Life & Other Disasters! – an update

good morning, cyberspace!

So! Some of you might have noticed that I have not posted for a couple weeks. This was in no way supposed to happen, and I am really quite sorry that it did. However, as I am sure you will come to see in the next few paragraphs, life has been a little funky lately, friends. XD It’s in no way a bad thing–actually, two out of the three major circumstances are really quite good! But as it is, sometimes life prevents us from doing the things which we love.

Fortunately, the things we love have a way of sticking around until we can make it back to them.

So! Today, in leu of the fact that I don’t currently have a super amazingly epic blog post lurking around my drafts folder waiting to be posted, I’d thought I’d give a smidgen of a writing/life update!

Because clearly y’all love hearing me ramble, yes?

>>> <<<

LIFE (and other disasters of similar quality)

Soo. Where have I been, you might be wondering? Where could I–the great and powerful Kenzie–have disappeared off to for two whole entire weeks? (the horror!)

The answer, my friends, is really quite wonderful:

I went on a writing retreat! And technically it was a virtual writing retreat, which … you know … means I didn’t even have to leave my couch. so the fact that this kept me from blogging is entirely irrelevant *cough* but I MUST POINT OUT that during this writing retreat, I was simultaneously having a series of the worst weeks of 2021! So like?? I feel like I should get some slack there, yes? It’s really difficult for me to be productive and creative when my IRL existence is in shambles and crumbling down around me, but I digress. Life moves on, I discovered some really amazing writing advice from the curators of the writing retreat, and here I am today to tell you all about my progress in both my WIP (project goblin, for those keeping score), and my real life! (more on both of these things below).

But first, I want to tell you guys the reason that I missed a post for this specific Tuesday. Because technically the writing retreat ended last weekend, so I should have had plenty enough time to draft something. But I sorta kinda completely blew off writing a blog post for Tuesday to … er … go to a trampoline park?

…and then I completely busted up my ankle. While bouncing on a trampoline. At said trampoline park.

I didn’t say I was proud of it, okay? XD

So Tuesday after work, instead of following my initial plan to sketch up a blog post and throw it onto the internet, I decided to spend the evening with a whole gang of coworkers and friends. It was a jolly, high-energy time which I’m SO thankful for, but then, towards the end of the night when we were all beginning to crave Chick-Fil-A, I took a leap of faith on one final trampoline, stumbled, tripped, and face-planted into a giant foam mattress that completely absorbed me into its comforting embrace.

And suddenly there was an intense burning sensation in my left ankle.

Fast forward to today (Friday night), and I’m sitting on the couch sporting a deliciously galaxy-like bruise and questioning not only my sanity, but the sanity of anyone who dares enter a trampoline park.

And yet? I have no regrets, my friends. Absolutely none at all. XD #noregerts (except, you know, for the GIANT BRUISE ON MY ANKLE. But like it’s fine. I had fun. 10/10 will not be going back.)

But yeah, that’s about it for the life update! There are some Other Things going on behind the scenes that I don’t feel quite comfortable talking about yet (nothing but good things, of course!), but to give a conclusion on that aforementioned terrible series of weeks I experienced recently, I’ve been on the receiving end of God’s grace and His everlasting kindness the past couple weeks, and everything that was piling up around me to the point of near-suffocation has–despite all odds–been completely flipped on its head. Life is good. My heart is full. My foot looks like the backdrop for a wormhole.

I’m happy, guys. I’m really, really happy.

And also slightly in pain.

And now, on to the writing update!

>>> <<<

WRITING (Behind The Scenes of Project Goblin)

Okay, so this is something that I’m EXTREMELY excited to talk about, guys! I don’t have a whole lot to share right now (bummer), but I do have a lot of excitement for this story and where it’s headed!

I think the last substantial update I gave for The Girl and The Goblin King had something to do with my revelation/breakthrough, in which I discovered that this story had a slight Wizard of Oz vibe to it. Now, a month or so and 12 chapters later, I’ve finally reached a spot in this novel that I had yet to reach.

