TO THE DREAMERS – a letter from me

“If I see you still working here in another five years, you might as well quit writing. Because at that point it’s clearly not for you.”

Ah. Words. Such funny little things, aren’t they? Sometimes I really love words, and sometimes–sometimes–I really, REALLY hate them.

This sentence in particular makes my very skin fibers tingle with self-righteous anger. Firstly, because the mere thought of someone putting a time limit on another’s success makes me furious. And secondly, because this very sentence was aimed directly at me a few months ago.

But in order to tell the story properly, we must first go back a few months to a drizzly February day. This day in particular hadn’t been the best thus far, mostly because I was nursing a horrid head cold which would later dissolve into the flu. But I digress. It’s February. It’s drizzly. And an older gentleman has just waltzed up to my counter.

The man seemed mild, at first. A quiet sort, with one of those “knowledgeable” voices that makes you automatically grin and nod because anything else is going to start a debate. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are l u c k y.) He also had a head full of questions. Something I found out the hard way as he started badgering me with them relentlessly. Under the disguise of harmless checkout chatter (something the employers are constantly trying to strangle out of us), I did not foresee what was happening until we were already knee-deep into the dark, tumultuous waters of dangerous conversation.

He found out I like to write.

This, of course, has never been something I’ve kept hidden. I will forever scream at the universe that I–the great and powerful Kenzie–love to write. Fiction, blogging, some weird little poems that will never see the light of day. . . You’ll know I like to write, all right, but actually getting to see some of my work will be where the main hassle lies.

But this kind soul did not have any interest in seeing my work. Instead, he wanted to impart on me his wisdom.

And hoo boy, did he have some wisdom to share. . .

As fate would have it (I despise you, Fate), he was a writer, too! What were the odds? He then proceeded to tell me about his own writing adventures–about how he’d sent out his own work to a local, trusted librarian, and how I should do that with my writing, as well, because it’s what Stephen King suggested people do with their writing. Getting feedback was important. It was necessary.

He then completely ignored the fact that I was–at the moment–rounding up beta readers for my novel.

He also said I should attend a writing conference.

What was holding me back, aside from the cost? Taking care of a bird? Don’t let the bird stop me. You only get one chance at life, you know.

Oh, I hoped to go someday? When is someday? Someday is going to slip me by, because I’ll keep saying “I’ll do it someday” my entire life until I die.

50 cent laughing GIF

All throughout this exchange, I was trying my best to view his additions to the conversation in a positive light. Perhaps this is God sending me someone to get me thinking about my books and career after such a long hiatus in December, I thought, whipping out one of our store bags to start bagging up his merchandise. Perhaps this is the push I need to forget about this blasted cold and start writing again. . .

And oh, it was a push, all right. Just not the kind of push I had anticipated. Not the kind of push anyone would anticipate, because instead of a gentle nudge in the right direction, I was most ungraciously flung head-first off the cliffs of aspirations to land face-down in the murky swamp of spite.

For as this man was leaving, after wishing me luck in my writing ventures, he imparted unto me one little phrase that I will never, in all my life, forget: “If I see you still working here in another five years, you might as well quit the writing. Because at that point it’s clearly not for you.”

. . .

. . .

*awkward cough* Okay, then. Well. Here’s the moment in which this post could branch off into one of two directions.

Direction A) I snarkily roast this poor unfortunate soul for all he’s worth in a blog post he will never see, or–

Direction B) I use my spite and frustration at having experienced this to build up other writers and encourage them to follow their dreams no matter what.

SO, since I am nothing if not a conundrum-centric pickle, I believe I will choose Direction Cwhich is to combine the best of both worlds. Meaning I shall encourage other writers to follow their dreams no matter what, while also layering in a bit of snark.

I’m sorry, random writer man, but you kinda sorta deserve just a little bit of spite from me.

