The March Muchness Blog Tag!

good morning, cyberspace!

There’s quite a bit happening this month, my friends! What with March Muchness running all month long and Camp NaNoWriMo just around the corner, it seems like I have way too many blog ideas, and simply not enough time to write them! However, even though it’s once again an incredibly busy month for little old me, my hope remains to manage a blog post every week… even if it’s a few days late. Such as today. XD

But alas! Today’s post is a rather fun one, for I’m taking the March Muchness Blog Tag questions I helped reveal last week and answering them for myself! This tag was SO much fun to collaborate on, and I cannot wait to see everyone else’s answers as they pop up!

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

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List six impossible things you’d love to do – wild and crazy answers 100% welcome!

As a girl who truly loves dreaming up impossible and crazy things, this question speaks volumes to my very soul. I’ve also given this question a lot of thought ever since it was added to the question roster, and I’m… still having some slight trouble with narrowing down my wildest imaginings. XD BUT! I shall do my best!

THING ONE… become traditionally published

This has been my dream since… goodness, I can’t even tell you how long. I know there’s a lot to be said for self publishing nowadays, and I have SO much respect for indies! (in fact, there are many many moments when I’m dead convinced I’m going to be among them!) But I feel called to join the traditional side of publishing–at least at first. I want the book contract and the literary agent and the publishing deadlines. I know it will be difficult. Of course it will be difficult. But that’s what I love about this career, isn’t it?

THING TWO… indie publish

Aha… Hahaha… Okay, so I actually want the best of both worlds. XD I have so many ideas, guys. SO many. Ideas for short stories and poetry books and novellas and spin-off’s and graphic novels and collabs. And the only foreseeable way that I can get all of these ideas out into the universe is by… doing it myself? And also I just LOVE the idea of working for myself. Being in control of the editing. Hiring my own team to design the covers and the artwork. Being the man in the chair. I just want to do everything. is that so much to ask?

THING THREE… write screenplays and have them come to life on the big screen

I’m not kidding when I say I want to do everything. XD Aside from novels and poetry, I also have a deep-rooted love for screenplays. Which is…something that I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned here on the blog? But oh, how marvelous it would be if I could write screenplays that get turned into actual, real movies! I think I would die of happiness, not gonna lie.

THING FOUR… live in the mountains

I’m obsessed with the mountains. Have been ever since I was twelve and we took a family vacation to North Carolina to spend a weekend in them. And for years and years afterwards, I’ve missed them terribly. So if we’re dreaming about the impossible, living in the mountains is a definite on my list.

THING FIVE… have some sort of industry career job — working in a bookstore, being a literary agent, owning my own publishing company…

In the name of doing everything, I would LOVE to have some sort of publishing industry job someday! Along with being an author, entrepreneur, and screenwriter, I also would love to either have my own publishing company, be a literary agent, or just work in a bookstore on the side. All I know is that I want to immerse myself in stories of all natures, and if I’m able to do one or all of these before I die, I would be very very happy.

THING SIX… dye my hair blue. or green. and maybe try a pixie cut?

This one is less “impossible” and more… should I actually do this? XD But I’ve never dyed my hair before, and I’ve never had a pixie cut, and honestly? Hair grows back. I think it’d be fun to try it just once in my lifetime!

 What is a topic that grew curiouser and curiouser the more you studied/researched it?

Oh goodness, this one is a little tough! I’ve done a lot of interesting research in my time as a writer, but now that I’m supposed to choose just one thing, naturally they’ve all fled my brain. XD

I guess the most current research I’ve been doing is that of screenwriting! It’s so different from books because of the formatting and the sort of overarching view you have to have when drafting, but it’s such an intriguing art to research. Just recently I learned that screenwriters aren’t really supposed to give any sort of camera angles or scene directions, since that should belong to the director of the movie. And I think having that “teamwork” mindset–knowing that the story doesn’t necessarily belong to only you–is so important, even when writing novels.

I don’t know. Screenplays fascinate me, guys. XD

If you could invite three fictional characters to a tea party, who would they be?

ACK! Only three? Is it just me, or do these questions keep getting harder and harder the further we go. XD

Okay. If I could have a tea party with three fictional characters, I think I would pick… Winter (The Lunar Chronicles), Adaline (everlost [yes, I’m picking my own character, thank you very much. XD]), and Alice (Alice in Wonderland)! Naturally, we’d have to have Alice take part in our lovely tea party, and Adaline and Winter are both so quirky that I think they’d fit in quite nicely.

