The 2020 Silmaril Awards – Awards Ceremony for Most Nefarious Villain

The Smudged Thoughts’ studio is eerily quiet. Darkness curls around its edges, shrouding the room in a thick blanket that’s nearly suffocating. Feet rustle in the stands. Someone munches on popcorn in the darkness.

A voice near the very back mumbles a grumpy “are you sure we’re in the right place?” to its companion, who hushes him almost immediately.

The time is exactly midnight, and the anticipation of the crowd is palpable. They know why they have gathered. They know what is to come.

They do not know why the lights are off.

Suddenly, a light blinks into existence onstage … literally.

A giant, bloody red eyeball stares down at the crowd, somehow managing to scowl even though it is nothing more than an eyeball. In the steaming light of its iris, a lone figure stands at the center of the stage, his billowing white robes glinting almost dangerously in the light. His gleaming beard cascades to his chest in perfectly groomed strands, and his hand clutches a shining black staff with a pearly white stone at the tip. Everything about his outward appearance is cold and light, but there is a darkness within him that makes everyone in the room shudder.

Or perhaps it is the force of the eye glaring down at them.

“Ahem. Welcome one and all to the Fifth Annual Silmaril Awards Ceremony for the Most Nefarious Villain. Once again we have gathered here today to witness the most vile in villainy, though I must admit that after five years, it’s beginning to feel a bit tiresome. Perhaps this year we will make it out without any … unfortunate incidents…”


A short figure pushes her way towards the front of the stage, elbowing a whole host of orcs, goblins, and Elvin folk out of her way as she struggles to wriggle forward.


Saruman blinks and glances down, his expression cold as stone as it levels with the girl now scrambling up onto the stage, hopping once, twice, three times before finally managing to get a good grip and wriggle-worming her way onto the stage. Pushing herself into a sitting position, the girl shoots to her feet and grins, clutching a bright pink plastic staff in her hands like it’s the most treasured possession she owns.

“I brought you a present!”

Saruman’s gaze dips to the staff, and his lip curls beneath his magnificent beard in disgust. “And who, might I ask, is this bothersome worm?”

The girl looks slightly off-put at this term, but his scathing looks can do nothing to wane her enthusiasm. “I’m the owner of this studio, my good sir,” she answers brightly. “Call me a worm again and I’ll kick you out.”


“Anyway. Here. This is for you.” Kenzie hands Saruman the staff in her hands, but he still makes no move to accept it. Perhaps it is because his hands are already filled with his own ebony staff.

Or perhaps it is because the staff Kenzie offers is the color of a My Little Pony.

“I don’t believe I shall be taking that,” Saruman answers finally, breaking the awkward silence which has bubbled up between them.

“Oh no. You’re definitely going to want this,” Kenzie says with a nod. “In fact, do you have any other wooden objects on you? You should probably hand them over now… Sooner rather than later, in my experience…”

“I have no clue what you’re–“

“He’ll be coming soon… I can sense it. You should really take the staff,” Kenzie says, thrusting it forward into Saruman’s arms.

Saruman grimaces and flings the pink staff down, letting it clatter hollowly against the stage. “Foolish girl! I do not wish for your childish toys! Now, if you’ll excuse me, we shall continue the Awards Ceremony, which is the whole reason we are here, in case you have forgotten.”

Kenzie stares at the fallen platic staff for a moment before sucking in a deep breath. “On your own head be it, I guess,” she mutters.

“Excellent. Then let us begin.”

>>> <<<

THE 2020 SILMARIL AWARDS: Most Nefarious Villain Awards Ceremony

“Our first villain, ranking in at an abysmally low 14 points–“

“Please don’t mock the contestants, Manny.”

“–is Brother.” Saruman squints down at the card in his hand and sneers. “Ah. I think I remember–“

“Last place AGAIN?!”

The childish squeal comes from Saruman’s staff, and he jumps, holding the ebony weapon out at arm’s length.

“Well, I tried warning you…” Kenzie says unhelpfully.

“No, no, this won’t do,” Saruman’s staff squeaks. “I definitely deserve to come in first place! I demand a recount!”

“We will do no such thing,” Saruman thunders. “The people have spoken, and you–foolish boy–are not this year’s Most Nefarious Villain. Perhaps next you you can–“

Before Saruman can finish his sentence, Brother interrupts him with a fierce, “RECOUNT!”

Black sparks shoot from his staff and crash into the audience, where screams erupt like popcorn.

“He tried to kill me!” a woman shouts from the front row, her crown now sitting askew atop her bulbously large head.

“Now, my dear woman, I can assure you that was not–“

“He tried to kill me!”

