Camp NaNoWriMo 2021 – Week 3 (?): lol, idk what’s happening at this point

good morning, cyberspace, and welcome to Kenzie has a slight mental breakdown but it’s fine because Camp NaNoWriMo is supposed to be FUN!

This is my favorite time of year, guys. Absolutely. Literally nothing has been going wrong the past two weeks and I am THRIVING! *nervous laughter intensifies*

Ahah…. Okay, let’s just get to the stats, shall we?

>>> <<<



Ahem… Well. As you can see from the above statistics … it is highly unlikely that I’m going to win Camp NaNoWriMo with these goals. XD Which, you know, is kinda disappointing, I’ll admit. But I’ve made peace with the disappointment and have decided that, while I could choose to beat myself up over this most unfortunate circumstance, I’d rather embrace it, instead! Why? Because throughout this crazy month of complete and utter chaos, I’ve also rediscovered three invaluable truths about my creative process–truths which have provided more creative momentum for me in the past week than I’ve had in the past six months.

What are these truths, you may be wondering? I’m so glad you asked. XD

>>> <<<


RULE ONE — goals are good. adjusting your goals once they become problematic is better.

I did this once already this month when I dropped my initial goal of 50,000 words down to 33,000. Obviously at the time I thought this would be sufficient enough, but it has since come to my attention that this is STILL too big of a chunk for this month. So, in the vein of acknowledging this season of writing I’m in and being kind to myself, I’ve decided to drop my goal once again to a grand total of 22,000 words!

(there actually is a solid reason for 22,000 words, but that will probably become more apparent next month. so. just go with it for now. XD)

Am I sad that I won’t be hitting 50k by the end of July? Yes. But am I going to consider myself a failure for not meeting it? Nope! This is a very strange, malleable time of life for me, and I’m choosing to enjoy the process rather than burn myself out over deadlines.

RULE TWO — words don’t get written unless you write them

This one sounds so blatantly obvious, but like … it’s true. XD I tend to think that procrastinating my writing till the very last dregs of the day is going to be enough for me to hit my word goals of 1,000 to 2,000 words, but trust me when I say that this RARELY. EVER. WORKS.

Writing takes time. Time takes dedication. Dedication means prioritizing, making a plan and sticking to it, and finding a writing routine that WORKS.

For the longest time, I didn’t have a writing routine. I just let myself write whenever I found a spare moment, which meant there was never much structure to the way I did things. I’ve always prided myself on my “chaotic energy”, but something I’ve learned this month? You can still be chaotic within structure. In fact, it’s 100% more fun to do it that way, because you actually get things DONE.

Which is, you know, more than I can say for the way I did things a month ago. XD

RULE THREE — it’s okay for your process to change

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really like change all that much. It scares me. Makes me queasy. I like things to be easily understood and quickly accomplished, and anything that requires blind trust and shaky footsteps into the unknown is certain to make me scream. But just as I’m learning that it’s okay to give yourself grace when you fail, I’m also learning that change is a good thing. Change is progress.

Change is what makes us grow.

And though it TERRIFIES me that my writing process–and even my writing style?–has begun to change, I know that there is growth within the change. I’m learning. I’m experimenting. I’m creating. And that’s okay.

>>> <<<

At the end of the day, this session of Camp NaNoWriMo has–once more–gone nothing according to plan. My commitment wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, I chose to spend time away from the screen in favor of reading good books and spending time out in the real world, and while I know that’s a solid part of being a writer and prioritization, it still hurts to know that once again I’ve managed to put all my grandiose plans to flame. But you know what, friends? There’s always a gleaming light at the end of the tunnel, a glimmer of hope that says “there’s another chance to try again, my dear”. And that gleaming light, that glimmer of hope … it’s called November. *manic laughter intensiFIES*

Evil Laugh GIF

also yes this blog post is completely all over the place because I have a RESCUE MISSION TO WRITE, FRIENDS. brb gotta go bust a scarecrow, wizard, enchanted enchantress, and not one, but TWO little girls out of a goblin king’s castle. it’s fine. everything is fine.

talk to me, peasants!

for all my fellow NaNo participants out there: how is YOUR camp going? are you crushing your goals like the good little goal crusher that you are, or is the writing coming a little bit slower than you would have liked? either way, you are doing FANTASTICALLY and I have cookies for you over on the side-table. (grab one on the way out, won’t you?)

for those NOT doing NaNo: how has your month been so far? reading any good books? going on any fun adventures?

Let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below! And as always, until next time…

* flings cookies in the air and disappears *


14 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo 2021 – Week 3 (?): lol, idk what’s happening at this point

  1. Awwww, Kenzie! I am SO proud of you for learning to shift with life and adjust your goals. I…struggle with that. Like a lot. So I am in complete admiration of your attitude and knowing when to push through and when to step back. That’s what I love about writing–it’s ALWAYS a learning process. We are forever growing, not just in how we write, but the way we approach this writing life in general. There is always something new to learn and experiment and grow in!

