’re writing a story about pirates, or you, yourself, are a pirate king, I’d love to know a little bit more about you and the stuff you write.

Until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


31 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary, Peasants!

  1. Alright, some initial comments before I write anything about my quirk/WIP or short stories:

    I knew, because I have watercolor pencils, and I knew you watercolor, so…2+2=4. >:D





    I will eventually be able to figure out contest stuff, but for now…PITCH WARS!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHA. This makes sense!!!! But it is still very shocking that you knew?? They look like a normal colored pencil to me. The only thing I can see different is the fact that they have ridges, instead of a perfectly round stem…

      IS IT NOT THE SHINIEST THING?? I’m so happy my dad made me one, too, because otherwise I would never send it away. XD

      MEEP!!! THANK YOU!!! The cookie is very wobbly but I love him and he is happy to be alive. XD

      I AM!!! And I was debating on whether or not to share that information, but I’M DOING IT and I’m not doing it alone and I’m very very excited and terrified and potentially nauseous and I need help. XD

      IT’S ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY SOMEONE HELP ME. *screams incoherently*


      • I checked my original comment, and I asked if they were normal pencils or watercolor, so I didn’t specifically state I thought they were watercolor. But then your reply made it clear I was on the right track. >:D xD

        I agree. No sending away the shiny writing implement without having one too!

        Yay! ^.^


        Liked by 1 person

    • UGH, I KNOW, RIGHT??? But I’m excited, because I’m definitely getting better at making these, and this means that I CAN MAKE MORE!!!! Mwahahahaha! XD


      Meep!! Thank you so much, Becky!!!!! <3333 *tackle hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay, so for the giveaway: I think I’ll go for both the WIP and a weird quirk because indecision. My WIP is a King Arthur retelling from Mordred’s point of view, and my favorite quirk is that I’m pretty good at singing along to things in foreign languages. Actually learning languages is the hard part though.

        And the username I followed you with is just Beckythemothling (or at least, it SHOULD be). :-) I hope I did all that right XD

        Liked by 1 person

        • OH MY GOODNESS. Becky, your WIP sounds AMAZING!!!! I must know more immediately…. And oooh. Okay, that would be a very nice quirk to have! I usually sound like a mashed potato when trying to sing in foreign languages, so I am very jealous. XD LEARNING LANGUAGES IS EVIL AND I WISH I COULD DO IT. XD

          You definitely did all that right!!!! Thank you SO much for entering, Becky!!! Oh goodness, I wish all of you could win… :((

          Liked by 1 person

  2. WHOTTTTTTT PITCH WARSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND THE BOOK AND PEN!!! Did your dad actually MAKE the pen!?!!??!!!?! Also that cookie is such cuteness to look upon :D

    May I wish a very happy birthday to a very dear bloggy, and wish many more upon it XD

    Liked by 1 person

      • Wow your dad is soo talented!!

        OH I FORGOT SORRYYY XD I guess this can be my entry:
        So I followed you with this loverofbunnies2 account. And something really weird about me…wow there’s so many to choose from XD…I guess the WEIRDEST thing I can think of right now is that I am VERY muchy emotionally sensitive, so basically any music, especially classical or hymns, I’ll have goosebumps over and over and over again. Especially if it has a cello in it. Or basically any movie I’ll cry over (I have a little corner of the room where I can sob away into my blanket and no one notices XD). Or just reading a simple phrase (such as “old soldiers never die, they just fade away” or “those who disrespect the Flag have never had a folded one handed to them”) will make me burst into tears sometimes lol.

        So yeahh XD Does that fit the criteria?

        Liked by 1 person


          No, no, you are perfectly fine!!! AWWWWWWWW!!! This is a cute little quirk, though!!! Music definitely affects me in weird ways sometimes–more so than movies, but occasionally there’s a movie where I’l start tearing up, and then I’m just sitting there, straining my eyeballs whilst trying not to cry. XD AND THOSE QUOTES, THOUGH. THAT IS SO SAD. :(( Sometimes it amazes me how powerful words are, you know?