“If everyone could just remain calm…”

“He’s trying to destroy us!” a voice careens through the crowd. “I say we destroy him first!”

A series of enthusiastic shouts follow this declaration, closely followed by a much-too eager “I’ve got a guillotine in my car!” from the back row.

“Oh, for Mordor’s sake…” Saruman grumbles. “Begone from my staff, you ridiculous child!” he roars, shaking his staff towards the roof.

A hollow cackle dissolves into the air, and blessed silence fills the auditorium, save for the few chair-flung occupants, some of whom are now sobbing on the floor.

“There. That’s better,” Saruman says, plunking his staff back down. “Now let us continue.” His long fingers accept the next envelope from Kenzie, who mutters a soft, “I tried to warn you…” as he takes it from her.

Pointedly ignoring this, he rips open the next envelope and scowls down at the thin paper.

“In fourth place, with 26 points, is Lord Whitlock.”

A clap of thunder splits the roof, shaking the auditorium’s foundation to the very core. Someone screams.

One delirious man–Mad-Eye-Moody, perhaps–laughs wickedly.

No one knows why Mad-Eye-Moody is there, since he is decidedly not a villain, but no one dares question him. They are too off-put by the roving eyeball, which seems to be battling Sauron for “strangest crazy eye”

With the last ring of thunder, a figure appears on the stage beside Saruman, his tall, powerful frame nearly putting the wizard’s to shame.

Saruman straightens, a scowl dripping across his face. “Ah, yes. Another repeat from last year. Haven’t won yet, have we?”

“It is not my fault the people do not understand true villainy when it’s placed so clearly before them,” Lord Whitlock sneers. His fingers twitch at his sides, and runes flicker through the air beside him. “Perhaps I could show them, however…?”

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA-NO.” Kenzie flips the My-Little-Pony-pink staff through the air and cracks it down on the top of Lord Whitlock’s head, dissolving the runes. “We’re keeping all of that out of this year’s Silmaril Awards. I’d like to keep my studio intact this year, please. Burning up a forest is a little different than setting my studio ablaze.”

Lord Whitlock looks as though he’s about to argue, but Saruman cuts him off with an exasperated sigh.

“Oh, very well. Give me the next villain unworthy of this award, then.” Taking the offered envelope, Saruman slits it open, stares at it for a moment, and then calls out, “In third place, with 32 points, is The Nameless Evil Named Gnag The Nameless.

“Well, now,” Saruman says, flinging the index card to the ground. “That’s just excessive.”

“Out of my way, you filthy piece of meat!”

A creature claws his way to the front of the audience, the soft sound of hoofbeats clopping on the floor. Wriggling up onto the stage, Gnag puddles towards the center, forcing Lord Whitlock out of his way with a squint of his empty white eyes.

“I lost to that?” Lord Whitlock asks, his lip curling in disgust as Gnag the Nameless sidles up to Saruman. “What even is it?”

“A nameless evil, apparently…” Saruman drawls.

“I think ugly would be a good name for it.”

“How dare you, you nasty–“

“Boys, please!” Kenzie says, pounding the butt of her staff into the stage. “Stop arguing!” She shoves the next envelope into Saruman’s hands, distracting him from the strange little creature with the eerie white eyes. “We’re so close to announcing the winner, here…”

“Who will no doubt be unworthy of the title,” Lord Whitlock mutters.

Saruman looks as though he silently agrees, but opens the envelope easily enough. Clearing his throat, he calls out the next name in a dark, thundering tremble.

“In second place, with 37 points, is Captain Hook!”

For a moment, a deafening silence follows this announcement. Then–


Something huge crashes into the Smudged Thoughts studio, breaking through the wall and raining bits of plaster and pixie dust into the crowd. Everyone screams.

One man is crying.

Hook’s gargantuan pirate ship lands with a PLOOMPH! in the center of the stage, carving a massive dent in the middle of it. Saruman blinks at the wreckage, bits of wood splinters and plaster caught in his beard. A rope flings down from the deck, and a dark figure descends from the ship, his boots colliding with a hollow thunk against the stage as he sweeps a long, flourishing bow towards the plaster-ridden crowd. His ruffled red coat is a bloodstain against the darkness.

No one is amused.

A voice in the back row boos.

Someone throws a tomato.

It smacks Hook in the face, and he straightens, his lips carving into a snarl beneath his perfectly twirled mustache.

“Why, you little–“

Blood-curdling screams awaken within the pirate ship, and one-by-one, the crew begins pouring down its wooden sides. Their screams awaken the crowd, and everyone jumps to their feet, suddenly restless.

Hook swivels on his heel, confusion stretched across his face as Smee falls with a plunk to the stage.


