February Is Fantasy Month Challenge!: in which kenzie screams about fandoms (oh no)

good morning, cyberspace!

Somehow–whether it’s by luck or sheer force of will–we survived my least favorite month of the year (*hisses vaguely at January*) and have arrived upon one of my favorites: February! I don’t know what it is about February that I love so much. Perhaps it’s the fact that everywhere you look, things are pink and purple and heart-shaped. Perhaps it’s that February First signifies the fact that I actually survived January, which has been habitually known for being the worst month of the year for me.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that every year, the internet explodes with a whole assortment of fantastical blogs and social media posts, because–as those in this circle of the internets know–February is Fantasy Month! And obviously anything to do with Fantasy deserves to be celebrated!

Back in 2016, the ever-lovely Jenelle Schmidt created Fantasy Month, and every year since, there have been prompts and blog posts and a whole host of fantasticalness to celebrate! And this year, I’ve decided to actually commit to participating all month long!

Or…sort of all month long? I’m not sure that all of my posts this month are going to be fantastical, but WE SHALL SEE, PEASANTS! (mwahahahahahaha)

I’m also going to be talking about all things fantasy over on my Instagram, so if you like pretty pictures to go along with my incoherent fantasy squealings, I’d highly recommend checking that out, as well!

But for today, I’m going to be answering all seven prompts in Jenelle’s #fantasymonth challenge! So if me screaming about fantasy fandoms sounds like a good way to spend the next six minutes, stay tuned, because we’re about to dive deep into my fandom past!

>>> <<<

i. what was the first fandom you fell into?

Uggggggh… This is a really tough question! (which doesn’t bode well since this is the first one. XD) Honestly–though I think this is going to be the answer that many bloggers give–I think the first fandom that I truly fell head over heels in love with was Harry Potter. There truly is no describing my obsession with not only that book series, but the movies, the characters, the video games. Anything and everything Harry Potter, I absolutely devoured. And I’m happy to say that even though it’s been years and years and years since I first discovered this fandom, I’m still just as in love with it as I was when I first fell down that rabbit hole.

I don’t think anything can truly compare to my overwhelming love for the world of Harry Potter. It takes me back to a time when anything was possible, and rereading those stories and revisiting that world is like stepping back in time to my childhood.

ii. what is the most recent fandom you’ve become a part of?

Bold of you to assume that I can remember the fandoms I enter on a daily basis. XD

I mean, to be perfectly honest, though I’m obsessive and fangirl about a LOT of things, I must admit that most of the fandoms I’m a part of, I’ve been a part of for years. I don’t generally develop hardcore obsessions very easily, but when I do … well. Let’s just say that I take my obsessions to the extreme.

So in regards to this question, in order for me to count something as one of my fandoms, it has to hold the same weight as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, etc… Which obviously means that I talk about it at least once per day, possess multiple merch items from within said fandom, and become over-excitable whenever such a fandom is mentioned within general conversation.

It’s a difficult bar to hit, which probably explains why nothing has been hitting it recently.

However… I HAVE started watching FMA: Brotherhood with my friend, Phoebe, and LET ME TELL YOU, FOLKS. This show is very nearly becoming one of those obsessive fandoms. I haven’t collected any merch yet, but I desperately want to continue watching it and–potentially, since this is a genre I’m very skeptical on–read some of the graphic novels that go along with them. And also collect merch.

All of the merch.

(“cAn I eAt ThEm NoW?”)

iii. star wars or star trek?










I honestly don’t know if I trust anyone who chooses Star Trek over Star Wars*. I’d have to do a thorough examination of our friendship if they prefer Spock to R2D2.

(*pssh, lies. but also I will convert you.)

iv. marvel or DC?

Oh, absolutely Marvel! I mean, how can you choose anything other than Iron Man and Spider Man and Thor and Loki and Black Widow and Hawkeye? Batman is great–don’t get me wrong–but Marvel is forever and always where my heart will be.

(also can we just pretend that Endgame never happened? Because I’m totally down for choosing to believe that whole fiasco was just a nightmare my pre-apocalyptic brain dreamt up one night for my sheer amusement.)

v. what is a fandom you love enough to want to live inside that world?

