Eight Types of Creatives: A Very Non-Exhaustive List

good morning, cyberspace!

Are you a creator? Do you like making something out of nothing (or something new out of something old?) Do you find yourself looking at a pile of tin soda cans and thinking, “Huh. That could be a three-legged crab!”? Do you write books, paint pictures, or draw squibbles with crayons?

Well, then. You, my friend, might just be a creative.

But the question now remains–what KIND of a creative are you? It is my firm–and possibly false–belief that while there are millions of creatives out in the universe, there are also many different types of creatives. So today we shall splay all the many different creative types out on a thick foam slab and dissect them like a frog in biology class!

Let’s dive right in!

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ONE . . . The Chaotic Creative

This creative is a mess.

. . .literally.

You can typically find these creatives surrounded by random piles of crumpled papers and snack wrappers, bent over their project in the most unflattering posture whilst ripping their WIPs to shreds with a plastic fork. They love explosions, burning things (more often than not the projects that did not turn out so well), and trying every new thing they can get their grubby little hands on.

The Chaotic Creative firmly believes that the only way to create is to first destroy, and will always laugh in the face of destruction before getting punched in the face by reality.

this is fine GIF

TWO . . . The Calculating Creative

Armed with notebooks, bullet journals, a google calendar stuffed to the gills with their plans and projects leading up to the year 2021, and exactly thirty-one different shades of highlighters, this creative has their entire life planned out to a T.

. . .or so they like you to believe.

Fans of plotting, planning, procrastinating by still-more plotting, and perfecting their projects in theory before they commit to them long-term, the calculating creative is the exact opposite of the chaotic creative. Although both creative types are perfectly valid and wonderful, there is a never-ending feud between the two that experts say will only cease when both sides stop trying to convert the other.

And also when the chaotic creatives stop stealing the calculators’ highlighters, but I digress.

THREE . . . The Spontaneous Creative

This creative tends to work on their projects only when they feel like it . . . which tends to be very random and quite possibly linked with the weather. Their inspiration–when available–is wild, but comes only in spontaneous spurts of intense productivity, which are often riddled through with severe dry spells. Watching copious amounts of television or binge-reading helps to refill the spontaneous creative’s tank, but while the tank takes a few days–or weeks or months or years–to replenish, it is usually emptied once again within a matter of minutes.

FOUR . . . The Productive Creative

This creative is doing everything you wish you were doing . . . and more. They blast their creativeness on every form of social media: their blog, their Instagram, their YouTube channel, their weekly podcast, and even the rear bumper of their car. They’re currently writing five different books, two short novellas, and a free short story they’re going to be releasing next Tuesday.

Most people strive to be this kind of creative and fail miserably.

No Idea Reaction GIF by Bounce

FIVE . . . The Aesthetic Creative

This creative is living the creative life all other creatives dream of.

. . .or they look like they are, anyway.

Their Instagram feeds are filled with soft colors and crinkled pages and steaming mugs of cocoa and fuzzy socks and pastels. They own a library akin to that of Beauty and The Beast and are basically residing in a whimsical fairy cottage off the coast of nowhere with a window-seat overlooking their own private lagoon, which they paint a hazy portrait of every other Wednesday. The aesthetic creative is a walking-talking Pinterest board, and everyone is jealous.

What’s not as well-known about this creative is the fact that on the other side of the camera, the bottom of their sock has a massive hole in it, their tea’s gone cold, and there’s potentially a dead cockroach buried beneath the pile of fake flowers they have wadded up in the corner.

But it’s fine. Everything’s fine. At least the pretty pictures help cover up the stench of corrosion and death.

were gonna be fine samantha bee GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

SIX . . . The Famous Creative

The famous creative is just as their name suggests . . . famous.

famous GIF

Their fame and fortune boasts a massive twitter following, multitudes of fans, their own clothing line, and potentially three to four stalkers who they should probably find restraining orders for. The famous creative’s art can be anything from simplistic to so-real-it-terrifies-you, but the main condition for becoming a famous creative is agreeing with every current popular trend, being a massive introvert, having some form of crippling social anxiety, and spending way too much time on the internet for your own sanity.

Most creative types strive to eventually become the famous creative, but it’s still debatable whether anyone truly enjoys it.

SEVEN . . . The Prodigious Creative

Whether it’s raw talent, years of experience, or some lethal concoction of both, this creative knows exactly what they are doing, and they do it well. Most of the time without even trying.

You’re a writer? The prodigious creative can write better than you.

You’re a painter? The prodigious creative is a resurrected Picasso.

You’re a musician? The prodigious creative formed a one-man-band at the age of three and is now performing live in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Whatever the progidious creative does will put your measly creations to shame and make you question virtually everything you’ve ever known about yourself and your art, so it’s best to just ignore this creative and focus solely on your own work.