…honestly, I really want to sketch this tea party out now.

Which Wonderland character do you feel you’re the most like?

Ohhhh…. I love this. I would say I’m probably a rather uneven mix of Alice herself and the Cheshire Cat. Alice is spunky and follows the beat of her own drum, while Chess is more cryptic and bizarre and mischievous… all of which I feel is something I rather encompass.

I don’t know if comparing myself to the main protagonist of Wonderland is considered presumptuous or not, but to be fair, I do find myself quoting her quite a bit.

If you could drink a magic potion that changed one thing about you, what would it be?

Oh goodness! Such a difficult question. Rather than change myself entirely, I think I would simply make myself stronger. There are so many situations where I wish I had been–or wish I could be–more resolute in my decision-making–or even just a little more confident in the choices I DO make–and I think having a potion to give me that little nudge would be very very nice.

…or maybe I just need a vial of Liquid Luck. horace where are you

How IS a raven like a writing desk?


I know the two main answers for this are either “they both have quills dipped in ink”, or “they both make notes” or something like that. But personally I think the main reason a raven is like a writing desk is because they both have quite a bit of screaming going on.

If you were to make an enemy of Father Time, what time in the day would you choose to repeat?

Oh, definitely late afternoon. Late afternoons are one of my favorite times of day, specifically in Spring or Fall. Just as the sun begins to set, the trees become dipped in gold and the entire world just… stills. There’s quiet. There’s peace. I have so many fond memories of moments just like that, and I would love to make a million more of them–even if that entails ticking off Father Time. XD

If you fell down a rabbit hole, what would the land you pop into look like?

Something very Tim Burton-esque, I’m afraid! They say the happiest people have the darkest minds, and I suppose I must fall under that category. XD My brain is the curator of some of the most nonsensical, whimsical, and ever-so-slightly eerie things, and I have no doubt that if it were to create a solid, tangible world of fantasy, it would be a little dark, a little warped, and very much insane.

But! Similar to Corpse Bride or Nightmare Before Christmas, there is a certain sense of innocence about these slightly disturbing story worlds, and I very much enjoy creating the characters who inevitably inhabit them!

If you could have the body of one type of creature and the head of another (for example, the Mock Turtle has the body of a turtle and the head of a calf), what would that combination be and why?

My brain has gone through so many different variations of what I could turn myself into through this question. XD

After some thought (and quite a bit of back and forth), I think I have decided on my mutation!

Body: Phoenix

Obviously I would want some sort of winged creature as my body (because FLIGHT, amiright?), and I’ve always been partial to Phoenixes. Also the fact that they can just burst into flame and then become reborn from the ashes? That is COOL, guys. You can’t get much more awesome than that.

Head: Siren

As horrifying as this creature may seem, can y’all imagine how AWESOME it would be? To have a body that can just…spontaneously combust??? And a head with a voice that can lure unsuspecting sailors to their DEATH? I may be the ugliest creature in the universe, but I’ll also be the most feared, and that, my friends, sounds like a fun time.

Have you read or written anything stylistically close to Alice in Wonderland? Tell us about it.

Not quite! everlost had some Alice elements to it, I feel like–what with Adaline’s hallucinations and all that–but I wouldn’t say I’ve written a proper Alice in Wonderland retelling yet. Or anything stylistically close.

However! I do have ideas for an Alice story bumping around in my brain, so I’m very excited to delve into that in the future! …however far away that may be. XD

If you could either be as tall as a tree or as small as a mouse for an hour, which would you choose and what would you do?

Definitely as small as a mouse! Sometimes it’s nice to simply disappear without anyone noticing or finding you, and in those moments, being as small as a mouse would definitely be helpful.

Being as tall as a tree on the other hand… not so much. XD

If you could give your younger or future self one piece of Very Good Advice, what would it be?

Oh, I have SO many answers for this. But whether or not I’d actually follow it? Yeah, that’s another story entirely.

Currently, I think I would like to give my future self some Very Good Advice, so we’ll start there.

If I could give Future Kenzie a piece of Very Good Advice, I would tell her:

Breathe. Take it one day at a time, each hour as it comes. Let yourself be still, no matter how harshly the world shouts. Stop running, just for a moment, and appreciate the trees and the flowers and the sounds of the world around you. It’s beautiful here, you know. Don’t forget that.

