My Summer TBR Pile – ft. a tower of books which will probably kill me

good morning, cyberspace!

I woke up the other morning to sunshine gleaming through my window, birdsong sparkling through the air, and the sound and smell (yes, smell) of the air conditioner filtering through the house.

In other words, summer is nigh upon us, and I figured it’s time to start plotting out which books I want to read this season!

I don’t know the logistics behind it, but I find that my excitement for reading strengthens tenfold during the summer. It’s like even though my life gets busier, I’m STILL able to find more time to read than I do during the winter/spring. It literally makes no sense, and yet…? I’m oddly okay with this. XD I love reading. I love summer. And sitting out on my front porch with a good book in my lap and a cat clawing at my feet is literally one of the best ways to spend my free time. #selfcare

So! Over the past few days I’ve been scribbling down which books I’d like to read during the summer, and today, I thought I’d share that (rather extensive) list with you all! Obviously it will be a miracle if I even end up reading HALF of the books on this list, but as of right now, I’m confident I can read at least three of them.

I’m a relatively slow reader, okay, don’t judge me. XD

>>> <<<





Believe it or not, I have yet to finish a Percy Jackson novel. …or anything written by Rick Riordan, for that matter. And I KNOW this is basically an atrocity to all reader-kind, of course, but allow me to explain the why’s behind it:

In a similar vein to the way Harry Potter was frowned upon in many Christian communities when it first came forth (unless you, like my family, realized it’s actually super cool and became lowkey obsessed with it), I always kind of looked at Percy Jackson–which is filled with Greek Mythology–and thought, “huh. blasphemous.” And I’m really not sure why I ever thought this, because it’s just mythology. The concept of such things is actually highly intriguing to most individuals. But there was something about it that made me feel funny, and therefore I stuck to Hogwarts and wizardry and stayed far, FAAAAAAR away from Camp Half-Blood. (because reading about witchcraft is so much more normal than reading about a kid who’s the son of Poseidon [or whoever Percy is related to. I think it’s the fish-dude {anyway. moving on.}])

But now that I’m a little bit older and a little bit wiser, I’ve since realized that I seriously missed out when it comes to the Percy Jackson stories. It’s essentially a classic Middle Grade series, and I–being the odd child that I was–completely passed it by. So now that I’m in my 20’s and clearly much more mature than I was all those years ago, I’m gonna read the book with the fish boy and the fawn kid with the funny boots. (I feel like I’m totally butchering this storyline, but HUZZAH. we shall see just how much of this I got right once I start reading. XD)


PETER PAN by JM Barrie

Believe it or not, despite my severe and unquenchable love for Peter Pan, I’ve never actually read Peter Pan. And this is CLEARLY an abomination which must be fixed immediately. I can’t go around touting a love for something I’ve technically never read, now can I?

(I mean, obviously I can because I’ve been doing it for years now but SHUSH. No one needs to think about this that hard. It’s fine. Everything is totally fine.)

Ahem. Moving on.


KING’S WARRIOR by Jenelle Schmidt (audiobook)

Okay, so this is one that I’m SO SO excited about. Jenelle’s fantasy series, Minstrel’s Song, JUST finished releasing in audiobook format, and it is my desire to read ALL of the audiobooks this year. But specifically this summer. XD

I have 20 minute long commutes to work (both ways), so that’s a total of 40 minutes of drive time every single time I’m scheduled to work. Despite the fact that I normally listen to music on my way to and from the coffee shop, it has since come to my attention that my time may be better spent jamming out to some super cool audiobooks–specifically ones about dragons and fantastical lands and SWORDS AND FIGHTING AND–

….to be honest, I’m a little nervous that I’ll get so emotionally invested in the story that I’ll crash, but eh. It’s fine. At least I’ll be slaying a dragon at the same time. XD

Okay okay, but in all seriousness, I really want to try listening to audiobooks during my drives! If I can listen to my ’tis but a bop playlist with my windows down while screaming Crocodile Rock at the top of my lungs, I’m pretty sure I can listen to an audiobook without anything truly awful happening.

…right? Right.

29236299. sy475

GEMINA by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman

I read the first book in this series during the very beginnings of the *cough* plague *cough*. And for anyone who has read ILLUMINAE, I’m sure you can understand why reading such a book during a time in which a global pandemic was raging around the universe was scarring to say the least. I am therefore prone to believe that anything which happens in this series will inexplicably come to life and affect my real world whenever I read it. It’s a very terrifying situation I’ve found myself within, my friends.

But alas. We are going to continue along with the series, nevertheless. XD I sincerely apologize to anyone who has read GEMINA and knows the horrors which I’m about to release upon the real world. I simply cannot resist reading this novel any longer, I’m afraid.




Technically these are all rereads, and I SUPPOSE if I wanted to challenge myself less, I could just….delete these from my TBR. But, guys, I’m SO excited to be rereading this series, and I can’t possibly put it down now! My lovely friend, Christine, has been buddy reading these books with me, and it is just such a breath of fresh air for me right now. Getting to re-experience the world of Harry Potter with such a dear friend has been an experience of a lifetime.