My friends, lords and ladies, children and hobgoblins–we have officially reached the hall of the goblin king.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for YEARS now. Never in all my rewrites, in all of my drafts, in all of my half-finished NaNo’s, have I gotten to the goblin king’s castle. Never. Not even once.

And yet….here we are. Technically I haven’t exactly stepped foot into the castle yet, but rest assured that this will be happening tonight. I have a wee bit of writer’s block at the moment from this being such a momentous occasion in the drafting of this novel, but the good news is that since I know the cause (MOMENTOUS OCCASION, YEET!), I know exactly how to fix it.

…just keep writing.

And since I’ve got a bum leg and a Saturday of doing nothing before me, I have a vaguely good feeling about what I’m going to be working on over the weekend. XD

Aside from the fact that we have now entered the hall of the goblin king, I’d also like to mention that my main terror child, Annalora, has decided to completely shut me out. She won’t talk to me–or even look at me, for that matter–but this is all fine and dandy since Todd has decided to become my new best friend. He’s a nervous mess, and apparently becoming a nervous mess about potential death and hallucinatory nightmares is enough to crack him open and get him talking? To be honest, I’ll take it. Annalora I can fix in a later draft. Todd is the man carrying this story at the moment, and I kinda need my leading guy to develop some sort of a personality within the first draft.

But I digress. Of more notable quality, Todd’s sanity is slowly whirlpooling down the drain, my walking tree got left behind because he couldn’t fit inside a tiny secret passage, and WE HAVE FINALLY DISCOVERED MY CREEPY TRIPLET BOYS!!

I’m probably most excited about that, quite frankly. My triplets are some of the most disturbing creatures I’ve ever dreamed up, and getting to flesh them out further on the page has been an experience. I’m not sure they’re quite up to par with the vision living inside my head, but you know what? This is a first draft. It’s allowed to be a little subpar every now and then!

As far as wordcount goes, I am very, very behind on my goals for June, but my progress through the story has been so substantial recently that I can’t bring myself to be disappointed. Currently, I’m deciding to focus on scenes rather than wordcounts. It seems a little less harsh on my mentality towards writing, and though I may not be progressing as quickly as I want to be, I know that I’m filling out these chapters in a way that feels right. Every book is different, I guess, and for right now, slow and steady is how this book is demanding to be written.

I do–as I might have mentioned previously–have a hard deadline for this book, but as of right now I’m not going to be sharing it anywhere on cyberspace. It’s not only a protection for my own sanity, but also to keep me from stressing about breaking yet another goal deadline in front of everyone on the internet. XD But rest assured that you will all know the moment the first draft of this book is completed! I am extremely excited to have the first draft of Project Goblin FINALLY under my belt, and though it might take a little longer than initially expected, I’m pushing forward with everything I have, and am determined to complete this manuscript before the year is out…!

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

And that, my friends, about sums up my life update for today! Personal injuries, fun writing plans, and a whole slew of messy life-ish-ness… I gotta say, this year is really shaping up to be quite the whirlwind. But that’s quite enough about me! Tell me something about YOU!

Have you ever blown off writing priorities to spend a night with friends? Are you working on anything special during the beginning of these glorious summer months? What is the WORST injury you’ve ever sustained as a human? (not gonna lie–this one is ranking uip there)

Let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below! And until next time…

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


22 thoughts on “Life & Other Disasters! – an update

  1. Kenzie!!!!!!! My word! You have been busy! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. That sucks. I mysteriously injured one of my toes this past week. One day it hurt like nobody’s business and I was limping on it, and the next day, I took off my sock and had this lovely blueberry bruise, but I have no memory of injurying it. :( Oh well…. Project Goblin sounds awesome! I’m so excited for where you are at in the story! I remember getting to a particular part in my WIP that I had been aiming toward for years and the excitement I had when I hit it and MY WORD. That is a feeling like no other. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hope you get past that writing block and that you get some epic rest. *HUGS!*

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! This summer literally started off with a bang, I’ve gotta say! XD And meep! Thank you so much! It’s already beginning to feel SO much better, so I’m really really happy about that. (I can actually walk on it without it screaming at me, so that’s a huge relief!) OOF! The mysterious injuries are the WORST. I swear I don’t know where half of the bruises I’ve accumulated over the years came from. They just kind of appear one day without any sort of warning. XD I hope your toe is feeling better, though??? Toes are stubborn and link to bonk on random objects, so hopefully it’s been good and hasn’t tried to launch itself at any furniture during the healing process…

      EEP! Thank you!!! I’m honestly SO excited to be writing this story! And every so often yet another piece of the puzzle clicks into place and makes me love it even more and I just!!!! THIS is my favorite part of the drafting process. Editing is where everything comes together, but there is truly nothing like the ferocious creativity that goes into crafting a first draft.

