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KENZIE: Good morning, Cyberspace, and welcome back to another episode of LET’S CHAT! Today I am joined by special guests Sam and Eugene as we continue our journey through Camp NanoWriMo! Sam, Eugene, thank you both so much for being here today.

SAM: Thanks for having me.

EUGENE: She was talking to both of us, you idiot.

SAM: *waves him off* Eh.

KENZIE: So, as you both might already know, you’re here to answer some of our viewer submitted questions. We’ve been sitting on these for over a year now, so hopefully you guys feel up to answering them with the utmost respect and civility.

EUGENE: If you were hoping for civility, I have no clue why you forced me to be interviewed alongside him. That was a very poor choice on your part.

SAM: The shirt you’re wearing was a poor choice on your part, old man.

EUGENE: Oh, for the love of–

KENZIE: QUESTIONS! Who wants some questions?

SAM: Oh, I have some questions, all right. . .

KENZIE: Eugene. Here’s one for you. Becky asks: “Do you guys all like how the outline is shaping up, or are some of you panicking?”

EUGENE: HA! That’s assuming we have an outline. Unfortunately for us, the author we were given doesn’t believe in outlining. She thinks she can just snap her fingers and have a beautiful story sprout from her fingers like a bouquet of posies.

KENZIE: *flipping cards hastily* Okay, maybe we should start off with another–

SAM: What’s that thing she calls herself again? A planter?

EUGENE: Plantser.

SAM: What does that even mean?

EUGENE: It’s a fancy way of saying she doesn’t like putting in the work it takes to make a decent story, I believe.

SAM: Ah. It’s all making sense now. . .

KENZIE: MOVING ON. *flings card over her shoulder angrily, her cheeks a rather unflattering shade of red* “What’s your favorite kind of bird?” Sam? You want to take this one?

SAM: Well, I know what kind of bird Eugene would choose.

EUGENE: So help me Samuel. . .

SAM: Pelicans, right? Those gobbly little buggers with the giant beaks? You’ve got an affinity for those birds, don’t ya? No clue why. Maybe it’s cause you look like ’em.

EUGENE: Oh, and what’s your favorite bird, pray tell? A bald eagle?

SAM: I know you are, but what am I?

KENZIE: Stop it, both of you! Can you please just get along for thirty minutes until the interview’s over? We’re on live television, for goodness’ sake. . .

SAM: Gee, sorry. I didn’t realize that, what with cameras staring holes through me like I’m some sort of Swiss cheese.

KENZIE: *heaving a deep, DEEP sigh, her teeth gritted tightly together* Next question. “Do you like zoos?” *muttering* There’s no way you can twist this one. . .

EUGENE: Well, considering the fact that Sam here looks like he belongs in one, I’m going to assume that’s a yes for him.

SAM: Says the one who looks like the rear end of a proboscis monkey.

KENZIE: All right, no more animal questions. *flips a stack of index cards behind her* Let’s switch gears. Christine asks: “What is your greatest fear?” Sam, we’ll start with you this time.

SAM: My greatest fear is gettin’ stuck with this idiot for the rest of my life. You’d think after putting up with him for so long, I’d catch some sort of a break, but wouldn’t you know it, he’s always there. Take this interview for example. I was told I–singular, mind you–was going to be asked some questions about our story. I get to the set, and what do I see? This ugly mug starin’ back at me from across the room. Now that’s what I call your worst nightmare realized.

EUGENE: Oh, for heaven’s sake, Sam, you knew I was going to be here today. They told us ahead of time.

SAM: Did not.

EUGENE: Did too, you just forgot.

SAM: I think I can remember what I forgot well enough on my own, thank you very much.

KENZIE: Eugene, do you have anything you would like to add to this question?

EUGENE: Oh, well, the list of my fears are rather short, unfortunately. I’m afraid I don’t really have anything to share.

SAM: He’s scared of pigeons.

EUGENE: *turning red* I am not!

SAM: Yeah, you are. What was it that you didn’t like again? Their feathers, or their beaks, or–

EUGENE: Their eyes! They’ve got bloody red eyes that pierce straight through to your very soul. I swear I was attacked by a flight of them when I was a boy. Trying to eat my face off, I tell you! It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever . . . but no. I’m not afraid of them anymore. It was a childish whim, that’s all.

SAM: He’s terrified of the things. Won’t go near a park with ’em in it.

EUGENE: Completely untrue.

SAM: Wets his pants like a baby every time someone so much as coos.

EUGENE: Someone please restrain me. I have a sudden urge to commit murder.

KENZIE: Okay, we’re moving on. This next one is also from Christine, which I feel segues very nicely from our previous question. And since you both seem so bent on answering for each other, I would like to continue on with that tradition and have you answer this one on the other’s behalf: Eugene, Sam . . . “What would you say is your greatest strength?”