“Smee? What’s happening? Why have you abandoned your post?”

“There’s a creature on board, Cap’n!” Smee pants, pointing animatedly towards the ship, where, certainly enough, a creature has appeared, scaling the side of the ship with its wiry, spindly limbs.

“A–what the blazes is that?

The creature hits the stage, and it turns its wide, lamp-like eyes onto the crowd, a toothy grin stretching across its gaunt face.

“Smeagol has returned for the Silmarilses!” the creature beams, and proudly lifts a sharp metal bucket towards the sky. “Smeagol has brought presents, precious, yes!” With a gleeful laugh, Smeagol reaches into the bucket and begins pelting raw fish at the crowd, who is now very unamused with the proceedings.

A salmon smacks the Red Queen in the face, knocking her crown loose, and she jumps to her feet with a shrill, “OFF WITH ITS HEAD!”

Another fish hits a dementor, and an icy, bone-chilling cold sweeps through the room.

“GOLLUM! ENOUGH!” Saruman booms. Smeagol pauses mid-fish-fling, the perch hitting the stage with a dull, wet flop. “You were not invited to these proceedings. How did you get here?”

“Hitched a ride with the pirateses, we did!” Smeagol chirps. “Nasty pirateses. Cooks their fish, they do. Smeagol prefers them–“

“Raw and wriggling, yes, we know,” Saruman says dryly. “Very well. If you must stay, I suppose you can take a seat in the audience. Just try not to get in the way, won’t you?” Saruman holds a hand out towards Kenzie, fingers twitching for the final envelope. “It is now time to present the winner of this year’s Most Nefarious Villain award.” Taking the envelope, Saruman slices it open and unfolds the paper inside. He stares at it for a moment.


Bends down towards Kenzie.

“Are we sure about this?” he whispers.

Kenzie nods.

Saruman swallows and straightens. “Very well. In first place, with a shocking 46 points, is none other than Lord Voldemort!”

A chilling silence sweeps through the room. A dark, cloaked figure apparates onto the stage, his pale, bare feet peeking out of the folds of robes that pillow beneath him. “Ah,” Voldemort says, his arms spreading wide to take in the awe-struck audience. “This is a most pleasant surprise.” His slitted eyes scan the room, tightening with suspicion, and his fingers twitch against the wand in his fist. “Where is that devil child?” he asks.

“Gone, I should presume,” Saruman answers flippantly. “He fled a while ago after possessing my staff. Anyway. As this year’s Most Nefarious Villain, it is my duty to present you with–“

A horrible, magnificent cackle erupts through the room, permeating from the gigantic pirate ship now lodged in the center of the stage. Voldemort’s skin–if at all possible–pales, and he takes a step back, eyes widening.

“He’s returned!” he hisses, wand raised at the ready. “The devil child is back! Fools! You brought a wooden ship into our midst!”

With a great shudder, the ship rises off the floor, grinding bits of wood and stage beneath its massive girth. Cannons burst from its sides, and with an explosive crack, cannonballs begin firing into the unsuspecting crowd, smashing into seats and floors and walls.

The room panics. Screams rent the air, and footsteps pound the floor as the crowd pushes for the emergency exits.

“Of course it’s made of wood, you idiot,” Captain Hook shouts back. “It’s a ship! What were we supposed to build it out of, iron?”

Voldemort scowls and raises his wand, his voice slithering through the stadium. “Accio crocodile.”

A great green blob soars through the open, ship-shaped cavity in the side of the studio, and Captain Hook screams, disappearing into the fray with Smee quick at his heels. The crocodile hits the stage and, with a toothy grin, begins to chase after Hook through the crowd, the gentle tick-tock-tick-tock-tick emnating from his gut quickly covered by the panic-induced screams of the now rioting audience.

“WAIT!” Saruman shouts over the ruckus of cannon-fire and shouting. “I command you all to stay in your seats! Voldemort has not been given the Silmaril yet!”

The pirate ship continues to rise, now swooping around the room and targeting the most frantic of the audience. Brother’s cackles sweep the room like a whirlwind.

“Oi, congratulations, Voldy!” Two boys now launch onto the stage, completely unperturbed by the laughing pirate ship of murder. “We knew you could do it.”

“Had to win something eventually,” says Fred.

“Couldn’t kill a kid properly–” says George.

“–or a baby–” adds Fred.

“–but you’ve still got some evil left in you.”

The Weasley twins grin, their hands held carefully behind their backs.

Saruman scowls, suspicion lacing his features. “What are you two doing here? Should you not be at the Mischievous Imp ceremony?”

“Nah, we already won that,” Fred says.

“Back in 2017.”