      MEEP. Thank you so so much, Julia!!! *tackle hugs you back*


  2. YAY for that amazing writing accomplishment!!! *flings more cookies onto your seemingly endless cookie stash because cookies are good celebration food, yes?* That is so fantastic!

    Ugh, I’m so sorry about your ankle. That is a huge bummer. (And, yeahhh, I have definitely procrastinated writing to hang out with friends…heh…but sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do! 😆)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meep!! Thank you SO much, Amelie!!!! I’m honestly so so excited about it! (and the castle is even more intense than I had initially realized, so this has been an Adventure. XD) YESSS! MORE COOKIES!!! I will never refuse the offer of cookies. Ever. They are literally my lifeblood. XD

      The ankle is feeling a ton better, thankfully! I still can’t twist it in specific directions, but eh., That’s over-rated, anyway. XD (LOL! Sometimes we just need to step away, right? And hopefully not injure ourselves….although maybe that’s necessity, too. XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love hearing your life/writing updates and this was such a treat! But ACK. Your poor ankle!!! D: Oh man, that sounds so painful. I’m sorry! I hope it heals up quickly. <3 But I also adore how you're basically like "I'm in some of the worst pain in my life but I'm SO happy!" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. XD

    And aaaahhhhh!!! I am THRILLED to hear Project Goblin is going well and you've reached such a huge milestone. I've definitely hit spots in my stories that I've been dreaming about for, like, YEARS and it's just…such a magical, surreal thing. I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! You've got this thing, girl! *sends you a pile of motivational cookies to keep you going today*

    Ditching writing to hang out with friends is, quite honestly, the best. XDD Okay, but for reals, God has been really working on me with my sickeningly workaholic self, trying to show me that I need to stop being so focused on my to-do list and just ENJOY the moments and sometimes set aside work just to have fun and take a breath and be with the people I love. Because, really, those things have a much better lasting impact than getting a blog post up or something. So I've been working on that, and am so glad you took time for some fun amdist all the crazy!

    I do hope writing goes wonderfully and your ankle gets better very, very soon! <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Oh my goodness, thank you!!! I actually really love writing posts like this, so it makes me super happy that people enjoy reading them, too! ALSO THE ANKLE IS FEELING A TON BETTER! XD It took about a month for it to heal properly, but now it’s starting to feel a little more like itself again… (occasionally I still step on it wrong and the whole thing buckles beneath me, but like??? I think this is fine. XD)

      MEEP!!! Okay, I DEFINITELY need this cookies right now. XD *glomps happily* Oh my word, Christine you are such an encouragement to me… You have no idea.

      UGH YES!! But also it’s super hard for me to find the balance between Living Life and working on my projects? And I think part of it is because I have a part-time job outside of the house as well as writing, because once I get home from work I’m like “oop, time to chill because I already worked today!”, which is….decidedly not good for productivity. XD But I’m working on changing my mindset towards writing–having it be something that I WANT to do rather than something I HAVE to do, so that it doesn’t feel so much like work, but I’m still productive. XD (I feel like writing is a never-ending process. XD)

      MEEP! Thank you so so much, Christine!!!! <3333


  4. Wait, WHAT IS A TRAMPOLINE PARK AND HOW CAN I GET THERE?? (Although, tbh, if I did go to a trampoline park, if it is what it sounds like, I think I’d last about fifteen minutes before my pathetic legs gave out. XD)

    I’m so sorry you injured your ankle! But hey, an excuse to sit and write…? XD

    Congrats on getting SO FAR in your WIP! I hope that your literary children continue to cooperate. (Oh man. I feel you about literary children refusing to look at you…the MC of my current WIP has not deigned to tell me her name yet, and I’m over 50,000 words in. And if you think that might be awkward…yes. It very much is.)