. . .except that’s kind of impossible to DO when they keep popping up on your Twitter feed and your TV and your conversations with your grandmother and even your own conscience because they are so much better than you will ever be and you are a worthless shrimp who doesn’t even deserve to be dipped in cocktail sauce and–

. . .

Ahem. Moving on.

EIGHT . . . The Bandwagon Creative

Also referred to as “The Thief”, the bandwagon creative has one purpose, and one purpose alone–to steal someone else’s art. Or rather, to steal a popular form of art.

The bandwagon creative does exactly what it sounds like–they jump on bandwagons. When one particular art form begins to grow in popularity, the bandwagon creative is all over it like a fly stuck to a clump of cow droppings. And while a bandwagon creative may grow to love a particular art they’ve jumped onto–to the point where they’ll stay on the bandwagon long after it’s lost at least two wheels and all motor function–more often than not, the bandwagon creative will continue to flutter to the next available thing as soon as something bigger, greater, and altogether shinier comes along. . .

(special thanks to my mom and sister for coming up with and brainstorming this one. you da best. *hugs*)


And that’s all I’ve got for today, folks! There is quite literally nothing exhaustive about this list in any way whatsoever, and even as I type this, I just know I’ve forgotten a very integral creative type. SO! If you can think of any creative types I might have missed in this post, go ahead and shout them out in the comments below! I might even do a sequel to this someday. . . (although that is highly unlikely, knowing me and my sporadic posting schedule.)

But anyway! Onto the questions!: Assuming that you, yourself, are a creative (because why else would you be here, amiright?)what creative type–or mixture of types!!!–are you? What creative type do you WISH you were? (personally, I relate the most to the chaotic creative, but I REALLY wish I was the aesthetic. . . please let me be aesthetic someday. . .) and most importantly, as a creative. . .


Because I love talking about ALL OF THE CREATIVE things, and even if you don’t write, I want to hear about your projects!

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS!!!! down in the comments below! And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_

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14 thoughts on “Eight Types of Creatives: A Very Non-Exhaustive List

  1. I am the Spontaneous Creative through and through, though I would like to be more Calculating and Aesthetic…Or Productive, just productive would be fine. xD

    Novels, art, and years ago I sewed stuff too. Now I really gotta write so I’m not doomed to an erratic snail’s pace. XP

    *Whispers* I think Prodigious is the adjective form of Prodigy, because I am so confused what kind of creative relates to the Prodigal Son…(Unless they’re spontaneous and come back after many months) xD


    • I feel like I have a little bit of the Spontaneous Creative in me, as well. XD (thus knowing how the productivity is linked with the weather. right now I want to write and do ALL OF THE THINGS!!!! simply because it’s fall. XD) OH GOODNESS, I WOULD LOVE TO BE PRODUCTIVE. PLEASE. JUST LET ME FINISH SOMETHING. XD

      Oooh!!! You sewed stuff?? What kinds of things did you sew??? CAN YOU MAKE BELL BOTTOM PANTS????? *needs to know everything*

      *whispers* this is very very true and I have fixed it and I shall give you 10,000 cookies for this most wonderful and kind notification. *gives cookies*

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know! I also write most in the Fall, I think, and then Winter, whereas Spring and Summer everything tends to fall by the wayside… Bwahahaha! I know, I’ve finished almost none of my stories. xD

        I’ve sewed shirts/tunics mostly, and a dress, and some purses. Most of them turned out wonky but functional. No pants so far.

        *Celebrates cookies*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes!!! Me too!! Spring is a pretty good season, though, because of Camp, but Fall and Winter are my main months for intense writing. Probably because there’s nothing else to do. XD

          Oh my goodness!!!! That is so cool! Wonky is the best. XD


  2. Eeeeeee Kenzie I LOVE THIS. I’m definitely the Spontaneous, but there’s a bit of all of them in me somewhere….except maybe the Calculating one haha. I’m a messy creative, but also a perfectionist, with random bursts of inspiration that usually last awhile, but come at me with such forceful emotion and clarity that I have to sit and write my heart out….. until the next manically inspired session comes and I get distracted by that. I’m definitely an intense creative and once I’m working on a project I am totally engrossed in it, until I get distracted by the next one….
    Things look aesthetic in my head, but on the outside i definitely look more like the Chaotic Creative.

    Thanks for this. So much fun <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, yes!!! I definitely relate to Spontaneous at times, as well. XD AND UGH, RIGHT??? I don’t think I really realized just how many of these were inspired by my own personality. I think they’re all just a conglomeration of each other, tbh. XD

      Ooh, I would LOVE to be an intense creative!! I’m a little too flighty, and have to consistently re-ground myself in the story to keep from flying away to a new project every fifteen minutes.

