THE SILMARIL AWARDS, 2021: Nominations Are Now OPEN!

good morning, cyberspace!

Friends. Foes. Creatures of the deep. We have entered the throes of September, and within it, the Silmaril Awards are once again upon us.

Excited Tom Hiddleston GIF by Marvel Studios

I announced in last week’s post that I was once again accepted as a Silmaril Awards host this year, and GUYS. I am so insanely blessed to be a part of this incredible group of people! Last year was an absolute BLAST, and my beloved Villain Ceremony was–without a doubt–one of my favorite blog posts I’ve ever written. The Silm Awards is not only a chance for me to connect with a bigger audience here on the blogosphere, but also an opportunity for me to stretch my creative writing skills.

Because let me tell you what, friends: writing from someone else’s character POV is NOT an easy feat.

Thankfully, however, the practice is one that I highly enjoyed, and I’m so beyond excited to be once more participating in this lively, fantastical event!

Tom Hiddleston Marvel GIF by

There is, of course, one small caveat to all of this: because I was the host for the Villain Award last year, I am unable to qualify for that particular award this year. It’s a sad state of affairs, of course, but this small rule among the Awards hosts actually opens up the door to even wilder possibilities, and I’m quite pleased to admit that this year’s Awards Ceremony is sure to be… an intriguing change of pace. (mwahahahahahaha!)

But before we get into all of that, let’s talk about what, exactly, the Silmaril Awards ARE. Many of you who’ve been lurking around the blogosphere for a length of time will probably already know what this most beloved event is, but for anyone who might be slightly lost, allow me to enlighten you!


At its deepest core, the Silmaril Awards are a fictionalized Golden Globes for Fantasy Characters! These awards were created as a way to honor our fictional heroes (or, in some cases, NON-heroes) in multiple categories–such as Most Nefarious Villain or Most Epic Heroine–with the end result being a wild, chaotic Awards Ceremony in which one character per category reigns victorious!

Since the Silmaril Awards were founded around the idea of the Silmarils from J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, The Silmarillion, no works of Tolkien may be nominated into the Silmaril Awards. These are characters which already exemplify everything we’re looking for in a worthy candidate, and are already being honored as our category presenters for the Silms! (can you imagine the awkwardness of Saruman presenting HIMSELF the Most Nefarious Villain Award? …actually, no, I want that.)

A few other minor rules to note!:

  • any previous winners of the Silm awards may NOT be nominated for the category in which they previously won — though they may be nominated for a different category!
  • the Silmaril Awards are currently open to FANTASY-ONLY characters. any other genres are not permitted — but if you’re unsure whether your character falls under the Fantasy genre (i.e. if the novel’s genre is sci-fi/fantasy), just ask! We’re actually a very approachable group of hobgoblins, and I promise to only nibble on your toes if I mistake them for string cheese.
  • authors may not nominate/vote for their own characters
  • please mention which book your character is from when nominating! — not only will this help keep all the nominations neat and tidy, but it will also make our–the hosts’–lives a ton easier by not having to research which book Bob came from.
  • you can nominate and second however many characters your heart desires! — the sky is the limit, folks! Nominate as many characters per category as you want, second however many nominations you want… The point is for the unsung heroes, villains, and side characters to finally get their chance to shine. So give us all your wackiest nominations, my friends!

And last, but never the least…

  • HAVE FUN! — yes, this is an actual rule! The main purpose of the Silmaril Awards is to have fun, make friends, and celebrate all things fantastical! So don’t forget this most important rule!


