Good Morning, 2020! (feat. my super awesome mega goals for the new year!)

good morning, cyberspace!

Last week we talked about all of the things that happened in 2019. This week, seeing as though it’s the bright, shiny new start to a brand new year (and also a brand new DECADE, but let’s just ignore that horrible thought for a moment), we’re going to be talking all about my super awesome mega plans for 2020! And, though I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for what’s to unfold in this post, I will say that some of these plans may or may not include taking the next step in my publishing journey. So. There’s that.

*eternal screaming*

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Let’s dive right in, shall we?

(also I would like to briefly mention that Yours Truly decided to wake up with a COLD on the first day of the New Year, so I’m not exactly sure how well that bodes for this new decade of the roaring twenties. [and also I’ve technically been sick all year. it’s great.])

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First thing’s first–and, as I’m sure we can all agree–most importantly of all, we have my writing goals for 2020! In the past I’ve always stacked WAAAAAAY too many things onto my writerly plate, which–if you review last week’s post–you can see never seems to go too well. (although I did complete the majority of writing goals, so!!!! perhaps I am not a super mega failure at life, after all. *pats self on back nicely*) But this year I’m going to try and actually make my goals somewhat achievable, so hopefully when I look back at this list in December, I will be able to check each and every one of these things off with a big fat SUCCESS.

This, of course, remains to be seen. Let us sally onwards.


Goodness, I would be SO happy if this were to happen this year!!! I haven’t finished a first draft since everlost (which was in 2017 for all those wondering), so I’m kinda starting to wonder if that was just a glitch in the system and I’m physically incapable of finishing books. SO. Finishing the first draft of SK is like my ULTIMATE ultimate goal for 2020. Anything extra is just icing on the cake.


Okay, so I lied. Finishing the first draft of SK is definitely my first major goal for the year, but after that . . . I’d really like to start drafting The Girl and The Goblin King again. I have some zero draft material to play with from 2018’s NaNoWriMo, but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that 2018 was NOT the year to start drafting that book, which means I definitely need to go back to the drawing board and re-plot a few things. If I don’t get any of this story written this year, that’s perfectly fine, but I’d still like to at least have a halfway decent outline drawn up by the end of the year.


And this, my friends, is when we start screaming for the rest of eternity. If I can finish the first draft of SK and tinker with the plot of The Girl and The Goblin King to an extent I’m pleased with, then my reward for all of that is querying everlost.

Now, there are definitely some things which need to be done BEFORE I can send this manuscript out–such as beta reader rounds and reading the entire thing through myself–but as far as the structure of the plot goes . . . I feel like this story is pretty sound. So I’m really super excited to potentially get this story off the ground this year. I mean, I know the publishing industry is long and unending and I’ll probably die before this book hits the shelves, but maybe this will be the year when I finally take that first step into the great unknown!

(or maybe this will be the year where I foolishly jump off the cliff of my dreams and die, but psh. we’ll remain optimistic until further notice.)


Unlike year’s past, when I just threw my wishes out into the blogosphere and hoped the gnome kings would bless me with productivity, this year I’m actually taking matters into my own hands. For I–the great and powerful Kenzie–have made a plan.

A plan which we will fondly refer to as the Four Month Fandangle Fantastic.

(^^ chances are this will never again be written on this blog, so go ahead and take a good long gander at those words while you can.)

Basically, I have chopped the coming year up into three blocks of four months: block one will be solely dedicated to writing and completing the first draft of SK. Block two will be for outlining and rewriting the first draft of The Girl and The Goblin King. And block three will–you guessed it–go towards querying my smol trash gremlin, everlost.

*inhales deeply* I know. It sounds like a lot. BUT. I know from personal experience that if I DON’T put these goals in place–no matter how inflated they may seem in the moment–I won’t be getting anything done productively this year. Blocking my life out minute by minute never goes well, but maybe having monthly goals will come a little more naturally for me? We’ll have to see.

(I’ve also decided that life will never slow down to the normal consistency that I had before starting my job, so I’m calmly preparing myself for many late nights, early mornings, and messy drafts. This year is gonna be FUN, folks.)


So I have a post coming out someday soon which will further detail some of my reading plans for this year, but currently I have a very smol, hopefully achievable goal:

In 2020, I would like to read 20 books.

This boils down to the fact that in 2019, I read a grand total of 19 books, which was not planned at ALL, and which I have now taken upon myself to continue forth with forever onwards.

Whether or not I’ll actually hit twenty books this year remains to be seen–seeing as though that was my goal for last year, and I . . . totally failed it . . . but y’know. It’ll be what it is.


Aside from writing all of the things and reading all of the things and having all of the panic attacks because I do absolutely none of it, another thing I’d really love to do this year is just . . . slow down? Which seems completely contradictory to everything I’ve just said I want to do above, but allow me to explain.

