The ‘You Made A Difference’ Tag! — Celebrating The Bloggers Who Brought Me Here

good morning, cyberspace!

Today, my dearest peasants, is a day of pure celebration. For today is the day in which I post Smudged Thoughts’ 200th blog post!

*internal screaming*

I honestly can’t believe we’ve made it this far, guys. Smudged Thoughts started out as just a smol little hobby of mine in 2016, but since then I feel as though it’s grown into so much more. It’s become my safe space, my tiny corner of the internet in which I can scream and rant and fangirl about all of the writerly/bookish things. And over the past 3+ years, I’ve found community here on the blogosphere. It’s been a wonderful, beautiful, magical ride, and I wouldn’t trade away these past three–almost four!–years for anything in the world.

So today, in honor of our 200th blog post and all the wonderful peeps I’ve met here on the blogosphere, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to do a tag!

But not just ANY tag, however. This tag in particular was created by the ever mischievous, forever enchanting Jem Jones, who just so happens to be one of my favorite humans on this whole entire earth. (hint: this means you definitely need to go follow her blog, peasants.) Secondly, it’s a tag about other bloggers–specifically the blogs and bloggers that influenced us in our blogging/creative journeys. And if THAT doesn’t sound like the perfect way to honor my life here on the blogosphere, then I don’t even know what is.

Unfortunately, I cannot, however, don my spare ski mask and eye-patch and become the thieving pirate burglar that I’ve always dreamed of for this tag, because Jem was an absolute dear and ACTUALLY TAGGED ME FOR THIS. So alas. I’m doing this, not under the guise of piracy, but with a gentle pat on the head and a soft, “Hey, Kenzie, you should totally do this tag!”

Very disgruntling, I can assure you.

But I digress. If you are reading this and find I did not tag you, BY ALL MEANS please tag yourself and go for it! This tag actually takes your answers and turns them into the taggees, which I find a very delicious concept.

Let’s begin!

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(also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how GORGEOUS this tag is??? JEM. MY FRIEND. PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN WAYS. [seriously, please, i need this…])

{ O L D  F R I E N D S }

i. who was the first blogger you followed? (or the first few you remember?)

Shock of all shocks, I actually know the answer to this one!

The first blogger I ever followed was Cait from Paper Fury. I distinctly remember stumbling across one of her blog posts one day–I don’t even know how it happened–and immediately falling in love with her sarcasm and wit.

And, not to mention, her affinity for cake. I mean??? Anyone who loves cake is sure to be a wonderful person, am I right?

This all happened about half a year before I started my own blog, so you could also say she was a major influence on me deciding to create my own little corner of the internet. (but alas. we shall get to that later. XD)

ii. who was the first person to comment on your blog?

I had to do some digging for this one. . . (and by digging, I mean I literally just tore like a ferociously rabid cat through the sewer pipe that is my blog backlog in search of my very first post.)

AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT??? My first ever comment came from Cait. XD (thank you, Cait. I knew there was a reason your blog was one of my favorites….)

Actually, looking down through the comments on that post, I’m seeing a lot of faces that either A) aren’t around the blogosphere anymore, or B) are people I’m still friends with? We’ll get to one of the ones who I miss in the next question, but I just realized that I THINK this is the first post where Jethan and I connected on the blogosphere. . . So I’m gonna leave a quick shoutout/tag to her, because HOLY COW, JETHAN!! I think you might be my oldest internet friend??? <333

iii. sometimes bloggers stop blogging or go on indefinite hiatus – who do you miss now they’re gone?

Okay, THANK YOU for ripping my heartstrings in two on this one, Jem. No really. Thank you. *distant sobbing*

One of the things I absolutely HATE about blogging is when my favorite bloggers–or, more specifically, my FRIENDS–move on. I understand why they do it, of course; sometimes blogging just takes up too much time. But still. It’s painful when someone you grew close to up and vanishes into thin air without so much as a reason why.

I think the one that sticks out in my mind the most for this is Anna from what used to be Swords and Quills (a.k.a. another commenter on my very first blog post) Anna was a member of the very first writing group I ever joined/co-created: Assassins of The Night. Over time the members of that group sort of pivoted off into another group which I’m still a part of, so even though the Assassins are no more, I’m still friends with most–if not the rest?–of the original members, which is honestly amazing. They’ve become some of my closest friends and conspirators, but I still wish I knew what happened to Anna. I think about her and her stories sometimes, and I miss her so so much.

(I’d link to her blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s not around anymore. #sadness)

iv. who started blogging around the same time as you?