So without further ado, here is a list of all the things I would like you–whether you’re a seasoned writer or a smol sapling freshly risen from the earth’s core with dreams and aspirations the size of a unicorn–to know. About writing. About yourself. About what it takes to follow your dreams to the ends of the earth. These are the things that I feel everyone needs to hear, even if we already know them in our hearts. It’s kind of like affirmations. Except, instead of talking to myself in the mirror (which I already do on an eerily regular basis), I’m writing it down. Which makes it a lot less creepy and a lot more helpful for the people out there like me.

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TO THE DREAMERS - a letter from me

To The Dreamers. . .

“no one can put a time limit on your success”

And how DARE they if they even try. You were given a gift for creativity–and even if you don’t feel your gift is as advanced as another’s, you were still given the passion and drive to continue learning and growing, and that’s even more precious than raw talent. You were created and designed to make art. Beautiful, glorious, sometimes messy art. And if anyone has the audacity to put a time limit on how long you have until your art actually means something? . . .well, the joke’s on them, because your art already DOES mean something. To you. To your family. To the people who truly love you.

Goals and aspirations are amazing, but don’t look so far ahead that you forget to relish in the moments you have now–the late nights hunched over your keys, the early mornings with steaming mugs of hot cocoa by your side as you wrestle through plot holes, the sheer joy of getting to write down the words spoken by characters taking over your mind. If your only goal as a writer is to publish, then you’ll never find true joy in each of the many writing stages. And there is so much joy to be found in all of them, my friend. Don’t let the chance to truly fall in love with your craft slip you by in the name of chasing stardom.

“write what makes you happy”

Do what makes you happy. Be the kind of creative that drives you to produce the kind of art YOU love.

Everywhere you turn, there’s another blossoming method for “10 Ways To Be Your Most Productive Self”, or “How To Use (fill in the blank) To Plan Your Entire Month!”, or what have you. Everyone everywhere is looking for hacks and tips to do the most they possibly can in their time on this earth. And while I can’t necessarily blame them, I’ve noticed that this mindset is a little bit toxic, especially to a creative like me who thrives in the chaos.

Planning out my entire novel before I write it HORRIFIES me. It cripples my creativity, and I’m lucky if I barely scratch the surface of 30,000 words before calling it quits. But there are people out there who swear by plotting out your entire novel and discovering your characters’ backstories before writing a single word.

Planning out my entire week hour-by-hour also horrifies me. I need flexibility. I need randomness. And while I love setting goals for myself and making checklists of all my To-Do’s for the day, going any further than that causes a mental block. But, again, there are people out there who think this is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. But–and here’s the interesting thing–for them, it is.

That’s the beautiful thing about art, isn’t it? The fact that all of us are so different, yet are absolutely in love with the same thing: writing beautiful books. Some of us love plotting out every inch of our stories and our lives, some of us thrive better with a general direction and an overabundance of curiosity. However you write, however you live, make sure the life you’re leading is the kind of life that helps you create the kind of art which sets your soul on fire.

You were not created to be some kind of rehashed version of your favorite artists. You were created to be perfectly, beautifully, uniquely your own kind of wonderful. So don’t let someone else’s process define who you can be or what you can write. Be yourself, be true to who you are, and–because I am nothing if not an oxymoron–don’t be afraid to try new things while finding your style.

“ignore the naysayers”

Now, there’s a very distinct line between “naysayers” and “critiquers”. The latter are people who are going to give you feedback on your work in order to improve your craft. Some–if not most–of the feedback they give isn’t going to be what you want to hear (no one wants to hear that they’re main character is a whiny baby who needs some massive revision, but alas. if it’s true, it needs to be stated. *glares at Peter from everlost*), but the beautiful thing about this feedback is that, even if it hurts to hear it at first, it’s all given out of love. It’s given to you by people who care about you and your craft, and  who understand that this precious book child you have entrusted them with means the universe to you. Trust me: them giving you honest feedback is almost as scary for them as it is for you to receive it. So whatever you do, L I S T E N to them. Take as much time as you need to process–they’ll understand–but in the end, objectively look at the feedback you’re given and listen. (this is something I’m still trying to get better at. it’s . . . a process, folks.)