    (Oh, and as for worst injury? I think it must have been when I sliced open my hand, right below my thumb, on a broken milk jar and required eight stitches. And still was able to play “It’s Quiet Uptown” on the piano without using my thumb, which is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Basically it is like…this giant, dark room where there are trampolines EVERYWHERE and death is imminent. XD (if you want to see what it’s like, I would google skyzone or urban air! Those are two major trampoline parks around where I live!) ALSO SAME. I was so dead by the time we were leaving….although perhaps that was because my ankle was slightly fractured. XD

      DUDE YES. XD Except it was also an excuse to sit and watch Doctor Who. 10/10 would recommend. XD

      OH DUDE. XD I cannot even imagine having 50k into a manuscript and no name. I would legit be so mad at that character. XD Although, to be fair, I definitely have a character in Project Goblin who’s name has (accidentally) changed like 3 times over the course of the 40k I currently have. So like…I feel you. XD

      (OH. MY. WORD. Okay, that is some SERIOUS dedication and I applaud you!!! One time I grated my knuckle off on a cheese grater. I did not play piano, though. All I did was dive underneath our computer desk and start screaming. XD)


  5. Look, busting up your ankle while at a trampoline park merely shows that you were 100% invested and enjoying yourself?? (at least until the drama happened, presumably :/ ) You had fun! You went for the experience! You beat up that “becoming-a-boring-adult” threat that comes for us all and told it to come back in ten years! xD

    YOU’VE REACHED THE GOBLIN KING’S CASTLE?? *wild confetti* *in black, with a touch of silver, for the aesthetic* And all these characters sound so dramatic and amazing!! (Nervous mess characters are indeed some of the easiest to get talking. Standard interrogation rules, once they sweat, they crack. xD) And creepy triplets?? that sounds very you and I can’t wait to hear more about them xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • THIS IS ODDLY INSPIRATIONAL, THANK YOU. XD XD XD I mean, I DID have fun? Will I be going back…..? Lol, no. XD

      I DIDDDDD!!! And I’m so so excited!!! (I shall have to tell you all of the things soon…. *eyeballs*) Also this confetti is absolutely aesthetic. Is it edible??? *glomps* (um maybe not.) EEP! MY CREEPY TRIPLETS. Dude, I’m gonna have to send you some snippets because……they are wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ouch! I’m so sorry you hurt your foot so badly. And at a place that should be just fun.

    But I’m so excited for you having reached the Goblin King’s Castle and having good writing success!!! *tosses cupcakes*

    I’ve been trying to learn how to take breaks from writing (or thinking about writing or worrying about writing or planning all the writing) to go do things with my kids. It means things don’t get written or edited as fast as maybe I’d wish… but I’m working on not feeling guilty for it and just getting what I can done in the moments I have. It’s not easy and I don’t feel like I’ve found a good balance yet, but other things besides writing are also important.

    Hmmm. Worst injury I’ve ever had… probably the one I’m dealing with at the moment, actually. I did something to my foot last summer while swimming and appear to be now dealing with some kind of tendonitis, which is zero fun. It was doing a LOT better, but then I walked like a billion miles and that seems to have made my foot mad at me again for some strange reason. :-/ It is getting better, though, so even though it’s a little discouraging that it’s flared up again this week after a couple of months of not hurting, it went a couple of months without hurting. And that’s progress.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! I came home and honestly my family was not that surprised. XD I’m literally the klutziest person you will ever meet 😂

      Oh my goodness! That is SUCH a good goal, though, Jenelle!! And I can totally relate. Trying to find the perfect balance between living life and finding the time to write is so hard… :(( But we’ll get there eventually! I’m sure of that!

      OH NO. :((( From one foot injury to another, I am SO sorry to hear that! I’ll definitely be keeping you in my prayers! Foot injuries are actually the worst. I know this now. XD (though I’m glad it’s getting a bit better again!!! my ankle still rolls occasionally, but it’s also healing, which I’m thankful for!)


