Meet The Authors

The Writer. . .Mackenzie (a.k.a. Kenzie, Your Royal Highness, Smol Cookie Frond, and The Rabid Chipmunk)


Hello, Cyberspace! ‘Tis I, the Smudgiest Thought!

. . .yeah. This probably isn’t how you envisioned me, is it? But do you see that deathly gleam in the corner of my left eye? No? Well, it’s totally there. (BELIEVE WHAT I SAY, PEASANTS)

Anyway, you’re probably here to learn some random facts about me, so let’s get this over with, yeah?

I am. . .

  • a Christian
  • a writer
  • a blogger (duh?)
  • obsessed with Moriarty
  • obsessed with writing (*GASP* no way.)
  • obsessed with parchment and ink and quills and typewriters and books
  • obsessed with Sherlock
  • and also Doctor Who
  • and also all things Marvel
  • especially Spider-Man
  • and also Iron Man
  • and also Thor
  • a dreamer of impossible dreams 
  • currently plagued with more stories than I could ever write
  • terrible at writing About Me pages (clearly.)
  • actually a chipmunk
  • obsessed with dragons
  • a lover of all things fantastical, whimsical, or outright bizarre. like gnomes.

I also enjoy flinging cookies everywhere. Preferably at your face.


The Co-Author. . .Durachi (also responds to “bird”)


Durachi is my smol co-author over here at Smudged Thoughts HQ! Not only does he love to watch help me write, but he’s also the main inspiration behind most of my greatest, most brilliantest ideas, which technically means that he could also be described as my adorable little muse!  (NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE [CHESS, GET BACK IN YOUR OWN SECTION!!!!!]) 

Durachi also happens to be my absolute bestest friend in the entire universe, and also extremely photogenic, which is rather off-putting for a freak of nature like myself.


The Way Too Dramatic Muse and Editor. . .Chess (a.k.a. The Drama Queen HEY!)

Chess is my one and only muse, the secondary — and best — co-author, and also the supreme editor overlord for Smudged Thoughts. His ego is large proportionately-sized, yet his ideas are somewhat absolutely positively spectacular. Always.

Chess is the only member of the Smudged Thoughts team who refused to have his picture taken. When asked why, he answered, “No”.


The Mascot. . .Blobby

Pixel BlobbyBlobby is our happy little mascot here at Smudged Thoughts. Having no arms, legs, or even a brain, he can’t necessarily help out very much with the creative process of blogging, but Blobby is always there for motivation and support whenever needed. (so basically he is a useless potato [CHESS!])