BUT! We are not here to talk about the critiquers, because those people you definitely, 100% SHOULD listen to. Instead, we’re here to talk about the naysayers. The people who exist solely to drag you down and tell you that your dreams aren’t worth pursuing. That you’re not going to make it. That you’re not good enough.

I’d like to give these people the benefit of the doubt and think that the only reason they’re this pessimistic about someone else’s dream is because they, themselves, had a similar dream once upon a time. But they–like you–had someone tell them they couldn’t, or that they weren’t good enough, and instead of rising like a phoenix from the ashes, they actually listened.

Or maybe they tried, and they failed, and they didn’t have the strength to get back up and try again. So now, in their own weird little way, they’re trying to save you from the same heartache that they experienced.

I like to give the benefit of the doubt. I try to give the benefit of the doubt. But at the end of the day, the only thing you can really do is ignore them. Sure, they’re going to try and persuade you with their words and their bullet points, but the truth is it doesn’t matter what they think of you or your dream. What matters is that you continue pushing forward no matter how hard they shove back. What matters is that you write the stories of your heart. Because if what you write matters to you, inevitably it’s going to matter to someone else, and all those naysayers are eventually going to have to eat their words.

“write like the wind, bullseye, and don’t you dare look back”

At the end of the day, everything I’ve said boils down to one thing: write. Write all of the things. Write like the wind, and never look back.

Write, revise, rinse, repeat. Because no matter what anyone says, you were given this gift of storytelling for a reason. You were designed to write. It’s in your blood. And despite what anyone else thinks of you or your abilities, the only way to prove them wrong is to do the thing that everyone says you can’t do.

So write a book, a blog, those short stories burning inside of you. Write the things you love, and then write some more of them. And if you don’t get published today or in thirty years, you are still as valid of a writer as anybody else. And no one–especially not some random stranger wading through your checkout line–can tell you otherwise.

talk to me, peasants!

  • have you ever had someone tell you that you weren’t cut out for writing? (and if so, how did you respond? I highly recommend not responding like I did, which was to laugh awkwardly and internally daydream about stabbing him in the pinky toe.)
  • what is something you wish every writer knew? a piece of encouragement, a bit of knowledge you’ve picked up on your own writerly joureny, a quote that inspires you, etc. . .

and most importantly. . .

. . . is there anything I can do to help/encourage you?

Even if it’s as simple as praying for you and your writing or just overall life-ish-ness, let me know what I can do for you down in the comments below! My inbox is a l w a y s open, so feel free to hit me up anytime you wish!

As always, let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below, and until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_

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30 thoughts on “TO THE DREAMERS – a letter from me

    • Oh, he was a regular! But after that first encounter he wasn’t half as bad. 😂

      And awww! Thank you!!! I was definitely upset about it in the heat of the moment, but now I hope my experience might be able to help other writers facing similar things. 💛

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  1. Thank you for writing this! I tend to put limits on myself and where I should be in certain amounts of time and on top of that, I have one person (who lives with me) that constantly wavers between cheering my writing on and telling me I should give up already and that what I’m doing won’t matter and never will. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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    • Oh my goodness!! I am sincerely sorry for that! Having someone flop between encouragement and disapproval is horrible on its own, but having them live with you as well would make it that much harder… :(( I hope you NEVER back down from your dreams–no matter what anyone else says. And if you ever need someone to talk to about writing or to give you a pep talk or anything, PLEASE feel free to contact me!! I’m up for any and all writerly conversations!!!


  2. Oh my goodness. This post! THIS POOOOOOST!!! There is so much here and it is so relatable and just ALKJSL:DJLJDF. This is one of my favorite blog posts of ALL. TIME.