CONFESSION: I joined the blogging party REAAAAAALLY late in the game. While most of y’all were out here publishing blogs and squealing and becoming forever-friends since you were 14, I started blogging in 2016. I was 17 at the time and had just suffered through some REALLY odd years, so I think, for me, blogging sort of came as an escape.

However, that being said, I really have no clue who started blogging around the same time as I did? I think a couple members of my squad started blogging a few months in or out from when I did, though, so I’m gonna give them some shout outs.


Both of these girls are absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I got to become friends with them! <333

{ C U R R E N T  B L O G G E R S }

v. do you have a blogging friendship which has extended beyond the screen?

YES! A few in fact, and in a couple categories:


  • Jem Jones >> a.k.a. my VERY FIRST PENPAL OF EVER!!! Her first letter to me was a complete surprise (literally), and our entire friendship has just grown stronger ever since. XD (we also started doing nightly-ish writing sprints together during Camp NaNo, and it’s been very, VERY fun.)
  • Kate >> This girl has been one of my bestest blogging friends since my early blogging days, but it’s only recently that we’ve started becoming penpals. (which, again, is mostly my fault, but I digress.) Kate is such a smol, sweet bean, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. . .  She also sent me the most amazing short story in her recent letter, and HOLY GUACAMOLE. The girl’s got talent, folks. (oh oh oh! we also facetimed once! [ahem, yes, Kate, we need to do that again soon???])
  • Ally  (a.k.a. The Nature of Pages) >> she sent me the most LOVELIEST of postcards recently, and I’m so excited to grow our penpalship/friendship. XD (except I’m the world’s worst penpal and therefore have utterly FAILED to send a response yet, but IT WILL HAPPEN. I’M WORKING ON IT.) She’s also a wonderful friend and one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet, so I’m very lucky to have this girl in my life.

M E T  I R L

  • Phoebe >> I MET THIS GIRL IN REAL LIFE AND I HONESTLY HAVE NOT STOPPED SQUEALING SINCE. She is every bit as hilarious and kind and WONDERFUL in person as she is on the screen, and I will never ever EVER forget that amazing November day. (we are also becoming penpals!–she recently sent me the most wonderful present, which contained one of my now-favorite-reads-of-ever, and I now blame her for my deep, eternal love for Illuminae.)

Currently, Phoebe is the only one of my writing squad who I’ve met in real life, but I’d seriously like to have a giant squad meetup someday. And since it’s been something frequently mentioned in our group chat, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants this to happen. XD

vi. which blogger has most influenced your current blogging or writing style?

Ohhhhh. . . See, this feels like a bit of a loaded question, because A) everything I consume has the potential to influence my writing style–really good books, heart-stopping movies, a simple little quote scribbled across watercolored canvas–and B) I like to think of it less as influenced, and more as inspired.

Aha. *sweats nervously*

But alas, there are some clear-cut answers for this, so let us begin!

First and foremost, this entire answer would be a complete and utter lie if I didn’t mention Cait from PaperFury(again.) As I mentioned earlier, hers was the first blog that I found that actually revolved around writing–a concept I did not know existed in the cyberwebs UNTIL finding Cait’s blog–and because of that, I feel she not only influenced my decision to build a blog, but also gave me the hope that I could be funny* and sarcastic and me, and not have to worry about sounding like some snobby pancake trying to write an essay.

And then there’s Christine, who’s blog is JUST !!! SO !!! PRETTY !!! that I would love to think that someday . . . maybe . . . if I try to be good enough, my blog will look half as beautiful and magical as hers does. She’s also a fantastic writer, so obviously if I had the choice, I would wish to write like her in a heartbeat, but alas. We must accept our own style and try and nurture that, and I guess I’ll just have to be me for now. (which is lame, but I digress.)

There are also some blogs that I used to follow in my dark, decrepit past that I feel like I could say influenced me in a negative way–as in, they showed me what I didn’t want my blog to be, and therefore I steered clear away from those particular attributes–but, you know. We’re gonna focus on the positives and ignore those. *smiles awkwardly*

*I mean I try to be funny? Maybe I’m not? Maybe I’m more like a sad little clown at a three-year-old’s birthday party who’s making all the cake-bloated children scream in horror instead of laugh. . .? ah well. we’re all here for a reason.

vii. who was the last person who tagged you?

That would be Jem from Jem Jones, Writer! . . .which I’m only now realizing is maybe not the answer we were looking for. . . Is this like a “who tagged you for this tag?” kinda deal, or more like a “who’s the last person who tagged you for a tag that was NOT this tag?” kinda thing?