          This DEFINITELY fits the criteria!!! Thank you so much for entering, bunny!!!! <3333 GOOD LUCK!!!!



    And oh my goodness gracious, THE PRIZES! *heart-eyes for days* THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFULLLL. The notebook is absolutely gorgeous and I love the colors you chose and what is SAYS. SO SO PERFECT. Plus it’s MADE BY OUR OWN KENZIE BEAN. Which makes it so, so special. I LOVE.

    AND DAT PEN. :O Your dad has talent!!!!!!! SO MUCH GORGEOUSNESS. And can I just say how epicly awesome your parents are for helping you with the giveaway and shipping costs? BECAUSE THEY ARE EPICLY AWESOME.


    Also, your short story contest is brilliant and fun and I LOVE. I’m scared I won’t have time to write anything? D: Although it IS short so…I may? I WANT TO. And your prompt words are hilarious and the best. SO. If I come up with an idea, I’m gonna try to do it! We’ll see if Life allows. *glares at Life and its lack of time*

    Okay, okay! SO. Something weird about me or something about my WIP? UMMM. OH. How about something weird ABOUT my writing? I’ll combine the questions! Bwahaha. Ahem. I actually really like editing??? Which is something I’ve only just discovered in the past few years. I used to be TERRIFIED of it and wrote first draft after first draft of books. But these days I actually enjoy editing more than first drafting! *LE GASP* I just love already having the story THERE to tweak and change and play with…without the overwhelming sense of having to write and create it all from scratch. So yes! I seem to be in the minority of writers with this. XD

    (And my WordPress username SHOULD just be “Christine Smith”. I’m pretty sure?)


    • IT IS!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!! *eats cookies and confetti and glitter* MY BLOG IS THREE!!! It’s a very weird feeling, honestly…. They grow up so fast. XD

      MEEP!!! Thank you SO much, Christine!! This wasn’t what the notebook was going to be originally at ALL, but I’m really excited with how it turned out!!! (kinda sad I have to send it away, but SO!!! EXCITED!!!!! to give it to one of you guys!!!!) And THE PEN IS MY FAVORITE THING. I’m seriously blown away that he made that for me. AND YES. MY PARENTS ARE EPICLY AWESOME. I shall sing their praises for all eternity, tbh.

      Oh my word, don’t feel bad at all if Life gets in the way! Goodness knows Life has stomped on my excitement many a time the past few months… *glares at Life with you* But oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much, Christine!!!! Seriously, your comments NEVER cease to make my day a million times better than they were initially… You’re so kind and wonderful, I cannot…. (Also! If it would help, I could increase the time you have to write the story? I could bump it to the 19th or even the 31st, if that would help??? [this is something I’ve been considering, actually, just so people will have more time…])

      Oh my goodness, I remember this!!!! (#stalker) I think you wrote a post on it once, if I’m remembering correctly? Something like “How To Tackle The Editing Dragon”… And that post actually gave me the courage to start really diving into my editing, AND I now love editing, as well! XD First drafting is still fun for all the massive destruction I can create, but editing really shapes the story into what I wanted it to be, and for that I love it… THIS IS A WONDERFULLY WEIRD BIT OF INFORMATION AND I THANK YOU. (Also!!! What project are you working on right now? Is it still BT??)



    I absolutely looove your giveaway idea, and your PRIZEZZZZ!!! KENZIE HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK YOU MESSED ANY OF THAT UP ALL OF THAT IS SO ARTSY AND WRITERLY AND UGHHHH IT LOOKS AMAZINGGGGG!! That notebook!!! Eeeek so cute and that wittle cookie on the back I love it!! XD Your dad is amazingly talented that is SUCH A PRETTY PEN ASDF;LKGJ! and your parents are just so awesome for helping you with this!!!

    This is making me think maybe a giveaway is in order for one of my blogiversaries, hehe… XD Literally this is such a creative idea!!