    I think my blood pressure spiked not only reading that sentence that man said, but learning HE SAID IT TO MY DEAR KENZIE. I just… HOW. WHAT. WHYYY??? Does this man have ANY inkling of an idea how slow the publishing industry is??? Five years is NOTHING. No time AT ALL when it comes to writing a book and becoming published. Publishing is soooo slooooow. AND just because you still have a job doesn’t really have anything to do with your writing? Like…writers aren’t exactly millionaires. You can be a successfully published writer and still need a side job or even just WANT a side job, you know? Or maybe you just like writing JUST BECAUSE IT’S FUN. HELLO??? I cannot BELIEVE he said something like that. And at the same time, I can very much believe, because I know EXACTLY the type of man this was. Exactly. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten much in the way of backlash with my writing, but I HAVE had sooo many conversations like that about how I didn’t go to college. Excuse me people, but in the 30 seconds of talking to me, do you know my relationship with God? My health problems? How hard I really do work on my hopeful career? Anything about my life and the many hard, prayerful decisions I’ve made??? Just… *fumes* I definitely, DEFINITELY have gotten plenty of “well-meaning advice” from total strangers that makes me want to burn the world down.

    But I digress.

    I am SO proud of you for just letting it roll off your shoulders. I have heard plenty of tragic stories of people completely giving up on their dreams because of something someone said to them, and that breaks my heart more than anything on this earth, and proves just how powerful our words really are. I just don’t understand these people who toss such impacting things like what that man said to you around. They have no idea the complete destruction they’re leaving in their wake. BUT. It’s not up to them or ANYONE what we do with our lives. It’s between us and God, and that’s where I always take comfort. It shouldn’t matter that some crotchety old man I met for all of two minutes thinks I’m wasting my life, because GOD doesn’t. God set out a path for me, and all that matters is that I’m following it.

    Which brings us to all your AMAZING BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL SO SPOT-ON points about the creative life, and I just want to hug your letter to us and keep it forever! Everything you said rang with me so hard and were words I needed. Words I need everyday.

    One of my favorite things about writing is how DIFFERENT each author approaches it. I think it’s so beautiful and fascinating how so many books can be produced in an infinite amount of ways. And that’s how life is too! People seem to have this mindset that our lives should go one specific way but um??? Do they really think God only set out ONE path for the billions upon billions of people He made? NO. He has a unique, beautiful, creative path for each of us! And it’s not up to these judgmental eyebrow raisers to tell us how we should live and how we’ll be successful.

    And, as you so beautiful pointed out, it’s not about success. It’s not about being published. It’s about doing it because we love it! About being creative because God made us that way. It’s about embracing who WE are and doing things within the time frame that best fits OUR lives and just loving it!

    If it’s not obvious by this GARGANTUAN comment, this is a topic very near and dear to my heart and I love this post so so so so so so so sooooooo much!!!!!

    I am so sorry that man said that to you, but SO proud you used it to just fuel your passion for writing more AND spread the creative flames to encourage us as well! You are a beautiful soul, Kenzie! Don’t ever let the naysayers tamp down that fire in you. <3

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    • Oh my word…!!! I know I’ve said this probably a million times, but GIRL. Your comments literally make my whole entire month every single time. <33

      Oh my goodness!!!! Yes!!! Exactly this!!!! And I think it's easy for people who DON'T write to judge, because the only glimpse of the publishing industry that they see are the breakout novels that get turned into movies and have millions and millions of followers and are #1 on the New York Times best seller list. But those are actually the exception that proves the rule, which is that most authors–especially debuts–are sliding into the midlist with HUNDREDS OF OTHER HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AND TALENTED WRITERS. And dude!!! I didn't know that you didn't attend college either??? I've felt SO called out whenever I have to mention that to people, because it feels like no matter how many ways I try to say it, they just kind of nod along and secretly think I made a bad decision. But like?? I kinda know what I'm doing? This is MY life, and I'm going to live it the way I feel God is calling me to live it.