This one may garner some strange looks from acquaintances, but Alice In Wonderland. 100%, hands down. I can’t even tell you when my adoration for this story first began, but I have a vague feeling it happened sometime around 2010, when Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland officially hit theaters.

Coincidentally, I also think this is when my obsession with all things Tim Burton first began, so really I have Alice In Wonderland to thank for introducing me to the world of Tim Burton, and also for showing me that it’s perfectly normal to be perfectly weird.

And not only that, but can you imagine living in the same world as the Mad Hatter and Absalom and the Bandersnatch? I want to paint roses red and cut off heads and wear floofy blue dresses and wonderful hats and have slightly insane tea parties. It would just be so magical and beautiful and impossible–the perfect combination. And you wouldn’t have to worry about sane people coming ’round and ruining your fun, because everyone in Wonderland is perfectly unsane.

I just … I love Wonderland. I would live there for an eternity, if I could.

vi. if you could hang out with a character from one of your fandoms, who would it be and why?

I mean, aside from the obvious (since, you know … he’s a villain and also quite possibly psychotic), I’d probably have to choose The Doctor. Who, granted, isn’t any less insane, but at least you know his intentions are good. XD

I’ve always had this wild fantasy of becoming part of the Doctor Who family, actually–whether that’s by someday writing episodes for the show or by starring as a background cameo–and although the logical part of my brain knows that this will most likely never happen, he’s constantly overshadowed by the much larger, wilder side of myself which feeds off delusions and the most unbridled of fantasies.

However, even if my dream of writing for Doctor Who never happens–which it mostly likely will not–at least I can still choose to spend a Day with the Doctor. Which will most likely end up being years, because time travel travel and time-space continuums and all that wibbly wobbly … timey-wimey … stuff.

(my mom would like to add the comment that I would absolutely NOT pick the Doctor, and would, in fact, choose Moriarty. whether or not I want to, I must admit she’s probably correct in this assessment. but alas. I’ve already typed up my answer, and therefore we are sticking with it. XD)

vii. unknown fandom (something you love but nobody else seems to have heard of)


Narrator: and it was within this exact moment that Kenzie realized she’s a most basic peasant, and therefore knows nothing unique or unknown

So. This is awkward. Tbh, I’m not that unique in my fandoms. I like a lot of overhyped things, which honestly makes me rather lame. BUT. I talked to my writing group, and they sort of collectively agreed that The Lunar Chronicles is a lesser known fandom, so therefore THAT IS MY ANSWER.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely ADORE The Lunar Chronicles. Cress and Thorne and Iko and Cinder and Kai and Jacin and Winter and Scarlet and Wolf … they are all my precious children, and I adore them with my whole entire heart. (also would 10/10 murder a small man to get to play Cress in the live-action remake but YA KNOW. Previous obligations and whatnot)

Also–and I only just remembered this one–the show Fringe is definitely another fandom of mine, and literally no one seems to know about it whenever I bring it up in conversation. (also this one is lowkey science-fiction, so whether or not it actually counts is highly up for debate. but since this is more fandom-themed than fantasy-themed, I’m going to assume that it does…? yes…? *nervous sweating*)

I also think Kyle Robert Shultz’s Afterverse is highly underrated, especially by people outside of this wonderful writing community, so could we PLEASE get this man the recognition he so clearly deserves? Please and thank you.

>>> <<<

And that, my friends, was the #FantasyMonth challenge! Definitely check out Jenelle’s blog for more Fantasy Month goodness, and also keep an eye out on instagram for more fantasy-ish-ness from me! (and also the blog, obviously. but I have some fun behind-the-scenes ideas for my instagram that I’m really excited to experiment with! Whether they’ll actually turn out is another thing entirely, but we shall see. XD)

talk to me, peasants!

what are some of your favorite fantastical things? do you enjoy overhyped fandoms, or do you prefer to find the obscure and anonymous before pledging your loyalty? what was the first fandom YOU ever fell in love with?

