Good Morning, June!: making goals and stickin’ to ’em

good morning, cyberspace!

* sorry about the lack of a post this past week, friends! the end of may was a wee bit chaotic, so I didn’t get anything drafted up to post. we’re back to our standard programming this week, however!

We are officially 6 months into the new year, peasants! Weirdly enough, I’m not freaking out. Usually I’d be all like “OH MY GOODNESS LSKDJFALSKFJSLDFKJ WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY FEBRUARY WHAT”, but like…? This time around I’m just kinda “meh” about the whole thing. Which probably says more about my mental health than anything, but ya know. We good. XD

But! Since it’s technically halfway through the year and technically a new month, I’ve decided that there is no better time than the present to make some goals!

I outlined my overall goals for the year back in January in this post, but ever since then, I’ve kept rather quiet about what I’m working on and the progress I’ve been making. Half of this is because I haven’t been making much headway recently. But the other half is because… well, honestly I just don’t have any goals lately.

And that’s a pretty lame place to be, my friends.

So this June, we are making this a month of goals, aspirations, and otherwise dream-crushery! And, to say the least, I’m exceptionally excited.

>>> <<<


i. hit chapter 15 in PROJECT SUNSET

This is probably my biggest, most illustrious goal for the month–which is why we’ve placed it at number one. I’ve been revising PROJECT SUNSET off and on for… a very long time now. And while I’m loving the process, I just really want to get cracking on a strict writing schedule and a specific deadline. I have plans, friends. Goals. Dreams. And if I’m left teetering and tottering on the second draft of this book for five billion years, ain’t none of them are getting done.

I’m already at chapter 5 in this manuscript (after going back and revising the first 5 chapters about twenty different times), which means I’ll only need 10 chapters to succeed. This is an exceptionally reasonable goal. I just need to sit down and remind myself that my dreams aren’t going to work unless I do.

Which is, unfortunately, something I do have to remind myself of on occasion.

However! I have a sort of special surprise planned for myself once I do hit that beautifully golden chapter. And I am very, very excited for that. I love surprising myself. My short-term memory is so awful at this point that it really doesn’t take much. (#stressed&obsessed)

ii. write two flash fiction pieces

Am I biting off more than I can chew here? Possibly. Am I more than likely going to fail entirely on this goal? Definitely probable. Am I going to post it anyway and hope for the best? Absolutely.

Because you know what? I like finishing things. Novels are wonderful, obviously–otherwise I wouldn’t devote years of my life to writing them–but goodness gracious I want to finish something once in a while. And flash fiction is the perfect place to start. I’ve read a hundred times that writing something small, something you can finish, is one of the best ways to learn the craft. It helps you with pacing. With editing. With understanding what truly matters in a story. And while I love my novels and want to write them for the rest of my life, I also have this weird little dream of drafting up a small army of short stories and flash fiction pieces throughout my career. And when better to start than right this very second? *kicks better times to start underneath the rug* Exactly. There’s no greater time than the present!

iii. maintain consistent blog schedule

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but ya girl’s been trying to maintain a consistent blogging schedule lately! Obviously, this didn’t happen last week, as it was the end of the month and I had about five billion projects due at work, but I think it’s safe to say we’re back! I’ve been loving this weird little blogging rhythm I’ve been in lately, and I’m tentatively hopeful that I can consistently maintain it this month. Currently, the goal is to post twice a week–Monday and Friday–with the posts being a little bit shorter than usual to aid in read-and-write-ability. But as long as I get one post out a week, I’ll be content!

iv. develop a consistent Instagram schedule

I’m really, really bad at staying consistent with Instagram. I think we all know this. XD But I’d love to develop a consistent schedule so that it’s easier to post regularly! I also love making reels and utilizing my stories, so perhaps I’ll be able to find a way to juggle both of those avenues over the next 30 days! I really don’t have any sort of a plan for this goal, so this will be one of those “let’s wing it till we swing it” things. (let’s just hope it works. XD)

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

As promised, here’s a short post! These are my “main goals” for the month of June. At the end of the month, we’ll come back and take a look to see how we did, but until then, it’s time to dive in headfirst and accomplish some tasks!

What are your goals for June, my friends? Are you doing any crazy writing challenges? Reading any good books? Simply enjoying life? Let’s talk about every and all things down in the comments! And as always, until next time…

* flings cookies in the air and disappears *


One thought on “Good Morning, June!: making goals and stickin’ to ’em

  1. These are most WONDERFUL goals!!! I, too, am spending a huge chunk of this month editing, so I’m right there with ya! YOU GOT THIS, GIRL!!! And oooh, flash fiction, YES. I always mean to dabble in that more myself. I’ve only ever written a few, but I can absolutely vouch for them helping with the writing craft…especially for me and my longwinded self. *nervous laughter* It definitely helps me learn how to make every single word count. So yeah, I totally need to do it more! And I can only imagine what deliciousness Kenzie flash fiction pieces would be. YES PLEASE. *heart-eyes*

    Wishing you all the best as you plunge into this month!!! *throws confetti and cheers obnoxiously from the sidelines* GO KENZIIIIEEE!!!!

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