Kenzie’s Chaotic Return To The Blogosphere!: Ft. Where I’ve Been & What’s To Come

good morning, cyberspace!

*crashes through brick wall*

*skids to a halt*

*whips pitchfork onto the sofa*

I’M BACK, PEASANTS! Didja miss me? Didja not even notice I was gone? Do you wish that I would stay away for the next three thousand years and ne’er return because I am an amorphic blob of a mess who needs continual emotional support?

actually, don’t answer that.

Anyway, anyway. I am officially back, and it feels so so so SO good to finally be posting again! I mean, I realize I was only gone for a total of two weeks, but this past two weeks has been interesting, my friends. I broke a ukulele string (the horror), had a pre-midlife-crisis, and also started drafting a super secret project which I’m super secretly excited about! (shhhhh. it’s a secret. [but also more on this in a moment.])

I’m also still in quarantine. Which–I’ll be honest–is kind of making me lose my mind at this point. I COULD go over to the calendar and count how many days I’ve been in quarantine–I vividly remember my last normal day outside–but I’m pretty sure in doing so I will literally lose my mind. SO. We shall refrain from counting the days and instead focus on the fact that–with any luck–quarantine for my state will soon be over.



Please get me out of here. . . .

. . .moving on.

Seeing as though we are now halfway through May (excuse me, yes, I would like a refund on the year 2020, please. . .), I thought it would be fun to not only look back and reflect on the past two weeks of my absence, but also on the past four months.

If y’all remember, I made a list at the beginning of the year of all my super mega awesome goals for 2020. This post–alongside a giant, totally-doable timetable, also outlined a step-by-step plan that I fondly called The Four Month Fandangle Fantastic.

i am also beginning to deeply regret this name, so let’s just ignore that for now. XD

This plan was to ensure that I kept my aforementioned “totally doable” goals within check all throughout the year, and since we’ve just stepped across that first four-month threshold, I think now is the perfect time to take a peek back at that list and see how we’re doing!

And also make some much-needed revisions, because goodness knows we’re gonna need it.


Kenzie's Return To The Blogosphere Graphic

{ writing }

Because the majority of this section will center around the plans I made at the start of the year–a.k.a. the Four Month Fandangle Fantastic–here’s a bit of a refresher as to what I thought my writing year would look like back in January:


January-April . . . complete the first draft of Project Sunset (previously known as SK)

May-August . . . re-outline and potentially begin drafting The Girl And The Goblin King (with a heavy emphasis on the outlining)

September-December . . . begin queries on everlost

I don’t know about you guys, but I can already see a glaring plot hole in my foolproof  four month plan: we’re already in the middle of May, and I still haven’t finished the first draft of Project Sunset.

But, shockingly enough, this is actually okay! My main goal for The Girl and The Goblin King during the May-through-August time slot was outlining and hopefully beginning to draft. If all I get is a solid headstart on an outline–if all I get is a feeble headstart on an outline–I’m gonna go ahead and count that as a win.

And to further prove this point, here’s a quote taken directly from that initial post:

If I don’t get any of this story written this year, that’s perfectly fine, but I’d still like to at least have a halfway decent outline drawn up by the end of the year. – Past Kenzie

So you see, I’m definitely not panicking yet.

Yet being the operative word, of course.

Because I haven’t yet completed Project Sunset’s first draft–and because I so graciously gave myself a bit of wiggle room back in January–I’ve decided to extend my deadline for this draft to May 31st. Am I confident in my ability to meet this goal? Yes. But in the rare case that I don’t finish this draft by the end of May, I’m also giving myself a stretch goal of June 30th.

because I’m just that confident in my abilities, lol

If my main goal for TGATGK is to end up with a decent outline by the end of the year, I’m pretty sure two months is going to be plenty of time to do so. I mean, I typically don’t even write outlines, let alone follow them once written, so I’m assuming that ‘outline’ actually means I’m going to be doing some pre-writing prep work and backstory building. Which, again, can definitely be done within two months. <<this will bite me in the rear-end in a couple months, mark my words.

As of right now, the September-December section of the Grand Plan is unchanged, but the closer we creep towards those months, the more I’m confident this whole thing will explode into flames.

(UPDATE FROM FUTURE KENZIE: this post was written, like, literally the day after I started my hiatus. since then, I have completely started rethinking my entire publishing plan–including whether or not I’m going to go traditional or not. but for the sake of consistency, we’re going to pretend like this is NOT the case, and that I am, as of this moment, still totally confident in my pursuing of traditional publishing.)