Let’s talk about ALL of the fandom-y/fantasy things down in the comments below! And as always, until next time…

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


47 thoughts on “February Is Fantasy Month Challenge!: in which kenzie screams about fandoms (oh no)

  1. Harry Potter! That wasn’t my first fandom, but it’s definitely one that I have very, very fond feelings for. (And also, I love the amount of merch that’s available. Just saying. Not many fandoms have such high-quality merch. XD *is very shallow*)

    “I honestly don’t know if I trust anyone who chooses Star Trek over Star Wars” < Star Trek any day. (Granted, I have only watched one Star Trek episode. But how can anything beat R2D2?)

    MARVEL!!! I’ve just started in on that particular fandom (*coughs* by which I mean it’s been a month and a half and I’ve watched 10/20 movies. No, I don’t have a problem, why do you ask?) and I’m LOVING IT SO MUCH GAH. (But I’m going to ignore what you said about Endgame. Because I’m actually really excited for it. Even though my siblings and I have a running joke that every character in every fandom is going to die in Endgame (i.e. we will randomly say to each other “Oh, and Dumbledore dies in Endgame” “Yep, and Luke Skywalker dies in Endgame”). So. I’m high-key super nervous, but also excited. (And have been avoiding spoilers like the PLAGUE. XD)

    The Lunar Chronicles! I should reread those. It’s been awhile.

    Such a fun post, Kenzie! (I honestly used it to reward myself after finishing my Calculus homework. And it was worth it. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay, but Harry Potter merch is NEXT. LEVEL. XD There truly is no denying it! And yessss!! Even if it wasn’t your first, I honestly believe that Harry Potter holds a very special place in MANY readers’ hearts. JK Rowling truly created a universe for people to feel understood and loved in, and I think that’s something that speaks to people of all ages.

      OH MY GOODNESS, YES. R2D2 is honestly the CUTEST. And all those little beep boops he does? PRICELESS. I’m exceedingly glad that we agree on this. XD

      Okay, so that running joke between you and your siblings is honestly the best and I 100% stan that. XD BUT. BUT BUT BUT. I am going to need your opinions after you watch Endgame! I shall not give spoilers, but please return once you’ve watched it and we will squeal and glomp about all of the things!!! (ALSO! WELCOME TO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!! We are slightly insane here, but we’re not nearly as bad as the Alice In Wonderland fandom….which is saying something, as I’m clearly a member of that fanclub, as well. XD)

      Oh my word, same! I’ve been meaning to reread them this year, honestly… *eyes my towering tbr* I’m sure I have time!

      OH MY GOODNESS!!! Samantha!!!!! You are an absolute angel!!! I honestly don’t even know what to say to this!!! You, my dear, just made my whole entire week…. <33333 (also good job on the calculus! I absolutely detest all forms of math.)


  2. EEEEE!!!! Oh my goodness, this was so much fun to read! I’m hoping to do this tag on my blog sometime this month toooo! I just ADORE Fantasy Month. Jenelle is brilliant!

    AND YOU ARE IN THE BEST FANDOMS. I mean, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Marvel, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Literally everything you said about Alice in Wonderland? SAAAAME. Wonderland is my HOME. All the zaniness just feels right to me. I’m pretty sure I pulled an opposite Alice and fell into THIS world when I’m actually a citizen of Wonderland. It would explain a lot… XD BUT UGH. SERIOUSLY. I just love it so very much! And I love that you do toooo! For some reason not many people I know are as wild about Wonderland as I am and just??? IT’S THE BEST, PEOPLE.

    I, too, dream of being the Doctor’s companion even though I’d probably die the first day but IT’D BE WORTH IT. (And maybe I can pull a Rory and just keep coming back from the dead. *grins*) And okay but I LOVE your dream of being part of the actual production team of the show. Never give up on dreams, girl! You absolutely never know. And DUDE. You writing DW episodes would be a GIFT to humankind. LIKE. I NEED THISSSS.

    (And your mom’s comment is cracking me up but, of course, it’s 100% accurate. But this is why we love you.)