A goodly question, my friend! First off, you’re gonna want to make sure that the character you wish to nominate is from a Fantasy novel! The Silmarils are a Fantasy-Based contest, and therefore Fantasy is the only genre we accept. However, as mentioned above, there are always some discrepancies as to whether or not a book or two falls under the Fantasy umbrella, so please don’t feel awkward asking whether your book or character is Fantasy enough! We have a whole group of hosts who are willing to figure out the nitty gritty details (and honestly it’s really quite fun), and chances are, if you THINK the genre is fantasy, so will we. :))

Once you know for certain that your character is Fantasy, all you have to do is nominate them in the comment section of the Award you’d like to nominate them for! For example: last year I was hosting the Villain Awards, so all you’d have to do is write a comment like this:

I nominate Captain Hook from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan

And boom! Captain Hook is nominated! After that, keep returning to the Host blogs so that you can second any other worthy nominations that may have sprung up! To second a character, all you have to do is add a reply underneath the original nomination claiming to second that specific character.

Fairly simple, yes?

Nominations will close on the 10th of September, so make sure to hop around to each of the Host blogs (helpfully linked to below) so that you can nominate and second your favorite characters for each award category! Characters with the most amount of seconds by the end of the nomination period will move on to the final voting round, where they will be one step closer to receiving the prestigious Silmaril!

And now, my friends, with all these “rules and regulations” behind us, it is time for the most exciting part of this post! It is time to announce which award I am hosting here at Smudged Thoughts this year!

>>> <<<


Typically ancient, hobbled, and filled with more unsolicited wisdom than your Great Uncle Herman, these are the brains behind the operation, the riddlers, the poets, the dissectors of prophecies. They do their best to convince everyone they have all of the answers, but deep down, they’re just as confused as everyone else–they simply hide that confusion behind their illustrious beards.

Their main goal is to aid the Hero on a perilous journey, providing wisdom, kindness, understanding, and a certain parental figure that the oft-orphaned Hero never experienced before. But Wise Counselors are burdened with more than just knowledge, for it is a truth universally acknowledged that if one character must die for the sake of pushing the Hero towards his Ultimate End, it will–inevitably–be the counselor. Death is a shadow hanging over the shoulders of the Wise Counselor, and he usually embraces it like a long-lost friend when his time finally arrives.

(Of course, the Wise Counselor doesn’t HAVE to die in order to be a wise counselor, but like… they kinda always do. XD)

Previous winners for The Wisest Counselor Award include:

Please make sure that any characters you nominate this year are not found among this list!

>>> <<<

And last, but certainly not least, I have some calendar dates for y’all to jot down! The Silmaril Awards stretches out among the whole month of September, and in order to keep things running smoothly, us hosts have a relatively strict clock we must operate under. This means that if you’d like to participate by nominating and voting for the favored finalists, you MUST make sure to get your votes in by the end of the nomination/voting period! This is a very crucial point, because we want to make sure that every single vote is heard!

So what’s the timetable for this year, you may be wondering? Well, I’m so glad you asked!


NOMINATIONS WEEK: September 6-10 – Nominate your favorite fantasy characters for their chance to shine underneath the Silmaril Awards Spotlight!

VOTING WEEK: September 13-17 – Vote for the fantastical finalist you feel deserves the Silmaril Award above all others!

AWARDS CEREMONIES: September 20-October 1 – The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The finalists have been chosen, the lights have been dimmed, and it is time to reveal the winners…

Nominations begin NOW, so make sure to get those characters rolling down in the comments below! I cannot wait to see what awesome Counselors I get to house in the studio this year… Hopefully none of them try to counsel me on interior design…

>>> <<<

… the silmaril awards …

Least Competent HenchmanJosiah Dyck
Most Epic HeroMadeline J. Rose
Most Epic HeroineE.E. Rawls
Most Faithful FriendGrace Taber
Most Magnificent DragonChristine Smith
Most Majestic RulerSarah Pennington
Most Mischievous ImpTracey Dyck
Most Nefarious VillainJem Jones
Strangest CharacterDJ Edwardson
Silver TongueJenelle Schmidt
Wisest Counselor … Kenzie Keene (you are here!)

talk to me, peasants!

the Silmaril Awards are BACK, my friends! I am so excited (and terrified!) to be hosting the Wisest Counselor award this year, and I cannot wait to see which characters get nominated! so go ahead and hit us up with all of the wisest, strongest, least-susceptible-to-dying-a-most-painful-death Counselors! this is sure to be a Silmaril to remember…!