So, in conclusion, the Four-Month-Fandangle Fantastic now looks a bit like this:


January-May/June . . . complete the first draft of Project Sunset (previously known as SK)

July-August . . . ‘outline’ The Girl And The Goblin King, with a heavy emphasis on pre-writing and worldbuilding

September-December . . . begin queries on everlost

It’s not exactly what I thought it would look like at the start of the year, but if I’m being honest, I’m more on track with these goals than I thought I’d be. Now I just need to hunker down and write the final half of Project Sunset, and I’ll be well on my way towards finishing strong!

{ project sunset }

SO. How’s Project Sunset doing, you ask? It’s actually going very, very well.

So well, in fact, that I have officially decided that something is terribly wrong with me. A tumor, perhaps. Or this draft is absolute garbage fire and I just haven’t seen it yet. Or both.

Probably both.

But anyway, without going into too much agonizing detail, Project Sunset has officially hit the 85,000 word mark, and even though I never know where the true plot points fall until the second or third draft–after which I’ve looked at the story as a completed whole and have flipped it on its head exactly five times–I do believe that I’ve finally hit the midpoint. Or, at the very least, something that, with a little bit of tweaking, could vaguely resemble the midpoint.

(can you tell I’m not a plotter? because I am NOT a plotter.)

This, of course, would all be fine and dandy if it weren’t for one little thing: I wanted this book to rest around the 75,000 word mark. And if I only JUST hit the point that vaguely resembles the midpoint? . . .I don’t even want to think about how many words I have left to write before this thing is done.

panicking episode 17 GIF

But instead of panicking, I have decided to just take everything one day at a time. If I can write ~2,000 words every single day, I’m confident that I will be able to finish this draft eventually.

I mean, I actually have an ending in mind this time around, so I’m one step ahead of 2017-everlost-writing-Kenzie, right?

{ secret project }

As I mentioned before, I’m working on a secret project, as well! And it’s a smol secret project, so it’s not really taking away from drafting Project Sunset.

No, really. I swear this one is small this time, guys. XD

Unfortunately, I don’t want to jinx this project, so I’m going to keep it bottled up for the time being, but rest assured that if anything comes of it–or if anything doesn’t come of it–you shall know!

i really really really really REALLY hope something comes of it….

{ reading }

Next up on our list is reading. And this is something that I have unfortunately been failing at. BUT! I have a list of books I’m trying to read, and that’s kind of the same thing as actually reading, right? Of course it is. But the only one I can really talk about is Persuasion by Jane Austen, because the other two are ARCS. And I can’t really talk about Persuasion because I haven’t exactly been reading Persuasion.

Do you see my problem here?

Oh! I read Tweet Cute back in April and absolutely ADORED it! Does that count? Please let this count, I need this.

Next time I have an update post, I’ll have read more books. Definitely. *sweats nervously*

{ life & other disasters }

Being locked up like Rapunzel for the past two months has been strangely good for my productivity. I know that this isn’t the case for everyone–more often than not it’s the opposite of what’s been happening–but lately I’ve been able to do things that I otherwise don’t feel I have the time for, such as:

  • writing my very own song on my ukulele
  • writing letters to my friends and coworkers (I’m horrible at getting them sent out on time, but it is fun, nonetheless.)
  • painting (if you’re following me on my personal instagram, you might have seen my latest post, which has a couple of the things I’ve made during quarantine. i’ve finally rekindled my love of watercolors, and my hope going forward is to continue playing with it even after quarantine ends.)
  • reading y’all’s awesome blog posts (special shout out to Jenelle Schmidt and Christine Smith! I binged some of their blog posts on my hiatus and GUYS. their blogs are perfection, I swear.)
  • gardening
  • talking to trees (you think this is sarcasm. it is not sarcasm.)
  • rediscovering my love of the outdoors
  • having an existential crisis when it comes to my career as an author

You’d think I’d have more time to read during this pandemic, as well, but like . . . ? I haven’t been doing this. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING THIS. I’ve written over 70,000 words towards my novel, though, so I mean??? Progress? Give and take? I’m exchanging one form of storytelling for another, apparently. XD