. . .I guess we’ll do both.

So Jem Jones tagged me for this tag (obviously, you’ve mentioned it 15 times, Kenzie), and the last person who tagged me for a different tag was . . . um . . . honestly I don’t even remember. I’ve been so out of the loop for such a long time now that I don’t even know what tags I’ve been tagged for recently. (or if I’ve even been tagged for any at all?) So that’s awkward.

If you’ve tagged me for something and I haven’t done it yet, I AM SO SORRY. I really appreciate getting tagged and I do try to keep track of them all! Everything’s just been insane lately.

Which I’m sure you can relate to.

SO. For this one I’m just going to tag another one of my favorite humans, because I feel she really does deserve more credit and fame for her work. (she hasn’t posted in a while, but seriously. just go stalk her blog. her poems are STUNNING.)

And that person is Ruby Sky!!! Oh my goodness, you guys. This girl right here is literally THE sweetest bean in the whole entire world. She’s beautiful and wonderful and perfect, fangirls over your characters harder than you do, and always has the perfect thing to say if you’re hurting and need a hug. She is an actual sunbeam, and I just love her to pieces.

So since I have no clue who’s tagged me last, I’m tagging Ruby. Because she’s amazing.

Blog Divider


Once again, I would like to mention that if you are NOT on this list, this right here is my official tag for you! Or, you know, if you’d rather be a thieving pirate, that’s perfectly fine, as well. Being a pirate is the much preferred option, anyway, so feel free to pick up an eye-patch and hook on your way out the door. They’re on the table to the left.

And to all the people who have decided to join me on this perilous adventure of becoming a writer . . . thank you. You guys are the reason I keep blogging. You guys are the reason we’ve hit 200 posts. You guys are the reason I’m still just as obsessed with the blogosphere as I was when I started, and I cannot possibly thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me throughout the years. *gives you all of the cookies*

talk to me, peasants!

  • are you going to do this tag??? (I highly recommend giving it a go. Jem is an absolute GENIUS and I adore her so so much. [also THANK YOU for tagging me, you beautiful bean??? you’re the best, and I cannot wait to come to Australia to meet you someday. {IT WILL HAPPEN.}])
  • who was the first blogger YOU ever followed?
  • do you remember the day–or why–you decided to start a blog? was there anyone in particular who was instrumental in you doing so? (she doesn’t have a blog, but my mom was a HUGE inspiration to me when I decided I wanted to start one. She believed in me–and even helped me find my name!–which made the creation of my blog a lot more fun than I think it would have been otherwise.)

and most important of all. . .


If so, tag them down in the comments below! Whether they were instrumental in the creation of your blog or supported and motivated you when you wondered whether or not you should keep going, give them a shoutout down below! Let’s spread some positivity and thankfulness throughout the internet today. <333

And lastly, thank you all SO MUCH for sticking around for 200 posts! Here’s hoping for 200 more in the years to come!

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_



17 thoughts on “The ‘You Made A Difference’ Tag! — Celebrating The Bloggers Who Brought Me Here

  1. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH. this post made me have so many feels, Kenz. Like, we were *just talking* about how much we miss the old crew and The Dinisaur Days when we first met……. *weeps vaguely for lost things* and I do really miss having more time to truly invest in this community, BUT it is also SOO COOL and lovely and amazing to see how we’ve progressed??? Like LOOK AT YOU. LOOK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!! My dear sweet first-ever/best-ever internet friend is now SUPER FAMOUS and has like a million followers and a monthly livestream and has grown and made so many new friends and GAHHHH I’M JUST SO PROUD (also lowkey proud of myself cuz I think I introduced you to Christine’s blog so muahahah that’s cool)!!!! I wish I was around more and that some of our old pals have faded into the clutches of Real Life, but I’m also proud of the older and more mature writers and bloggers we are today.

    WOW. Yes. Twins on so many things :))) Cait was not “the” first person I followed, but was definitely ONE OF the first… and I aspired to her level in so many ways. It is so crazy to me that she is published now!!! *lookhowwe’vegrownmoment* Her humor and gif usage and even the people *she* followed/recommended/linked to influenced my blogging community HUGELY so I owe her a bundle of thanks for that :)))

    ALSO JETHAN AND RUBY AND JEM AND PHOEBE… oh, I love our friends so much *squeezes them very softly*

    I was just talking about this with my brother (WHO. JUST… sTaRtEd hIs OwN BlOg?!?!?!?!?!?!) and realizing how deeply blogging has impacted and changed me (mostly for the better, I’m happy to say!!!) and GROWN ME as a person, as a writer… God gave me such a WONDERFUL opportunity to be part of this online community and to make so many connections.