SAM: . . .

EUGENE: . . .

KENZIE: Well? Do you need a moment to summarize your thoughts?

SAM: Oh, I’m gonna need a lot more than just a moment, hon. I’m gonna need a whole darn lifetime if you want me to find a strength for this flimsy twig, here.

EUGENE: We can definitely scratch wit off the list. . .

SAM: He’s got a good face for punching. Very soft on the knuckles.

EUGENE: How would you know? You couldn’t land a hit even if I ran straight into your fist.

SAM: You’re one to talk. I know for a fact my aim’s twice as good as yours.

EUGENE: Is not!

SAM: Is so. And I’m half blind.

EUGENE: Right then. And I suppose your strength would be being the biggest, most condescending toad in the history of the universe.

SAM: I’m not the one with the warts, old man.

EUGENE: Okay, that is IT– *launches himself across the couch, fists bared*

KENZIE: Boys!!! Calm yourselves, please!

EUGENE: Take that back, you lousy–!



EUGENE: *flops back to his seat, his hair askew and his face an angry shade of red* I’m sorry, madame, but you cannot possibly ask me to act civil while in the presence of this complete and utter–

KENZIE: You’re supposed to be friends!

SAM: Oh, quite the contrary. *adjusts his tie casually* We’re sworn enemies. Have been since high-school.

KENZIE: But . . . but that’s not. . .

SAM: Seriously, woman, you should know this about your own characters by now, shouldn’t you? You’ve been writing us for–what?–a year?

EUGENE: I told Liam she wasn’t any good. This is what you get when you pick “random” on the author generator. Your idiotic idea, if I remember right.

SAM: It’s not like we were making any choices, otherwise. We would have been standing there all day had it not been for me, and I had a dentist appointment.

EUGENE: *dramatic eye-roll* That is exactly like you. Rush the biggest decision of our entire career for a dentist appointment. Good job, Sam.

SAM: Hey, cavities are not something to mess around with, buddy.

KENZIE: *sucks in a deep breath, her composure visibly hanging on by nothing more than a thread* Okay. We have one more question from our viewers, and then we’re cutting this off, okay? Okay.  Becky asks: “What’s your favorite fairytale?” And please–please–for the sake of my sanity, do not criticize each other on this one. Eugene, you go first.

EUGENE: Well, I’ve always been a fan of The Princess and The Frog. . .

SAM: *mutters* I wonder why. . .

KENZIE: *flings cards in the air* THAT’S IT.

KENZIE: *to the camera* Thank you all so much for joining us here today. Our next interview will take place at the end of the month, and it will contain the entire cast of SK–though judging by today’s interview, perhaps with a few modifications.

EUGENE & SAM: *high-fives quietly*

KENZIE: *stands up and throws microphone down as she walks off the stage* I’m done.



And that’s interview #3 down! I’ve got one more planned, and it’s going to include ALL OF THE CHARACTERS (or at the very least, MOST of them) from SK, which–as you will shortly find out–has a brand new project title! *dances excitedly* I’ll be sharing more about my Camp NaNoWriMo progress and SK’s new title next week, so stay tuned for that! Until then, however, let’s chat!

  • HOW IS YOUR CAMP NANOWRIMO GOING?? – tell me ALL OF THE THINGS!! about your projects and progress! I’d love to be your cheerleader this month!
  • What do you think of Sam and Eugene? – I honestly feel like these two are the most difficult to handle at the moment. I also haven’t gotten any one-on-one time with them in the book, either, so this was an . . . enlightening first. XD
  • Do you enjoy talking to your characters as if they’re real people? – I know Jem recently conducted some interviews over on her blog–and GUYS. Her interviews are like a thousand times better than mine. (she actually seems to know what she’s doing??? Jem, please teach me your ways. . . XD)–and I LOVED reading those. Talking to my characters like they’re actual human beings is one of my favorite things–it also garners some strange looks from people passing by, but it’s fine–so I’m just curious if other writers do this, as well. XD

and most important of all right now. . .


I know I haven’t really touched on the topic of The Virus here on the blog, but it’s mostly because I’m trying to keep this section of the internet a place of peace and happiness. BUT. I know that the virus is affecting . . . well, literally everyone . . . so if there is ANYTHING I can be praying about for you or your family or whatever, definitely hit me up either in the comments or through email or DM’s on Twitter. This is a scary time we’re living through, and I want to be there for you like you guys have been there for me. So. Definitely do that.

And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


17 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO CONTINUES!: Episode IV – Sam & Eugene

  1. This was HILARIOUS. They kind of remind me of those two muppet characters that always sit together and make sarcastic jokes (I can’t remember their names, but do you remember those guys?).