Oh oh oh!!! I also started a writerly instagram!!! (@thesmudgedthoughts, for anyone interested!) I’m planning on posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about my latest WIP’s and little behind-the-scenes things about my writing process, so COME CHECK ME OUT, PEASANTS!!!! (please, i need this. XD)


Alas! I do believe that is all I have to discuss for today! It feels so incredibly good to be back on the blogosphere, you guys. Words can’t possibly describe it. My hiatus was lovely and good and refreshing, but I think I’m ready to get pulled into the world of awesome epicness that we’ve built here in this corner of cyberspace. <333


  • how have you all been doing since my abandonment of the blogosphere? Any awesome things happen while I was away?
  • do you like to make plans & goals for your writing projects, or do you prefer to fly free and make it up as you go along? (and for those of you who DO make plans, do you find that your plans often work out the way you had expected, or do they–like mine–tend to get steamrollered by the rolling pin of life?)
  • what kinds of things have YOU been doing during quarantine?

and most importantly of all . . .

miss me andrew scott GIF by Sherlock
(I literally cannot have a comeback to the blogosphere without this GIF being inside of it. someone please help me.)

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below! And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_

Featured Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash


23 thoughts on “Kenzie’s Chaotic Return To The Blogosphere!: Ft. Where I’ve Been & What’s To Come

  1. YOU’RE BACK YOU’RE BACK YOU’RE BACK!!!!! *spins in circles* OF COURSE I MISSED YOU. I’m always SO happy to see a Kenzie post on my dashboard! :D :D :D

    Man, I hear you on quarantine making you lose your mind. I was keeping track of how many days it’s been since I’ve been anywhere but…I gave up. It’s just depressing. Just gotta…take one day…at a time… *crazed smile* It’s fine. Everything’s fiiine. (I definitely want my refund on 2020. YES. XD)

    Okay but I loved getting this update and sooooo admire how you just roll with the punches and rearrange your goals to suit whatever life is throwing at you. YES. YOU GO, GIRL!!! Sometimes I get SO hung up on my goals and stress myself to death to make them and get all depressed when I don’t and…and…yeah. It’s terrible! I love your attitude and just readjusting them as needed! And your new goals look PERFECT. You are making AWESOME progress on Project Sunset and I have no doubt you’ll finish it soon! But mannn, I hear you on it becoming a huge novel. Story. Of. My. Life. >.> That’s WONDERFUL it’s going well though! EEP. That makes me happy!


    I’m also glad you’re finding some other lovely things to fill up your time. (*happy incoherent squeaks at your mention of my blog* GIRL. <3333) And you started a writerly instagram??? I MUST GO FOLLOW YOU. NOW.

    This was such a fantastic update and I am thrilled you're baaaack! Although now I am SUPER curious about your secret project. And…and…your new thoughts on your publishing plans. :O I feel like I have one of those crises at least every couple of months, so I sympathize SO HARD. But I know whatever you decide it's going to be EPIC. God's got an amazing plan for you, girl. <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! CHRISTINE!!! *tackle hugs* I SURVIVED HIATUS. I am SO happy to be back!!!

      UGH. YES. For a while I was keeping track, as well, because it almost seemed “fun” and “new”–“I haven’t been out of the house for seven days! Lol, this is so weird!”–but now I’m just banging on the windows hoping the mailman will notice me so I can start screaming at him in my desperate attempt at human contact. XD (WE CAN FILE OUR REFUNDS TOGETHER. I’m sure we can manage to create a time machine to fix this if we work together, right??)

      MEEP!! Oh my goodness, THANK YOU. Your comments and enthusiasm seriously make my day, Christine. Your comments are like my favorite. XD It’s taken me FOREVER to actually get to the point where I can roll with the punches like this, though. XD Like it used to be to the point where I just wouldn’t make any goals at all because I couldn’t deal with the pressure to meet them, but what I’ve been starting to do is allow myself to be flexible, so that MAYBE–with a little bit of experimentation–I can start to get a feel for how much I can feasibly do within a specific amount of time. (I still have a long ways to go, as you can see. XD) (WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! You’re a chronic overwriter, too??? DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR CUTTING BACK THE WORDS??? [please I need this. XD])

      I WILL FOREVER AND ALWAYS MENTION YOUR BLOG!!! (although I realized I forgot to post in the link, so I HAVE FIXED THIS.) Also also also I AM SO EXCITED TO BECOME A PART OF INSTAGRAM!!!! I have my personal one, but I’ve REALLY been wanting to start a writerly one. But I wanted to start getting ahead on my BLOGGING stuff before doing it, and since during my hiatus I was able to backlog some posts, I thought now was the ideal moment. XD