    I can so easily say that I wouldn’t be the same person without starting my lil blog at age 14, struggling till I figured it out, made some of my dearest friends, and learned a ton about writing in the process. Thanks for the much-needed reminder, Kenzie. LOVE YOU. Also I will do this tag… soonishly, I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA. HAHAHA. HA. I do NOT have a million followers and I am most DEFINITELY the smollest internet bean. XD BUT!! I am so so happy that we met here on the internets!! My life would not be what it is today if I’d never known you, and I am so thankful for our crazy friendship. XD (YES!!! You DID introduce me to Christine’s blog!!!! And THANK YOU. She is the sweetest bean and I am so lucky to know her!!!)

      RIGHT?? I feel like we all sort of spawned off Cait. She is the mother blogger. We must lay cake at her feet in admiration and thanks. XD

      WAIT. HOLD EVERYTHING. Your brother just started a blog??? GIMME THE LINK, KATE. GIVE. ME. THE LINK. *grabby hands* Right?? I have made so many friends through all of this. It’s CRAZY. And I now know so many people from all across the globe… It’s the most amazing experience in the world to be a part of this community. <333

      MEEP! Same, friend!! <333 And I LOVE YOU, TOO. I await your version of this tag with impatience and much excitement!!!


  2. Kenzie!! This is such a fun tag! I may have to give it a go when I’ve been a blogger for a little longer. :)
    I think the first blogger I ever ‘followed’ (by which I mean I stalked her blog silently like a complete CREEPER) was Gray Marie, and her blog was the jumping-off point that led me to the World of Book Blogging. I started to blog (recently!) because I love books, and I love writing snarkily/amusingly, but writing snarkily/amusingly is not something I can sustain for an entire book manuscript, so a blog is the perfect way to have my cake and eat it too! Plus, this way I have way more people to make read my favorite books and yell about them with. XD


    • Jem is a clever bean and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER BLOG. XD Ooh!! Definitely send me the link when you do it!! I’d love to read your answers!!

      Oooooh… I’m gonna have to go find this blog now… And YES!!! That is the perfect use for a blog! Personally, I find it an incredible way of honing in on your personal writing voice. My stories’ tones have changed DRASTICALLY since I’ve started blogging, and I think it’s because I’ve begun to develop my own unique “voice”, as they say. It’s also good break from the fiction side of things while still helping to develop your skill as a writer, so it’s something I recommend every writer at least TRIES to do. XD

      I believe I’ve followed your blog!! I can’t wait to check out your posts!!!


      • She is! I love following her blog!! And yes, I will. :) Especially if I end up stealing it from you. :)

        She doesn’t blog there any more, but she now has a WordPress blog,, I believe. Still worth checking out, though!

        Yay, I’m glad to hear that blogging ‘works’ in that way, and it’s not just a crazy theory of mine. XD

        Lovely! I look forward to seeing you around! (And also, sorry, I’m trying to get out of the habit of leaving my url at the bottom of my comments, because my siblings inform me that it’s Rude, Irritating, and Not Done by Polite Bloggers. #oops. XD)


        • I’m trying to figure out where the Jem thing came in. I can’t seem to find where you mentioned her before to instigate my positive rambling, but WHATEVER. I’m glad you’re following her already because she’s great. XD

          I’ll definitely be checking out her blog! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow!

          OH GOODNESS. I completely disappeared and I am SO. SORRY. Life has been utter chaos the past couple weeks. But with any luck I’m trying a new method of blogging/reading posts, so hopefully things will pick up around here? (and hopefully I’ll be reading more blog posts. So. There’s that.) And don’t apologize!! I was actually glad you left it there so that I could find you easily. Sometimes people add it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes comment sections ask for your URL before you post your comment. It all varies, and whichever way you choose to do it is fine! <3


  3. OH MY GOODNESS. HAPPY 200TH POST TO ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE BLOGS AND BLOGGERS ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *THROWS CONFETTI AND GLITTER AND COOKIES EVERYWHERE* I just love your blog so much, girl! You are actual sunshine in human form and bring me so many smiles. Like, I can’t even express how much!