    I’ve got 10,000 words so far in my story, but I’m worried about fizzling out during the middle. And also writing action scenes. Fight scenes scare me *hides*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Um….I don’t know their names, either, but….that is the most accurate description of these two characters I have ever heard. XD (I can’t unsee it… Oh no… XD)

      DUDE!!!! 10,000 words is AMAZING!!! Congratulations!!!! And middles are DEFINITELY the worst, both in story structure and in NaNo. BUT YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!! I believe in you!!!! <3333 (ohhhhh.,.. but I'm horrible at fight scenes so I don't have a whole lot of advice to give on that… But I am here with cookies if you need them!!! XD *offers you cookies*)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I think this was my favorite interview yet! Which is saying something, because they’ve all been GOLD. But…OH MY GOSH. I am laughing so haaard!!!! I CAN’T.

    “He’s got a good face for punching. Very soft on the knuckles.” <—That one KILLED me. And then THE END. WHEN THEY HIGH-FIVED. I am dead. Completely diseased. I died of laughter. It was a great way to go.


    Camp is going pretty well for me! This is THE most chill NaNo event I've ever done in my life. I'm trying to edit about 3 chapters a week, and taking a few days off in between. So yeah, making progress, but not pushing myself toooo hard. This is a pretty big rewriting project, so it needs time and patience, not a rush job. Which is weird for me, because I'm used to just vomiting words a mile a minute during NaNo. XD It's actually kinda nice being more lax about it. I don't know why I don't do Camp NaNo more! But ANYWAYS. Editing is going great! In fact, I'm editing as we speak. Just came to take a little break and saw this post and HAD to give it a read. It was the PERFECT way to take a break and have a laugh! Aahhhhhh I loved it! I am simply ECSTATIC over the next interview.

    I can't wait to hear how Camp is going for you! Totally rooting you on, girl! *waves pompoms*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness!!! THANK YOU!! I mean, this one was probably my favorite of them all to WRITE, so I totally understand this. XD

      OH MY WORD…!!! MEEP!!! I was honestly laughing at that part as I was writing it (my family thinks I’m strange) so I am SO HAPPY THAT YOU LAUGHED TOO, ASDFGHJKL!!! That honestly just makes my whole day!!!

      Ooooh!!! Your camp sounds like it’s going amazing!!! And I am WAAAY too excited about the book you’re editing… (seriously, if you need a beta reader…??? *waves hand wildly*) I’ve used Camp to edit in the past, and I totally get what you mean about it not being a rush job. The interesting thing about writing is how DIFFERENT the stages are. Like first drafts are meant to be fun and wild and discovery-oriented, and then the second draft is when you really buckle down and make the book what it was supposed to be all along, and it takes longer, but because you have the bare bones of the story already, it’s easier and worth it… (writing is STRANGE, man. XD)

      OH MY WORD!!! You read my blog on your break??? ASDFGHJKL THAT MAKES ME SO BEYOND HAPPY!!!!! Dude, you are literally the sweetest person in the whole entire world, I can’t….

      Meep! Thank you!! Camp is actually going surprisingly well?? I can’t believe it’s going as well as it is, but there you have it. XD And I AM ROOTING FOR YOU, AS WELL!!! Eep! <3333


    • …I have a very bad habit for giving my characters Scottish accents. I have NO clue why. XD (currently these two are supposed to have American accents, but you know. They have a Scottish friend so maybe that’s leaking into their current speech habits? XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The interview was rather amusing. XD If those Sam and Eugene ever get any scenes involving them just messing with people or pranking them, I think it would be comedy gold.

    As for how I’m doing in general, I’m doing pretty well! I’ve been writing a LOT more than I usually do on a daily basis, given the current circumstances. In regards to Camp NaNoWriMo I’m (currently) at over 13,000 words out of my 25,000-word goal! I didn’t think I was going to write so many words this quickly, so I’m very pleased with this development.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEEP! Oh my word, THANK YOU!!!! Okay, but a whole scene devoted to them pranking the others HAS to be on my agenda now… This needs to happen. (except the whole book right now is basically them just pranking everyone and each other, so…? Maybe I’ve already unwittingly done this. XD)

      WHAT!!!! Dude, that’s FANTASTIC!!! You are KILLING this NaNo!!! And you posted this nine days into NaNo, so…??? I’m going to assume that you’re even closer to your goal now?? (or have even SURPASSED it??) I need to go stalk you on the NaNo site now… XD CONGRATULATIONS on writing so much!! That is always the best feeling in the entire world…

      Liked by 1 person

      • A whole book!? Filled with all the characters pranking each other!? That is definitely something I want to read. XD