      Oh my goodness….. No joke, I just read this last paragraph and had to hide my face behind my hands in happiness because, CHRISTINE. THANK YOU. Oh my goodness, you have NO clue how much I needed to hear that. I’ve just been all over the place lately with trying to piece everything together, and I’ve been literally questioning everything. BUT. You are right. Whatever God’s got planned is what I want, so I just need to focus on Him and let Him guide me to wherever it is I’m supposed to go…. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment, Christine!! You are seriously a light in my life. <333

      (ALSO. If you ever want to talk about publishing crises–or literally just anything and everything? XD–I'm totally down for that! XD)


    I mean, I’ve been texting with you the entire time you’ve been gone, but still, your blog posts give me LIFEEEE.
    ALSO YAAAY TWEET CUTE!! I’m making my mom read it right now and sadly she does not love it as much as you did but still thinks its cute.
    I definitely make plans and goals, otherwise I’ll get nothing done XD My plans indeed do get steamrollered by the rolling pin of life, but I try to steamroll the rolling pin back.
    I’ve written a few songs while in quarantine and obvs I’m writing TFL ;D

    Liked by 1 person


      WHAT!!! No!!!! That book is amazing!!!! XD (although I do understand that people’s opinions in books vary so that is totally valid. BUT STILL. XD) I’m still hoping to be able to write a review on it soon-ish. I’ve got about a million reviews I need to write but WE ARE NOT THINKING OF THAT RIGHT NOW. XD

      Your plans are GLORIOUS and I wish I had your plan-making abilities. Also half your insanity because DUDE. THE PROJECT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW FRIGHTENS AND EXCITES ME. (which reminds me that I jumped on board with this and therefore should probably be writing, but we’re just gonna ignore that for a moment. XD) Ah yes. The rolling pin of life is truly rude. Perhaps if we run it back and forth enough over some dough we can make cookies!!!!



  3. I noticed you were gone! (I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but this is my first comment). I’m happy you’re back!
    I’m a pantser, too, and I’m not sure I would actually recognize a plot point if I one whacked me in the face?
    And I totally talk to trees (actually, mostly plants). Also computers. And printers. And occasionally books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness!!!!!! *tackle hugs* WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, SAMANTHA!!!! We’re a little insane, here, but hey. That’s what makes us so awesome, amiright? XD Thank you SO much for reading my smol little blog!!! And it means so much to me that you’re commenting now!!! (I love comments, in case you couldn’t tell. And I’m trying to get better at responding to them within a reasonable amount of time! So yay! XD)

      Ooooh! Another pantser! Technically I’m a “plantser” (which is fancy talk for saying I’m half-pantser, half plotter, [but mostly I’m just confused], but I definitely lean more towards the pantser side of the spectrum! It’s just more FUN that way???]), but I so agree with you about plot points. XD Personally, I recommend reading Save The Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, because until I’d read that book, I hadn’t even known structured plot beats were really a “thing”. HOWEVER. I recommend following along with the plot beats AFTER you’ve written a draft or two–especially if you’re a pantser!–because then you can sort of plug in your natural plot into the beats without ruining the raw creativity that comes with pantsing. (*glances up at giant block of text I just wrote* Oops. Sorry about that. XD)

      OH MY GOODNESS SAME. XD I’ll bump into an inanimate object and apologize to it. I’ll coo at my computer if it’s being stubborn so maybe it’ll start working again. XD I also call everything “buddy”, which is strange… XD


      • THANK YOU!!! I’m very excited to be here!!

        Pantsing is definitely more fun, especially since I like to start without knowing a lot about my characters, so if I tried to plot, it would be a hot mess. I’m going to go find that book immediately! (And please don’t apologize for your huge block of text :D)

        My family has goats, so I always talk to my computer/kindle/printer like an obstinate goat if it’s not doing what I want, because of course that’s totally going to make it work XD. Also, I call inanimate objects “cutie” or “sweetie” all.the.time.