“Old news by now, really.”

“So this year we wanted to give Voldy here a present,” George grins.

“To remember the good old days by, and all that.”

“Now that he’s famous, he’s gonna go on and forget all about us, eh Fred?”

“And goodness knows we can’t have that.”

“Wait,” Voldemort says, taking a step back. “Whatever you have, I don’t want–“

As one, the Weasley twins reveal their hands, and–simultaneously–the objects within them. One twin holds a box of Breathe-Right nasal strips.

The other holds a Hogwarts toilet seat.

Fury crackles over Voldemort’s face, but Saruman speaks before he can form words.

“Idiot children. This disturbing, slimy, noseless man is the Most Nefarious Villain. He deserves your respect.”

“Deserves a night of breathing right, I should think.”


An annoyingly soft cough echoes from behind the group gathered on the stage. They turn to find a short, plump woman decked all out in pink watching them, a cold sneer playing across her toad-like face.

“I do believe there has been a mistake, my dear Saruman,” Dolores Umbridge says coldly, her voice sickeningly sweet. “How on earth could this … creature … possibly be the most nefarious villain? He couldn’t even kill Harry Potter when he was in a crib!”

“My dear woman,” Saruman answers with equal coldness. “You really must stop crashing these awards ceremonies. Clearly you are not wanted.”

Dolores’s face trembles with rage. “This is because of his threat last year, isn’t it? He threatened to destroy you all if you didn’t give him the Silmaril, and you all believed him! Cowards!” The woman swivels on her heel and aims a trembling, stumpy finger towards the last of the scattering crowd. “If the way to this award is through blackmail, then so be it! I shall turn you all into toads if I don’t get–“

A shimmering red dot appears on Umbridge’s forehead, almost as if by magic, and she splutters to a stop, eyes going cross-eyed.

“I don’t … what is this?!”

A voice flutters down from the back of the stands, soft and menacing all at once.

“Please do shut up. Your voice is rather annoying.”

Dolores’s eyes go wide. “How dare you! Who do you think you are, to be talking to the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic in such a way!”

Sauron’s eye flicks towards the back of the stands, illuminating the frame of a lone figure, his hands shoved into his suit pockets as he watches the proceedings. The auditorium is silent, empty now except for the few on the podium and the newcomer. Shadows cloak the stranger’s face, hiding him from view as he answers, the words taunting.

“Jim Moriarty … hiii.”

Silence follows this statement–no one willing (Kenzie quite unable) to speak–until finally Saruman breaks it, his own voice booming across the great expanse. “You are not part of this ceremony, I’m afraid. This is for literary fantasy characters. Not … wherever it is you hail from.”

Moriarty takes a step forward, shrugging as if this information is nothing new to him. “I’m not much for rules. They’re boring. That stone you’ve got in your pocket, though … now that I’m interested in.”

Gritting his teeth, Saruman pulls a glistening black orb from his pocket, the stone dangling from a thick black strap. The Silmaril radiates with power and darkness–the perfect present for the fantasy world’s most Nefarious Villain.

“This Silmaril belongs to Voldemort,” Saruman says. “And as the host for Most Nefarious Villain, it is my duty to present it to him and him alone.”

“Foolish muggle,” Voldemort hisses. “You think to come swooping in and steal that which I have worked my whole life for? I think not.” Voldemort raises his wand arm, and a flicker of sparks begin to burn at the tip. “Avada–“

“WAIT!” Kenzie rushes forward, throwing herself between Voldemort and Moriarty. “Now hang on just a second, here. Perhaps we can discuss this like civilized people.”

“You’re an imbecile,” Voldemort hisses.

“The term is fangirl, actually.”

“There is nothing to discuss,” Saruman says coldly. “The Silmaril belongs to Voldemort. It was he who was chosen. It is he who shall receive the award.” With a flourish, Saruman places the Silmaril around Voldemort’s neck. “I present to all gathered here today…” Saruman glances at the now-empty stands and sighs. “…to all who remain here today, this year’s Most Nefarious Villain!”

Five more red dots flicker to life on the stage, pinning down each of those still standing in the forehead. Voldemort sucks in an angry breath.

Kenzie silently squeals.

“Such a shame, really. I hate getting my hands dirty…”

“PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” With a flick of her wand, Dolores Umbridge blasts Moriarty with the full-body-bind curse, and he falls backward, frozen in time and space. The red dots speckling their faces hesitate for a moment, and then disappear, clearly unsure what to do now that their main conductor is gone.

“Hm!” Dolores says, wiping her wand off on her bright pink coat before pocketing it again. “Serves him right.”