* flings beards in the air and disappears *


149 thoughts on “THE SILMARIL AWARDS, 2021: Nominations Are Now OPEN!

  1. YAY! THE SILMARILS ARE HEEEERE! (Also, the Loki GIFs. I approve. :D)

    “can you imagine the awkwardness of Saruman presenting HIMSELF the Most Nefarious Villain Award?” YES, I WANT THAT, TOO. XD

    Okay! Nominating:

    -Emma Areben (Fawkes by Nadine Brandes)
    -Yestin Bo-Arthio (The Weaver Trilogy by Lindsay A. Franklin)
    -Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
    -Rupert Greeves (The Ashtown Burials by N.D. Wilson)
    -Tiger Lily (Heirs of Neverland series by Kara Swanson)
    -Rendar (Moonscript by H.S.J. Williams)

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I second, Emma Areben! I second Rupert Greeves! I second Tiger Lily!

    I nominate Rayad from Jaye L. Knight’s “The Ilyon Chronicles”!

    I nominate Taegis from Morgan L. Busse’s “Ravenwood Saga”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I nominate:

    -Sazed from Brandon Sanderson’s first Mistborn trilogy
    -Moiraine Damodred from the Wheel of Time series
    -Wit from Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive books (particularly thinking of scenes in Oathbringer and Rhythm of War [iykyk])
    -Nia Wingfeather from the Wingfeather Saga

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I second Nia Wingfeather and I nominate
    -Merlin from Oracles of Fire
    -Kiernan Kane from Minstrel’s Song
    and my little sister nominates Mother Dove from Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I nominate the Magus from The Queen’s Thief series!

    (That’s all for now, but I may think of more characters to nominate, and if I do, I’ll be back. ;))

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I nominate:

    Silvis – The Green Flower Princess trilogy by HL Burke
    Alk – fire salamander from Spice Bringer by HL Burke



    Liked by 1 person

  7. I second:
    Rayad (The Ilyon Chronicles)
    Nia Wingfeather (The Wingfeather Saga)
    Merlin (Oracles of Fire)
    Beana (Tales of Goldstone Wood)
    Grimwarden (The Berinfell Prophecies)

    I nominate:
    Dallben (The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander)
    Lady Pauline (The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I nominate:

    Fence (Secret Country Trilogy)
    Shadrack (The Glass Sentence)
    Martin (The Glass Sentence)
    Morwen (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    Aunt Zelda (Septimus Heap series)
    Mandy (Ella Enchanted)
    zhamM (Fairest)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. “-filled with more unsolicited wisdom than your Great Uncle Herman-” well you’ve got the Wisest Counselor pinned there, Kenzie xD Possibly… literally. By the beard. Do you have them pinned by the beard. Wait, no the beards are now flying. I guess the counselors are no longer pinned…?

    I nominate:
    Mott from the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen.
    Commander Root from the Artemis Fowl series. (He shares the same grumpy sub-category of counselor as Halt Greybeard xD)

    And second Lady Pauline!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I second:
    Rupert (Ashtown Burials)
    Rendar (Moonscript)
    Sazed (Mistborn)
    Moiraine (Wheel of Time)
    Wit (Stormlight Archive/cosmere)
    Magus (the Queen’s Thief)
    Father Tiempo (Outlaws of Time)
    Uncle Frank (100 Cupboards)
    Beana (Tales of Goldstone Wood)
    Dallben (Prydain Chronicles)
    Commander Root (Artemis Fowl)

    I nominate:
    Kelsier (Mistborn)
    Aethelbald and Imraldera (Tales of Goldstone Wood)
    Rubidius (Gateway Chronicles)
    Podo and Nia (the Wingfeather Saga)
    Helmer (The Green Ember)
    Brom and Angela (the Inheritance Cycle)

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I nominate:

    –        Puddleglum the Marshwiggle. I’m gonna keep nominating him until he wins this award, because the dismal character who nevertheless proves the strongest in temptation is always amazing. I’d nominate all the stubborn grumps in fiction, if they were only from fantasy books.

