March Muchness Blog Tag! — Introducing March Muchness!

good morning, cyberspace!

Friends! It is MARCH! And while my brain is still reeling trying to figure out how on EARTH we’re already three months into 2022, my heart is so incredibly full. And why is that, you might ask? Because, thanks to the beautiful and whimsical Christine, March officially means all things Wonderland!

Throughout the month of March, I–and a bunch of other bloggers/writers/Wonderland enthusiasts!–are celebrating a little something called March Muchness (as coined by my favorite Christine)! It is a celebration of all things Wonderland, and we are recruiting YOU to come help us celebrate! There are a couple “official” things going on throughout the internet this month to get the party started–such as the #marchmuchnessphotochallenge and the March Muchness Blog Tag, which I’m talking about today!–but as this is basically just a celebration of Lewis Carrol’s incredible story, the possibilities for participating are virtually limitless! Tea parties, book club reads, posts featuring your favorite retellings… anything to celebrate the world of Wonderland and the impact it has made on lives and hearts is welcome! If you do end up sharing your frabjous antics to the social media sphere, be sure to tag it with either #MarchMuchness or #MarchMuchness2022 so we can find it and celebrate with you! This is going to be a magical month filled with all sorts of whimsy, and I am so unbelievably honored to help host the fun!


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I and 11 other bloggers (listed below) have joined forces to create a blog tag filled with all things Wonderland-esque! There are 12 questions in total, all of which filled to the brim with the whimsy and fantasticalness that Wonderland so effortlessly encompasses. I’ll be participating in the tag later this month, but for today, I’m leaving a clean sheet of the questions right here for easy copy and paste purposes!

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 – List six impossible things you’d love to do – wild and crazy answers 100% welcome!

 – What is a topic that grew curiouser and curiouser the more you studied/researched it?

 – If you could invite three fictional characters to a tea party, who would they be?

– Which Wonderland character do you feel you’re the most like?

– If you could drink a magic potion that changed one thing about you, what would it be?

– How IS a raven like a writing desk?

– If you were to make an enemy of Father Time, what time in the day would you choose to repeat?

– If you fell down a rabbit hole, what would the land you pop into look like?

– If you could have the body of one type of creature and the head of another (for example, the Mock Turtle has the body of a turtle and the head of a calf), what would that combination be and why?

– Have you read or written anything stylistically close to Alice in Wonderland? Tell us about it.

– If you could either be as tall as a tree or as small as a mouse for an hour, which would you choose and what would you do?

– If you could give your younger or future self one piece of Very Good Advice, what would it be?

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If you’d like to follow along with my lovely co-hosts, here is a handy dandy list of all the bloggers involved in this delightful campaign, as well!

Christine –

Sarah –

Victoria –

Maple Quill –

Kenzie – << you are here!

Jessica –

Emma –

Esther –

Merie –

Emily –

Josiah –

Kal –

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but wait… there’s more!

“So this is all fun and dandy, Kenzie,” you say, twirling your false mustache expertly. “But what else is there to this March Muchness thing?”

And I am so very glad you asked! Up above I mentioned a Bookstagram challenge, and hoo boy, is it a good one. Not ONLY am I helping co-host this challenge over on Instagram throughout the entire 31 days of March, but there is ALSO a GIVEAWAY!

To enter, all you have to do is follow along with the daily prompts and tag your Instagram post with #marchmuchnessphotochallenge! Each photo counts as 1 entry into the giveaway, so the more you participate in the challenge, the higher your chances of winning will be! One lucky entrant will be chosen to win an ebook copy of Nicki Chapelway’s A CERTAIN SORT OF MADNESS, so y’all. You are NOT going to want to miss this…!

I’ve already got my first three photos lined up for the challenge, and I am… extremely excited. Mwahahaha. XD

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other random minutia regarding March…

As always, I’m going to do my best to be as active as possible both here on the blogsphere and over on Instagram, where I’ve been posting updates regarding my… rather chaotic revision process of Project Sunset. XD I’m hoping to have a more tangible update for you all very very soon, but until then, you can follow along with my chaotic ramblings over @thesmudgedthoughts!

Alsoooooo, since I am nothing short of obsessed with both March AND Wonderland, you can expect to see a few Wonderland-y things here on the blog, as well! I believe I’m going to be re-watching the Tim Burton version of Alice this month, and mayyyy even try and write a review of some sort for it! So be on the lookout for something such as that! (or just other random Alice-ish-ness! I just really love Wonderland, okay. XD)

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talk to me, peasants!

Until then, however, please feel more than free to steal the tag questions and answer them on your own blog! And if you do, please make sure to leave a link to your post in the comments below! I would adore reading all of your thoughts on Wonderland! As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down below! And until next time…

* flings cookies in the air and disappears *


7 thoughts on “March Muchness Blog Tag! — Introducing March Muchness!

  1. Wahoo! *Sparkle explosion, in a nice way ‘course* I’m really looking forward to this! (Hopefully I will be able to join!!!!!)

    (Because, yes, my blog has been delayed. Again. *sighs*)

    But still, it’s really really amazing!! So glad you decided to cohost!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. *HAPPY DANCING* I am so excited about alllll the things! And extra pleased I get to celebrate all this goodness with my own Wonderland-loving KENZIE! <333 Thank you so, so much for agreeing to host all this madness with me. EEP. March is going to be such a delightful month! *flings teacups and crumpets in the air*

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! Honestly, I’m just so honored that I can help co-host it!!! I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into blogging than by doing a tag with my dearest Christine!! AND IT’S WONDERLAND THEMED. I mean…there’s legit nothing more wonderful than this.


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