        Liked by 1 person

        • See, that’s where I find myself being a living contradiction. I absolutely LOVE the pantsing part when it comes to PLOT, but when it comes to my characters, I need to know their “voice” before I can actually begin writing them; especially my main point of view character. For my next book after Project Sunset, I plan on doing some pre-writing (something I’ve never actually done before??) to try and get to the root of my characters’ voices before I actually dive into the story. Hopefully it will work okay??? XD

          WHAT!!!!!! You have goats???? Dude, that is so cool!!!! Goats are amazing. XD (and talking to inanimate objects is clearly normal, so I do not judge you one bit. XD)


  4. You wrote a song on your ukulele?? That’s so cool, Kenzie! Do we get to hear it????

    Also, wow. You like…are on track with your goals. How??? I’m NEVER on track with my goals…even when I make goals…which I don’t, because it’s too utterly depressing to fail at them all the time….
    I’m so glad you’ve been having a great and productive time during quarantine! I have too, actually, surprisingly, even though I…don’t have a job anymore. Which is unfortunate. But not a big deal for me at this time in life, fortunately! And it’s so lovely to be able to just WRITE. For HOURS ON END.
    I HAVE missed you, and I’m so glad you’re back, because your blog posts brighten my day. I fail at commenting half the time, but just know your blog is an actual RAY OF SUNSHINE and I smile (a lot) every time I read one of your posts. Also, the Moriarty gif is a classic at this point and can never not be a thing. XD
    Good luck on continuing Project Sunset (and the small super secret project), and WELCOME BACK!!!! :D :D


    • I did!!! And you MIGHT!!! That’s something I’ve been kind of turning over in my head–whether or not to share it–so I just might have to do a recording and share it with you all! (although my ukulele string just broke, so I’m gonna have to try and fix that…)

      I AM ON TRACK WITH MY GOALS BECAUSE I KEEP CHANGING THEM . XD That is my advice. XD Although NOT making goals is another way to stay on track with your goals??? SO TECHNICALLY YOU’RE ON TRACK, AS WELL!!! GO YOU! *gives you cookies in celebration*

      Dude. Same. Quarantine stole my job away, but this just means I have more time to write and blog and do all these other random things I’ve been doing. XD I still don’t have a return date on my job, so THAT’S fun. (yay to working at a donation-based thrift store!!! *weeps softy in the background*)

      MEEP!! I have missed you, too!!!! *soft squish* (I may or may not have read this and gave a very audible, “awwwwww!!!!!” because DUDE. THIS IS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THING. <3333) I am so so bad at commenting on other people's blogs, too. It's BAD. But I've been reading more posts and (albeit slowly) stalking all of your blogs and it's been F U N. XD)

      MEEP! Thank you so so much!!! I'm super excited about the progress I've made in Project Sunset. It doesn't feel real, honestly. XD AND MEEP!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! <3333

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhh I hope you do!!! (Lol. I hope that doesn’t take you forever. It always takes my sister forever to get new strings for her guitar, when they break, for some reason? It used to take me forever for my violin, but then I started keeping spare strings around. XD I have yet to break a ukulele-string though…)

        We’ve both come up with foolproof methods for keeping on track with goals!!! I think that makes us geniuses. *shares cookies*

        *weeps with you* I hope you’ll get it back, and soon-ish. *pats your shoulder consolingly*

        <3 :D


        • WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! You play violin????? I play violin, too!! (albeit not very well yet but STILL!! I’m learning!!!) How long have you been playing? And changing strings is…honestly my least favorite part about the music-making business. XD But I THINK I might have some spares stashed away somewhere? I just need to find them in my closet, and that thing is so plugged up that I’m pretty sure there could be a portal to Wonderland in there and I wouldn’t even know it. XD

          ABSOLUTELY. *accepts cookie and toasts with it before popping it in my mouth*

          (MEEP!! Actually, I got a call a couple days ago, and I think I’m going to be going back to work this next week!!!! *grabs your arms and begins dancing in circles, pulling you along for the ride*

          Liked by 1 person

          • WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! /YOU/ PLAY VIOLIN??? I didn’t know this! Or else I missed it! Ack! Yes…I’ve been playing since I was nine, so…a long time. I’ve practiced significantly less the past year or two (thanks, college), but I desperately want to get back into it. I LOVE the violin. (And that’s so cool that you’re learning!!!! The violin is amazing!!! Hard, but amazing!!! XD) Changing strings is DIFFICULT. Yeah. I hope you find those strings…and that portal to Wonderland too. Please tell me if you find that; we could go have a picnic! And bring our violins! XD