Kenzie stares, open-mouthed, at the spot where Moriarty once stood. For a moment, it seems as though she’s utterly beyond words, but then, finally, she manages to squeak out a soft “…I’m gonna miss him.”

Before she can fully comprehend just how very much, however, an enormous crash booms out in the hallways, followed by an excited, “Oh look, Mr. Bear! A ticking crocodile!”

Someone screams.

Kenzie’s face pales, and she grabs the plastic pink staff, whacking the gathered fantasy characters off the stage hurriedly as more voices and shouts clutter the surrounding halls.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thus concludes the 2020 Silmaril Awards for Most Nefarious Villain! Thank you all so much for coming. I do hope you enjoyed the ceremony!”

Another crash.

“What the–?”

“Peter, what is that?”

“I think it’s a flying pirate ship…”

“Flying? Glasses, that ship is LAUGHING.”

“Eheh… Everything is totally under control!” Kenzie assures the now-concerned wizards and witch as they scoot off the edge of the platform. “Perfectly fine.”

A second crash, louder this time, followed by a large ka-boom! as a cannonball tears through the side of the building.

“Mr. Bear, do you think there’s a pocket watch inside there?”

“Adaline, do NOT get any closer to that croco–ADALINE!”

Kenzie’s plastered grin falters, and she mimes towards the camera crew, slicing a finger over her throat for them to cut the video feed. “Cut–CUT!



>>> <<<

the Smudged Thoughts studio is eerily quiet, a stark mirror to the way it was before the ceremony. It has only been a matter of minutes since the others left, but the air seems colder–thinner–than it had only moments before.

Jim Moriarty lies frozen on the floor, his body face-up, eyes roving aimlessly along the ceiling.

Silently, two figures loom over him, watching curiously as the witch’s full body bind leaves him paralyzed. For a moment, neither of them talk, letting the silence trickle between them companionably. But then, very softly, five words slither across the studio.

“…can I eat him now?”

>>> <<

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>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

All right! And that, my friends, was the Awards Ceremony for Most Nefarious Villain!!! Honestly, I’m a little sad that it’s finally over? These past few weeks have seen some of the most fun blog posts I’ve had the privilege to write in a long, long time. And not only that, but the fact that I got to play with the villains STILL has me squealing.

(I do apologize for the appearance of some *cough* non-literary fantasy characters, but in my defense … um … *has no defense*)

Ahem. Anyway! Thank you all so much for coming to the 2020 awards ceremony for the Most Nefarious Villain! It has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of the grand Silmaril Awards this year, and I certainly hope I did this most villainous category justice! Before you leave, however, make sure to scroll back up and enter the giveaway, because GUYS. There are some FANTASTIC prizes in there, oh my goodness! And also make sure to check out the other category winners! The posts for the last few will start going live on the days they’re published, so make sure to follow the blogs so you don’t miss out on anything!

As far as conversation questions go…

Did your favorite nefarious villain win? (personally, I’m a little shocked, but hey. he was bound to win eventually. XD) Who is your favorite villain of all time, fantasy book character or not? And, most importantly…


My friend, Phoebe, recently got me hooked on a particular fandom, and now I’m obsessed. (also 10/10 may have added that in just for her. love you, pheebs. XD)

Let’s talk about ALL OF THE VILLAINOUS THINGS! down in the comments below! And as always, until next time…

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


55 thoughts on “The 2020 Silmaril Awards – Awards Ceremony for Most Nefarious Villain

  1. 1) This was beautiful chaos. 2) I was probably the person with the guillotine in the car 3) this is only for fantasy characters, right? So… Like…. Dystopian characters aren’t allowed.

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  2. Oh, good. Voldemort won at last. Now he can stop crashing the ceremony and demanding a recount. I much prefer this year’s ceremony crashers, I really do. Brilliant work with Brother and the pirate ship and all the cameos! Though, no, I didn’t recognize that last one at the end. Do you mind enlightening me?

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    • MEEP! Oh my goodness, thank you SO much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! (10/10 was panicking that I wouldn’t get it finished in time, but it’s FINE. I did it and it’s done and I’m actually quite proud of it, tbh. XD)

      OOH! Okay, so it’s actually Gluttony from FMA: Brotherhood!!! My friend, Phoebe, got me hooked on that show, and she gave me the brilliant idea to have them cameo. XD


  3. *laughs hysterically* This was a blast! Now I’m ready to face my day and whatever villains try to hack into it (not that it would happen, but it’s good to be prepared…). My favorite part was when Gollum began pelting the crowd with fish! XD

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    • Oh my word, THANK YOU!!! I’m so so happy you enjoyed it!!! And okay, but I kinda sorta started laughing when I started writing that part, and…yeah. Typically the things that make ME laugh while writing, I have to keep in, no matter how random or strange they are. XD

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  4. OH

    This was one of THE funniest, most golden, most spectacular things I have ever read in my entire life, and I can’t stop giggling! I mean just…KENZIE. THIS WAS SO PERFECT. And and and AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! So many absolutely side-splitting scenes! I just want to quote like every single thing!

