NaNoWhyTho: In Which Kenzie Tries Again

good morning, december!

Well, it looks like the WordPress editor has undergone another drastic change. HUZZAH! It really must be a new month up in here. XD

So! Yesterday I told y’all about my smol little book gremlin–Project Goblin. And also about how I kinda sorta failed NaNoWriMo. This was, of course, an unfortunate circumstance. But in true Kenzie fashion, I have decided to bounce back, and bounce back strong.

And this time around, I will not fail.

After some chatting with my lovely writing group–known currently as The Cabinettes (shhh, it’s an inside joke)–we the people decided to partake in a new sort of NaNoWriMo. A second chance NaNo, you could say.

A NaNo which we have fondly stole the title for from twitter dubbed NaNoWhyTho.

I’m not sure if we have a specific goal for the month, but I think the general concensus is trying to write 15,000 words in the month of December–either in the 24 days leading up to Christmas or in the 30 days of Decmeber excluding Christmas.

Honestly, at this point it’s sort of like a free-for-all for all participants involved.

season 3 chaos grenade GIF by Billions

However, for me, personally, I’m going to be trying the latter option–which is to write 15,000 words within 30 days.


See, November did not go well for me. This I have mentioned before. (see: yesterday’s post) But I don’t want to let this year go by without participating in some sort of creativity challenge! I want to write and be merry and watch the snow fall down outside while cozying up in warm fuzzy socks and lowkey panicking because Christmas is less than a month away and I still haven’t found presents for every single person I’ve ever met… I want to work on my book and feel like an author and simply create. And it’s been a ridiculously long amount of time since I’ve felt this way.

So naturally I should milk this for all it’s worth, amiright?

Sad The Office GIF

But I digress. This is a relatively small post to announce a greater act of epic and complete idiocy and chaos, and I’m lowkey extremely excited about this, folks. This is NaNo: Take Two. And if I have anything to say about it, this time around I’m going to win.

(also, I know better than to make any major promises, but I’d really like to keep you guys updated on my word count throughout the month! so I will try my best to do regular posts with–at the very least–word count updates. but if this blog happens to go stagnant silent again this month, you can find updates over on my instagram page, @thesmudgedthoughts. I’ll be doing daily updates in my stories [hopefully], so come check us out on the ‘gram, my friends! [ew ew ew ew i will never use the phrase “the ‘gram” again, I swear)

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

what sorts of crazy, chaotic things are you up to in this new month, my friends? hit me up in the comments and let me know what books you’re reading, what stories you’re working on, and all the many exciting Christmas-y things you’re planning for this last and final huzzah of 2020!

As always, until next time…..

photo credit: Ben Kolde on Unsplash


18 thoughts on “NaNoWhyTho: In Which Kenzie Tries Again

  1. WHOOOOOO!!!!! This sounds like SUCH a fabulous idea! :D Aaaahhhhh, girl! I’m so proud of you and totally pumped about this. And it looks like a PERFECT goal of getting in a lot of words but still leaving time for Christmas-y things (and sanity). I love this plan!

    Wishing you all the best! YOU’RE GONNA ROCK IT! *sends you all the motivational cookies*

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    • EEP! Honestly, I’m so excited about it, as well. I started writing today, and it was like everything finally clicked back into place. I’m so so SO excited and pumped to start writing this month, and if not writing hardly at all last month was what caused my boost in creativity THIS month, it was totally worth it. I’m falling in love with my story all over again…. (and yes! we must definitely preserve what little sanity I have left. ’tis a precious thing nowadays. XD)

      MEEP! THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRISTINE!!! You are honestly the best, I can’t even… <333


  2. This is a brilliant idea with a brilliant title–I may have to steal it at some point! Because November is a horrible month for students to try to do NaNo…or really anything other than school, I suppose.