    Ooh one quirky thing about me that you probably don’t know is that I was your 102nd follower, and…yeah I kinda followed your blog at the worst and most opportune time. XD I had read your post “Nineteen Facts You Never Knew About Me” in which you celebrated having 101 followers, and…yeah…so…I was the first to break that impressive follower count and I kinda felt bad but I mean…? No regrets tho ’cause I absolutely love your blog XD #thatweirdpersonwhospoilsthemoment It’s so crazy to think that about one and a half years and 142 followers have been added to your blog since then!! O_O (and I used my loverofwriting2 username to follow you XD.)

    Anyways HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY AND I HOPE YOUR BLOG SEES LOTS MORE YEARS AND I LOVE YOUR GIVEAWAY PRIZES (and also the fact that this is such a writerly idea??)! <3 <3 <3


  5. *australian fren screams and aggressively throws delicious biscuits at you*

    Congratulations on your blogoversary, Kenzie, and I hope your celebrations are amazing… and congratulations to you and your dad for being so tALENTED.

    (weird thing about myself: I can wiggle my ears, although I’m out of practice [as my mum said recently… “that’s something you practice??” Yes, talent needs to be cultivated.] xD)

    Liked by 1 person


      MEEP!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Jem!!!!! I am so beyond excited that this blog has survived 3 years… Here’s hoping for 3 more, amiright? *editor begins screaming* And eep! Thank you!! My dad’s talent for wood turning will never cease to amaze me, honestly… And hopefully I can continue getting better at notebook-making. XD

      OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I can do this, too!!!!!! I think it has to do with the excess skin on my head, or something….which is….a very interesting thing to post online. Aha. BUT ANYWAY. You must practice once again, Jem!!! This way, when we meet, we can wiggle our ears in tandem! XD


  6. This giveaway looks fantastic! Happy blogiversary! <3

    I might try to enter the short story contest if I find the time. I've been so busy lately. :P

    Quirky thing about me: I hate the feel of velvet. Sends shivers down my spine (and not in a good way). About my WIP: currently on the fourth draft of my Apostle Paul dystopian book thingy and I'm actually considering querying agents sometime soonish! Really excited about that.

    My email (just in case there's a glitch and you can't see it otherwise): evaschon1793@gmail.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Thank you, Eva!!! I’m so so excited about it, even if it’s kinda smol. XD

      OOOH! PLEASE DO!!!! I would absolutely LOVE for you to enter!! And I’m also wondering if maybe I should extend the period of time you have to enter, because it seems like a lot of people have busy schedules right now. (which I TOTALLY understand. *shakes fist at Life*)

      Ooh! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before!!! Is it just velvet, or any silky material? (personally, I hate the sound of fingernails against cardboard, and I’ll get nasty shivers from it every time. it’s strange. XD)

      OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Eva, that is FANTASTIC!!!! Definitely keep us posted on your querying!!!! I would love to know how it goes! (and also I’ll be praying you find an agent!! This is absolutely wonderful!!!! <3333)

      Thank you so much for entering this contest!! I am so beyond excited to see who wins!!!! <3333

      Liked by 1 person

      • I *am* pretty busy. But I’ll see if I can squeak something in before the deadline!

        Corduroy and fleecy bathrobes can also send shivers up and down my arms but I’m good with silk and satin. :)

        I’ll probably write a blog post about my whole querying process once something good comes of it, lol. Excited!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I hope you’re able to! It would make my day!!! <333

          Oooh, okay! That's very interesting! Bathrobes in general confuse me. I've never been able to figure out why I would wear it…only to take it off before bed? Like why not just show off my zebra striped sleep pants and my oversized Dr. Pepper t-shirt while i'm up and moving around??? Clearly I have great fashion sense that must be seen. XD

          OOOH YES!!! Please do!!!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Squee!!! I almost missed this post, so thank you for sharing it on Twitter!!! OH MY WORD THAT PEN IS GORGEOUS AND WOW YOUR DAD IS COOL. So excited for this giveaway!!!

    Fun Fact: I can sorta do an African Finger snap. Not nearly as well as the middle schoolers at my church though, but still.

    Also, I have a baby short story for you, but I can’t find the form??? Am I blind? Help! Also, totally appreciated the excuse to write a story instead of doing my homework. You da best, Kenzie.