            (Yay I’m so glad!!! *grabs hat so it doesn’t fly off and goes along for the ride*)


            • I’ve had my violin since I was….12 maybe? Maybe 13? But my practicing has been VERY on and off, so I’m still kinda clunky. But my goal is to get more and more persistent with practice and get good enough to play Roundtable Rival like Lindsey Stirling. XD

              Oh, you will most definitely know if I find the portal to Wonderland! And I’m still looking for the strings. I might have to order some… *groans*

              (*dancing intensifies*)

              Liked by 1 person

              • Hey I feel that. I practiced my violin regularly, because my mom was paying for lessons and I had BETTER have practiced regularly XD but my mom was my piano teacher and I’m still really bad (even though I’ve been playing since I was 6???? Help me????) because I didn’t HAVE to practice regularly so…I didn’t. Oops.
                But oh my gosh!!!! Roundtable Rival is such a cool song!!! I keep telling my sister she needs to get sheet music so we can learn it! I wish you ALL the luck achieving your goal!

                Oh good.
                *pats commiseratingly on the head*


  5. YAY YOU’RE BACK!!! I have missed you!!! Though I kiiinda didn’t notice you were gone because I’ve been rubbish at reading blogs the past two months… but I’m super excited that I didn’t miss tooooo many posts because you were on hiatus!!!

    Oooh, you have gotten a lot done! 70,000 words written in four months is nothing to sneeze at. I tend to be able to read a lot or write a lot but I can’t do both in the same time frame… so I get it. *nods sagely*

    I am constantly making plans and goals for my writing projects and then they get trampled to death by the stampede that is life that always sort of comes hurtling out of left field when I least expect it. But I’ve learned to roll with it and hop up after the stampede is over and… keep limping on. LOL

    Quarantine has been a struggle. And even though our state has opened up fiiinally, it’s still really weird and different and people are… weird and different. And I’d like to go an entire day without hearing, seeing, reading, saying, or THINKING the following words: quarantine, covid-19, coronavirus, social distancing, mask, hand-washing, new normal, illness, virus, germs. (There’re probably a bunch more I could add to the list, but those are the ones that are currently “driving, me, maaaaad” in the words of Westley).

    Can’t wait to hear more about your writing projects and your existential crisis regarding traditional publishing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! Honestly, I’m STILL trying to get back in the habit of reading blog posts. (the issue is I keep venturing out and finding NEW blogs to follow and then I just fail to read any of the posts in my inbox?? WHICH IS LAME????? I need to fix this immediately. [and I’ve been trying to read posts as they come through my feed, so I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. XD])

      YES!! Oh my goodness, same! I think I was talking to someone on Instagram (was it you??? I thought it might have been Emily Hayse, but now I’m not sure…?) just recently about this! I wonder if this is something that’s normal for writers. It’s like I write and write and write until I’ve nearly depleted my creative tank, and then I just devour as many stories as I can before I start writing again.

      “keep limping on” << THIS. XD I'm starting to get better at the rolling with the punches and adjusting my plans to fit my life (not vice versa), but the limping. . . XD I kinda laughed out loud at this. (my family already thinks I'm strange, it's fine. XD)

      OOH! OOH! What about "in these uncertain times"??? That's another good one right there. XD But congratulations on your state opening back up!!! Ours is currently still under shut-down, but we're slowly starting to open up businesses and things. I think I'm going to be able to go back to work this next week, so I'm REALLY excited about that! AND they changed the dress code so we can wear jeans every single day (it used to be Friday only) so I am over the moon excited. XD (also I'm assuming that's a Princess Bride quote? Is it horrible that I've never read the Princess Bride??)

      AWW! Thank you!! And LOL!! Honestly, I totally blame your (amazing) Indie summer school for this. I've never considered self-pub as much as I have in this moment. XD (although the prospect of hybrid publishing is ALSO looking extremely tempting, I must say. XD)


  6. Kenzie, I really loved this post! It was so funny, and VERY relatable…..#quarantine…….. I’m a brand new blogger, and I’ve been trying to read other people’s blogs and get out into the “blogosphere.” ;-) I had a great time reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!!! HELLO!!!!! *flings cookies at your face in welcome* I absolutely LOVE finding new blogs, so I’m definitely going to check yours out! Welcome to the blogosphere! (I also LOVE your name!!!)

      And eep! Thank you so much for checking out my little corner of the blogosphere! I hope you’ll stick around! <33


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