2019 went by wickedly fast. I feel like just yesterday I was sitting here, tapping away at this laptop and talking about all of the wonderful things I wanted to do in the year to come, and now it’s over. Did I do the things I wanted to do? Yes and no. (you can read about my failures and successes here) But I want 2020 to be the year I finally slow down and enjoy the little moments–whatever those little moments may be.

Life is messy. Writing is messy. My room is messy. Creativity is messy. And this year I want to embrace the mess. I want to release perfectionism and cling to the fact that no matter what happens, God is in control of my life and it’s going to be okay. I want to create wildly, live loudly, and search for the little adventures in everyday life. I want to say yes to the things that scare me, no to the things I have no interest in, and overall just enjoy the days I’ve been given.

And as far as this blog goes, I’ll be perfectly honest, folks–I really have no direction for posts at the moment. I’ve had countless moments where I just don’t know what to write, and quite frankly, sometimes I feel like I’m running out of content. Sometimes I think to myself . . . do I still want to do this? And of course the answer to that is a yes, but sometimes it’s difficult to draft a blog post when you have no idea what to write about. So for right now, I’m going to shoot for a weekly post as usual (or, what WAS usual at one time. XD), but as to what those posts are going to be. . .? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

jack black smile GIF


HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS!!! I can’t believe it’s already 2020. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified, and I cannot WAIT to see what this new year holds!!!

But now that I’m “officially back” hopefully, I want to hear about all of the beautiful adventures you guys have been on while I’ve been gone! What were your happiest achievements of 2019? Any goals (however lofty they may seem) for the new year? What’s one writing or bookish thing you’d like to do in 2020? And, obviously, most importantly of all. . .


Because clearly this is the only way to celebrate the birth of the new 20’s, amiright? XD (says the girl who has not listened to a single 20’s song. . .)

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below. And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_

P.S. Thank you so so so SO much to all you lovely people who have been commenting on my posts! I swear I’m reading them all, and I cannot possibly thank you for each and every note of encouragement and support and love you guys have been posting. I’m starting to (slowly but surely) go through and respond to them all, so thank you so much for your patience in that regard and just your overall wonderfulness. You guys are the reason I’m still blogging. <333


16 thoughts on “Good Morning, 2020! (feat. my super awesome mega goals for the new year!)

  1. *cough* please do a post when you start querying. I’m planning on querying my novel this year and it would be amazing if I had some form of direction. :P *cough*

    Emily ||

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh! I will DEFINITELY keep you guys posted on the whatsits and howsits of the querying process!!! Honestly, I’m really excited about it, even if it’s happening later in the year… (but I seriously have no clue what I’m doing so LOLOLOL THIS WILL BE A LEARNING PROCESS FOR ALL. 🤣🤣🤣)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re QUERYING your smol gremlin, that sounds so amazing and scary and wonderful and I hope everything goes well for you because I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK. O_O

    I hope everything goes well for you! I thought about making some writing related goals, but honestly…I mainly just want to write? I don’t even really care about finishing something right now. That comes later.

    May the gnome kings bless all of us in our plans ;-) (I’m sorry I liked that joke so I’m running with it)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I AM!!!! And I am terrified. But we’ll save that for later. 😂 AND I WANT YOU TO READ MY BOOK, TOO!!! I want everyone to read my book. And simultaneously I want no one to read my book… 😂

      Oooh!! That is a PERFECT way to look at the year!! Just writing is one of the best things to do for your creativity, too… I want to do a bit of that in 2020, as well. (but I also want to CRUSH MY GOALS LIKE THE COMPETITIVE CHIPMUNK THAT I AM. I WILL beat my goals this year… I will…..)

      Lol!!! Honestly, I think I’m gonna use it more often. MAY THE GNOME KINGS BLESS US. HUZZAH!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Eee! I hope Everlost querying goes well! And since you bring up the roaring 20’s, might I suggest adding a few P.G. Wodehouse books to your TBR? They are comedies, and most are short or are collections of short stories, so it should be possible to squeeze a few in and enjoy the caricatures of the 1920’s. (There are also TV shows based off them, like Jeeves and Wooster and Wodehouse Playhouse which will certainly provide some amount of 20’s style music.)

    I don’t like by the minute plans either, but monthly blocks sound much more possible!

    At the moment I have no writing/story plans because it’s all chaos I couldn’t sort out while work and commuting and such was going on. I don’t anticipate much happening there except the odd note or dabble.

    AND…since you indicated starting a new decade sounds horrible, I will be one of THOSE people and say TECHNICALLY it’s not actually the start of the new decade, because decades are counted from 1-10, not 0-9, so it won’t be until 2021 that this decade will be finished. It works that way because you can say something is a year old until it turns 1, not when it’s a 0. So when the Earth was 0, it would only have filled its tenth year once it was 11 years after Creation.

    I think there’s another mathematically counter-intuitive thing like this to do with dates, but now I don’t remember it.

