Eep! Today is the day, my friends! I’m going to keep this post extremely short and sweet, but IT’S OFFICIALLY HERE! I, Kenzie Keene, am a published writer!

am I hyperventilating? Why yes, yes I am

My flash fiction piece, I Am Not A-Muse-d, is published on Havok’s website RIGHT NOW! So if you’d like to go and take a peekety peek at it….it would legit make this little writer’s whole month.

I don’t even have enough words to say everything I’m feeling right now. This whole writing journey has been and is the craziest, most fulfilling, most splendorific thing I could ever have dreamed of. But there’s no way I’d be here right now if it weren’t for the people beside me. My heart is so, so unbelievably full today.

So thank you. To the people who have stood by my side throughout everything (you know who you are), this little story was made possible because of you.

(and specifically my mom, who is my biggest source of inspiration and the best brainstorming buddy this girl could hope for. 💛)


wow, i really did keep something short and sweet for once. Be proud of me, Carl. XD


5 thoughts on “TODAY IS THE DAY!

  1. Kenzie! My goodness, congrats! I loved the piece, was smiling all the way through it. I bet it feels so good to be published. Such an accomplishment! Again, congrats! I’m sure your Storyteller is smiling, enjoying this just as much, if not more than you today.

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  2. I’ve been so anxiously waiting for this and AAAAHHHHH!!!! KENZIE. It was the best. The absolute BEST. I was grinning and cackling through every. single. second. How are you so FUNNY? Seriously, teach me your ways! Oh man, it was just so good. I can’t stop grinning thinking about it. I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH.

    A thousand billion congrats, my amazing friend. You’re PUBLISHED. Just. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I hope you have cake today. Because you deserve ALL the cake!

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    • Oh my goodness!!!!!! I can’t even with you, Christine!! Thank you so so much for reading it! I absolutely loved writing that little story, and the fact that it was accepted to be published…I just don’t even know what to do now, lol!

      Just…EEP! THANK YOU! I still can’t believe it’s happening! It doesn’t feel real at ALL. XD Like I’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll all be the most beautiful of dreams, lol!


  3. KENZIE!!!!!! I was unable to comment at the time, but i made precious sure to swing by and read this and OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. Like. The title is perfect. But the grumpy narrator has my HEART and SOUL and the ending twist was so perfect I may have cackled. Did not see it coming even though it’s kinda the most Kenzie thing ever??? I just. I just loved it so much. CONGRATULATIONS, MY DEAR BEAN, ON GETTING PUBLISHED, AND CONGRATULATIONS ON WRITING SUCH A TRULY FANTABULOUS STORY!!!!!! This deserves a party with Gandalf’s fireworks and the Mad Hatter and March Hare invited, and I hope you threw such a one for yourself.


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