    ALSO. The Lunar Chronicles is LIFE and I seriously need to reread the series (HEY. Maybe we can buddy read those next year after HP???). They’re such good booooks! *sobs happy tears*

    And oooh man! I had watched the first season of Fringe YEARS ago and was really getting into it but…somehow never watched more? Right when I got to the good stuff? I have NO idea why I didn’t continue it but ONE DAY I am absolutely going to watch that full show because it was really epic!

    Also, also, The Afterverse books are EVERYTHING YES.

    Okay, this comment is just getting ridiculous but talking fandom things is my faaaave and I adored this post! I cannot wait to see what you have planned for IG and everything. EEP! :D


    • Oh my word, she is SO brilliant!! I absolutely adore that girl. She’s like my fairy godmother, tbh. XD

      Oh my word, SAME!!!!! To be honest, I would cry if I found out that I wasn’t part of this universe. To actually belong to something as wild and crazy as Wonderland would make my whole entire life. XD And why AREN’T people as excited about Wonderland as we are??? LIKE?? It is legit the best fandom of all. There’s something untoppable about that world and its characters, and I feel like it’s entirely underappreciated!!! WE MUST START A WONDERLAND FANCLUB CHRISTINE. WE CAN DO THIS. XD

      OH MY WORD!!!! Okay, well, that just made me ridiculously happy… I definitely have considered trying to write for television before–especially Doctor Who XD–but like…I don’t even know how one GETS to that ridiculously amazing point in their writing career. XD *side-eyes google* Hmm… XD ALSO ALSO ALSO. Rory was an absolute GEM to the Doctor Who universe, and DUDE. You would make an INCREDIBLE Rory-esque companion!!! XD Your wit and sunshiney-ness would be a beautiful combo with the Doctor’s personality, and I just…!!! I need this. I need this so badly.

      OH MY GOODNESS, YES!!!!! Dude!!!!! I would SO be down for that! I was going to try and reread them this year, as well, but my TBR has started scowling at me and demanding I read more new books. (I’m scared. Please send help.)

      UGH FRINGE IS SO SO GOOD! I feel it didn’t really deserve the ending it got, simply because the show got cut and I feel the writers had to scramble to provide a semi-believable ending, but up until that….man, that show was incredible. You DEFINITELY need to watch the whole thing someday!

      YOUR COMMENTS ARE HONESTLY THE BEST!!! Reading and answering them are one of my favorite things, tbh. XD I, also, am excited to see what I have planned for IG because LOL KENZIE HAS NOTHING EXCEPT A VAGUE IDEA AND A DREAM. XD But honestly that’s all I need to keep me going, so we’ll be fine. XD


  3. Okay, I DO love Spock better than R2D2, because Spock is very very sarcastic and he also has autistic vibes. He reminds me a lot of people I know (and he kind of reminds me of myself, too, a little bit). 😊 R2D2 is very cute, though!

    I would love to at least visit Wonderland, even if I couldn’t stay there! It’s such a chaotic and wonderful world. I enjoyed reading your post!

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    • OOOF. Well, you know, I think I know you well enough to trust you still! Despite your love of Star Trek….because honestly it sounds like you love it for all the right reasons, and who am I to try and counter that? BUT ALSO I WILL STILL CONVERT YOU, MY FRIEND. Ye have been warned! XD

      Oh my word, yes!! Even visiting for a day would be so magical and good… 10/10 would love to do that.

      Awww!!! Thank you so much!!! You are the sweetest, I can’t… <333

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  4. Ahhhh, SO MUCH FUN! I loved reading this. I’ve wanted to join in this challenge for the past couple years, but I’ve always missed it. Maybe this will be the year I actually make it! 😄


  5. I always pick Star Wars over Star Trek but I love both.
    Great choices. Sherlock and Doctor Who have been big ones for me too.


    • Yessss!!! Star Wars!!! Tbh, I suppose I should admit that my knowledge of Star Trek in comparison with Star Wars is severely limited. BUT. I’m still 100% obsessed with Star Wars, and I will forever adore that show for the rest of my life. I’ve just never been able to get into Star Trek…

      YESSS!!! I feel like Sherlock and Doctor Who–both being written by Steven Moffat (kind of, in the case of DW)–are somewhat connected in the fandom world, but they are both so very near and dear to my heart!