      I SO WISH I WAS AN AESTHETIC CREATIVE. WHY CAN I NOT BE THE AESTHETIC CREATIVE???? XD I’m 100% chaotic. That’s the thing that inspired this post, actually. XD

      MEEP! Thank YOU for reading!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!! <33

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I align most closely with the chaotic creative. I think a lot of us do.
    There’s also the angry & depressed creative, who gets really upset about the evils of society and who may or may not be an alcoholic. But those are usually found in between the pages of history books or off writing the great [insert country here] novel. :-)

    Also, funnily enough, I don’t tend to really get jealous of the Prodigious Creative, but I get SO jealous of the Productive Creative. Like. Lovingly jealous, but still jealous. Can I have their time management please.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Chaotic Creative is what inspired this entire blog post. I frequently refer to myself as a Chaotic Creative, and therefore I began thinking about OTHER types of creatives, and VOILA! Blog post idea. XD

      Oooh! The depressed creative!!!! I totally missed an important one there! I’m kind of happy I’m not like that, though… It feels too mentally and physically draining for me… But it’s true that they’re typically the ones getting stuff done, so….yeah. Perhaps I should try being more melancholy. XD

      UGH. The jealousy of the Productive Creative is REAL. I would murder a small man just to be productive. I’ve tried managing my time, but like…it fails. Every. Single. Time. *insert intense moaning and complaining here*

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “and will always laugh in the face of destruction before getting punched in the face by reality” – you, Kenzie, are hilarious. And it sounds as if you, too, have experienced this dreadful cycle?? Dear me.

    I, naturally, am the Prodigious Creative. Like, OBVIOUSLY.
    I actually think I’m a weird mix of the Chaotic and Calculating?
    Or no! Is there a Hermit Creative? Cuz I think I’m that one.
    At least, all that’s when it comes to writing. When it comes to music, I am most definitely the Spontaneous Creative. Like, that bit was so accurate it hurt. XD

    ALSO the three legged crab thing reminds me of a very traumatizing event that happened to me. See, I’m always saying stuff like that. And the other day I said to my sister, “Look, don’t you think that looks like a mouse that got paint spilled on it and then got run over?” To which my sister said, “Oh yeah, that actually is a dead mouse that got smashed. By the swimming pool.”
    Which. TRAUMATIZING. POOR MOUSE. And we should all be careful saying things look like three legged crabs because WHAT IF THEY ACTUALLY ARE THREE LEGGED CRABS.


    • That bit of the post most definitely came from personal experience. XD And AWWWW!!! Sarah, you are far too kind… *tackle hugs*

      DUDE!!! HERMIT CREATIVE HAS TO BE A THING NOW!!!! But yeah. We’re totally the Prodigious Creatives. Aha. Hahahahahahahaha. *sobs* Ooh! Okay, now I need to know why you’re a mix between calculating and chaotic… Are you a plantser? (I’m a plantser, but I’m still hardcore chaotic. I wonder if there’s a healthy medium??)

      UM. THAT IS A VERY TRAUMATIZING STORY ABOUT A MOUSE AND I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS AMOUNT OF REALITY TODAY. :(( Poor little mousie. I wish I could say this horrible tale will keep me from saying things like three-legged crabs, but like…..??? I do like me a good grotesque analogy. XD


  5. I LOVE THIS POST!!! These are so real though. SO REAL. I know people who fit in each category! I thiiiink I’m closest to The Calculating Creative??? Although I don’t know if I’m as organized as all THAT. I feel like my plans are disasters, but I do tryyyy to keep things planned and organized. *nervous laughter* The Aesthetic Creative is definitely the one I wish I was but fail so, so hard. Maybe…one day… Eheheheh.

    But seriously, this post was a blast! And shows that being creative comes in ALL shapes and forms. Beautiful art (in whatever form) isn’t made in one specific way, and I love that! I love how we all have our own way of doing things and how it all adds up to a beautiful mess of a world. People are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! Christine, THANK YOU! This means so so much to me… And OOOOH, I’M JEALOUS. I wish I was the Calculating Creative–or at least CLOSE to it. But chaos is my friend, and I must learn to accept this. XD (Also, if your instagram has anything to say about it, you ARE the Aesthetic Creative. Holy cow, your pictures are heavenly. I am in awe of your #skill)

      Oh my goodness, yes!!! That is exactly what I’ve been thinking about!! Even though we all have our own different processes, it’s so much fun to see all the different things that can be created THROUGH those processes!!!! And being a creative is one of the most wonderful things in the world… XD

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!! Your comments never fail to make my day! <333


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