Meet The Authors

The Writer . . . Mackenzie (a.k.a. Kenzie, Your Royal Highness, Smol Cookie Frond, and The Rabid Chipmunk)


Mackenzie is a writer, blogger, dreamer, full-time dragon enthusiast, fanatic of all things whimsical, and daughter of the King. Her favorite things include colors (most typically orange, turquoise, and pale shades of yellow, though never all at the same time), watching too much Netflix and BBC (as is shown in her unnatural obsession of Jim Moriarty), and flinging cookies at unsuspecting passersby, but her absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world is storytelling.

Mackenzie’s love of writing began at a young age, where it nestled happily inside the confines of a hobby. After discovering the complete gloriousness that is NaNoWriMo in October of 2015, however, her passion for blatantly lying telling stories quickly escalated into an unstoppable obsession, and she now fears she has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that there truly is no return.

Her stories are bizarre and slightly warped (like her mind), but she also hopes that they are whimsical, inspiring, magical, and — in true Kenzie fashion — able to elicit a laugh or two through extraordinarily cheesy puns and jokes that absolutely no one finds funny except for herself. Her ultimate goal in life is to pepper the world’s bookshelves with clean, fantastical stories that everyone can read and enjoy, while not sacrificing adventure and magic and gnomes in the process.

When she’s not tapping away at her slightly finicky laptop (appropriately named Moriarty), Mackenzie can most often be found re-reading her favorite books, knitting, watercolor painting (it totally counts if you just fling paint and water everywhere and call it art), or recreating Disney covers on her trusty ukulele, Watson.


The Co-Author . . . Durachi (also responds to “bird”)

20160905_135356Durachi is Mackenzie’s absolute bestest friend in the whole entire universe, the smol co-author here at Smudged Thoughts, and also the main inspiration behind most of her greatest, most brilliantest ideas. His past-times include watching helping Kenzie write, chewing on her pencils, eating pumpkin seeds, and making up his own songs, which he whistles at full volume whenever he pleases.


The Muse and Editor . . . Chess

Chess is Mackenzie’s muse and editor for Smudged Thoughts. His ego is large, yet his ideas are somewhat spectacular.

Chess is the only member of the Smudged Thoughts team who refused to have his picture taken. When asked why, he answered, “No”.


The Mascot . . . Blobby

Pixel Blobby

Blobby is the happy little mascot here at Smudged Thoughts. Having no arms, legs, or even a brain, he can’t necessarily help out very much with the creative process of blogging, but Blobby is always there for motivation and support whenever needed.