I also just finished reading Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and getting to see Remus and Sirius again made my heart oh so happy! While I love all of the Harry Potter’s dearly, Year 3 is definitely my favorite. There’s something about that book that just fills me with all of the warm fuzzies. XD

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

And there you have it–my summer 2021 TBR pile! I’m absolutely positive I won’t be able to read ALL of these before the sun sets on the last day of summer, but like … a girl can dream, right? XD

So! What kinds of books are YOU planning on reading over the next few months? Pop down into the comments and tell me all about your wildest reading adventures! And until next time, as always…

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


22 thoughts on “My Summer TBR Pile – ft. a tower of books which will probably kill me

    • OOF! Reading the physical books I own is DEFINITELY something I need to be doing more of. XD And OOOH! Six Crimson Cranes! I feel like I’ve heard of this one before… Definitely will have to look into it!


  1. Ooh, you are in for a TREAT with Percy Jackson! It’s so funny, as a Christian homeschooler, I’ve been exposed to *Greek myth* since I was sooooo tiny, but when it came to Greek myth *in Percy Jackson*… *I* was super skeptical. XD And obviously, we don’t think that the worldbuilding is true, but there are so many books where we don’t believe the worldbuilding is true, so… I wouldn’t say they’re my *favorite* books ever, but they SO fun.

    Peter Pan is an awesome book! It’s strange and dreamlike and so wonderfully written!

    I planning a super rereading-heavy summer, especially in July…I have six series I want to reread (ranging from three to twelve books. *is dead*), plus four standalones…which I’m not sure I’m going to get done, but it’ll be fun to try! (Plus, it’ll hopefully be relaxing before I leave for college. Which I need.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly!!! It’s such a weird confliction! Clearly dragons and mermaids and gnomes don’t exist (or DO THEY???), but somehow I was never suspicious of stories pertaining to those? Lol, it makes NO sense. But I’m so excited to read Percy Jackson soon! It’s gonna be a blast, I’m sure of it!

      Yessss! Peter Pan is another one that I’m dying to get to… It’s just one of my favorite tales, and I seriously cannot believe I haven’t actually read it yet?

      Oh my goodness, yay!! We can do re-reads together!!! Also college sounds like a super stressful time, so PLEASE take this summer to relax and read all the books of your heart! That sounds like a beautiful way to spend your vacation before diving into school! I hope you’re able to read all of the books you want to! It’s beginning to look like I won’t be able to, but alas. Such is life. XD


  2. Reading on the porch sounds lovely (have to leave out the cat part, allergies and all that).
    Mmm, I never cared much for the Percy Jackson books as a young’un. Although I admit Riordan did a good jobs with his hooks, action, and title names.
    I should try the King’s Warrior audio book, sometime.
    Summer is so busy for me as well, and my reading slows down. But I do hope to finish one fat book over the summer, with some comics for balance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OOF. I’m slightly allergic to the cats, but it’s a bearable allergic reaction, fortunately! (I only have symptoms if I’m outside and around them for a lengthy period of time).

      I’ve always heard that Riordan was a master storyteller, so I’m definitely excited to see what he’s got up his sleeves! (also my friends absolutely adore PJ and I have no clue why I haven’t read them by now. XD)

      OOOH! Comics!!! Dude, that sounds awesome!!! And the term “fat book” made me smile, because I’m currently right in the middle of one. (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) And MY GOODNESS. This book is a pudge. XD


  3. Oh I love Peter Pan so much!! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    And I loved the Percy Jackson series. The author did some things in the sequel series I didn’t appreciate, so I never finished, but the original series was good and wraps up nicely.

    I’m doing a lot of ARC reading in the first part of this summer. The Mirror and the Curse by JM Stengl, Madness Solver by E.E. Rawls, and Truesilver by DJ Edwardson (hmmm, a lot of initial-named authors…. I sense a totally unintentional theme here…) :-D

    Then I mostly hope to keep up with my book club picks… the June book got pre-empted by all the ARC reads… (what was I thinking signing up for three of them in the same month?!?!?)

    I’m also considering what to re-read in the near future… Harry Potter has been calling my name lately… but I also have to finish reading The Chronicles of Narnia to the kids, and I kinda wanted to read them Harry Potter after that… but then… I kinda just want to read HP to myself and enjoy the experience… ack! I’m torn!

    Happy reading!!!

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    • Meep! I’m definitely thinking about writing a post about the experience once I’m done! Of course, I have to actually START before I can finish, but you know. Semantics. XD

      Ooof. Sometimes I feel like sequel series have a habit of doing things like that, which is annoying. But I’m eager to read the original series and see what the hype is all about! It seems like almost everyone I know has read Percy Jackson, so I’m extremely late to the bandwagon. XD

      OOOOOOOH. Okay, but all of these titles sound INCREDIBLE!! (and eep! I think I recognize a few of these names!!!!!! *squeals silently*)

      OOF. Yeah, I have difficulty keeping up with arcs and stuff. And it’s not that I don’t want to read them? I just find that my reading mood is volcanic and impossible to predict. So I often find myself just…failing. XD All the time. XD

      Oh goodness, that IS a conundrum!!!! Perhaps there is a different series you could read them after Narnia? I’ve been wanting to read the Wingfeather Saga, and THAT one seems like a good one for kids? (or at least I feel like it might be? honestly I have no clue. XD)



    Okay but I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from with Percy Jackson! I, too, was never sure if it was okay to read those, so never did for the longest. But then I FINALLY gave them a shot in…2016, I believe? And OH MY WORD. I adored them! ADORED THEM. I actually found that with the mythical stuff, it was more making fun of it all. Like…Rick Riordan is not in any way trying to get kids to worship these fake gods. Lol. The books are more pointing out how utterly awful and RIDICULOUS these myths and gods are, and are there to poke a little fun at all the absurdity. SO YES. I absolutely recommend them. I think you are going to LOVE them. They are so funny!