    –        Father Brown. “I did not say it was always wrong to enter Fairyland. I only said it was always dangerous.”

    –        Old Cass from “The Nicholas Book” by William Chad Newsom.

    –        Doctor Elwin Ransom, from the Space Trilogy by CS Lewis.

    –        Scott Graham, a Messenger from Draven’s Defiance, Book 5 of the Passages series.

    –        The Old Judge, from Darien’s Rise, Book 1 of the Passages series.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. I thought the books I read were mysteriously absent of mentor figures, but then I remembered the grandmas from Blanca and Roja by Anna Marie-Mclemore and Morgan from The Squire’s Tales series by Gerald Morris. Morgan is pretty great, I love snarky magic teachers.

    Also, why do I always forget names whenever these awards come around? It’s so frustrating.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. I second…
    Rupert Greeves (Ashtown Burials), Nia Wingfeather and Podo Helmer (Wingfeather Saga), Helmer (Green Ember), Merlin (Dragons in our Midst), Father Tiempo(Outlaws of Time), Beana and Imraldera (Goldstone Wood), The Old Judge (Passages), and *sigh*… Athelas.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. I’m so insanely happy you’re here for another year, Kenzie!!! Also this post was golden. The Loki gifs alone were everything. And also: “…they simply hide that confusion behind their illustrious beards.” HA. It’s so true though! XDD

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Oh my goodness, so am I!!! I think this is going to be an absolutely fantabulous Silmaril, and I’m so excited to actually get to nominate characters this year??? I’m not sure I was able to participate as much as I wanted last year because I got slammed, but this year I’m actually going through and seconding and nominating and it’s so much fun!!


  15. I nominate Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

    I mean, COME ON. Harry and Ron would be so insanely lost without her. 99.999% sure Voldemort would have won if Hermione wasn’t there to whack sense into Harry’s brain.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I second Hermione (HP), Mott (the Ascendance Series) Taegis (Ravenwood Saga), Helmer (The Green Ember), Lady Pauline (Ranger’s Apprentice), Rendar (Moonscript) and Mother Dove (Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg)
    I nominate Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows and Padra from the Mistmantle Chronicles

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I second:
    Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
    Hermione! (Harry Potter)
    Mandy (from Ella Enchanted)
    Puddleglum. OF COURSE. He’s going to get it this year!

    I nominate:
    Baghra from Shadow and Bone – by Leigh Bardugo

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Haha, this is perfect, Kenzie. And of course you had to point out that the wise counsellors always die . . . it’s simply inevitable. XD

    I’m going to nominate Galloran from the Beyonders trilogy. A blind deposed king who lives in a ruined castle and mentors the main characters? Sounds like the perfect guy for this category.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eep, thank you, Josiah!! It really is, though. I can’t tell you how many of my favorite mentors have just….died. For no good reason. (okay. so most of them have good reasons. but it still HURTS, MAN. XD)


  19. I second:

    Rayad (Ilyon Chronicles)
    Wit (Stormlight Archive)
    Frank (100 Cupboards)
    Brom (Inheritance Cycle)
    Puddleglum the Marshwiffle (Narnia)


  20. Yes to the Loki gifs! (: Here we go.

    Rupert Greeves
    Nia Wingfeather
    Father Tiempo
    Uncle Frank
    lAdy Pauline
    Commander Root
    Puddleglum (Please win)
    Father Brown (Yay!)
    Old Cass (You guys need to read this book)
    Dr. Elwin Ransom
    Scott Graham
    The Old Judge (I like this guy)

    I couldn’t think of any to nominate ): I may come back later.

    Liked by 1 person

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