    And, okay, but this is the most sweetest tag EVERRRR. What a precious thing to do for your 200th post!!! I just adore this blogging community. Some of my very closest friends came from blogging. It’s been such a blessing to me! I love the idea of giving a shout-out to all those bloggers who have touched us over the years.

    I, too, was so heavily influenced by Cait! The actual blogging QUEEN. I came to her blog a little later in my blogging life, but she ALSO made me realize that you can have one spectacular blog WITHOUT having to be “professional” as it were. Just being YOURSELF is the key to making your blog a welcoming, fun place. Blogging became way more fun once I realized that! And YOU excel at that 10000x over!!! Point in fact: Your “sad clown” analogy. That had me ROLLING! XDDD You are always so genuine and downright HILARIOUS. I don’t think I’ve ever come away from your posts NOT smiling. They’re such a bright spot in the blogosphere! <3

    And ALKJSDLKFJL:KJSD:LJ:LSKDF. Your mention of me. And my blog. And my writing. And just… *dies from pure happiness* *revives* *reads over your words again* *dies once more* KENZIE. HOW CAN I EVEN RESPOND TO THAT???? I…I have no words. I am dead. From happiness. AWK. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! And excuse me, but my writing is so often SUCH a mess and YOUR writing is so witty and delightful and just YES. The world needs Kenzie writing!

    THIS WHOLE POST WAS JUST SO PRECIOUS! Happy 200th! I can't wait for the next 100 delightful Kenzie posts! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • !!!!!! Oh my word… Dude, you have literally NO clue how much this means to me!!!! You are literally one of MY most favorite blogs and bloggers/people of ever, so like…..I am beaming so much right now, I can’t…. YOU, my friend, are an absolute blessing in my life, and I am so impossibly happy that I’ve found you!!!! (actually, Kate’s the one that introduced me to your blog in the first place, so THANK YOU KATE!!! XD)

      YES!!! As soon as I saw that Jem had created this, I KNEW I had to do it. And then my 200th blog post was coming up, and the pieces just kinda clicked perfectly into place. XD And same!!! Most–if not all??–of my current friends came from blogging, and I am just so happy to be a part of this amazing community of writers…. <333

      Oh my goodness!!!!!! MEEP!!! I honestly don't even know what to say to this. This is EVERYTHING that I've ever hoped to be as a blogger…. *frantic flailing* And MEEP! I'm so glad someone likes the sad little clown. I honestly considered just deleting that section. XD I was like, "is this TOO weird, or…? *accidentally hits publish*"

      EXCUSE YOU, I AM THE ONE DYING FROM HAPPINESS OVER HERE. XD Seriously, this comment literally made my whole entire MONTH; And I wholeheartedly stand by what I said: your writing is absolute perfection and magical and I NEED your books in my life. 100%. BUT EEP!!! You think my writing is witty??? DUDE THAT MEANS SO SO MUCH TO ME. I honestly cannot even…. I JUST *tackle hugs*

      MEEP!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRISTINE!!!! Here's hoping this blog lasts for another 100 posts!!! (I'm pretty confident it will, but we shall see!!! *ominous music in the background*)

      (and seriously. thank you for this beautiful comment. I'm still squealing…)


  4. I’M SORRY FOR RUINING YOUR DREAMS OF BEING A PIRATE, KENZIE. Happy 200th post, though! (*whispers* you old now…) And you are definitely funny, don’t ever worry about that…

    Regarding question seven: I…. maybe…. did not think that through…… (It was not supposed to be a loop?? what have I done)

    When you come to Australia we will go to the beach, because it’s WRONG that you’ve never been (also Queensland beaches are the Best, anyway).

    And THANK YOU for all your sweet words, I am blushing. <3 <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • MY PIRATE DREAMS ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU, JEM. HOW DARE YOU. XD *gasp* HOW DARE YOU CALL ME OLD!! *waggles cane at you threateningly* I’ll show you old, you little whippersnapper! (but meep! thank you! I’m so shocked that this blog has lasted 200 posts. XD)

      You have created a paradox. It’s a problem.

      YES. Please take me to the beach. I need to see the ocean at least once in my old, decrepit age. XD (although, to be fair, if I come to Australia, I’ll PROBABLY have already seen the ocean? but it’s FINE. We’ll just ignore that geographical error.)