    I mean, you giving Saruman a PINK plastic staff AND calling him “Sarumanny”. I died. Absolutely died. (You DID try to warn him. XD) THE QUEEN OF HEARTS. I knew it was her basically the second she screams, “He tried to kill me!” (I could just HEAR her shrill voice. XD) Someone yelling β€œI’ve got a guillotine in my car!” I CAN’T. I want to meet his person! You twacking Whitlock with your My-Little-Pony staff! Captain Hook’s grand entrance! AND SMEAGOL HITCHING A RIDE ON THE JOLLY ROGER. AND THROWING FISH AT EVERYONE. Brother taking OVER the ship yassss!

    But my favorite, absolutely FAVORITE part was the…

    Breathe. Right. Nasal. Strips.

    I AM DEAD. DEAD! OF COURSE Fred and George had to crash the party and make nose jokes. OF COURSE. *I* need some nasal strips because I can barely breath I’m laughing so hard!

    I also love how Umbridge had to pop in and make a ruckus. But then. THENNN.


    You fangirling on stage was the best. And then all the chaos that ensued! I just. I CAN’T. This was comedy gold! And everyone felt SO TRUE to their personalities! Oh my goodness me. I can’t even express how much I loved this!

    Although, alas, I was not familiar with the cameos at the end. D: BUT NOW I AM CURIOUS. Also who is eating Moriarty noooo Kenzie stop them!

    BUT SERIOUSLY THIS WAS THE GREATEST THING AND I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! I was rooting for Whitlock and Hook, but I guess Voldemort had to win eventually. Haha! (And the nose jokes made it 100% worth it.)

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    • I am ALSO not Kenzie, but I, too, also ADORE your comments when I see them on Kenzie’s posts! (I’m also left deceased by the “breathe right nasal strips”… I laughed so hard I almost started crying. I love Kenzie’s brain so much)

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    • OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Not gonna lie, I’m actually grinning so big right now. Just staring at my screen. (people probably think I’m strange but it’s FINE BECAUSE OH MY WORD THIS COMMENT!!!) I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a million times over–your comments absolutely make my whole day. Seriously. You are the pure embodiment of sunshine and I LOVE it.

      ALSO ALSO!!! Eeep??? I am SO honored that you loved my little post!! And that it made you laugh! That was the goal, of course, but I was so worried I didn’t do this correctly. (although I had SO much fun doing it, and I think that’s the main goal, yes? XD)

      Okay but Fred and George were COMPLETELY unintentional, and once they appeared I just knew they were going to bring mischief….and I am so so thankful that they did. XD And!! I am so relieved that the characters felt true to themselves!! That was my biggest concern in doing this, and I was SO WORRIED that they were going to sound so stiff and plastic and wrong… SO YAY!! I’m so happy this turned out good! XD

      ALSO! The cameo at the end was of Gluttony from FMA: Brotherhood! My friend, Phoebe, got me hooked on that show and I’m lowkey obsessed with him. XD (also 10/10 thought his name was Glumpy, so that’s what I call him now. XD)


  5. Aaaahhh this was absolutely amazing and utterly hilarious! I’m dying! XDDD The whole thing was gold and side-splitting and has me cracking up so hard. XD The detail and the brilliance and the shenanigans! The pink staff and the crocodile and Brother inhabiting the pirate ship and Gollum throwing fish and Whitlock and Voldemort and all the people crashing the ceremony! Chaos and hilarity! XD Of course Moriarty crashes it. GOOOOLD. Congrats to Voldemort who must be really annoyed Hermione got most epic heroine the same year he finally made it. ANYWAY TOTALLY AWESOME AND PERFECT POST/CEREMONY. BRAVO. *cheeringgggg*

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    • Meep! Oh my goodness, thank you SO much! This honestly means the whole entire world to me…

      AND YES. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh my goodness. He finally received his victory the same year as that annoying little bookworm… I’m sure he’s just THRILLED. (But EEP!! Hermione so deserved that win, too!! She is brilliant..!)

      Liked by 1 person


    Best villain ceremony ever!

    This was just the most fun thing I’ve ever read. Like, really… ever. And I’ve read a lot of fun things. But everything about this was just… I mean… laughing so hard my kids are wondering what’s wrong with me!!!

