I wonder if the sun ever has a bad day.
If its alarm clock goes off
And it rolls over in bed
And that sinking pit develops in its stomach
As it remembers all of the wrong which occurred the day before.

I wonder if it considers simply never getting up.
If it would rather stay indoors
And wrap itself up in a nice cozy blanket
And eat some ice cream to feel better for three minutes
And then guilty for twenty.

I wonder if it asks the moon for just a few more hours
So that it doesn’t have to face the pain of simply existing

But then I remember
That even after the hard days
The tough days
The days that make me wish there were no more days to follow
The sun continues to rise
And pull itself out of bed
And brush its teeth
And hang itself nicely in the sky
So that it can smile down on me
And remind me that there’s still a little patch of good left in this world.

And if
Even after the bad days
The sun can continue to rise
Then I suppose I can try
To get up after the hard days


12 thoughts on “SUN

  1. GIRL. THESE POEMS. Oh my goodness gracious, what a precious thought! This is both adorable AND so, so powerful! The ending made my heart just burst with happiness!


    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Oh my goodness!!!! I am so SO happy you like them!!! I’ve been doing random scribbles lately, and for some reason poetry has been my main source of creativity lately. XD And YES!! I will definitely keep sharing them!! I think I need to write some more, though…. XD

      EEEP! The ending was my favorite part!!! You have no idea how happy it makes me that you like these!!! <333


  2. I’m loving these poems! This one especially is so encouraging. It actually reminds me of a chapter I just reread in one of my favorite books, where the author speculates that the sun does not, in fact, just rise every morning because that’s how it has to be, but rises every morning because God takes eternal delight in the sun rising and tells it to every single morning, without fail. And, I guess, it obeys every single morning. Kind of like us, maybe, except maybe it’s harder for us than it is for the sun.
    Anyway this poem is beautiful and I love it. <3 It would be a dreary world without the sun and an even drearier one without The Kenzie.

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    • Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE this way of thinking! I definitely think there’s something incalculably happy about the sun. Something so beautiful and warm couldn’t possibly just be there just because.

      And eep! I’m so glad you love the poems! They’ve stalled for a bit because I’ve been lowkey battling with a creative block, but I’m hoping to return with more soon! <333

      Liked by 1 person

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