A Wild Silmaril Award Approaches!

good morning, cyberspace!

Recently I was contacted by the ever lovely, potentially magical Jenelle Schmidt in regards to The Silmaril Awards–a yearly blog event which is, essentially, a giant Oscars for Fantasy Characters. (why, yes, you did read that right. it is an OSCARS for FANTASY CHARACTERS. *initiate intense flailing*)

The Question: Would I help host one of the nomination categories for the Silm Awards this year?


…or something to that affect, anyway.

As far as the Silmaril Awards go, I’ve always seen it floating vaguely across the expanse of the blogosphere each year, but I’ve never really participated. That is, I haven’t participated until this year. Because now, not only am I participating, but I’m also one of the co-hosts, and–this is the best part, folks–I’m in charge of hosting the villains category!!!!

I won’t go into too much detail on all this amazingness today, but I do want to share a few important pieces of information regarding the awards and how to participate!

First of all, nominations for the awards officially open up on AUGUST 31, so if you’re like me and have a tendency to forget important dates such as this until, like, three weeks later, MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS ONE DOWN. Put it in your planner. Mark it on your calendar. Make a reminder on your phone. I’ve done literally all three of these, and so help me if I forget it, I will physically eat my left foot.

You can find all of the hosting blogs in the graphic below, which was designed by Jenelle and is actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. (in case you guys can’t tell, I absolutely adore this girl. she’s the best and her books and posts literally never cease to make me smile and warm my heart, so if you haven’t started following her yet … do it. do it now.)

So on August 31st, make sure to swing by each of these blogs and nominate your favorite fantasy characters for every award! (I think that’s how this works, anyway. can you tell I’m a newb? *pats NEWB badge nicely*)

Second piece of exciting information: there’s actually going to be a BOOKSTAGRAM CHALLENGE (#SilmarilAwards2020) this year! I’m doubly excited for this one, because I’ve … actually never participated in an instagram challenge before? At least, I’ve never completed an instagram challenge. probably because I am actually just a very smol bean sprout growing in a garden and there’s extremely poor internet way out here, so.

But this time I’m going to be both participating AND completing, and I think we can all agree that this is a very big promise for the Queen of Procrastination and Anxiety, but I digress. IT SHALL HAPPEN. *shakes fist at sky*

For dates and prompts, check out the graphic below (also created by Jenelle, who I now believe is not only a smol magical fairy, but a graphic-making genius, as well):

The challenge runs from the 24th of August to the 4th of September, with breaks on the weekends. (which is good, because I’m gonna NEED those. XD) I’m already beginning to collect my notes and try to figure out which characters I want to screm about over on my instagram page (@thesmudgedthoughts), so if you’re not already following me over there, make sure to check my page out! It’s still very smol and cute, but eventually I want to start sharing more about my WIPs and my writing progress over there!

And I think that’s all I’ve got for now? I’ll try to keep you all posted on any new developments as they come, but for now you can find more information about the awards over on the official website!

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

EEP!! I am SO. INCREDIBLY. EXCITED. for this, you guys!!! Words literally cannot describe it. And I sincerely hope y’all will come and help vote in the most Nefarious Villain. It’s going to be AMAZING and I’m so ready for it!

Also a huge thank you to Jenelle for thinking of me when she needed another host?? Just….thank you. My heart is so full right now, and I’ve spent the last week preparing my guest room for all the villains who are undoubtedly going to become my new best friends. (this is going to be an AMAZING time, guys. seriously. I even baked cookies.)

I unfortunately don’t have any questions for today, but feel free to hit me up with all your recent writing/life-ish escapades! My next post is going to be filled with my OWN adventures, so … stay tuned for that, I guess. *sweats nervously*

Until next time. . .


10 thoughts on “A Wild Silmaril Award Approaches!


    I’m just so excited my Kenzie is joining us this year! IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING AAAAHHHHH!!!!! And what better person to host all the villains than the Cookie Queen herself. Because, after all, “Come to the dark side, we have cookies.” XDD IT’S PERFECT.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to imp-proof my house. Things ’bout to get wild up in here…

    Liked by 2 people

    • *FLAILS IN THE GLITTER* Oh my goodness, I feel so honored to be a part of this group?? Like I had NO clue this was going to happen to me this year. I’m just so blessed by all the crazy writerliness that’s been happening to me this crazy year. I just???? MY HEART. IT IS FULL.

      And ASDFGHJKL I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT THE VILLAINS. I AM SCREAMING!!!! Also also I should probably villain-proof my house, as well?? Not entirely sure how to do that… *sweats nervously* *offers you cookies in condolences*



    Seriously though, you got the VILLAINS?? It’s like Jenelle knows you x’D (What kind of cookies are you baking your new villain friends? I can send you a recipe for Anzac biscuits if you need…)

    YOU WILL DO GREAT (and probably become even more terrifying in such villainous company??)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I sacrificed all of them, Jem. ALLLLLLLlllll of them. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (no, but really, I think it was the CIA agent. he got this for me, I swear.)

      Oooh! I will definitely take Anzac biscuits!! I’m also baking up some Monster cookies, cause…you know. My villains are my smol baby monsters…. XD *PUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUNPUN*

      Oh, yes. I’m definitely planning on picking up some villainy from my new friends. It’s fine. *sharpens pitchfork expectantly*

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  3. Whooooo Congratulations! I feel we’ve reached a major milestone in my internet life. I re-realized that I first got introduced to this community through the Silmaril awards. I followed Madeline and a few other people, and through them I met you and and the gang so WOW. Now you’re hosting them and this is so cool. And what a perfect category for you too, I mean, come on. Miss Moriarty over here (granted, he’s not fantasy). Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Oh my goodness!!! Gail!! I had no clue that the Silm Awards brought us together! I’ve actually never participated in them before (which sounds odd, as I’m now helping HOST it?? SOMETHING SEEMS WRONG, HERE. XD) But I’m so so blessed and honored to be one of the hosts and to have the VILLAINS!!!! It’s like these people know me or something. XD

      MISS MORIARTY. Oh my word. If I ever need a new username for something, it will be THIS. XD

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