    Brother inhabiting the Jolly Roger?!?! I have sadly yet to meet Brother, but it’s on my list of TBR books!

    This was just gloriously amazing chaos! I’m quite happy for Voldemort, and I’m also glad that his ceremony was chaotic. He deserves it. Also, I can’t quite believe he’s never won this award before! And Umbridge wasn’t even a finalist this year?!?!? I don’t know what to do with myself about that.

    Okay, but the part that made me nearly spit out my Dr. Pepper? Mad-Eye Moody. “No one knows why Mad-Eye-Moody is there, since he is decidedly not a villain, but no one dares question him. They are too off-put by the roving eyeball, which seems to be battling Sauron for β€œstrangest crazy eye”” <—— this was just…. perfection! And Fred and George with their little back and forth that was so very THEM. AHHHHH, I loved this so very much!

    I KNEW Moriarty was going to show up, and I'm SOOOOO glad he did! I'm glad he didn't make off with the Silmaril, but Umbridge saving the day?!?!? I'm not sure… what to do with that. LOL I'm conflicted! (Definitely don't let him get eaten though!)

    I feel like I SHOULD know the cameo characters at the end, but I'm not placing them at the moment!

    Fantastic job, Kenzie!! Thanks so much for joining us this year!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Eep! Oh my GOODNESS!! Jenelle, this honestly makes me so unbelievably happy, you have NO idea…. I am so incredibly grateful that I got the chance to help out with the Silm Awards this year, and knowing that you liked my post is just…!!!! My heart is so full right now… πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

      And OH MY WORD!!! First of all, I love Dr. Pepper, as well, and SECONDLY!! I am SO glad you liked the part with Mad-Eye! That was such a random thing, and I was worried it might be a little TOO random. But knowing that it made someone laugh makes me so happy I kept it in. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Oh goodness, I honestly don’t know what to say!!! This whole comment just has me beaming ear to ear…. This whole experience has been incredible, and I’m lowkey super sad that it’s over… (but also kinda glad I don’t have to deal with the pressure of writing all these characters anymore…? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…) Thank you SO much for letting me join the team this year!!!


  7. LOVED this ceremony, even though I’ve never read Harry Potter and therefore can’t vouch for Voldemort deserving the award. I’m going to be pushing Nimiane from 100 Cupboards next year. ;)

    I’m going to go ahead and second everything Christine Smith said. :D

    Liked by 3 people

    • Eep! Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!!! I absolutely adore Harry Potter, and even *I* can’t say as though he’s the MOST vile villain out there (Dolores Umbridge would be a much more worthy candidate, in my always humble opinion. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)…but he definitely deserves the award at least ONCE. Especially if it means he can stop crashing the Silm party. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I actually havent read 100 Cupboards yet! I feel like that is one I’ll definitely have to add to my TBR!

      Oh my word, right?!?!?! Christine’s comments ALWAYS make my day… This world does not deserve her…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. MY WORD THIS WAS HILARIOUS! Well done, Kenzie! I loved your part in the ceremony, and argh, having Mad-Eye there made me laugh, and wow!
    (Also, having the character I nominated win is v. satisfying. XD)

    Liked by 2 people

    • EEP! Thank you SO much, Samantha!!! You are absolutely the sweetest!!! Honestly mad-eye being there was a TOTAL random thing, but I’m so glad I kept it in. πŸ˜‚ (OOOOH, YES!!! I’m so glad Voldy won! I mean Umbridge feels a TAD more terrifying, but that poor boi needs some recognition. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


  9. Okay, okay, so this year’s presentations have all been super interesting and exciting and well written…


    Seriously, are you sure you’ve never done this before? Because this was brilliant. So many cameos, so many shenanigans, MORIARTY, basically EVERYTHING, and can I just say that the description even before anybody started talking was actually really, really great?

    This may be my favourite presentation this year. Top-notch job, my friend!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I feel awful that I haven’t gotten to this till now, but OH MY WORD. GRACE. This honestly made my WHOLE entire month. You have no idea.

      This was definitely outside of my creative comfort zone, but holy guacamole am I glad that I did it. It was so fun and different than anything I’ve done on here before, and I’m hoping that maybe I’ll be able to participate again next year! <3 Thank you so much for reading!!! Your comment literally made my night!



    I was quaking with pent-up laughter through this ENTIRE post. (Pent-up only because I’m upstairs and my family would give me Weird Looks if I started howling behind my laptop, but I *did* nearly cry tears of inaudible laughter, that I did.)

    This has to be the most perfect awards ceremony I’ve ever read. And I just second everything Christine said, because yep, I can’t word anymore but everything in her comment is golden. XD

    Seriously, though, I nearly fell off the couch at the “You’re an imbecile.” “The term is fangirl, actually” segment. XDDDD

    Congrats to Voldemort!!!!

