The Blogiversary Giveaway — EXTENDED!

good morning, cyberspace!

Due to an unforeseen glitch with our submission form and our lovely and esteemed writer’s inexplicable infatuation with the number 19, the Three-Year-Blogiversary Giveaway shall be running until the 19th of October, with the winner announced–as previously mentioned–on the 23rd.

Also, our smol writer would like to mention that this extension of the giveaway’s deadline has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she has not yet managed to write a short story for her own contest. Absolutely not. She is on top of everything and is not panicking at all.

Ahem. Anyway.

Anyone wishing to enter the contest now has until the 19th, and if you so wish to write a short story for 13 extra entries, you may submit that story either within the form below, or email us personally at with a subject title of SHORT STORY ENTRY. Guidelines for short story entries are posted here.

Thank you for your support, and good luck.

Yours Sincerely,

The Smudged Thoughts Team


4 thoughts on “The Blogiversary Giveaway — EXTENDED!

  1. I submitted my story today! Even if I dont win, I’m still glad I wrote it. SO much fun! ❤ (Also, would you mind confirming that you got it? I don’t want it to have gotten lost in a glitch or whatever! 😉)

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