CAMP NANOWRIMO CONTINUES!: Episode V (and a half) – Wordcounts and Laptops


Today I’m popping in to say that I really don’t have a blog post this week.

. . .which is kinda weird, since I’m technically posting this as a blog post, but . . . you know. Ignore that oxymoron.

Basically, I’ve been really enveloped in my Camp NaNoWriMo story, Project Sunset, and haven’t exactly made the effort to carve out any of my writing time for blogging. I could say that I deeply regret this decision, but honestly? The fact that I’m so in love with my book is a wave that I’m going to ride for as long as I possibly can, because soon enough I’ll be absolutely dreading even trying to write a single word. And at that point, I’ll probably bust back into the blogosphere with all the force of a thousand suns.

(oh, look at that. I’m finally beginning to understand my own brain! hallelujah.)

So instead of an actual blog post this week, I thought I’d just bullet-point a few highlights from the past week of NaNo!!! Because that’s both simple AND recap-ish! It’s a win-win situation, amiright?

*claps hands together* Let’s go!

Kenzie’s List of Super-Mega Awesome-ish-ness!

  • I GOT A NEW LAPTOP! >> this is the newest thing on my list of super mega awesome-ish-ness, and therefore obviously the first to be mentioned. (this is how my brain is functioning at the moment. apparently I can’t understand chronology) I GOT A NEW LAPTOP, PEASANTS! It literally just came in the mail today, and I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!! Moriarty has served me well over the past few years, but lately he’s been going more and more on the fritz. Factor in the part where he hasn’t had an actual update in over a year because of his lack of storage space (mental note: 32 gigabytes of storage is not, in fact, enough for a properly functioning laptop) and I figured it was time for an upgrade. So allow me to introduce you to Greg. (and YES. his last name is absolutely Lestrade.) I set him up this afternoon, and I already know we’re going to become the bestest of friends. His keyboard is amazing and his screen is BIIIIG and I am just so, SO happy, you guys. . .
  • I wrote 10,000 words in a single day. . .??? >> I was actually trying to get a blog post out about my 10k Monday this week, but it’s not turning out like I wanted it to. SO. We’re gonna put a hold on that and post this weird little thing instead! (but definitely stay tuned for more info on my 10k day, if that sounds like something that might interest you! I’ve NEVER written 10,000 words in a single day before, so if you believe yourself to be a slow writer and have resigned yourself to never being able to write 10k in a day [as I had], then this might be a post for you. <333 )
  • Plots & Plans has been hosting more word sprints! >> in fact, my 10k word day was actually inspired by the 5k Monday Phoebe and I were hosting over on the P&P twitter page! We were both super behind on our word goals, but with the help of word sprints and the general camaraderie of panic-induced writing, we both miraculously managed to write over 5k. It was amazing, and we’ve decided to bookmark 5k Monday for future NaNo events! XD (I’m also hoping to be running some more sprints TODAY, so keep your eyeballs peeled for that if you need some writing company!)
  • PLOTS & PLANS DID OUR SECOND EVER LIVESTREAM!!!! >> if I’ve failed to squeal about how much I absolutely love these girls, please allow me to do so now. . . . ahem . . . I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE GIRLS, OKAY???? They literally (and I mean L I T E R A L L Y) light up my entire life. Here’s a link to our second livestream, which is a full 45 minutes of utter chaos and the purest perfection. (in case you couldn’t tell, we are SERIOUSLY professional. absolutely. there is not a goofy bone in any of our bodies, of that I can assure you.) (also please note that I’m still trying to find a video/sound system that actually works and is in sync with each other. it’s fine. everything’s fine. i’ve got this.)

and finally, in more Camp NaNoWriMo-y related news. . .