      STOP BLUSHING. *hits you over the head with a frying pan*



    Oh my gosh I feel like I knew Anna from Sword and Quills??? (like from another writing site waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day in like middle school. The name is just really ringing a bell. I could be wrong, but there was an Anna somewhere along the way) And you ARE funny, because only the Great Cookie Flinger Kenzie would say “cake-bloated children” *falls off chair laughing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Bernadette!! I feel so old now. XD

      Oh my goodness, wait, really??? That would be SO cool if you knew her too!! She was the sweetest thing… OH MY GOODNESS…!!!!! *dies of happiness* YOU ARE FAR TOO SWEET, MY FRIEND!!!!! <333

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This was such a fun tag! Oh goodness, I don’t think I could answer half of these questions… like… who was the first blog I followed? No idea. Blogs I miss? I mean… a lot of the blogs I used to read have been gone for such a long time I barely even remember them… yikes. What a fun tag, though!

    OKAY! I am officially tagging you for the THREE BOOKISH THINGS tag, because that’s sad that you can’t remember if you’ve ever been tagged, you crazy pirate, you! :) (I tend not to tag people because I do tags like 12 years after they were popular and then I’m convinced that everyone has already done them or been tagged already and I don’t want to be a repeat-tagger… but that’s probably silly, because I know I always enjoy being tagged and so I ought to be better about tagging other people for these things).

    Fun to read about your blogging journey and get a little bit of an inside scoop.

    Also, hilarious story that I think you’ll get a kick out of, I was talking to my mom about you a couple months ago back when we were trying to figure out if we knew any of the same people IRL and she was asking how old you were and I was telling her that I thought you had posted about being engaged a while back but that I hadn’t heard anything about that for a while… so I went hunting, and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I somehow totally missed the “it was all a joke” post a week later!!!!!! I absolutely died laughing. You TOTALLY had me going on that… and apparently not just for a week, like TWO YEARS!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Liked by 3 people

    • LOL! I’m actually quite surprised I remembered as many of the old bloggers that have vanished as I did. (although it helps that I really only listed one, so…. XD)

      MEEP!!!! I SHALL DEFINITELY DO THIS TAG!!!! *spins around in excited circles like a Pomeranian * THANK YOU!!!! *flies off to your blog to find the tag/questions* (but I mean…this is kinda ruining my whole pirate vibe I’ve got going here, so…. *tries to settle down a little bit* *doesn’t work*) (okay, but SAME when it comes to tagging!!! And like…if the blogger I really want to tag is published or has a massive following or something, I always get super nervous tagging them??? But I, too, love being tagged, so I guess that’s something I’m going to have to start fixing, as well. XD)

      OH. MY. GOODNESS. Not even lying, I laughed at this for probably a solid three minutes while simultaneously holding my hands to my face and saying (very audibly) “oh NO….!” on an endless loop. XD. And I also shoved my laptop into my mom’s face so that she could read this, as well. XD I am DEAD. And also I AM SO SORRY??? I think that post was one of the first of mine that you commented on, and I remember VERY VIVIDLY feeling absolutely horrible that the first thing you’d read from me was a giant hoax. XD AND I TOTALLY BLAME KATE ON THIS, OKAY. IT WAS HER DARE AND THEREFORE SHE SHOULD TAKE ALL BLAME FOR THE CONFUSION IT CAUSED. XD

      But yeah, I’m actually a very smol, very SINGLE bean and am not–unfortunately–engaged to a man who greatly resembles Steve from Blues Clues. XD (oh my goodness, I’m still laughing at this. THIS IS AMAZING. I’m gonna have to tell Kate about this. She’ll be incredibly pleased. XD)


    I also adore this tag.
    Also! I can kinda see Cait’s influence on your writing style, but…more like how I can see, say, Chesterton’s influence on N. D. Wilson’s writing style, or Norse mythology’s influence on Tolkien’s writing style. It’s still very much its own thing. I love your unique brand of humor, and it is nothing like a Cait-ripoff. It is very KENZIE. And I love it. (Cait is hilarious, though. I love her blog.)
    I think the first blog I followed was Kate’s actually! And yours was probably the second! And I have a deep and undying affection for them both.
    And yes…is Christine’s blog not BEAUTIFUL? I may have mentioned this already, but I adore this tag and the opportunity it provides to fangirl over people’s blogs that we love. Because people have some seriously amazing blogs.


  8. OH MY GOSH!! I somehow missed this!! You are too sweet I can’t, I’m crying, oh gosh. Love you Kenzie my fave <3

    I loved reading this ^-^ Your words always bring joy to my life, I can't – I'm so honored that you love my little poems and writings.

    You and the gang have made such an impact on me, love you all dearly <3 Can't wait to send you letters when I move to the states!

    Liked by 1 person

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