      YES. OH MY GOODNESS YES. Just YES to this whole paragraph!!!!!!! God definitely has a plan for our lives, and it's not anyone else's place to question it!!! And as far as abandoning my dream of being a writer … I honestly don't think that's possible for me to do at this point. And I'm very strange in the fact that when someone says I WON'T succeed in doing something, everything within me burns with the furious desire to prove that person wrong. So–strangely enough–the best way to motivate me TO do something is to tell me that I'm not going to succeed. XD (I'm a very backwards thinker, apparently? That, or I'm just very grudge-oriented and strive to prove the universe wrong. XD)

      …oh my goodness. I just read the rest of this comment and I just…!! Christine, your words honestly fill me heart with so much happy. Every time you speak, I find myself just feeling so understood and loved and it is quite simply the most wonderful feeling in the world. And ALL OF THE YES to literally everything you've said!! The beauty of writing–and the beauty of writers–is the fact that none of our paths and none of our stories are the same. It's just like how stories can be similar but so, SO different. And the way God orchestrates all of us and gets our stories out there when they're supposed to be shared is just SO beautiful. And even if it takes fifty years, I don't want my books to hit the shelves until it aligns with His plan.

      Honestly, I'm just gonna go and squeal in a corner for the next five years. XD Seriously, your comments make my WEEK whenever I read them. They are my absolute favorite, and you, my dear, are an angel (real talk, though: my mom occasionally reads my blog, and every time she sees your comments, she makes a point to mention how much of an angel you are, and I have to agree with her. You are the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful person in the whole entire world, and I adore you. <3 )

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  3. *hugs* I am SO SORRY that man said that to you. I think my blood was boiling when I read that conversation, because he has no way of knowing everything about your writing life! I mean, come on, every writer is different – and just because you might be working as a cashier in five years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a writer. *so ticked off* (also I had no idea you were a cashier? *high-fives in retail worker XD*)

    But this was the MOST EPIC RESPONSE to those words that you could have come up with! I absolutely LOVED this post – I really needed it today. Your point about not putting a time limit on your success, in particular, was fantastic. So don’t mind me if I reread this a few times in the next week. XD

    Anyways, amazing post, Kenzie! And I know when I read your writing, whenever that will be, it’s going to be amazing. YOU are amazing. <3 <3 <3

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    • My blood was boiling when I got home, too. XD Thankfully I cooled off and decided to shrug it away, but like??? In the moment I was STEAMED. XD Also YESSSS! *high-fives in retail* It’s…definitely something, I’ll give it that. XD I now have a new job, but it’s still working with the public (food, this time!), but it is SO much fun. I adore it. XD

      Oh my word!! Definitely read it as many times as you need! XD I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting this one as well whenever I’m in a bit of a low point. XD

      Oh my goodness, Nicole!! Thank you SO much!!! That actually means the whole entire world to me…. <333

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  4. Where do some people get the audacity? That’s a serious question. I would rather die before I bothered a cashier??

    And yeah, he’s so wrong it’s laughable. Having a minimum wage job doesn’t mean you lack ‘drive’ or whatever. And publishing is an incredibly hard business that often chooses books that will sell rather than what’s ‘good.’ And having only writing as a job? In THIS economy??

    I feel kind of bad for him, because he’s not going to get very far in writing with that mindset. Your brain isn’t a machine you can program with the right things in order to get a desired result. A dozen things can come up while you’re in the middle of writing a story. Some people have a naturally slower process and that’s FINE. Not to mention that publishing a book depends on a whole score of other people, as well as what state the market happens to be in at that moment.

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    • I honestly have no clue. But I’m actually kind of weirdly glad that he DID say it, simply because it led me to a better appreciation for where I’m currently at level-wise with my writing. But at the time I was SO upset. 😅 It was … not good. 😂

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    I have definitely met people like this guy. XD The part about "because that's what Stephen King says to do" oh my goodness. XD That's so accurate. I know exactly what kind of person this is.
    I'm sorry he said that to you. I assume he was trying to be encouraging in his misguided, bizarrely self-confident way – get out there and do the thing, don't hold back, don't settle, etc. – but…golly. Nooot the right way to go about that, buddy. (And without even knowing ANYTHING about your circumstances? smh)

    I love that you turned that rather unpleasant experience into this post, because you have no idea how much it encouraged me. <3 Seriously, thank you for this. All of it.