  6. *snatches a flung cookie out of the air and munches on it happily while obsessing over this post and all it’s beautiful enthusiasm*


    You would totally hang out with Moriarty. You know it, and so do we all. But that’s okay, because you and Moriarty would probably ALSO find a way to get the Doctor to swing by (as he cannot ignore mayhem, which the two of you would undoubtedly cause).

    YOU’VE SEEN FRINGE??!?!!? Can we just talk about that for a minute, because you’re right, NOBODY has seen Fringe and YAY! That was such a fun show. I want to go rewatch it now. Okay, but this is literally like the only JJ Abrams thing I cannot really find any faults with. Because I have serious issues with what he did to ma Star Wars and LOST’s ending was… well… maybe it would have been better if he’d stuck with the show for more than a season rather than creating a bajillion mystery boxes and then leaving them for others to open. But seriously. Fringe is awesome. (Also, I had a serious crush on Joshua Jackson when I was 10 and he was Charlie in Mighty Ducks) so there’s that.

    (And yes, we’re totally stretching the “fantasy” definition a lot this year, because… I want to). (If I were a fantasy villain, I’d be the one changing things constantly and never making up my mind. And it would be impossible for the heroes to defeat me, because my evil spontaneity would foil their plans to foil my plans because my plans would forever be changing. MWAHAHAHAHHA)

    I’m in a mood. Clearly. sorrynotsorry

    Okay, what don’t we love about Endgame? (There are things I don’t love about Endgame, but overall, I thought it was a good sunset for the franchise) But I want to know if the things you don’t like about Engame are the same things I don’t like about Endgame (coughTHORcough coughGIRLPOWERSTUPIDNESScough))

    HARRY POTTER!!!! I love Harry Potter so much. It wasn’t my first fandom, since I was already in high school when the first book was published, and I didn’t even start reading them until a good 4 years later… but oh they are so dear and beautiful and I love them. *hugs them forever*

    Eeep, this post was just so fantastic!!!

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    • Okay, but my mom 100% agrees with you. XD Unfortunately I…kind of have to agree, as well, but THE DOCTOR. I WOULD ADORE SPENDING A DAY WITH THE DOCTOR. And if I could spend a day with the Doctor AND Moriarty?? Goodness, my life would be complete. XD

      I’VE SEEN FRINGE!!!!! I absolutely ADORE that show!!! I’ve always been a little disappointed with its ending, because I feel like they had to try and cut as many corners and resolve as many plot threads as they could in a tiny amount of screen time since the show got cut, but everything up to that was simply PERFECTION. (also can we talk about how slimy David Robert Jones was, because DUDE. HE WAS SUCH A SLIMY VILLAIN!!!!) I actually haven’t seen LOST! But it’s something that I’ve considered watching. I always forget that was a JJ Abrams, actually. XD (AND DUDE. Peter’s the best!! I’ve never seen Mighty Ducks, but if Joshua Jackson is in it, I might have to watch. XD)

      (OH MY WORD. You would legit be the best villain ever if you did that, not gonna lie. XD And tbh I think that’s the only way to truly succeed as a villain. All the villains these days are just monologuing and giving away all of their secrets and I just??? SIR, THAT IS NOT HOW WE DO THINGS.)



      YES YES YES!! I technically got to them “late” since the first one was published like two years before I was born, and also my family was averse to them–convinced by our old church that it was the epitome of evil, as you do–until eventually they stumbled upon the first movie on television one night and fell in love, so I wasn’t technically “allowed” to read or watch it until I was a wee bit older than the typical age demographic, but like….it was still the first fandom I fell head over heels in love with. And YES. I don’t think it really matters when you read them for the first time. Those books have a way of taking over your heart and staying there forever… <333

      OH MY WORD!! Thank you so much!! And thank you even more for creating Fantasy Month! I am so beyond excited to keep up with all the fantasticalness!


