The Fairy Tale Blog Tag!


Today I’m coming at you with YET ANOTHER BLOG TAG! Aha. I know. I’m so original. But the fact of the matter is, there’s only one more day left of February. Which means that there’s only one more day left to enter the Fiary Tale Blog Tag linkup over at Fairy Tale Central.

WHICH MEANS THAT IF I DON’T POST THIS NOW, I’M NEVER GOING TO POST THIS. And that, my friends, simply cannot be. This is a tag about fairytales. I LOVE fairytales. Therefore we are doing this tag, peasants.

So sit back, relax, and listen to me squeal for the next half hour. *flings cookies in your face*

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i. What’s an obscure fairy tale you love?

All righty. I should probably admit that I haven’t exactly read a whole lot of obscure fairytales. I have a giant book filled with them, of course–what self-respecting fantasy-lover DOESN’T?–but I haven’t exactly . . . erm . . . read them all yet.

BUT! I do think I have an answer for this, even if it isn’t AS obscure as I once believed it to have been: Snow White and Rose Red. There’s a very specific reason I love this fairytale so much, and though I can’t really dive too deeply into that because of SPOILERS, I can tell you that, with any luck, you’ll be able to read my rendition of this fairytale someday.

. . .maybe.

. . .moving on.

Another very obscure fairytale that I can remember enjoying was one about a prince who was a bird and a tree with a lock and an old hag of a witch who cursed said prince. . . I honestly can’t remember what it was called, though, so apparently it was so obscure I forgot all necessary information for finding it again. Ah, well.

ii. If you got to choose Disney’s next animated princess movie, what fairy tale would you choose to be adapted?

Oh, DEFINITELY Rumpelstiltskin. I would absolutely adore to see Disney’s spin (aha. spin. get it?) on this one, though I think perhaps I’d rather write my own version of it before they get their greedy little paws on it. . . I’d better get started on that, tbh.

iii. What is the first fairy tale you remember hearing when you were a child?

I . . . honestly don’t remember. Probably Cinderella or Snow White, if I had to guess. I vividly remember one of my first-ever written works being a very strange concept of Cinderella, so obviously I had to know the general gist of that tale rather early on. BUT, I know for a fact that it would have been the Disney version of said fairytale that I was drawing inspiration from. The first REAL fairytale I ever read–or remember reading, at least–was Rapunzel. And that, my friends, happened not all that long ago.

I also remember watching The Little Mermaid quite a bit as a kid, so that might be in the running for “first fairytale ever heard” as well. But if I had to guess? Cinderella. (which I’m assuming will be a LOT of bloggers’ answers. just a guess.)

iv. If you were to embark on a fairy tale quest, what necessities would you pack in your bag?

OOH! What a marvelous question! I guess I should probably think on this for a moment before spewing out nonsensical answers. A fairytale quest sounds quite dangerous–and, of course, magical–so I definitely want to go prepared. . .

Let’s see. If I were to venture off on a fairytale quest, I would probably bring:

  • THE PIRATE PENCIL . . . The pirate pencil turned out to be quite a hit in my previous post, so clearly he needs to come along with me on my questing adventures. That, and I desperately need something to write with, because I’m also bringing–
  • A NOTEBOOK . . . Leather-bound, deckled edges. If I’m really going on a fairytale quest, then I’m going to need something to document the entire adventure down in. There’s no WAY I’m going on a quest and not journaling about it! Something like that needs to be remembered for centuries, even if my handwriting is sloppy and I’m writing late into the night beside the dwindling embers of a long dying fire.
  • HAIR TIES . . . This one is probably really dumb, but I mean??? You think I’m going on a long, tedious, quite possibly DEADLY quest without hair ties? You think I’m going to let my hair hang loose and frizzy whilst vanquishing my enemies? I DON’T THINK SO, PEASANT. This mess is getting lopped up into a party pony before I go slicing off appendages, and there ain’t NOTHING you can do to stop me.
  • CELL PHONE + CHARGER . . . What? You never said I couldn’t bring technology! XD PLUS I’m definitely going to be calling my mom like every single night before bed, so I need something to contact her with. Pigeons are way too slow, and I’ve never been good with smoke signals, so my cell phone and texting it is. (also I get lost super easily, so I think Google Maps would be a great asset to have at my disposal, no?)
  • A GOOD PAIR OF BOOTS . . . I have recently discovered what a bad pair of footwear can do to your feet, and also to your general sense of productivity. Assuming this quest is taking me o’er hill and dale–and possibly a few mountains–I’m going to need a really good pair of hiking boots, or this girl ain’t moving. And to go along with those hopefully fuzzy hiking boots. . .
  • COLORFUL SOCKS . . . I’m a simple girl. I love colorful socks–especially if they’re not matching. So in order to stay in a positive mood throughout the whole quest, I’m gonna need some cute, colorful socks. (look, I don’t make the rules. I just enforce them.)
  • A GNOME COMPANION . . . YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING. I love gnomes. Gnomes are very fairytale-esque. If I’m going on an adventure, I WANT A GNOME. I mean, I’m not sure if he’ll fit in my pack or not, but gnomes are small, and my pack can hopefully be one of those bottomless magical bags. (<< ooh, that’s actually a good idea. can I choose what KIND of bag I’m taking along with me??? No? Yes? Are there rules here???)