    AND PETER PANNN. I’m so excited for you to read that one! It is childhood personified. <3 Or, erm, bookishified? I DON'T KNOW. But it's just a delight all the way around!

    And I am having so much fun with our HP readalong!!! It's turning into one of my highlights of 2021! I'm so happy we're doing this! <333

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    • Oh my goodness, this is honestly the best description of Percy Jackson I have EVER heard!!! I love the idea that he’s poking fun at the mythology… Also, from what very little I HAVE read (I think I’ve read a couple chapters of the first book before?), I remember it was a wild romp of an adventure, even from the start, so I am absolutely looking forward to seeing what these books have in store for me!

      BOOKISHIFIED. XD Christine, I swear the words you come up with are my favorite things in the whole entire world. XD

      MEEP! Honestly same!! I feel so bad it’s taking me so loooooong, but like…I’m really enjoying the process of reading Harry Potter again, and it’s been such a delight to get to read it alongside you!!! <3333


  5. Ooh, I’m so excited for you! My family’s doing a read-aloud of the Harry Potter books, and we’re currently on the second one ❤️.

    I’ve only read the first Percy Jackson book, it was decent.

    Oh, and Peter Pan!! I LOVE Neverland-stories (okay, I’ve only seen like three movies, but still 😋.) I want to read it. I picked it up once but just couldn’t get into it, but try, try again they say…

    Speaking of Peter Pan, I want to get my hands on Dust by Kara Swanson and read that this summer. The cover is gorgeous!

    And, um, what is Crocodile Rock?


    • EEP! A family read-along of HP sounds like a FABULOUS time!!! It’s such a beautiful series. I honestly adore it.

      Yessss… Perhaps this will be the year that you and I both finally read Peter Pan! XD I, too, have seen/read almost every adaptation out there, but oddly enough I just haven’t read the original text. Which makes no sense but there it is. XD

      Oh my word! Dust was SO. GOOD! I absolutely adored it! I’m so beyond excited for the sequel, though. I just…….yeah. You need to read Dust. XD

      WAIT. YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD CROCODILE ROCK?? It’s a song by Elton John!!! 10/10 recommend looking it up! It will make so much more sense once you listen. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my GOODNESS!! KENZIE!!! You’re going to love Percy Jackson!!! The snarky banter will be right up your alley!! I can’t believe you haven’t read Peter Pan either (ignoring the fact I haven’t read it lol). I can’t wait for you to read Gemina, you’ll have to text me your thoughts! Have fun with the rereads!! ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

    • DUDE. WE SHOULD READ PETER PAN TOGETHER. XD I need accountability, here, apparently. XD And I’m SO SO EXCITED FOR PERCY JACKSON!!! I know you absolutely adore it, so I’m super excited to finally understand the fandom!!!

      YESSSS!!! Gemina!!!! I am SO excited for that one!!! Ugh, I just want to read all of the things. Is that too much to ask. XD


  7. *hold a piece of paper with a late notice* XD
    I am a fellow slow reader and so will not judge you. We slow readers need to support each other after all. With what all the fast readers leaving us behind in our dusty TBR. :/
    I read Percy Jackson (only the first book) and didn’t love it. I might try the second, but that’s for the distant future. I didn’t read Percy Jackson as a kid either. I only read it about a year ago.
    I have started Harry Potter! I have only read the first one but I really want to read the next one. I so enjoyed it and watching two of the movies too made me excited for the rest of the series! *grumbles about not having a copy of the second book on hand now*
    Oh, I so want to read Illuminae! I am so fascinated by it! Also considering that the events inside it have already happened I don’t think I need to worry about it coming to reality anymore, don’t you think?
    I should read Peter Pan. Everyone seems to love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SLOW READERS UNITE, YAS!!! *gives you a pin* We’re having a bake sale next week! Hopefully you can come. I’m making cookies!

      See, I didn’t think I was going to love Percy Jackson, but my goodness it swept me off my feet. I’m loving it so far!

      And HARRY POTTER!!! That makes my heart SO happy that you’re enjoying the series! Harry Potter holds such a special place in my heart, and it makes me so happy to see other readers discovering that world for the first time! Hopefully you can get your hands on Chamber of Secrets soon! It’s well worth the wait, let me tell ya. XD

      Oh yes! Definitely read Illuminae! That book…. destroyed me. Like physical destruction of my sanity. But in a good way!!! 😂 I highly recommend it!

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