  7. “in which kenzie screams about fandoms (oh no)” OH YES

    I know little about Star Trek, but from what I’ve seen, I’m half inclined to argue that Spock and R2D2 have the same level of sass and may therefore be the equivalent character from the respective fandoms??

    Marvel > DC movies, for sure. Batman IS great, but I feel like DC has done themselves a huge disservice in the way they’ve presented him?? like, gritty loner with Alfred hanging sadly in the background [I’ve never watched a Batman movie, only Justice League, shhh], but they had the opportunity for BATFAMILY. I mean. I’d 1000% watch a movie where DC takes itself less seriously but also has the full angst and heart of the batfamily. [A movie wouldn’t be long enough, though… he’s got four sons, and one girl-son-who-doesn’t-talk, and two girl-not-sons-because-those-ones-already-have-parents, and–]

    (also yes Endgame never happened. Neither did Infinity War. Civil War is still under review. The Avengers are currently living in Avengers Tower and eating pop-tarts or something and wondering when Loki’s going to change back from a cat and why that Daredevil guy doesn’t enjoy movie nights.)

    And there is Nothing Wrong with liking fandoms that lots of other people like. Sometimes it feels like there’s judgement about that? but why though. (Buuuut… if you’re after a smaller fandom, can I recommend the webcomic The Silver Eye? (thesilvereye.com) Pls join us, Kenzie xD )

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    • (psst listen to Jem and go read The Silver Eye. You will binge the whole thing and die when you’re caught up to present time and it’ll be amazing. Being a Nerdarian is amazing. [see even the name is fantastic]. *whispers* join ussss…)
      (i’m so sorry for this comment, i’m sleep-deprived okay)

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      • ((Sarah! ARE WE LIKELY TO HAVE CROSSED PATHS ON TSE, I NEED TO KNOW. Do you comment? are you in the Discord?? do you use a different name???))

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      • OOOOOOOOOH. Okay, well, if two people in the same comment section tell me I must binge this, clearly I must binge this…. Just hang on while I go find it and add it to my ever-growing, slightly angry-looking TBR……. (shh, you’re fine, TBR. this one’s going on top.)

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        • Shhhh, Kenzie’s TBR, shhhhh… there now…. (*casually slips it a totally innocent cup of tea that totally does NOT have a sedative in it*)
          Seriously, though, re: Jem’s comment: I’ve never been into webcomics either, but this one is so beautiful and the characters so INCREDIBLE, that I think if you give it a chance you’ll love it? (Fingers crossed, anyway.) As Jem says, THE MAGICAL HEALING AXE-WIELDING ASSASSIN. He is such a horrible person and hilariously snarky and just…the Moriarty vibes here are REAL. Very Kenzie, imo.

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          • He DEFINITELY gives off fantasy Moriarty vibes. In that “I am evil and I love it, let me stop for a brief snark and now whoops I’m back to murdering” way.

            …Would your TBR like a biscuit to go with the definitely-not-sedative-laced tea?

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          • Okay, but if this actually works to calm the TBR, I’m using this trick for the rest of my life. XD

            WHAT. Okay, I’m 100% going to be checking this out now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to binge it, tbh, but it will happen. Especially now that Moriarty has entered the chat…… XD

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    • Thank you for enabling me, but also JEM DO NOT ENABLE ME. I cannot handle this kind of power.

      ……okay, so you weren’t supposed to BREAK THE HYPOTHETICAL DIVISION. How on earth am I supposed to claim Star Wars is better now? YOU BROKE MY BARGAINING CHIP. HOW DARE. XD (but also this is a legit rebuttal and I accept this headcanon.)

      “gritty loner with Alfred hanging sadly in the background” << This is 100% every single bat movie and you ARE SO RIGHT. They really needed to focus on the batfamily! There was this moment in one of the movies where I was SURE they were going to make a smol little Robin, but nope. They did NOT. And I was severely disappointed. And I…do not know as much about the batfamily as you do. XD BUT THIS IS BECAUSE DC HAS FAILED ME, OBVIOUSLY. XD

      (I mean yes, I definitely accept this as truth and will forever push Endgame under the rug until my dying breath. And the fact that they have poptarts makes me weirdly happy. Do you guys even HAVE poptarts? IS THIS A COMMUNAL THING WE SHARE?? [also WHY doesn't Daredevil enjoy movie nights? Should I know this?])