    (Make a ten year plan that fits within the 2020’s is fine, but it’s technically not the decade and–)

    Okay, technical rambling stopped. For now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meep! Thank you, Jethan! I definitely need all of the luck when it comes to this querying thing… XD And OOOOOOOH! I’m definitely going to look into this more and possibly add some of these to my TBR!! Thank you for the recs!!!!

      RIGHT? Minute-by-minute feels WAAAAAY too constrictive, especially for this ENFP. GIVE ME CHAOS OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! XD

      So this is actually very smart and I SHALL JUST NOD ALONG AND AGREE WITH YOU because this means I don’t have to worry about hitting a new decade until NEXT year. XD Although making a ten-year-plan DOES sound like fun. Kind of horrifying, but still fun… Maybe I should try this… XD


  4. AHHH you are gonna ROCK 2020!!! I’m so proud of you!! #QuerySisters!! I can’t say I’ve been listening to 20s music so sad dayyy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ALL THESE GOALS LOOK AH-MAY-ZIIIING!!! AND YOU’RE GOING TO BE QUERYING. *SQUEALS* That’s my big goal for this year too. Doing ALL the querying and just MEEP. It is terrifying but also ridiculously exciting. I love that we’re both hoping to embark on that this year. We can scream together! :D

    I adore your Four Month Fandangle Fantastic. Not only is the name the most amazing thing ever, the concept of blocking off the year like that sounds PERFECT.

    YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS YEAR, GIRL!!! Cheering you on all the way!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much, Christine! Honestly, I’m a little terrified to try and conquer them all (especially that querying one. I’ve never queried in my life, and I’m not exactly sure what to expect.) but I’m also really excited for this sparkly new year!!! It’s gonna be an adventure, that’s for sure! And YESSSS!!! We can query together!!! It’s going to be AWESOME! (and terrifying. but who cares about that, right? XD)

      YESSSS! I’m horrible at making goals, but I think this might actually work? We shall see…. XD *panics*

      MEEP!!! THANK YOU!!! You are literally the sweetest bean ever!!! *hugs* I can’t wait to see what this new year holds for you, my wonderful friend! <333


  6. ALL THOSE GOALS. You will crush them though. I HAVE CONFIDENCE. (Also that breaking the year into three chunks thing makes SENSE, so it’s got to succeed. Because real life ALWAYS conforms to theory. Always.)
    And girl, that is so amazing that you’re happy with everlost overall. Like, you’ve put so much work into everlost, you DESERVE to be happy with it. Haha.

    And EEEE GOOD LUCK QUERYING! (And do not forget to tell us when you want betas! I will sign up and squeal like a shameless fangirl over Thao and also try to be helpful but mostly just squeal. So please. You know you want that in your life. XD)

    And also good luck finishing SK! I have a similar goal to that, not having finished a first draft since 2015 so like…here’s hoping 2020 is the year for both of us!

    19 books is truly serendipitous. I think 20 in 2020 is perfect, and you’ll totally do it, and then the rest of your life you will continue to do it. So that in 2090 when you’re a grandma with nothing to do besides sit around and read anyway, you’ll read 90 books. And so on. That’s a very good plan.

    Lovely to hear from you, Kenzie! Good luck with your goals, and whatever you post in the future I shall read it happily. Because your bubbly writing voice and grotesque, overcomplicated metaphors would make absolutely anything fun to read, tbh.


    • AHA! At least this makes one of us who believes in my ability to crush my goals!!! Aha…ha… *sobs dramatically into stew* (OKAY BUT???? JUST THIS ONCE MY LIFE CAN CONFORM TO THEORY. PLEASE, I NEED THIS.)

      Meep!!! Thank you so much, Sarah!!! I really am so stinkin’ proud of that little trash gremlin… It’s kind of awkward. XD

      LOL!!! Oh my word, thank you!!! EV is currently undergoing a very smol beta round right now (this is my first time sending my work out into the great unknown, so I kept it very, VERY small), but I will definitely jot down your name if/when I hold the next one!!! I’m assuming it’s going to take a couple rounds of betas to make it pretty, so we shall see how it goes…. (BUT LIKE??? I would absolutely ADORE some fangirling over Thao! I totally need some of that in my life. XD)

      DUDE!!! We should hold each other accountable!!! I’m getting so stuck on SK. It’s like at moments I’ll be SOARING through the draft, and then at other times I’ll just kind of run out of inspiration (which I KNOW I shouldn’t be waiting for, but I digress) and stutter out for a little bit before finding my rhythm again. Here’s hoping I can start it up again, though,,,

      Okay. How did you foresee my grand plan??? HOW DARE YOU TARGET ME LIKE THIS, SARAH. XD But I mean??? I’ve never read anywhere CLOSE to 90 books in a year, so I’ll take it. GIMME ALL OF THE GRANDMA READS!!!!! (okay. clearly i need to stop responding to comments for the day, because these are getting weird….)

      OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This just made my day, I can’t even….!!!! Thank you so much, you wonderful bean!!! <3333

      Liked by 1 person

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