    I hope your NaNoWhyTho goes excellently! :)

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    • Lol, why, thank you!!!! XD We very much stole it from Twitter, if I do remember correctly. Which…does it REALLY count as stealing if we admit we did it? Who can possibly know. XD

      Oh my word, YES. November is one of the craziest months of the year–all the Christmas prep, the start of the holiday season, binging all the Hallmark Christmas films…. We really need a better month to participate in! XD

      MEEP, thank you so much!!! It’s off to a rather good start so far!


  3. Best name ever. And I…think I’m gonna…try this? Hopefully I don’t die. It’s not like I’m BUSY or anything. [*dies*]

    I wish you very much luck. Project Goblin is sounding INCREDIBLE so far. I hope you’re able to take your time to make it good, yet not be too perfectionistic and push through and…basically I hope it’s amazing and is finished in a reasonable amount of time. Which I’m sure it will be on the first count and who knows on the second count, but I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, KENZIE.

    (Also can I have an Iniko in my life)

    Happy late Thanksgiving and early Christmas!!! And happy writing!!!!!!!


    • EEP! Yesss!!! Come join us, Sarah!!! I’m honestly so excited about this. 😂 And lololol IKR. I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life, so. Aha. HAHAHAHAHA. 😭

      Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much! Honestly I’m loving the writing of this book again, and I am SO excited to just kinda….word vomit. But QUALITY word vomit. Which sounds like an oxymoron, but I digress. 😂

      (Yes absolutely please take him away. He is far too extra for me right now. XD)

      EEP! Happy late Thanksgiving and early Christmas! And LOL THE WRITING IS DEFINITELY HAPPY. Whether or not it’s good is an entirely different story. 😂

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  4. This sounds so cool! And I LOVE the name! ^_^ I’m doing something similar, but mine is called MyNoWriMo and I had a goal of 60,000 but heh, yeah that’s not working out. Maybe I could join yours? I wish you the best of luck on your NaNoWhyTho!!!

    I just finished The Lunar Chronicles series last night and it was so GOOD!!! I have a bookhangover now. XD

    We have our outside Christmas lights and decorations set up but haven’t quite started inside. And I’m getting in the mood to start baking Christmas cookies! ^_^ Probably while jamming to my Phineas and Ferb Christmas Special soundtrack. ;)

    Also, I love your new profile pic! ^_^

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    • LOLOLOLOL I TOTALLY FAILED NANOWHYTHO. Which I’m honestly not that surprised about, but still kind of disappointed, nonetheless. XD But oOOOH! I love the name MyNoWriMo! Hopefully you were able to write more than I was this month???

      EEP! TLC is literally my FAVORITE series!! Or, one of them, at least. XD

      Okay, but like….the Phineas and Ferb Christmas soundtrack sounds incredible. XD I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!!! Baking Christmas cookies is one of my all-time favorite things to do at the end of the year. (especially gingerbread. I could eat my weight in gingerbread)

      EEP! OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU!!! I wasn’t sure anyone would notice that I changed it. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, I’m so sorry! Thanks! Eheheheheh…… Ah, no. I had glorious plans to write the entire month of December like I did for November, but it didn’t happen. But I’m okay with that, I guess I needed the break and now I’m raring to go for the new year!

        Awesome! I am in LOVE with this series!!! ^_^ And, yeah, totally feel ya, I have multiple favourite series. XD

        Phineas and Ferb is one of my most favouritest shows! ^_^ Thank you! I did!!! I hope you did as well! <333 I LOVE to bake! Cookies are one of my specialties. ;) I've never eaten gingerbread before, I should give that a try. :)

        You're welcome! ^_^ It really is a great pic!

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        • Oh my goodness!! Dude, I feel like we witnessed the exact same phenomenon. November and December were creatively dry for me, but now that it’s January, I just have all of the creativity and inspiration to write ALL of the things!! (hopefully it lasts??? *laughs nervously*)

          Honestly, same!!! I feel like it’s strangely underrated for a show, but it’s honestly so creative. The fact that they’re able to reuse the same basic plot line for EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. and yet still manage to make it fun and new? It’s incredible. OH MY WORD, YES!!! You must try gingerbread! Especially the soft kind. It’s one of my favorites!!!

          Aww, thank you!!!! <333

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