Oh! And one last thing!

  • A PITCHFORK NAMED RUPERT . . . If you didn’t see the gnome coming, you should have most definitely seen this one.

vi. What’s your favorite fairy tale trope?

Okay, so this one is probably going to shock some people, but . . . I kind of like the whole “Happily Ever After”/”True Love Prevails” trope? Which I know is WEIRD for someone who hates romance, but I mean??? It’s kind of sweet, okay? Who DOESN’T dream of finding their own happily ever after? What little girl DOESN’T want to find her true love? I think it’s adorable and sweet, and even though romance in fiction is something I think we could all do with a little less of, I still believe that fairytales should have that sense of Happily Ever After.

v. If you could be any fairy tale character archetype (the princess, the soldier, fairy godmother, talking animal, mischievous imp, wise old woman, evil stepmother/sister, etc.), who would you want to be and why?

Um . . . does creepy-but-super-cool villain count? Like, I wouldn’t want to be the evil stepmother–that’s a little too overdone for me–but if I could be a villain who’s fun and crazy and slightly psychotic. . .??? YES, PLEASE! Anything Moriarty-ish would do. Or Joker-ish. Basically just make me a crazy, unpredictable psycho, and we’re good. XD

However, on the complete flip-side of that, I’d also love to be the hero of the story. I’ve always loved the idea of princesses who aren’t afraid of saving themselves. I’ve always loved singing and talking to trees and animals and swishy skirts and smacking people in the face with a frying pan. . . So although being the villain would be exceptionally fun, I also think being the heroic princess would be just as interesting.

vi. What animal/mythical creature would be your sidekick for fairy tale adventures?

I’m sure y’all are thinking I’m going to pick a gnome here–and in most cases, you’d probably be right–but I think for this particular question I’m going to pick someone a little more personal to me: my birdie. Durachi is already my little creature sidekick, so bringing him along for my fairytale adventures just feels . . . right. That, and most fairytale princesses have a weird connection with birds, so I think that just proves the fact that I should probably be a fairytale princess, rather than a villain.

(although Maleficent has that crow, so I mean??? I could still be a villain with a bird? [actually I need a villain with a bird story now… huh.])

vii. What is your favorite historical era, and what fairy tale would you love to see in that setting?

This question is going to be difficult to answer, because I’ve never really liked any historical era. Aha. Is it possible to just skip this one? No? Okay, here goes. We’re just gonna pick a random fairytale and a random historical era, and we’re gonna fly with it:

*flips coin* The Twelve Dancing Princesses during *spins wheel* The Roaring 20’s.

Honestly, that sounds kinda fun. We’re gonna roll with it. XD

viii. If you could change a fairy tale’s villain into a hero, who would you choose and why?

Ursula. Maybe that’s a weird answer to have right off the bat, but recently I’ve become very fascinated by her character. I would love to delve deeper into what made her the person–or . . . sea-octopus-witch-thingy??–that she is. And I would LOVE to have a story where she becomes–if not a complete hero–at least a somewhat anti-hero. I think that would be a really intriguing story to have.

and also one to write, but I digress.

ix. Do you prefer fairy tales with happy endings or sad/tragic endings? why or why not?

HAPPY ENDINGS!!!! I mentioned this already, but I just LOVE happily ever afters. Even if they’re not completely perfect (yes, there can be some deaths. yes, there can be some tragedy. what else should we expect from a story??), there should still be a happily ever after to look forward to. After all the pain and the heartache our characters are forced to endure, they deserve–at the very least–to find some semblance of happiness at the end of their journey. It may not be the ending they wished for at the start of the book–it may be a little bittersweet–but an ending that is good and right is so much better than one that feels sad and tragic just for sad and tragedy’s sake.