    "Write what makes you happy" is, in fact, the best writing advice I've ever been given. Or…uh…figured out for myself? I'm not sure which. Whenever you're madly busy, have no time, don't have much of a life, and can barely squeeze in any writing, you're not going to squeeze in ANY if you’re not absolutely in love with what you’re writing. But if you are in love with what you’re writing, you will squeeze it into those cracks of available time, and those stolen minutes of creativity will enervate and brighten your whole life. Even when you’re doing really annoying things that you don’t want to do that you feel like will never end, even when you get hardly anything actually done because you just don’t have the time, you will have, in the back of your mind, a certain sensation of peace. Because you’re creating. That’s what you’re supposed to do; God put that burning fire in you (at least, I firmly believe He put it in me, and I have my suspicions He put it in you too; your words are so beautiful and full of passion) and you are tending it and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Commercial success is a secondary consideration.

    I don’t know. Words are failing me, but this post is EVERYTHING. and actually, I think I’ll just steal Christine’s whole comment and pass it off as mine, because everything she said…I concur. (This is how I often feel about Christine’s comments. XD)

    Also, high five to a fellow writer who thrives on the chaos!! My stories have no organization! And it’s fabulous! XD

    Thank you for this post, Kenzie, and I continue to wish you ALL THE BEST, in whatever direction life and writing take you. <3 (But sheesh, send your story to a trusted librarian already. It's what Stephen King said to do.)

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    • OH. MY. GOODNESS. SARAH!!! I love this comment so so much!!!! How dare you say words are failing you. You conveyed your thoughts BEAUTIFULLY and I 100% agree with EVERYTHING that you said!!!

      Honestly, I’m just reading through all the comments on this post and melting on the inside because you’re all so sweet and kind and understanding and I just CAN’T with you all… Seriously.

      From what I have read of your writing, God has DEFINITELY put a burning fire inside of you, and your talent with words is incredible. I cannot wait to see where your writing journey takes you. I know it’s going to be incredible….

      And okay, but like….the Stephen King comment is actually so funny because it’s TRUE!!! XD Some people really think he’s the be-all end-all when it comes to writing and I just…??? No…???? That’s not how it works??? XD I personally haven’t read a Stephen King novel yet, and I still think I’m a halfway decent writer??? XD But I digress. To each their own. XD

      Okay, but YES?? Christine’s comments are absolute sunshine, and Christine is absolute sunshine, and I just adore her to bits. XD But OH MY WORD, A FELLOW CHAOTIC CREATIVE!!! We are the future of chaos, my friend. Let us continue to be chaotic until the very end!!! XD

      Oh my word, thank YOU for reading it and leaving such a sweet comment!! Honestly, you guys are making my whole day here…. <3333

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  6. Kenzie, I’m so sorry someone said that to you! In addition to giving gratuitous advice and being condescending…it must have been unbearable! And it’s so true–length of time does not invalidate creative process! Keep writing, everyone!

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    • Aside from the fact that I was steaming when I got home, I’m kind of glad he said those things, simply because it brought me to this post and helped me reorient some of the thoughts I’d been spinning in my own mind… But I was definitely upset in the moment. It was … definitely an experience to remember. XD


  7. I LOVE THIS!!! It was so perfect. And your reactions were all perfect and everything. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You’re just where you need to be – and so is everyone else. *glares at Conceited Writer Dude*

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  8. This is gonna sound weird, so let me start by saying that 1) I can’t believe this guy said that to you, and 2) NOT. OKAY.

    However… in a “wants to jump in front of my Kenzie-girl and defend her with a pitchfork, even though she’s perfectly capable of wielding said pitch-fork on her own” I’m… kinda… weirdly… glad he did say this to you? BECAUSE what you wrote here was absolutely gorgeous and such a beautiful encouragement to your fellow creatives and absolutely what I needed to hear tonight… and… perhaps you wouldn’t have written it if you hadn’t had this experience?