        And THANK YOU! XDDDD As of a couple days ago, I have already won Camp NaNo (and YES I surpassed it!)! I plan to write a post about that experience and what I learned from it after the month is over, so stay tuned. XD I hope your Camp NaNo has been going well so far! XD YOU CAN DO IT! YOU’RE SO CLOSE TO YOUR GOAL AS FAR AS I SEE ON THE SITE!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • YEP. It’s actually more of a headache-inducer than you’d think. I thought the cast of my previous book were too banter-y. These guys, however, put them to SHAME. XD

          OH MY GOODNESS!!! MEEP! I cannot wait to read this!!! (I also just checked your blog and A) I WAS NOT FOLLOWING YOU?? This has been fixed, and B) YOU POSTED THE POST!!! I’m gonna read this as soon as I tackle my inbox! <333)

          I WON CAMP NANO TOO!!! *cheers* *sobs into my cereal* It was a ROLLER COASTER, man. I don't know if I want to repeat that or not. XD

          Liked by 1 person

  4. “Someone please restrain me. I have a sudden urge to commit murder.”
    “This is what you get when you pick “random” on the author generator.”

    Firstly, Kenzie, these two are great. EPIC. If these two are the most difficult to handle, SK is going to turn out incredible on the first draft. xD

    Secondly – you mentioned me! eep! and I should say right here, that I’m pretty sure I got the idea of interviews (with characters who obviously didn’t want to be there) FROM you? I’m sure it was the cast of Everlost (it was hilarous seeing them shoved together…) So you [unknowingly…] taught me your ways and I must thank you for that. (ALSO IF I EVER LOOK LIKE I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING PLEASE KNOW I’M FAKING SO HARD. that’s basically my life motto so.)

    Thirdly. Has anyone mentioned the ‘ads’ at the start of your posts yet? because they are hilarious and I have no idea how you can come up with such terrible, amazing puns.


    • MEEP!! Thank you, Jem!!! I am so excited to introduce you guys someday… Mwahahahaha! SK is actually turning out more amazing than I had initially hoped, so…?? I think I should thank Sam and Eugene. They’re the glue holding this mess together.

      WAIT REALLY??? Oh my word!!! Look at that! We’re inspiring each other!! This is clearly what true friendship looks like. XD XD XD Also also, please teach me your ways to faking because I NEED THIS. Basically I just flail around trying to act like a normal human and it does not work at all… (although “fake it till you make it” is my motto, as well, so TWINSSSSSS!)

      MEEP!!! THE ADS ARE MY FAVORITE PART!!! As soon as I knew I wanted to do a sort of TV show interview with my characters, I knew I had to have it sponsored by something. And thus began the ads at the beginning… I’m so happy you love my puns, though! I live and breathe for puns, and those stupid little ads are literally my favorite parts of the interviewing process. XD (apparently I’m on a literary kick right now, though, so…)


  5. How do these two not filed restraining orders yet? XD Oh my word, they need serious help. *dies laughing* Also, AGATHA CRISPIES. I WANT THEM.

    OOOOH a new title for SK?? YES I WANNA KNOW. And, yeah, I do like talking to my characters like they’re real…I, um, had a whole series for a while where I interviewed my characters. It was a lot of fun…usually. XD I’ve been finding more that I like acting out as my characters, pretending I’m them. It helps me get unstuck in sections of my stories, and it’s also just a lot of fun. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is nothing short of a miracle that they are allowed within a six-foot radius of each other. XD THEY DO NEED HELP. Please aid me in getting them a therapy session. XD XD XD (OH MY WORD, I AM SO GLAD PEOPLE ARE NOTICING MY OBVIOUS BRILLIANCE. XD please join me in craving Agatha Crispies.)

      WAIT REALLY?? Dude, is it easily findable on your blog? Do you have a link??? I want to read this so badly now!!! Character interviews are the BEST! (I think I’ve discovered one of my favorite kinds of posts to read and write. XD) And EEP! The new working title is out!!!! I am SO excited to call SK something other than SK. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • It really is a miracle, isn’t it? XD They seriously need therapy. (BUT SERIOUSLY THO I WANT SOME AGATHA CRISPIES XD)

        Yeah, they’re still on the blog. Pretty cringey though. XD If you really wanna read them, if you search ‘Character Conversations’, they should come up. Be forewarned, they are severely cringe, and most of the characters have changed a lot since then. XD YAY I’m so excited for you about the title!!! Coming up with good titles is so satisfying, honestly. <3

        Liked by 1 person

        • MEEP!!! I am DEFINITELY going to be searching this! (sometimes cringey is amazing?? I SHALL LOVE THEM ENDLESSLY.) Ooh, when characters change it is such a weird feeling! Granted, normally they change for the better–which is lovely–but reading them in that first initial form is just…..strange. XD But! With that said, I’m so happy that I have some of those initial, raw moments forever on my blog (especially with the EV interviews) because then I can go back and remember what it was like when I first started writing them!


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