      Oh oh oh!!!! I have a few friends who adore that comic!!! I just have a really tough time getting into webcomics? I can't explain it. I really need to just push through it and binge one–probably TSE–someday…. Hopefully soon? KEEP YELLING AT ME ABOUT THIS ONE, JEM. Don't let me forget. XD

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      • JUST ONE ROBIN. IS THAT SO HARD, DC MOVIE DIVISION. Also I am hardly an expert on the Bats, simply an enthusiastic gobbler of stories. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        …I think we do get poptarts, but they’re sort of considered Foreign Food? I’ve certainly never had one. [And Daredevil doesn’t enjoy movie nights because, although no one knows because he’s kept it to his civilian lawyer identity, he’s blind ;P ]

        YES. Read it. I’ve never really gotten into any other webcomics either, but this one has such good characters! YOU WILL LOVE THE MAGIC-HEALING AXE-WEILDING NINJA ASSASSIN VILLAIN, I PROMISE.

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        • YOU WOULD THINK IT’D BE RELATIVELY EASY. But alas. DC doesn’t appreciate family as much as Marvel. *squints at DC* *mostly because their movies are so dark* *literally* *what is happening*

          WHAT. You’ve never ever had a poptart?? Those things are a STAPLE in American households!! Or rather…they’re a staple in MY household… So. XD


          THERE’S A MAGIC-HEALING AXE-WEILDING NINJA ASSASSIN VILLAIN???? Oh my word, why has no one told me of this…

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  8. Kenzie, your posts are LIFE. They just…I love them. I love the energy, I love the LOVE FOR WONDERLAND. Wonderland is fantastic and honestly living there wouldn’t be that bad. I practically lived there as a kid. I read both the books, got to the end, and flipped back to the beginning to start over again. XD It does seem like not everybody loves it that much (which is fine, it’s kind of…weird xD) but I love how much you love it because SAME.

    I prefer Spock, please don’t skewer me XD R2D2 is cute! But…Spock. And I grew up with Star Trek and Bones’ and Kirk’s friendship and unflappable Uhura and cute little Chekhov and SPOCK. So. Um. Yeah. Sowwy? Have some consolatory chocolate chip cookies. :)

    Liked by 2 people

    • OH MY GOODNESS!!! Dude, I ADORE that story about you and Wonderland!!! That is the cutest thing EVER. XD And YES! It is so so nice to find others who love that world as much as I do! I feel like it’s oddly underappreciated, and that makes me sad. :(( I’ve definitely met people who DON’T like Wonderland, and I just….are they okay. Do they need help. I think perhaps they do. XD

      OKAY, NOW LISTEN HERE, MISS–oh! Cookies!!! *chomps* Okay okay, I suppose we can overlook this slight on our friendship. XD And also I TOTALLY can see why you’d love Star Trek, then! I guess that’s the way it was for me with Star Wars. Except I watched it for the first time when I was 16 and realized that I was, in fact, a huge geek. (wonderful discovery. 10/10 recommend. XD) Also bless you for the cookies. These are INCREDIBLE.

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  9. *cough* I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars *cough* *cough* Spock is definitely better than R2D2, though it is cute! *cough* (hopefully we can still be friends?)
    Lunar Chronicles is my first book fandom, Marvel is my first film fandom and Once Upon a Time is my first TV show fandom.
    I realise I am not much of a fandom person. I don’t care about merch or spend hours looking at fan art or even talking about it all the time. Wow. I am such a fan to my fandoms. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • *cough* of course we can be friends! *cough* *cough* although rest assured I will most certainly try to convert you still *cough*

      Oooooh! I absolutely ADORED OUAT! Although I must admit that once Disney took over, it got a little weird… The whole Anna and Elsa thing sorta ruined it for me. Although I DID end up breaking through it. I just….something was missing from it after a while.