    I am so very glad you were able to take his slap-in-the-face and turn it into something lovely. Into something more along the lines of what this gentleman SHOULD have said, and then you tossed it out here like a magical shower of fairy dust and blew it gently toward other authors who needed it. That is a true gift, and I thank you for it.

    I’ve been struggling a lot this year with my writing, feeling like I’m not fast enough, or consistent enough, or good enough… feeling like I’ve made promises about a schedule I can’t keep… because, like you, I need spontaneity and randomness in my life or I wilt. (And if there’s one thing COVID has stolen from me that I don’t hear many other people bemoaning, it’s the ability to be spontaneous). I need the freedom to take a couple of weeks off and write some random flash fiction, or blog posts, or just journal for the fun of it… but I’ve lost that, somewhere, in the giant gaping black hole that is 2020, sucking away every spark of motivation and creativity and sending it… nowhere helpful, I’m sure.

    And so, for you to come over here and remind me not to put a time-table on success (and to additionally remind me that perhaps I need to redefine “success”) and to write what makes me happy… I NEEDED that.

    Thank you!

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    • Oh my goodness!!!! That is DEFINITELY not a weird thing to say!! I’m very much in the same boat. I’ve had a lot of time since The Incident (XD) to think it over, and honestly?? I’m really glad he said what he did to me. There are so many writers out there who give up on their dreams because of negative outside forces, but this has proven to me that 1) I’m too in love with my dream to EVER give it up, no matter what anyone else says, and 2) I can do what I’ve always dreamed of doing and take negative situations and spin them into something positive to help lift others up. That’s something that I’ve always wanted to do on this blog, actually, and I feel like this rando gave me the perfect opportunity to try it. XD

      Oh my goodness!!! Jenelle!! I 100% can relate to this. Feeling like too slow of a writer, not able to stick with a consistent schedule… It’s SO hard to shake the feeling that we’re not doing enough, but like…your stories are SO. GOOD. I’ve started reading your King’s Warrior series, and GIRL!!! You have TALENT. So much of it!! I’m honestly so impressed, and the fact that you’re an indie published author with such high quality and talent….you are seriously an inspiration to me. You’re the reason I’m constantly swaying between going Indie or Trad, and every time I hear you speak or read your work, I find myself wanting to try my hand at Indie, as well.

      And redefining success is something that I DEFINITELY need to do, as well… And I’m totally down for long, rambly conversations about it if you’re ever needing someone to be a sounding board!! (and also!!!!! I’m still super interested in hosting writing sprints on facebook if the offer is still open!!! I’ve been so chaotically busy lately–learning a new job. it’s been an adventure. XD–but now I’m beginning to settle and am ready to start focusing on my craft again!!!)


  9. I am not a violent person, but reading your story, I really wanted that man to get punched. In the face, ideally, though there are other places that would also be acceptable. HOW DARE HE. Even aside from the slowness of the publishing industry, even aside from the fact that different people write at different paces, it’s not as if you have that much *control* over *when* your novels published unless you self-publish (which, from the sounds of him, he would be against). It’s just like searching for any kind of job; sometimes you send in a hundred applications and get a hundred denials. And saying that you want to write doesn’t mean you want to write *full time* — for all he knew, most likely, you were planning to do the same sort of thing I’m trying to do, where you have a non-writing job *and* a writing job.

    *takes a breath* Sorry. I think some of my own frustrations with my life situation leaked into that.

    Anyway. Thank you for sharing this post and this encouragement.