  • I AM LESS THAN 3,000 WORDS AWAY FROM 50K!! >> a.k.a. EXCITING NEWS, PEASANTS! I’ve only got 13,000 words to go before I hit my goal of 60k!! MEEP! Despite what I said in the Plots & Plans livestream, I’ve actually never written 60,000 words in a single month. (oops?) So if I can somehow manage to hit that 60k mark, I will not only have broken my all-time record for words written within a single day, but I’ll also be breaking my all-time record for words written within a month. This Camp NaNoWriMo may just be the one where I break ALL OF THE RECORDS! (although, to be fair, in order to break ALL OF THE RECORDS, I would actually have to finish the entire first draft of Project Sunset by May 1st, and, unfortunately, I do not foresee this happening. but I digress…


And that’s about it, peasants! Like I said, this is just a very short, very to-the-point kind of recap post, so please excuse that. The majority of my writing time has been devoted towards my book, but right now, I feel like that’s where I’m supposed to be.

But anyway, that’s definitely enough about me! Let’s talk about you! How’s your NaNoWriMo going? Have you hit your goal already? (I know a few of my writer friends have already crossed their goals for the month, and I am SO STINKIN’ PROUD OF THEM!!!) Or are you, like me, still putting along? (we’ve got this, guys. I believe in us. XD) Have you managed to break any personal records this month? and most importantly. . .


Or your plants? Or your chairs? Or your hats? Or your trees? Please tell me I’m not the only one who names everything. . . (also drop your names down in the comments. I love hearing what people have named various objects. XD)

As always, let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below! And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


4 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO CONTINUES!: Episode V (and a half) – Wordcounts and Laptops

  1. I AM SO UTTERLY IN AWE AT YOUR PROGRESS!!!!! It is TOTALLY okay to not be blogging as much when you’ve got a whole book to write. YOU ARE DOING AWESOME! And you did a 10k day??? :O YOU. ARE. EPIC. I have aaalways wanted to do a 10k day, but have yet to achieve it. I’ve done a couple of 8k days and one 9k, but I cannot seem to reach that coveted 10. SO YES. I’d looove a post about that from you!

    Congrats on getting a new laptop! That’s always SO exciting!!!! I name my laptops toooo! :D My first one was named Larry and served my faithfully for 8 years. Poor Larry…he became so old and decrepit. He was also a MONSTER. My second one which I’ve had for…4 years now I think? is much smaller and easier to manage. Haha. Her name is Lois. ^_^ I LOVE naming things! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. XD

    CampNaNo is going fabulously for me! I hit my Camp goal of 30k words yesterday! But my personal goal is to rewrite 10 chapters, and I’ve only done 9. So I hope to get one more chapter in before April is over. But YES. This rewrite is going quite swimmingly. ^_^

    I do hope the rest of Camp is a FRABJOUS one for you, girl! It makes me soooo happy this has been such a great one for you. EEEEEEE!!! YOU GOT THIS!


    • Oh my goodness!!!!! EEP! *tackle hugs* Thank you SOmuch!!! I still feel so bad for not being so present on the blogosphere, but I have some ideas to get myself back in the groove of things. (it seems like I’ve been spending more time OUT of the groove than actually inside of it. XD) And I honestly cannot believe I actually did a 10k day….??? And ASDFGHJKL!! I am definitely going to be writing this post, then!!! (and EEP! You got a 9k day!!! You are SO close!! I believe in you!!! <33 )

      OH MY GOODNESS, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!! XD I absolutely LOVE the names you've given your laptops. XD Larry sounds like he was difficult to move around, but at least he was a sturdy thing!!! (Poor Moriarty was cracking at the hinges and didn't have any storage whatsoever. XD) And EIGHT YEARS!!!! Dude, that's amazing for a laptop! I feel like they don't make these things to last anymore… And AWWWW!! Lois sounds SO sweet!!! I already love her!

      MEEP! You are KILLING it, Christine!!!! YESSSSS!! *flings congratulatory cookies at your face* MEEP! Congratulations!!!!! I'm rooting for you to get that final chapter done! *insert Doctor Who GIF of Eleven saying "You can DO it!!!"

      ASDFGHJKL thank you! So far it HAS been absolutely frabjous (I adore your use of this word, just saying) and I cannot wait to see how the story progresses once NaNo is over… My new goal is to try and finish the first draft before my quarantine ends. XD


    • EEP, thank you!! I’m absolutely loving him already! XD (his keyboard is so clicky. it makes my smol writer heart squeal. XD) This has been one of the weirdest/best Camp NaNo’s ever. XD

      And meep! Thank you, you beautiful bean!!! <333

      Liked by 1 person

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