    • MEEP! GAIL!!! I’m so glad you’re entering!!!! <3333 (and also I'm very glad I posted it on twitter now!!! I want to make sure all my favorite writer friends are able to enter… You guys are the best. <333) IS IT NOT THE MOST MAGICAL PEN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD???? I kinda wanna keep it for myself. XD

      WAIT. What is an African Finger snap???? I must figure out what this is and learn to do it….

      OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS HORRIBLE. Okay, so maybe the form is glitching??? I'll send you a message through twitter just in case you don't see this in time, but go ahead and send me an email at thewhimsicalbean@gmail.com with a heading like "SHORT STORY ENTRY", and I'll get it filed away immediately!!!! <33 (I'm also going to be extending the deadline to the nineteenth, so hopefully if the form's glitching for anyone else, we'll have time to correct it… Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!!!) MWAHAHAH! I will always encourage writing over homework! It's way more fun. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Okay, the notebook is ADORABLE, the cookie is the CUTEST, and THAT PEN. IS BEAUTIFUL. I WANT.
    If I can finish a certain short story by tomorrow at midnight I shall…but I probably can’t…but oh well. XD
    Let’s see, I think I’m following you as just sarahseele? Or maybe Sarah Seele? Or something with “Sarah” and “Seele” in it?
    Aaaand a fun fact about my WIP…hmm. idk if this is interesting to anyone but myself, but I totally got the title and central idea from something in the Emily of New Moon books, and then the plot and setting and other stuff I totally stole from various sources, mostly Roverandom, The Garden Behind the Moon, and The Crab Who Played With the Sea. So it’s like a total ripoff of basically all the moon stories I ever liked as a kid. But, I mean, also it’s hopefully not. XD


    • MEEP!!! You have no clue how much this means to me… <333 THANK YOU FOR LOVING MY SMOL WOBBLY COOKIE. XD And YESSSSS. The pen is gorgeous and I'm so excited for one of you to get it!!!

      OOH! Well, I'm extending the deadline, so you'll have another week!!! The new deadline is the 19th, and apparently my entry form is glitching, so I'm gonna be posting my email as well as the form in a new post today. SO. YOU MIGHT HAVE TIME??? *hint hint*

      You are definitely following me!!! I think it's sarahhseele… And if that's a pen name, it's the most beautiful pen name….

      OH MY GOODNESS. I have never read any of these books, but now I'm totally going to add them to my TBR just to try and piece together what your story could potentially be about… Also The Crab Who Played With The Sea sounds like the most aesthetic title ever and I want that book in my life like yesterday. I AM SURE IT'S NOT A RIPOFF. See, I think EV is like a total ripoff of The Lunar Chronicles, but that could just be because I love that story, and since I love it so much and am the writer of EV, I can see the similarities more than, say, the average reader.

      THANK YOU FOR ENTERING MY CONTEST!!!!! I wish you the best of luck!!! <333


  9. *stumbles in, leans over gasping, hands on knees* I’m here! I made it! I’m so far behind… *weeps*
    I follow you with my *squints* Phoebe… What on earth is my username here??? Imma have to figure that out.
    And I’m currently writing a weird little gaslight fantasy about a magical thief, her teleporting cat, and a policeman planning a heist that could decide the fate of several cities; while also trying to find the MC’s sister, who disappeared years ago when their home was attacked. You know the one *winks*

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU MADE IT!!! *gives you an ice cube* I’M SO HAPPY YOU MADE IT.

      I’m pretty sure it’s Phoebe Ava. At least that’s what your username says? XD This is the issue with having multiple blogs, I guess. XD

      I DO KNOW THIS STORY AND I LOVE THIS STORY AND THIS STORY IS MY NEW FAVORITE AND I WANT. *grabby hands* You better finish it so I can read it. *glares* Do it.

      MEEP! Thank you so much, Pheebs!!! This blogiversary was the longest blogiversary I’ve ever had in my life, and I STILL didn’t get all the posts done that I wanted to, but OH WELL Life is life and that’s that. XD


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