That’s my opinion, anyway.


And that’s a wrap on the Fairy Tale Blog Tag! Goodness, I’m kind of shocked that I managed to finish this in time. I think I deserve a cookie. XD


  • What’s your absolute FAVORITE fairytale of ever? . . . this can be as unknown or cherished as you like. Mine is probably Rapunzel. Or Snow White and Rose Red. Or Peter Pan. XD
  • What would YOU take in your fairytale questing pack?
  • If you could pick an animal sidekick, what would it be?

and most importantly. . .


I love fairytale retellings. I’d love to find other writers who enjoy spinning classics in their own way!

As always, until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


14 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Blog Tag!

  1. I would be so interested in reading a Snow White and Rose Red retelling by you!!

    Oh my goodness. I can’t remember the name of that obscure fairy tale either. I know it’s in Brothers Grimm, though!

    Taking a bird on a quest would be so fun! I answered a raven for that question too, although I WISH I HAD A PARROT I COULD TAKE. I’m experiencing parrot envy. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meep!!! Oh my goodness! Thank you, Becky!! <333

      WAIT YOU REMEMBER IT??? I knew I wasn't hallucinating!!! I need to whip out my fairytale book and figure this out… 🤣🤣

      Oooh! Ravens are AWESOME, though! That's a wonderful choice! And AWWW!! Parrot envy is a THING. I experienced it hardcore before getting my little guy. 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAAASSSSSS HAPPY ENDINGS AND TRUE LOVE FOR THE WIN!!!! My absolute favorite fairytale would probably be Rapunzel because it actually ends happily.

    I definitely need a map in my pack. NOT GOOGLE MAPS THOUGH BECAUSE IT GOES WACKY.

    My animal sidekick would be my cat, Gandalf.

    Aaaaahhhh, I haven’t fully finished any fairytale retellings, but I’ve started some. And written snippets for some. I wrote a Snow Queen based one last month for the featured fairytale and then there’s another one I have that’s basically a retelling/sequel to Hansel and Gretel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rapunzel is definitely one of the most wonderful fairytales ever!! It’s one of my favorites, as well!

      OH MY WORD I FORGOT ABOUT HOW WONKY GOOGLE MAPS IS… Lol, oh well. Looks like my adventure might take a few unexpected turns. 🤣

      Awwwwww!!! That is the cutest name for a cat, EVER!

      Oh my goodness, those retellings sound AMAZING!!! I’ve written a couple short retellings, as well–one was Little Red Riding Hood, the other Hansel and Gretel. XD — and I have one LOOOOONG retelling that I’m hoping to finish!!! Fairytal retellings are the BEST. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. *HAPPY SQUEALING* Oh my goodness, Kenzie, I loved reading this SO. MUUUCH!!! And GIRL. You make me laugh so hard the way you word things. I just want to quote so much of this post. XDD

    WAIT WAIT. What is this about you writing a Snow White and Rose Red retelling??? I LOVE THAT FAIRY TALE. I NEED A RETELLING OF IT FROM YOU. AAAAAH!!!!!! And OH OH. I know the other obscure one you’re talking about! IF it’s the same one (so many fairy tales have the same elements, so it could be different), it’s a Grimm one called The Old Woman in the Forest and one of my FAVORITE obscure ones!

    Your list of things you’d bring on your quest is The Best. I mean HAIR TIES. BRILLIANT. “This mess is getting lopped up into a party pony before I go slicing off appendages, and there ain’t NOTHING you can do to stop me.” <— THIS is one of those quotable sentences that has me ROLLING. XDD It's true though! Hair ties could be actual LIFE savers on a quest!

    The off-their-rocker villains are the greatest. My favorite of ever! I love that that's what you'd want to be! You can be the crazy villain and I'll be the inept, mischievous fairy godmother and we will cause HAVOC in the Enchanted Forest! ;D (Actually…that would be such a fun story. o.o DRAT IT ALL TO THESE ENDLESS PLOT BUNNIES.)

    Awww, taking your birdie with you is perfect! ^_^

    Oh my goodness, you know what? There IS a Twelve Dancing Princesses story set in the roaring 20s! I haven't read it because it's an adult book and has…things in it, I believe. But it's called The Girls at the Kingfisher Club!

    Ooooh, a story where Ursula becomes good would be EPIIIIC. NOW I WANT THIS!