    (Also: I’m 100% with you where too much planning, too much organization, too much order, is just as harmful as not enough. Nice to meet another person who walks that weird middle line.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, same. XD In the moment, I was STEAMED. I was so mad… My coworkers got an earful that day, I do believe, but I thankfully calmed down later. XD Honestly, I’m highly considering going the Indie route. It’s been something I’ve been considering for a VERY long time, and I’m still leaning traditional, but Indie is something that is on my radar as a potential avenue if my stories are a little too strange for today’s market. (which, knowing what I write, MIGHT be the case. XD)

      Oh my goodness, YESSS!!! Chaos is the best, isn’t it?? I mean, it’s rot to a writing schedule, but it’s FUN. XD And same to you!!! It’s hard to find other writers who are kind of middle-ground, so it’s really nice to meet you, as well!!! XD

      (also THANK YOU for this lovely comment?? it honestly means so so much to me… <33)


  10. Oh my WORD! You poor girl! *sends sympathy cookies* I can’t believe he said that to you.

    Your post was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and using that horrible experience to uplift others. ^_^

    I agree with Christine’s whole comment, she put everything to words what I was thinking while reading your post. <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • OOOOH! COOKIES!!! *noms happily* I honestly can’t believe he said it, either, but I’m kind of glad he did. It taught me a lot about myself and how far I’m willing to go to chase my dream–which, according to recent studies, proves to be to the end of the earth. XD

      Oh my word, thank you!!!! That actually means the world to me, you have no idea…. <333 And YES!! Christine is actual sunshine, and I absolutely adore her…!!!! She manages to put into words exactly what I'm feeling… She's incredible. <3

      Liked by 1 person

      • ^_^ Can I tag along to the ends of the earth with you? Adventures are more fun with more people. XD

        YES!!! Christine has such a knack for comments and posts that make my entire week! <3 She is a gem! She was the first to welcome me to the blogging world and I feel so blessed to know her. <333

        Thanks for following me! <3 ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

        • DUDE, YES. XD We should just start a random troupe and travel the world, writing stories and reading good books and building cozy fires in the middle of mysterious woods… XD

          YES!! All of the yes!! She is literally the best human in the world, and I’m fully convinced that this world does not deserve her….

          Of COURSE! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow! Unfortunately I’m HORRIBLE at reading blog posts (and posting blog posts XD), but that’s something I’m actively trying to work on!

          Liked by 1 person

          • That would be the BEST TROUPE EVER!!! XD So much fun! And we could commiserate about all the heartbreak our OTP’s are going through and talk about shipping and what should and shouldn’t be canon. *nods seriously* XD

            *agrees with you all the way because I’m running out of words to describe her goodness* ^_^

            That’s alright, I’m not that great at reading all the blog posts either. ;) I have like an entire week’s worth to catch up on. My email is overflowing… Just to know that people like my blog enough to follow it is so wonderful. ^_^

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh my goodness, yes!!! I mean, I don’t know about you, but this seems like a perfectly wonderful idea, and I think we should absolutely do it. *begins plotting out financial plans*

              *honestly same*

              Oh my goodness, YES. But the issue is….I want to keep finding more blogs to follow because I want to support more authors. XD But if I’m not actually reading their posts, it’s not supporting them. So I’m finding myself in a very toxic circle. XD AND YES, SAME!! <33

              Liked by 1 person

              • Lol, yes, it’s a Mary Poppins kind of idea that’s perfectly perfect in every way. XD *you plot the financial stuff, I’ll bring cookies! XD*

                SAME! I am ten days behind in emails because I want to follow and support so many bloggers and I just don’t have enough time to keep up. *collapses into exhausted puddle*

                Liked by 1 person

  11. I can’t….believe….he said that. Like you could be published and STILL be working there or somewhere similar. Like…writers still need jobs????? And not every writer’s job is going to be “writing” related. Just…GAH. That makes me so frustrated.

    BUT YES YES YES YES AMEN to everything here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, right??? It’s crazy to think that a writer–who doesn’t get payed very much to begin with, even if they ARE published–would have an actual job that wasn’t writing… XD THE INSANITY. XD

      BUT OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU!!! I am SO happy you enjoyed this post!! And also for just being such an incredible human?? I adore your blog!! <3


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