    P.S. Good thing the Dementors didn’t go crazy here. Maybe enough of them (or their lookalikes? who even knows) got killed off at the Epic Heroine ceremony. ;) You certainly had your hands full with everyone else, though!

    Liked by 3 people

    • OH MY WORD. Tracey, thank you SO SO MUCH. This whole endeavor was so different than anything I’ve done before, and I’m so beyond happy that y’all liked it!!!

      AND I MADE YOU LAUGH!!! YESSSSS. This is legit my goal for literally anything I write (well, mostly everything), and knowing that I accomplished that is literally the best feeling in the world!!!

      (also this is true! I’m kind of shocked the Dementors didn’t go crazy… Kind of worrying, actually. XD)


  11. That was fantastic! I should be sleeping, but instead I’m dying laughing at this. Having Moriarty show up because “he doesn’t care much for rules” is hilarious, and the all out battle at the end was fabulous.

    Imbecile = fangirl is also all too amazing.

    Also! Was that Gluttony and Lust from FMA at the end? They’re the only ones I could think of who ask questions like that.

    Amazing, I loved it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OH MY GOODNESS!!! Dude!!!! You hit the nail right on the head!! My friend and I have been watching FMA together, and I absolutely adore Gluttony. (for whatever reason. he’s so creepy. XD) And when I was writing this post, I was letting her read snippets, and she had the brilliant idea that I should include Gluttony somewhere within it. So naturally I had to do it. XD

      EEP! I’m so glad you liked this post!! Thank you so much for reading!



    Those guests!! (I use the term loosely, as “guests” implies they were invited.) Mad-Eye! GOLLUM! Fred and George! Moriarty! And Umbridge, who was… not useless?? (And you flung yourself between Moriarty and a killing curse? I shouldn’t be surprised…)

    *sneaks into your post to replace “flings cookies into the air and disappears” with “flings raw fish into the air and disappears”*

    Liked by 4 people


      Yeah, I think “intruders” would have been a better term to use, but you know. I digress. XD (I mean???? how can one NOT fling themselves in front of a killing curse to save Moriarty? That’s what people DO.)

      * resists the urge to sneak into post and actually change it to *flings raw fish in the air and disappears* just on the off-chance that someone will someday read this post and find it hilarious*

      Liked by 1 person

    • OH MY GOODNESS. FELICITY. *tackle hugs* You are the absolute sweetest and I do NOT deserve you!!!! I’m so so happy you enjoyed this post! And also that it made you laugh! That was the ultimate goal, and I was so scared I wasn’t going to deliver. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I love this post!!! *squeals and laughs at the same time* This post was absolute GENIUS! All the different villains interacting and Gollum crashing the party to throw fish! I just… SO MUCH FUN!!!

    “The term is fangirl, actually.” I just died from laughing!!! And imagining Saruman with a pink plastic staff? HILARIOUS! You did SUCH a fantastic job writing this post!!! All of it is pure gold!!! “I’ve got a guillotine in my car!” I can’t stop laughing! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my word!!!! Jen, thank you SO much!!! This honestly means the world to me…

      And YESSS!!! I was so weirdly pleased with that guillotine line. I was like??? Where did this come from? I know not, but it’s staying right where it is. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Wow, the writing was so spunky and brilliant. Great job. I wasn’t entirely familiar with all the characters who showed up, but I loved the pirate ship and the my little pony staff parts the best. Amazing presentation.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I wish luck winning. I know I was interested in what I read in excerpt. I hope and look forward to the chance of reading the book(s) in print format as I love to review.
    Thanks for chance to win this prize pack.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word!!!!! Madeline, THANK YOU!!! This was simultaneously extremely fun and EXTREMELY terrifying to do, and I am so so so happy you liked it!!!! Also I’m really hoping the whole dying inside thing is good? Are you okay? DO YOU NEED HELP??? *hastily googles CPR*

      MEEP! Oh my word, thank you so much!!!

      Liked by 1 person


    I AM DEAD.

    *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

    IT WAS SO AMAZING. I loved all the references to ALL the fandoms. And oh, my word. BREATHE-RIGHT NASAL STRIPS. *dies again*

    This was amazing. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • EEP! Thank you so so much, Amelie!!! This was such a fun experience, and I’m so so glad you liked it!!

      AND YESSSS!! The references were some of my favorite parts to include! I’m a mega fangirl, so this was something that really made my fangirl heart SO happy. XD

      EEP, THANK YOU!!! You have no clue how much that means to me!

      Liked by 1 person

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