    100000001% with you on the happy endings things. Torture the characters all the live long day in the middle of the book, but there BETTER be a satisfying ending to it all or I WILL BE MAD. Why would I waste my time reading something if everything just pointlessly ends tragically at the end??? Ahem. Clearly I feel strongly about this. XD

    Thank you so, so much for jumping in on the tag! Reading your answers was like the highlight of my day!

    Liked by 3 people

    • EEP!!! Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! Lol, I mean, half the reason I blog is to try to add some laughter and fun to people’s lives, so I mean??? Mission accomplished, maybe??? XD

      YES!!!! Actually, I think Snow White and Rose Red was one of the first “original” fairytales I’ve ever read, and I just fell super in love with it… So naturally I needed to retell it in my own way. XD
      OH MY GOODNESS. THAT MIGHT BE THE ONE!!!!!! *whips out Grimm book excitedly* OH MY GOODNESS I REALLY DO THINK THIS IS THE ONE!!! Lol, thank you, Christine!!!!!

      Okay, but couldn’t they??? I desperately need hair ties, or my life is a mess. I mean, everything else around me can be crumbling into the realms of insanity, but at least my hair is out of my face. XD

      UM??? UM??? UM?????? DUDE, I NEED THIS STORY SO BADLY NOW. That would be absolutely PERFECT!!! XD I mean, you and I would make the absolute BEST villain/anti-hero duo, so like??? This needs to happen. We need to find a magical wand to enchant ourselves with, though… XD

      WAIT THERE IS???? Ugh. I would love to read it, but adult fiction terrifies me. (for aforementioned “things”. XD) We must write a YA version that’s nicer. XD

      RIGHT?? Ursula is seriously underrated. That, and she has one of the BEST villain songs of Disney. XD

      Oh my goodness, same. Honestly, I could (and probably did D) rant incessantly for days about this, but yes. There needs to be a happy ending. Even though I adore the idea of making my readers suffer along with my characters, there is NO EXCUSE FOR AN UNHAPPY ENDING!!!! ASDFGHJKL *stares blankly at Allegiant*

      Oh my goodness!!! Thank YOU guys for creating this tag!! It was so so much fun to do! (and also I will 100% rant about fairytales for days on end, so like??? I had such a blast doing this!)


  4. Yay! So glad you joined in on the fairy tale blog tag!!

    Oh yes! I think Snow White and Rose Red qualifies as obscure – and it is SUCH a delightful tale! Oh WAIT! *eyes get big* you’re working on a retelling! YES PLEASE!!

    Okay what!! A pirate pencil and a leather-bound, deckled edges notebook? GAH I LOVE THIS!!
    “I DON’T THINK SO, PEASANT” LOL! Hair ties, of course! Why didn’t I think of this??
    A GNOME COMPANION! Now I want one!

    Love that you chose being the creepy-but-super-cool villain! We need some Moriarty/Joker-ish baddies (I mean the evil step-mother is a dime a dozen at this point)

    Yes! Ursula as a villain to hero is a great choice! Also, I’m so intrigued by her story… like what really happened to her? Who is she really? We need answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meep!! Thank you so much for creating it!!! It was SO much fun to do!

      ASDFGHJKL, I AMMM! I’m really excited about it, too… Snow White and Rose Red is like one of my FAVORITE tales, so I just kinda had to retell it. XD

      I mean, obviously I need a notebook, and the pirate pencil just makes it that much better, so. XD And gnomes are the absolute BEST, are they not??? XD

      We DEFINITELY need some more Moriarty’s!! XD (I mean, it’s not like he’s my favorite villain of all time, or anything… Aha. ha.) (Honestly, at this point, I feel like a step-mother who WASN’T evil in a fairytale retelling would be more interesting than one who’s predictably evil! It would be the biggest plot twist of the century. XD)

      I’ve heard little bits and pieces about her lore, and from what I remember, she has a rather intriguing backstory. (though of course, maybe I just made it all up? It was so long ago now and I can’t remember everything. XD) So now obviously I need a full book about what made her the way that she is. (which naturally means I’m getting plot bunnies. Oh no. XD)


  5. I’m probably going to leave another comment at some point, because there is SO MUCH in this post I want to talk about, but if you like “The Little Mermaid”, you should probably check out the acapella medley of it by VoicePlay. It’s super cool. I think you’ll like the villain’s performance (it’s certainly my favourite part).

    Liked by 1 person

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