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Being a writer is more than just putting words on a page. It is having an entire world develop in your mind, and not being content until the world can see it, too.


This freak right here is the main writer behind Smudged Thoughts, which she has fondly dubbed, ‘The Worst Blog in Cyberspace’.

Hello, Cyberspace! It is I, the Smudgiest Thought!

Yeah… This probably isn’t how you envisioned me, is it? See that deathly gleam in the corner of my left eye? No? Well, it’s totally there. (BELIEVE WHAT I SAY, PEASANTS!)

Anyway, here’s some nice writerly facts about yours truly: I am a Christian, aspiring author, and full-time dreamer. My life is usually spent with my head in the clouds, dreaming up yet another story that I shall never actually write. I had the initial inspiration for beginning a blog quite some time ago, and decided–after some not so serious thought–to spontaneously make it a reality.

I also enjoy flinging cookies. Preferably at your face.


Durachi is the extremely photogenic co-author for Smudged Thoughts. He also happens to be the cutest team member.


Durachi is my smol co-author at Smudged Thoughts. When not helping write by chewing on pencils and erasers, he spends his time eating, playing with his toys, eating, sitting on my shoulder and begging for snuggles, eating, biting my face and flying away because I tried to give him snuggles, and eating.



Chess is my muse, co-author, and editor for Smudged Thoughts. His ego is large, yet his ideas are somewhat spectacular. (Just kidding. He’s got the best ideas. Obviously.)

Chess is the only member of the Smudged Thoughts team who refused to have his picture taken. When asked why, he answered, “No”.



Pixel Blobby
Blobby is the Smudged Thoughts mascot, although he can’t really do much to help…


Blobby is the Smudged Thoughts mascot. Having no arms, legs, or brain, he can’t necessarily help out very much with the creative process of blogging. However, Blobby is always here for motivation and support whenever needed.




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