    • Lol! I came home and honestly my family was not that surprised. XD I’m literally the klutziest person you will ever meet 😂

      Oh my goodness! That is SUCH a good goal, though, Jenelle!! And I can totally relate. Trying to find the perfect balance between living life and finding the time to write is so hard… :(( But we’ll get there eventually! I’m sure of that!

      OH NO. :((( From one foot injury to another, I am SO sorry to hear that! I’ll definitely be keeping you in my prayers! Foot injuries are actually the worst. I know this now. XD (though I’m glad it’s getting a bit better again!!! my ankle still rolls occasionally, but it’s also healing, which I’m thankful for!)


  7. So sorry about your ankle, but at least you don’t have any regrets.
    You made it to the hall of the Goblin King! *screams* sounds like a really exciting part to be at. I love when you get to the points of stories that you’ve been anticipating for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, yessss! I mean how can I have regrets when it was incredibly fun! (I mean…until the ankle shattering thing, of course xD)

      OH MY WORD, SAME! I definitely have my editing cut out for me, but I’m so excited with where this story is taking me!!!


  8. I hope your ankle gets better soon! The worst injury I’ve sustained was breaking both bones in my right arm. Turns out there’s a reason why you’re not supposed to run in the house…

    It’s so awesome you made it to the hall of the Goblin King!!

    This summer, since you asked, I’m stressing about ACTs, college applications, and other assorted adulting things, and doing Camp NaNo in July!

    Liked by 1 person

    • DUDE. Both bones??? Oh my word, that’s awful!!! (Okay but that last comment, though. 😂😅) Still, that sounds so painful? I hope it healed quickly for you!

      DUUUUUUDE! ACT’s. Ah, I definitely remember that time… 😅 Hopefully it all went well for you??? College applications sound TERRIFYING, but I hope you get into the college of your dreams!!! 💛 (and YAY FOR CAMP NANO!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I hit 20K in my WIP, which I’m so happy about! It took forever to get here, but that’s okay. Like you said about your own writing project, it needs to be slow and steady. I am also setting goals (sort of, I’m not a goal person, plus I break them 99% of the time XD) based on scenes rather than wordcounts. Right now, since the progress is so slow, it’s so important for the scenes to *feel* right. Not perfect or polish of course, just *right*. I know I won’t be finishing this book this year, I don’t know when I will finish it in all honesty, but my focus is one step at a time. One day I know I will finish the first draft and then the second draft should be faster going. I just need to keep pushing through the obstacles of this first draft. *sighs* Sometimes stories are so difficult for no reason. Or at least it feels like it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • ACK! CONGRATULATIONS, MY FRIEND!!! 20k is INCREDIBLE, and you should feel so so proud!

      Oh, I SO understand this feeling! Goals are relatively easy for me to make in the moment, but sticking through with them and completing them in a timely manner is NOT my strong suit yet. But I’m getting there! And having a scene feel “right” is so important. I do this too! Sometimes I end up going back and rewriting a scene two or even three times just because I haven’t hit that moment where it feels like I’m writing it correctly.

      First drafts are DEFINITELY fickle creatures, but you are making such good progress, and I’m SO excited for you!! If you ever need to talk or scream or flail about writing, please know my door is always open! I’d love to cheer you on towards that finish line!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, you really would listen to me rant and rave and ramble all things writing? I really appreciate it. :D I don’t know I have a lot to talk about since I make so little progress per month. It’s hard to talk about what it feels like nothing, you know? But of course if I am just bursting to talk about writing, you will be one of the first, if not the first, I will contact! Just know I am very awkward about talking these things and not confident in it and I haven’t really talked to enough people about it cause it just feels weird and I don’t want to bother people. It’s honestly a lot easier to make minimal comments or silently read along. So there’s the very big possibility that I might just get too awkward about it and not talk to you. :/


        • Hey, that’s totally fine! I definitely understand what it’s like to feel awkward, especially with people I know IRL. XD But one of my favorite things is getting to know other writers and helping them gain confidence in their writing, so literally any time you want to potentially reach out, just let me know! You’d never be a bother, that I can promise you!!!

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