      Oh no, I definitely understand that! For me, personally, my fandom-ish-ness usually just involves me squealing about it internally, and–once I’m OBSESSED, which honestly happens very little–collecting some merch, such as buttons or bags or a shirt with someone’s *cough* Moriarty *cough* face plastered on it. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • I feel like I’m trying to convert myself since I’m planning to watch all things Star Wars. XD I do love the world of Star Wars better than Star Trek, but the main characters from Star Trek are just way more precious to me and so it makes Star Trek more valuable to me.

        I always thought they were drawing inspiration from the Disney fairy tales as well as the original versions, so I wasn’t surprised by that and I actually loved that season. I just love seeing Anna and Elsa in a live action version. *SPOILERS AHEAD* I also loved how they did a similar story line with the parents to Frozen 2. That was so cool. And they actually used some of the original Snow Queen fairy tale which I just love. *END SPOILERS* But I can see how that could put someone off.


        • Tbh, I should probably try and watch Star Trek. I definitely didn’t give it the chance it deserved. (but also I kinda just want to watch the newer ones because I’m Lame. XD)

          Ooh, that’s a solid point! I do really love the Snow Queen fairy tale, but I think I would have preferred had they put their own spin on it, rather than using the Frozen characters. (kind of similar to how they brought in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.) I never noticed the parallels to the second Frozen movie, though! If I ever go back and rewatch, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that…!

          Liked by 1 person

          • The best place to appreciate Star Trek is watching the original TV show. The new movies are pretty good but I feel like they miss a few things I love about the originals. And while I have only watched two of the original movies, I’ve heard most of them are terrible with a couple of good ones. I watched one bad one and one good one, so I don’t recommend starting with the movies.

            Yeah, that’s fair. With Anna and Elsa, a lot of the amazingness of the Snow Queen tale was lost because of it. Yeah, it is bizarre, I was so shocked that Once Upon a Time had unconsciously predicted the direction of Frozen 2.


  10. Hehe, I do love Star Trek, but Artooey overrules Spock any day. ;)

    Ooooh! Marvel! Yes! (And, dude, I so have my own fanfic of how Endgame actually went and now I simply mentally edit each following movie. XD The certain people we mourn don’t die in my version. XP)

    Eeeee!!! Lunar Chronicles!!! I love those characters SO much! (…we may have a problem over which one of us gets to play Cress… XDDD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesssss!!! 100% agree! I feel like maybe I haven’t given Star Trek enough of a chance, but like….it’s just not my vibe. XD

      Oh my goodness!!! Dude, I’m so intrigued by this fanfic ending. Like I already know it’s 1000% better than what the Marvel writers came up with. (I am SO salty about it all still… But unfortunately it’s not stopping me from wanting to rewatch the entire Marvel universe movies in chronological order, so…. oops?)

      (OOH. OOH. Okay, so MAYBE I can give up my beloved Cress spot if I can somehow, magically, be Winter. XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Yay! Another Marvel fan! I hope you don’t mind, but I tagged you in The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag.

    Some of my favorite fantasy things are Lunar Chronicles, Wonderland, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Auralia Thread series by Jeffery Overstreet, the Wingfeather Saga… I could probably go on 😁.


    • Oh my goodness, no I don’t mind at all!!! Thank you so much!!! (I’m actually planning on starting writing mine out later today!)

      OOOOOOH YESSSS!!!! Lunar Chronicles and Wonderland, FANTASTIC BEASTS….!!!! That’s such a fun fandom. It’s definitely got a different vibe than your typical Harry Potter, but I LOVE the fact that Newt–a Hufflepuff!!!–got his own movie series. Like WHAT. It’s perfection. I still have to read the Wingfeather Saga!!! But I’m really really excited to!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Newt’s a Hufflepuff?! How did I miss that?… But yes, those movies are perfection. They were my introduction into Rowling’s world (besides the first 3/4 of the first Harry Potter book). Love them.
        And the Wingfeather Saga is the best.😁.


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