    You’re doing amazing, girl. I mean, 10k words is A LOT OF WORDS and something absolutely to be proud of. And, thankfully, your story isn’t going anywhere. There is always more time later to write. I’m so in awe in all you’ve done and learned in grown in. Keep being your awesome self, Kenzie!

    And I do hope your last week of July is a frabjous one! <3

    Liked by 2 people

    • Honestly, you are so right. Writing is always a learning process. That’s something I seriously need to wrap my brain around, because I keep finding myself thinking that one fine day I’m going to know everything there ever is to know about writing… and that just ain’t gonna happen. XD And girl, your positivity is literally sunshine to my soul. I just adore you so so much… <333

      OH MY GOODNESS. Christine, this is legit exactly what I needed to hear!!! Sometimes I worry that not getting my book done NOW essentially means that it will never get done??? But that's so wrong and untrue… Our books are very patient creatures. I should appreciate that more…

      Meep! I hope your July–and now most of your August–was wonderful as well!!! Goodness, this year is flying by…


  2. Um… I’m currently sitting at almost 10k, which is not as much as I’d had wanted, but oh well. It’s sooo much more progress than I’ve ever made in a month – I’m nearly at fifty pages. I probably won’t finish the first draft by the end of the month, but all the ‘aha’ moments make up for it!

    Camp NaNo has been so fun! I think I’m in love with it. It’s helped me fall back into writing, and into love with my story and characters.

    And can I just say that I totally relate to Rule #2? If only the story would write itself, man…

    I’m so happy for you!! It’s amazing that you’ve rediscovered your creative process, and maybe some new things??

    Change can be scary – coming from the girl who’s debated cutting her hair for months and still has anxiety about it – but it can also be great. Maybe the trick is to look forward to the new thing; focusing on the butterfly, not the πŸ›.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, coming from someone who ALSO wrote around 10k last month… MY DUDE. YOU DID FANTASTICALLY. XD It’s incredible how many “aha” moments are waiting within those 10,000 words, isn’t it? I definitely had my fair share of those last month, as well, and it was so enlightening…

      MEEP! I am so so happy to hear that!! Honestly, I think that’s exactly what NaNo SHOULD be. Helping writers fall back in love with what they love to do in the first place. It’s definitely what my first few NaNo’s did for me, and I’m so excited to see other people sharing in that!

      UGH, RIGHT?? I’ve tried to bribe the hobgoblins under my bed to write it for me, but they refuse??? Like I personally think that’s incredibly rude, but whatever. I guess I’ll just write my own books. XD

      Okay, but GIRL. I have been wanting to DYE my hair more and more recently (never done it before), but I’m TERRIFIED to do it. XD Cutting my hair is something I do quite often (and then regret it because immediately after I want hair like Rapunzel XD), but dyeing it is terrifying to me. XD Maybe we should both just bite the bullet and do the things that scare us!… in regards to our hair, apparently. XD

      Meep! Same to you!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do It! I’ve dyed my hair a couple times before (just the tips, and with Kool Aid), and it’s insanely fun. What color are you thinking?

        I have a hair appointment Friday to cut my waist-lengh hair into a bob. 😬.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Currently I’m thinking green! And DUDE! I’ve always wanted to try using Kool-Aid??? Does it stain everywhere????

          Oooooh! Dude, I’m so proud of you! It is going to look INCREDIBLE! πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ–€

          Liked by 1 person

          • Green would be lovely!

            Um, it does stain a bit, so you’ll want to wear a dark shirt or one that you don’t mind staining, and the same thing with the towel. Keep an eye too on wherever your hair drips…

            It’s also permanent. The shade will fade away with each wash, but it won’t completely disappear. Just thought you should know.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. Gotta love that “words per day to catch up” stat function… ahahahaaaa *stabs Camp NaNo with a plastic fork* *even though I’m not doing Camp this month*

    But, uh, that light at the end of the tunnel, Kenzie? November? That’s the train. *joins manic laughter*

    But it’s really good that you’ve been able to kind of let go and change and go with the flow during the whole Camp/project! While… still keeping to a plan, which is. How. How do you Do Chaos (But Planner Version), Kenzie, please share your secrets.

    My month has been a bit busy but I do have a fun (and terrifying) adventure planned! Which I will hopefully survive xD (And if not, well, I shall have fallen in a good cause and you can say something nice at my funeral x’D)

    Liked by 1 person

    • UGH. I wanted to gouge my eye out with a wooden spoon on many, MANY occasions when looking at that thing. XD (also please stab Camp NaNo even if you’re not doing it. Camp deserves it. IT DESERVES PAIN.)

      Oh……….OH. Okay well you know what…. I like trains. This will be fine. XD (also 10/10 nearly got mauled by a train recently so THAT was fun!)

      Tbh, I’m STILL trying to figure out the secrets, but as soon as I do…. *eyeballs* I will DEFINITELY be letting you know. XD


      Liked by 1 person

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