So yeah! That would be my advice to Future Kenzie. Or maybe it’s Present Kenzie. The two are one in the same sometimes, I think.

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

And that, my friends, was the March Muchness Blog Tag! I had SO much fun helping collaborate on this tag with so many wonderful girls, and I hope that y’all have just as much fun answering these questions as we did creating them!

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE ALICE IN WONDERLAND THINGS down in the comments below! And until next time…

* flings cookies in the air and disappears *


7 thoughts on “The March Muchness Blog Tag!

  1. Aaaahhhhh you did the tag! I was SO excited to see this! And oh my goodness, I LOVE YOUR ANSWER SO MUCH.

    Your 6 impossible things do not sound impossible at all, but absolutely beautiful, wonderful goals that I am 10000% cheering you on over. I did NOT know you were into screenwriting. :O That’s so cool though!!! And EEP. We NEED Kenzie in all the book world jobs. Like. YES. YES YES YES!!! I love all of this! <3 Also I, too, adore the mountains and think living in them would be AH-MAY-ZING. Mountains are just the best.

    That tea party sounds like the MOST delightful thing. I mean, you and Alice and Winter??? YES PLEASE. Also I can imagine a Kenzie character is absolutely delightfully amazing and I cannot wait to officially meet Adaline one day!

    OKAY BUT. Your answer to the raven and writing desk riddle had me ROLLING. "Quite a bit of screaming going on." I CAN'T. It's so true though. XDDD

    A phoenix siren??? :O That is both terrifying and epic and I LOVE IT.

    And I LOVED your advice to yourself. It's advice I desperately need as well. I am absolutely terrible about not living in the present and just soaking up the moments, so THANK YOU for that beautiful reminder. <333

    THIS WAS JUST SO MUCH FUNNNN. A million thank yous for joining in my madness and doing this with me! I'm having such a delightful time with all the Wonderland goodness! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • EEP! Christine!! This is once again the sweetest comment ever! I definitely think my 6 Impossible Things MIGHT possibly happen someday? But it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of effort on my part. As they say, your dreams don’t work unless you do. (which is decidedly what my problem is currently. XD)

      Okay, but legit you would absolutely be coming to this tea party, as well. That would be phenomenal!

      And and and!!! Oh my goodness you are just the sweetest thing! My self-advice is definitely coming from a deep place inside my soul right now, because I have been Struggling. But! I’m learning to lean into God and accept His destination for my life, and while that may come with doubts and fears along the way, I know that eventually I will be okay!

      Thank you SO much for putting this whole thing together, Christine! It has been an absolute honor getting to be a part of something as wild and magical as this!


  2. The mountains, yes!!! If you loved the (really old and kind of small) mountains in North Carolina, you’d love the (really new and huge and beautiful) mountains on the West Coast! Just saying…you have Options for moving somewhere with mountains. (I’m from the West Coast, and I’m at college in Illinois right now, and I’m going home for spring break tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT to see my mountains. Can’t. Wait. It’s far too flat here.)

    Owning or even working in a bookstore is one of my impossible dreams, too!

    Haha, “they both have quite a bit of screaming going on.” Gold. And absolutely true.

    Ooh, late afternoon is such a wonderful time of day, and you described it so well! It’s golden and quiet, and idyllic, and nothing wrong could *really* happen at that time of day, could it?

    “I may be the ugliest creature in the universe, but I’ll also be the most feared” <<Yes, I think you would be. That combination is truly horrifying. XD

    I would definitely choose to be as small as a mouse, rather than tall as a tree, too. If I want to be at tree-level, I could just climb one.


    • Oh goodness! Honestly, I would LOVE to see the mountains on the West Coast! I think it would be so beautiful. Honestly just any mountains. All of the mountains. Take me there and i will stay for eternity. XD

      YES! I think bookstores will just always fill us with happiness. Working in one would be such a dream.

      Lol! Thank you muchly!

      Oh, absolutely not! It’s such a gentle time of day that nothing truly bad could ever happen… (except now I’m plagued with story ideas where absolutely EVERYTHING goes wrong at that time of day, and oh goodness gracious I need to write some of this down. XD)

      Isn’t it, though??? I’m obsessed!

      Ohhh, climbing trees is so much fun! And! Bonus points, it would be even easier to do when you’re small as a mouse, because there’s more footholds to grab onto, I believe… XD


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